Emily in Paris | Official Trailer | Netflix

Say oui to new possibilities! Emily in Paris, a new series from Creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star, premieres October 2. Only on Netflix.

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Emily in Paris | Official Trailer | Netflix

After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.

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Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher:
Should have been called "An American in Paris", oh hang on.
Theo Murray
Theo Murray:
I’m from France the funniest part of this series is when the French people were speaking in English to each other. That is impossible ...
Paul Florent
Paul Florent:
As a Parisian myself, this kind of movie makes me so embarassed. People : this Paris doesn't exist. Unless you're a millionaire.
Paule Anne
Paule Anne:
This kind of crap is why tourists comes in Paris with stars in their eyes and leave robbed, chocked and smelling like pee (but with 99 bad pics of the Tour Eiffel that they can show to their friends).
the simp son
the simp son:
this is an adult disney show for American women that are disappointed with where they are in life
This looks so cliché and lame. I’m going to watch it
Hanifah Fajryanti
Hanifah Fajryanti:
"So you're single in Paris?" Like no one is single there? Lol
Adrien Colle
Adrien Colle:
The only people in the world who see Paris this way are rich Americans. This isn't Paris. Never was, never will be.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
The fact that emily is living a glamorous-only-in-movie fairytale, she has no work related problems at all, dating rich guys out of nowhere, but honestly i will watch the second season, this corona real life has been too stressful..
anonymous girl
anonymous girl:
Absolute crap .... Emily is so arrogant always portraying how all the employees in Paris are dull compared to her and how she is the who one who gets good ideas ... a classic stereotype how French people are arrogant and americans always saving the day with their good ideas ... not to mention how poor the story is
Celi Méndez
Celi Méndez:
"With all due respect, I have been sent here for a reason." That is the most American phrase I've ever heard.
This kinda makes me vomit a little. This show should be called "Tv show about Americans and their imaginary Paris"
Moonstone Mac
Moonstone Mac:
Did i enjoy this? Yes, somewhat but yes. Was this full of annoying stereotypes? Yes, way too much. Was this predictable? Extremly. Will I watch season 2? Obvioulsy.

