Elon Musk on Tesla, SpaceX and Why He Left Silicon Valley | WSJ

Watch Elon Musk at the WSJ CEO Council Summit talk about future plans for Tesla and SpaceX. Musk also reveals why he moved to Texas and shares his advice for business leaders.

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100+ comentarios:

Musk: "...resist to shut down one side, we need a healthy debate" Interviewer: "We're out of time unfortunatly". 🙄
Iza Islov
Iza Islov:
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can.

-my Brain.
Mighty Bro
Mighty Bro:
Elon Musk - "The best way to predict the future is to invent it"
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner:
The more I listen to Elon Musk, the more impressed I am.
Zanar Aesthetics
Zanar Aesthetics:
Wow he wasn't stuttering as much, his social skills continue to improve, he's so freakin good at learning everything. Elon is a genius and a legend, 1 of the greatest minds of our time
Brian Stanton
Brian Stanton:
This man inspires me. The more I learn about him the more I believe it's possible for one person to make a difference in the world.
love how the interview ended as soon as he mentioned how social media and the news is corrupt
Digital Adloniant
Digital Adloniant:
Every time Musk says "umm..." , he is thinking of a simpler word for us peasants to understand.
Dingfelder Smurfalot
Dingfelder Smurfalot:
Why are people always out of time? I'd be happy to hear Elon talk some more.
Matty Bee
Matty Bee:
Elon called Bill Gates a knuckle head on a recent NPR interview, that’s all I need to know to reaffirm my opinion on Bill Gates...
Eric Rawson
Eric Rawson:
2:20 "A lot of the time, the best thing the government can do is just get out of the way." Amen to that.
21:38 "What is money, money is an entry in a database" - says Elon Musk to the Wall Street Journal, LOL :-).
Randall Taylor
Randall Taylor:
Brilliant conversation- love that Elon is so grounded with reality of the People and effects of reality !!!! Amazing Man 🙏❤️🇺🇸
He's the weirdest mixture of intellect and common sense observation.
Robert -
Robert -:
He speaks deeply from my heart!
Prem Sai
Prem Sai:
"Money is just a number in the database" - that hit me hard
o lee
o lee:
what a respectable way to conduct an interview! great job
John Shaw Docherty
John Shaw Docherty:
love the way he talks and what hes doing is great for us all on this planet
Just alive
Just alive:
Elon Musk just became THE RICHEST PERSON in the world, with a net worth of more than $185 billion.
yo yo
yo yo:
yea where's our new chocolate bars, i demand we look into this!
Weston DoesIt
Weston DoesIt:
"If you find yourself spending a lot of time getting presentations and reviewing at spreadsheets, you're barking up the wrong tree. That's the effect, not the cause..." THIS is how you create growth and innovation.
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller:
I really do believe that Staying humble and helping people makes our creator proud. The meek will inherit the entire earth I’m sure the creator is so proud of you 💯❤️
Sarah Lang
Sarah Lang:
Just by listening to his voice I already feel calm...😊
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie:
Man i love him! He's so intriguing!
I love how he cuts through the BS and gets right to the core of the problem. So refreshing.
J S:
Amazing that he only has 26 minutes and 47 seconds for the interview. Runs out of time just in time.
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas:
“If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.”
– Elon Musk
Salena Aragon
Salena Aragon:
Watching from Valencia Elementary Mrs. Aragon's 5th Grade Class!
Stacy S
Stacy S:
Being a Genius is a big job. Hope you have fun outside of your work 👍
Making things better can often be a result of bottom up innovation.
Satori Ebedes
Satori Ebedes:
Nice to see how far my friend from Pretoria, South Africa has come:)
merdjen saparova
merdjen saparova:
Elon Musk lives his dream which was impossible even to imagine years ago 👍👍👍
Thanks for doing this interview. It was insightful.
Felt like I was in microeconomics class again.😂 Great interview!
Calvin Mathew
Calvin Mathew:
I was about to make fun of how plain his background and clothing was and then I realized he could buy a few countries and is going to Mars
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas:
“Good ideas are always crazy until they’re not.”
― Elon Musk
Tristan Wegner
Tristan Wegner:
8:28 "Provide pricing [with externalities] is correct, you will see correct behavior from a private industry." The future economic and ecologic system for the world in one sentence
17:02 "If you don't love it[product], don't expect other will either." lessens the problems of trash
joseph gamble
joseph gamble:
This guy motivates me to no end! Keep up the good work. Inspiring
"Get out on the frontline and show than you're not in some plush office"

