Emma Raducanu wins the 2021 US Open | Highlights

18-year-old qualifier Emma Raducanu completes her historic run through the 2021 US Open by defeating Leylah Fernandez in the final in straight sets (6-4, 6-3).

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100+ comentarios:

Two teenagers duking it out for a Grand Slam. I still can't get over it. One made it through without dropping a set, the other took out Osaka, Sabalenka and Svitolina to get here! Amazing stuff!
Patricia Chase
Patricia Chase:
A well deserved win for Emma. She came out to a crowd-filled Ashe Stadium who favored her opponent ; and with her poise, calm confidence and amazing talent, Emma made it another straight set victory, her maiden Grand Slam at the tender age of 18 years old. Congratulations Emma!
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
Emma is truly amazing on the court. Coverage, shotmaking, mental poise. A true newly birthed superstar.
James Glimco
James Glimco:
You can’t dislike players like Raducanu and Barty. They’re the two of the nicest and down to earth wta players.
I was rooting for Leylah but Emma deserved to win. They are going to have a great rivalry. There really was no drastic loser though I mean the runner-up gets over $1 million and they’re both in the top 30 now so they’re both doing fine.
god i love watching tennis. no other sport grasps my attention nearly as much. maybe its the raw 1 on 1 display of strength and endurance that is so thrilling to watch. It's the one sport that I genuinely enjoy cheering for both players and can never pick a side/player.
Shelly H
Shelly H:
This was probably the most entertaining women's match I've ever watched. What's so amazing is that Emma never drop a set and is the first qualifier in history to win a grand slam and that alone makes her so amazing. I'm proud of her and am a big fan! Team Emma!
J W:
Great Match, Emma coming through Qualifying and then going through without dropping a set, I don't thing will ever be repeated again.
Randy Jacobson
Randy Jacobson:
This wasn't a miracle, it was the first major win by a new very dominant player.
Log Nathan
Log Nathan:
Taking home the grand slam tile at 18 years by winning straight 10 matches without dropping a set, not even a tie breaker. That record will sure never be broken.
Ann Smith
Ann Smith:
Congrats to both players ... Both of you will be playing more exciting tennis with each other for years to come! Both of you are excellent players !
This is actually insane. Such maturity and composure. Crazy stuff.
Kevin D.
Kevin D.:
I tuned in at half time of a football game I was watching and never stopped watching . These two are amazing !! What a match !!
S. TK:
Expert exciting play, fresh attitudes and no grunting! Congrats Raducanu!! (and also congrats to Fernandez!)
J.S.C Tu Xiang
J.S.C Tu Xiang:
So much fun to watch women's tennis again with pure talent in both of them
Finally a new era of women's tennis has arrived. Both Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez played great to reach the final. It's too bad one of them had to lose, but Emma showed today she is a true champion. I have watched tennis for over 40 years. There has simply been no one, man or woman, who has achieved stardom so quickly in professional tennis. Truly a star is born. Her life story, poise, game, and likability on and off the court makes it almost impossible not to root for her and be a fan. Simply amazing!
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa:
I was cheering for Fernandez but Emma was stronger for sure. Amazing match!
Deborah Lowther
Deborah Lowther:
And not a grunt between them. Bliss!
This was a gem of a match, pure tennis at it's best. No grunting, no shouting, an amazing display of quality tennis. Well done.
f r
f r:
Emma was amazing and so was Leylah. Both are so beautiful with very cute smiles as well. Emma's a stunner with stunning shots. Leylah is a cutie with cute shots. What a tournament. Really amazed by it all. A qualifier winning. Wow. Went from making like maybe $5k to $2.5m. Pure talent.
Darius Brock
Darius Brock:
Congratulations to them both for a great run and congratulations to Raducanu on her well deserved victory.
This was wonderful,so great to see two wonderful athlete's both incredible,and what a fairy tale ending,so sorry one had to lose.
Ish B
Ish B:
What a game simply brilliant. I am one proud Brit in New York today
Jeff Criswell
Jeff Criswell:
She hits like a howitzer, and gets to just about every ball. Breaking through to a championship at her age is an incredible advantage, mentally. I'm a fan, for sure. She's a doll, gracious, gorgeous, and gifted.
LoW Lu
LoW Lu:
History in the making ! Blessed to be alive to witness this awesome match
Cris Alexander
Cris Alexander:
Love these outstanding tennis warriors & the highest level of sportsmenship & class we ever witnessed. Bravo ladies bravo 👏👏👏
True North Golf
True North Golf:
Not the last time these two will battle
Taylor Falk
Taylor Falk:
I can’t wait till the men’s tennis has more unknowns win. I am so tired of the same 4 dudes winning past 15 years. So tired
Yuswanto Edward
Yuswanto Edward:
what an amazing young girl
stay humble emma.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
She is a sure fire superstar. Beauty, charisma, game. Tennis badly needed one on the women's side.
John Middleton
John Middleton:
What a pleasure watching women"s tennis without the incessant grunting and yelping of its players. Nice match ladies...
First Last
First Last:
She’s so good! Who agrees?
Man I feel bad for leylah, cheer up u did good, Canada is proud of u
Log Nathan
Log Nathan:
When Leylah was serving at 2-5 (saved 2 match points), and Emma serving at 5-3, both players made almost all first serves and made all returns. That shows they both have enormous amount of tennis maturity. Compare this to Sabalenka's last game of the match vs Leylah, where she made zero first serves, and two double faults.
Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane:
Well done! Won every match since qualifying never dropping a set. It is also interesting she never faced any top 10 players, Bencic at 12 and Sakkari at 18.
John Who
John Who:
Looks like a pop star. Talks like a movie star. Plays like a sports star.
One day they will make a movie out of her path from the qualifying games to US Open winner. And since she's already got the looks, she might as well be the main actress starring....herself!