update : yall done boosted my ego with these likes 🥴💕
Too many clichés.
Paris is everything, except all you will see in this serie !
French people speaking fluently English, what a joke !!
Sudeep J
Sudeep J:
Waiting for Oct 2 to binge it 😅
Aarush Verma
Aarush Verma:
Pov: If Rachel actually went to Paris.....
Anthony Bawia
Anthony Bawia:
This is so funny, but I will never forgive them for spoiling who’s the Gossip girl
marinannaxo -
marinannaxo -:
They had an american costume designer, right...? *Cringing in European*
Jenin Hossain Elham
Jenin Hossain Elham:
Ugh. This was so stereotypical and so damn cliché. And the fact that this show is romanticising cheating, pissed me off a lot. Nobody is talking about how much wrong it is. Its like everything is fine as long as the dude is HOT! So what if he is the bf of the female lead’s best friend and so what if the female lead tries to have the bf of her best friend! 🙄🙄
Ivan B
Ivan B:
I bet everybody in France hates this ! Even French not liking Parisians will hate this.
Shruti Raj
Shruti Raj:
So basically this is "The Devil Wears Prada" shot in Paris.
Cordelia A
Cordelia A:
Ii didnt like most of Lily's outfits on the show, Sylvie on the other hand.... style porn!
Dipanjan Mazumder
Dipanjan Mazumder:
This is the most cringy asf show I laid my eyes on. The most stereotypical American girl meets most stereotypical french people who are fluent in English..
Eykis Garcia Diaz
Eykis Garcia Diaz:
It looks cute, but utterly cliché, maybe that’s what they are aiming for, as people are craving for something more « light » at this time. This resemblance to a: vacation in Paris (Disneyish like).
richSalaz me
richSalaz me:
This show is just a quick cash grabe for all those women hungry to satisfy their cliché fantasies that'll never happen in real life.
DJ BodyRawK
DJ BodyRawK:
Pretty much: Emily gets D in Paris
Shulk 57
Shulk 57:
I bet there is not a single scene of Emily getting catcalled in the street.
I couldn't help but feel bad about the blond girl, that was even uncomfortable to watch for me.
One direction Mahalo
One direction Mahalo:
I'm from Spain and I've been in a lot of places in France (including Paris) and the country is great, but I think they are exaggerating a bit the living there. Also they are labeling french people as mean and that's discriminatory and pathetic. I am sure if americans were labeled like that the this TV show would no longer exists. Come on parisians can be mean, kind, black, white, blue, short, tall...as everyone. Let's not generalize and divide people according to their nacionality
jayant saket ram
jayant saket ram:
Emily has a mediocre income but everything she seems to wear happens to be from Chanel.
Ryse Maxwell
Ryse Maxwell:
Had to stop watching at episode 2. Emily's superficial, callous, and overconfident yet ignorant personality is something I can't just tolerate. I think such typical personality should not be encouraged.
ikram abdelkhalek
ikram abdelkhalek:
Okey for Paris now we need to watch "Isabelle in New york" HAHAHAHA
Now do "Francois in Chicago" and let the French roast the yanks.
Sylla Atlas
Sylla Atlas:
Lmao Americans have no idea about what Paris actually is
Lauria Zoldyck
Lauria Zoldyck:
I just watched the first episode, I am french and I’ve never felt that much insulted by clichés about my country before today. Emily (American of course) looks like the only normal person of the serie. I am so disappointed.
Olga U.
Olga U.:
This TV show couldn’t be more american
This drama was a perfect depiction of instagram world
glen coco
glen coco:
"Emily, we will never desert you. Never."
Another TV show who makes American perfect people, and makes us Euriopan people look like shit.
Shaili Bhattacharya
Shaili Bhattacharya:
Anyone got Love, Rosie vibes? I mean the tension between Rosie and Alex throughout the movie and here in Emily and Gabriel is so similar 😩. The series didn't make any sense tbh, but all I really want is for them to be together! Gosh I wish Camille cheats on him or something.😅💀
Hex Kobold
Hex Kobold:
The people around Emily should be speaking French a lot more often. Emily should be made to feel more like a fish out of water rather than having everyone around her accommodate her all the time. Sylvie despises her her yet makes her entire office an English-speaking environment just for Emily (and only her)?