* said from a plush office * lol
charles de mar
charles de mar:
This is a true visionary,I highly respect this man!
ares ares
ares ares:
Amazing insights by Musk. He's a beacon of light.
88 8
88 8:
22:27 Surprised glee. Great reaction.
So far, this is my favorite Musk interview I've seen; better than rogan for sure; better questions asked I mean-- and pulled the best answers out of Elon.
This guy I would say hello to at the local shop too.. Mans a genius
Demon Cloud
Demon Cloud:
"Government I think is often the worst at responding to the customer being the people is that they're a monopoly"
_ Elon Musk
Chichi Coronado
Chichi Coronado:
Hey man..You're really cool and humble..Thank you.
Oogie Padoogie
Oogie Padoogie:
Man that clip at @22:15... gave me goosebumps.

Something tells me this clip will be watched many many years from now as a warning perhaps.
Angel Matos
Angel Matos:
I hope he decides to create the next great university so the kids that are currently enrolled in Ad Astra have a place to continue their journey
Justin Steele
Justin Steele:
Redwoods ❤️👍
David Shaheen
David Shaheen:
Take 5 is my fav candy bar!
5:00 Candy companies, pay attention here: He basically instructing you to create a candybar with and around the name "Canylon"
Wayne Swityk
Wayne Swityk:
💕I'm 68 years old and would love to work for this man🇨🇦🇺🇸💕 I would go back to work in a heartbeat, so much respect, his philosophy is amazing and he follows it.
Myles Gmail
Myles Gmail:
Suryansh Srivastava
Suryansh Srivastava:
Elon is wearing Everyday Astronaut's Shirt.
Saurabh Rana
Saurabh Rana:
2:20 "A lot of times the best thing a government can do it just get out of the way"
Patty Knight
Patty Knight:
"a lot of the time, the best thing a govt can do is get out of the way..." 2:21 wouldnt that be nice... "...too many MBA's..." 13:13 nailed it.
Flexter H
Flexter H:
Great interview.
Obada Odeh
Obada Odeh:
The candy example was great actually, congratulations on becoming the second richest man in the world elon. 😁🤘🏻
I invest in Tesla stock not because it's an electric car company, cuz it's Elon's company.
Just-in-space Time
Just-in-space Time:
Feedback 🔁 LOOP -- going supersonic! 🔴
Fudge ice
Fudge ice:
❤ Looking good.
Julia Annaleez Epperson
Julia Annaleez Epperson:
Nice... im on board.. Sweet Idea!! A sunroof that slides open for Tesla. I wood hav 2 feel the wind in such a beautiful car . Much love, Tane
James Russo
James Russo:
“What is money? Money is an entry to a database.”
elon is a genius giving you free advice that would cost thousands if he charged
I love this guy. He makes the world a better place.
TRY to HELP you
TRY to HELP you:
This was great!
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi:
The complete maple micrencephaly man because snowboarding immunologically squash per a beneficial tom-tom. faint fair, adorable piccolo
We have to meet with our Galactic Federation brothers .We need to get the show on the road here.
Karim Cristóbal Hanania Carpo
Karim Cristóbal Hanania Carpo:
I agree when he says, the managers need to be more in the field... to many MBAs
christopher pippins
christopher pippins:
All subliminal messages from a true leader... We're very intelligent to understand his message ironically as a time capsule in real time.
Darrell May
Darrell May:
Excessive Greed is really a big problem with most Corp. Business!,,,💥
Debra Boaze
Debra Boaze:
I have about 144 quotes..."jealously is the green eyed Monster," by dsue.
chula chalupa
chula chalupa:
"M.B.A.-ization" Thank you, Elon Musk. Much more succinct and descriptive than "all-important bottom line."
Adam Coronado
Adam Coronado:
Love this guy when he speaks! Basically says everyone needs to go to work and not just be a bunch of brainiacs with MBA's or PhD's and be hands-on with your product and your client! If you didn't know him you would think he's a construction worker sometimes. Very admirable!!!
Teddy Max
Teddy Max:
Feedback loop... good point
Debra Boaze
Debra Boaze:
My favorite quotes where by Marilyn Monroe and google she had over 2 hundred or so.
Johnny Bartlett
Johnny Bartlett:
You know he is speaking truth and wisdom because it runs against the grain of the herd. I think I’d invest in anything he is in charge of! I hope he takes SpaceX public one day !
Dee Bee
Dee Bee:
This is the guy we should be listening to and not virtue signaling politicians, mainstream media like CNN's Don Lemon, MBA ers and Hollywood actors and actresses including Lady Gaga.
My 10 year old asks better questions than the bloke on the left. He must be extremely good at smiling at the right people in order to hold the position he does. The world needs way more people like the bloke on the right.
Sir JeTs
Sir JeTs:
Excellent interview. I'm glad wsj let him speak without an interruptions.
Miracle God Creator
Miracle God Creator:
Haha funny part 〽️〽️ and we are going back 🔙
Helen Hagos
Helen Hagos:
I look forward to your visions and aspirations. Your ideas about government, monopolies, dialogue, social media, traveling, and now moving forward more so outer space. You seem very intelligent and equipped for many challenges to move the world in a better direction. I really appreciate your thoughts and sharing them with the public. I sincerely wish you the BEST luck!!
Ken Yap
Ken Yap:
Who needs an MBA when you can get so much business wisdom from listening to Elon Musk talking about business and entrepreneurship for 26 mins! The man’s a living legend! 💯
Joshua Downing
Joshua Downing:
Watching this just made me love podcasts even more! Btw he couldn't have gone for more than an hour.
Alex McCray
Alex McCray:
Have u on it will make it great 👍
Henrika Dewell
Henrika Dewell:
May i suggest one of my favourite CEOs to install a nicer audio set in his office? thanks very much.
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner:
I've always wondered what it would be like to travel by pneumatic tube...
A A:
Facts on the candy situation, i haven't seen a new candy bar in a really long time
Long term happiness of the people - yes to that & EM 👍🏼👍🏼
Thank you, we should focus on product/service. True
Cate true eleven
Cate true eleven:
More time with people - not guessing what we want - more creating what we want- with. Mindfulness at the center — ooo the idealist in me
William Mann
William Mann:
Elon Musk, you are awesome! We got to build some of the equipment for the rockets where I work at Delta Steel. I am so happy that you are coming to Texas. God Bless!
I love how elon can say just enough to let everyone know that cali is just not good for big business anymore
Automate games
Automate games:
15:35 "is it something that's pretty easable?"

haha idk why it makes me laugh but thats a funny word, easable.
Cate true eleven
Cate true eleven:
Healthy dialogue more again plz
My other profile
My other profile:
This is progress is better than just getting into existing markets.
Zaeem Siddiqui
Zaeem Siddiqui:
"Nobody bleeds for the prince in the palace"... That was a good line..
Deborah Leah Duggan
Deborah Leah Duggan:
Hi Debbie Is Lovingly and I’m just leaving my good job today and see you soon Deborah D.!
Cate true eleven
Cate true eleven:
I’m stoked to hear Elon thinking in such good philosophical thoughts- phew -
katlyn lanni
katlyn lanni:
Can’t wait for the tunnels in Vegas !!!