In a more serious note, I hope Emma can remain grounded for the rest of her career. I want to see her improve her game and be a dominant top 10 player for as long as she can. Tennis needs more players like her coming through - beauty, brains, guts and skills.
Dee Nugent
Dee Nugent:
It's great to see new young talents, new faces and new attitude! Please don't develop a bad attitude along with your success. Congrats to Raducanu!
Scott Read
Scott Read:
A great tournament for both players!
steve coleman
steve coleman:
We may be seeing the beginning of a great ongoing rivalry between these two young players what a way to start!!!
Congratz emma! Laylah you are amazing! It’s just the beginning 🦾🦾🦾
Rogelio Dominguez
Rogelio Dominguez:
Hermosa leyla,,, tiene un gran camino por delante ,,!!!
She was going to be a star even if she didn’t win! But now that she won, she just reached superstardom!
She’s got the looks the personality and the talent! She’s an advertisers dream!
Self Made
Self Made:
This run looked so easy for her. She destroyed every player. She might become the greatest of all time.
Retired Music Educator
Retired Music Educator:
yay - new players, new attitude - badly needed!
This girl is an incredible talent in womens tennis she will be a force to be reckoned with for the next decade or 2.
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim:
These highlights need to be longer and better.
1st UK Woman to win a GS in 44 years and she did it as a Qualifier. Just wow.
Jason Keller
Jason Keller:
Everyone was sleeping on Emma when she beat SST 6-0 6-1. SST has been one of the best players on wta and she is a fierce competitor so when Emma did that to her I knew she was just on a different level than everyone else
congratulations to both Raducanu and Fernandez...2 shining stars with tons of talent playing against profesionals who are happy to just get by with mediocrity and endorsements..thk you to the both of you for showing the public what hard work, drive,discipline,hunger and motivation can achieve.... that was the best tennis i have seen for a long long time....
lino lonoe
lino lonoe:
lmaaao ESPN left out the drama that unfolded when Raducanu got injured. She received a 3 minute medical timeout and Leyla argued with the judges whilst the crowd booed during the ordeal.
D T:
These two young ladies are amazing players.
Log Nathan
Log Nathan:
Emma hit only two aces in the whole match: The first point of the second set, and the last point of the second set.
Jay Lee
Jay Lee:
Is this the first time having an all asian champion finals in US Open? They are both big winners regardless who wins. They both got a bright future.
Leylah was off her game today ..I think those previous 3 set matches took there toll …and you really can’t fault her for that ,but kudos to Emma who was on fire from the beginning and did not let up. Should be an interesting rivalry for sure!
pete lal
pete lal:
Wow! what a match and new talent has emerged. Emma/Layla is a future of tennis. Kudos to both of them.
Anton Slizzardhands
Anton Slizzardhands:
I want to see these two live.
Rand U
Rand U:
I don't understand why they don't always have some kind of ramp on wheels so that the winning player can simply walk up safely to hug her team members. They know the players will go to hug their team so why don't they plan ahead instead of having the person take 5 minutes to wind their way through the crowd (an added security risk).
I still remember speaking with someone 5 months ago that this young lady wasn't as talented in singles on the pro tour....well this is awkward....
William Arcamo
William Arcamo:
More rematch to come 💯✅
PureLocal Directory
PureLocal Directory:
everyone loves an underdog!
Fernandez showed a lack of class when Raducanu took that legitimate medical time out to get her knee patched up. Don't be like Serena. Not a good look on her either.
John Brow
John Brow:
Winning by ace, totally appropriate and epic.
bunn coffee maker
bunn coffee maker:
Bald security guard dude is the epitome of Not On My Watch.
Kurt Cameron
Kurt Cameron:
Such a welcome sight to see that the ghost of that dude Williams has been exorcised.
benoit dostaler
benoit dostaler:
Bravo a vous deux.Vous avez demontrez que vous avez ce qu
Wasn't it just yesterday, Osaka was everybody's darling. Time moves fast.
Michael Ha
Michael Ha:
Love all these mix heritage players who are half Asian. First Naomi Osaka (hope the best for her) who is Japanese (mom) and Haitian (dad) American family. Now Leylah who is Filipino (mom) and Ecuadorian (dad) Canadian family and Emma who is Chinese (mom) and Romanian (dad) British family.
New generation of women’s tennis.
The fact that this was played or any sport was played on the anniversary to one of the biggest tragedies that has lead to this tyrannical life we're all living is unreal. NO BODY WINS when there's no accountability!
Diana Lee
Diana Lee:
What a serve!
Amazed to see a winner without a bit more muscle mass in their shoulder and arm. Even my retired buddy has two different arms.
kevin struke
kevin struke:
I was rooting for Leylah. Great match none the less.😊👍
Kent Stallard
Kent Stallard:
Women's tennis is wide open now, with Serena pretty much at the end of her career. Osaka is the only one who appears poised to inherit the throne and be dominant, but she's battling her personal issues.