I don't care if that means those of us (including me) who can't speak French have to read subtitles or, worse yet, have no idea what Sylvie and other co-workers are discussing right in front of Emily's face. That's how it works. I worked as an ESL teacher in Chinese universities and I was constantly called to sit through department meetings held entirely in Mandarin - That's life working in a non-English-speaking workplace. The show does a good job of incorporating the modern social media and influencer aspect but the language barrier shock is very under-utilized.
This Paris, it's like the wakanda, it doesn't exist
Frankly I am not really fond of Emily's personality. This is not about the cultural things. She is rude. She yells all the time and is so self-absorbed that she does not care about the people around her. Her attitude is like 'It is the Parisians who do not like me. It is their problem. There is nothing that I could do.’ which is annoying. A person like her could not fit in anywhere.
leila james
leila james:
Watched the season and I keep asking the same question everytime "how big is her closet?? she wears different clothes everyday!!"
the only reason i'm watching this: lily collins.
Petite Blair
Petite Blair:
Before the Series:
*I'm only watching this because of Lily Collins*
*Then she knock on the wrong door*
*and Lucas Bravo appear*
anna Rosemarie
anna Rosemarie:
It was like watching niklodeon kids series all the pretty boys for emily all the success for emily model is not coming? Don’t worry emily models, emily doesn’t know french? Don’t worry the whole france will talk English even to each other I was so excited for it but it made me annoyed. Btw the scene were she was mocking french language and their stuff in that meeting with another american was lame and disgusting not funny at all.
Also try not learning french and speaking english to the french even if they understand you they’ll answer in french though I don’t know if they’d do that to americans but to people of color they’d never let you rest until you learned french.
Kevin makes videos
Kevin makes videos:
Just a bunch of far-fetched stereotypes about Paris and Parisians. I mean... I expected nothing more coming from an American.
The trash I didn’t know I need it,
highly recommended, i watched, it in one sitting
Jeff Renman
Jeff Renman:
this show was so uplifting and fun to watch I never thought it was possible in today's age of sick TV. I hope they don't ruin the show
Coffee Manic
Coffee Manic:
The only good thing about this is the entire cast. I hate how stereos and cliches are again feeding people with excitement. It’s stupid and leaves a bad taste amongst us French people🙄🗑
Very insulting portrayal of French people.
My experience from Paris:
- Very gentle parisians. Whenever I asked someone in English they really tried to help me as best as they could.
- Very rude shopowners (souvenirs, shoes etc). To be precise: Those I interacted with.
- Cafes and restaurant personel where OK. No problem at all
-Somehow not helpful civil servants (transportation and so).
-Extremely beautiful city.
As I Greek every now and then I have to "battle" with foreigners that take TV clichés for greeks as a fact.
Parisians should be rightfully angry with this series
Helen Bueno
Helen Bueno:
This serie is giving me “Anna and the French kiss” vibes and I love it 😻
naimah king
naimah king:
I love this sooo much I binged watch this whole series today in one sitting on October3 I can't wait for season2 please hurry Netflix ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Saint Goon
Saint Goon:
This is like an opening to a parody show for snl. This looks really bad.
Kurt Smith
Kurt Smith:
The 1950s called, they want their show back.
It looks so realistic about French lives waow!!! Wine, tour eiffel, french having mistress, well-done netflix for that one
Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon:
The Paris syndrome is gonna hit even harder.
Antoine M
Antoine M:
The street you saw at 0:03 "rue des faussés-saint-jacques" ? I threw up on this street 3 weeks ago.
Naisnamti Reang
Naisnamti Reang:
She looks like Sofia Carson
Ren Tro
Ren Tro:
I hope the next season has more episodes 💜.
Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher:
Looks like Riley Reid.
Remco Schedel—the SKULL
Remco Schedel—the SKULL:
I suppose the producers of this show haven't been to Paris for a long, long time.
Shannon B.
Shannon B.:
It's so funny to see these comments where everyone is saying how bad and how full of stereotypes this show is but then again say "but I'll keep watching though" 😂
Jahnya F
Jahnya F:
I was so excited to watch this. I thought since lily is french, she would finally be herself in a movie, but nope. Its another stereotypical 'french' movie.
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne:
All I heard was that Kate Walsh was gonna be on this show lol and that's all I care about.
Anurag Gautam
Anurag Gautam:
i m pretty sure, life is not like this even in Paris
igloo tk91
igloo tk91:
I hate the casting of this show. They Americanized the French guys, and casted a blonde model for the french girl. Why cater SO much to a preppy american audience.