I predict we'll see many different winners on the women's tour over the next few years, unless Osaka bears down or someone new comes along who can dominate.
Daz Alenko
Daz Alenko:
YES!!! she’s pretty too….
baby fat
baby fat:
Emma Raducanu Leylah Fernandez - congrats to both of you . I am beam with PRIDE <3 !!!
diego shepherd
diego shepherd:
Excellent tournament for both players. Both showed great professionalism and champion mental strength, unlike other players who whine and stomp their feet and say they quit.
Mark Bradbury
Mark Bradbury:
Good Lord that *bald security guy* assaulting everyone as he "escorts" Emma to the player's box
Farrell Kornreich
Farrell Kornreich:
YAY to Raducanu and Fernandez!!! Boo to the 24 people who have down-voted this! You have no hearts!!!
Keith Jacobson
Keith Jacobson:
Just Emma's second Grand Slam that she has played!
Andrés Álvarez
Andrés Álvarez:
Wining a match like that with an ace means she can rule the world and that she can perform under pressure 👏🏻👏🏻
Wasn’t really that exciting! But congratulations!
Simona Botorogea
Simona Botorogea:
She is #23 in WTA ranking now!
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz:
Are we witnessing the dawn of a bright new era?
Ana Maria Marquez
Ana Maria Marquez:
Feliz x Emma... Muy cansada de ESPN en Gnal...En SA hemos perdido al mejor relator de tennis, Javier Frana...Orsanic esta mejorando mucho!!👏
Everaldomissao2014@hotmail.com Everaldo
[email protected] Everaldo:
Wandering couchpotato
Wandering couchpotato:
A new Star is Born in women's tennis
Cultural House
Cultural House:
I don’t get how Fernandez got to the finals . Emma was more consistent and more powerful.
To me this is the first US Open with 2 winners. Emma won the finals. Leylah won before the finals by beating #2, 3, 5, and a multi GS champion. They are both big new stars.
Valerie Haughton
Valerie Haughton:
I think Fernandez should get more recognition because she played the top players to get to the finals
Voodoodaddy Reece
Voodoodaddy Reece:
It is nice to see two lovely women playing rather than women who have mannish looks.
Nick AI
Nick AI:
Well done.
Wow Emma's strokes are so similar to Li Na
congrats from canada emma
David Carter
David Carter:
Beautiful queen
Mike K
Mike K:
Hera Portia Taite
Hera Portia Taite:
Great Win .. her Opponent was Gracious in defeat and particularly her reference to 911 .. With Ash Barty in the mix ... So looking forward to Womens tennis👍
Warren Flores
Warren Flores:
You don't convert 50% of your first serve and expect to beat a superior player. Still an amazing run, Leylah. Congratulations Emma.
Que lindo, que lindo de verdad, se me pone pequeño el corazón, esa final es la más insólita y con mejor tenis que he visto en los últimos 20 años, y gana una británica después de como 80 años, es una chiquitita, hermosa y súper segura, parecía Justine Henin, sin perder un set, con 18 años, después de haber jugado como 10 partidos, es increíble Raducanu, creo que el apellido es díficil al principio, pero después nos lo aprendemos y vaya que va a sonar bastante y por mucho tiempo ese apellido, hermosa jugadora, igual Leyla, solo falta que Sakari llegue a su primer final, ya lo va a hacer, yo lo creía de Bosniaki, de Azarenka y de Simona y así sucedió, grande el tenis femenino.
pradeep maraj
pradeep maraj:
I know very little if anything at all about tennis and therefore cannot comment with any informedness about the intricacies of the game. However, I must say that Emma strikes as very courageous, intellectually gifted and possessed of a magnificent generosity of spirti. For someone so young, this is indeed admirable and all of us could learn much from her. She has all my love and best wishes for the future. I also extend my love, respect and best wishes to Leylah. She is a very talented player and was a worthy and admirable opponent. Congratulations to two beautiful and wonderful young women.