i think its cute and fun. i hope they get a second season.
Bailey West
Bailey West:
“Sex And The City” + “Devil Wears Prada” = THIS. Except the acting is HORRIBLE - Philippine (Sylvie) is horrific - her walk/stance is a comical character choice. The overall script is cute but most seems stolen from the previous mentioned titles.
Chandra Dika
Chandra Dika:
i’m watcing this because theirs outfit and style lmao, it help me because i’m just senseless about style and everything related to make you looks good
nicolas danan
nicolas danan:
As a parisian, I do agree Paris is great but definitely not near as romantic or fantastic as people abroad try to make it out to be.
+ try speaking english there and you'll find french people that understood your every word but will just be annoyed and irritated at you for not speaking french.
I love lily Collins so much , but this show was painfully cringey
Paris is the least exciting city in the World, and you do know what's gonna happen next : sombody yelling at you in the middle of the street.
monica Mourad
monica Mourad:
I cringed the whole time
I don't recommend it at all
Nazar Gasitov
Nazar Gasitov:
I loved every second of the show. Can't wait for season 2!
my favorite serie of all the time! love lilly collins, an real actress. 💞
Isn't It Romantic
Isn't It Romantic:
I loved this show!! I binged it twice already and did a review about it. I can't wait for season 2!
Mariam El alaoui
Mariam El alaoui:
Guys just admit it this is AMAZING
Joe Hopkins
Joe Hopkins:
Okay I watched this with my friend and it is the most cliche romcom show I've ever seen but I was still entertained lmao
hasan ananda
hasan ananda:
The character MINDY is a little bit exaggeration of everything. She was trying to prove that she knows acting.
hosh on my mind
hosh on my mind:
Sorry but any American who comes to Europe will be made fun of for being American at least ..... 3-4 times a week. And no self-respecting French person will speak English all day unless they have been forced.
As a French I saw this show and I think there is a LOT of cliches but I loved it 😂😭
Nur Fee
Nur Fee:
Watched the show cause there wasn't anything else and it looked easy to binge (lol).
I can't believe how stupid those characters are. They think being or having a mistress is something normal. Way to go
Felix Schwarz
Felix Schwarz:
For the love of God, please Netflix give us season 2! We need something light and fun like this show. Don't let it have a "French ending".
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi:
My wife loves this show! It's cliche, stupid, but so light-hearted and fun! I really love the cinematography and the trendy apparels. It makes Paris look like a paradise (I know it's not in the real life)
I've meet just few french people in my life and... I can't agree more with this series 😂😂😂😂
An Ode To You
An Ode To You:
I wanna know the endinggg, damn it just ends like this
apenstaartje anna
apenstaartje anna:
This show is AMAZING! loved every minute. Very funny also, had a smile on my face the entire time, and laughed out loud all the time. I would recommend it, I finished the show in one sit.
I just finished this serial guys and OMG it's one of the best shows I've watched!
10/10. Can't wait for season 2 😍.
And oh lord Gabriel is the hottest man and cheff I've seen in my entire life !
Yan Eve
Yan Eve:
Omg did I just finish the entire series in half day? 'Je parle un peu français maintenant'
Amber Leaf
Amber Leaf:
I wasted time on 2 episodes. Not only is it lame, but the editing/continuity is also very poor. Many mistakes in editing, which constantly reminds you it's filmed, so it's hard to get into the story.
This is giving me major The Devil Wears Prada vibes... and I'm here for it.
Kamel Mad
Kamel Mad:
French people are TRIGGERED and I'm here for it and so are you !
I loved it, need a season 2! Im french and parisian and this is kind of a good representation of parisian of high parisian class, but not the very middle class
Diana German
Diana German:
Omg “Sex and the city” all over again! Loved it!! 💕💕
clinical depression in human form •
clinical depression in human form •:
I don't care if it's a basic, lame show. I gotta watch it even if its bad.
I'm here after completing the whole series 💜
hoanghai van
hoanghai van:
"You never know what's going to happen next." I wonder if this young lady talks to the "I will find you" father in Taken.
N J:
Since I have no other place to put this. Just gonna put it here. Every night, I watch about 30ish minutes of something bad before bed. Something about bad TV / movies helps me relax and fall asleep. This is my current bad watch.

It has a lot of problems, but one logic hole is that I don't get is how she has only 48 followers in the first episode. Especially since she's supposed to be some sort of social media expert.

I mean. I'm the least interesting person in the world and my private instagram account still has 285 followers. You're telling me this cute, fashionable girl only has 48? Come on. It's just ridiculous. I know it's nitpicky but come on.