Emma Stone Sat Next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Her First Golden Globes

Emma Stone talks about learning how to make bracelets during quarantine, her new obsession with The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and how her wrist tattoo helps her tell the passage of time.

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Emma Stone Sat Next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Her First Golden Globes


100+ comentarios:

Hayber Dasher
Hayber Dasher:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Everything's better with Emma
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie:
This just seems like two friends catching up instead of an interview
aya kreuk
aya kreuk:
I realized, Emma and Anya Taylor can play sister or cousins in a movie, they have a similar aura/look.
Manuela Coelho
Manuela Coelho:
She’s totally pregnant! She looks radiant 🤩
I really appreciate them being candid and saying things like "I was told by my producers to ask you this," and "This is another thing I was talking to your producers about..." Usually talk-show hosts and guests awkwardly try to steer the conversation to specific topics that were agreed upon in the preinterview and its obvious and clumsy. Just being transparent makes the conversation much more natural
Ipswick Web
Ipswick Web:
OMG Emma's personality is just out of this world.
Sathaporn Potiswad
Sathaporn Potiswad:
Emma is a pocket full of sunshine.
Petunia Pop
Petunia Pop:
She sent a stretchy bead bracelet in a damn ZIPLOCK BAG I love Emma forever she truly is all of us.
Luke Naoumovitch
Luke Naoumovitch:
She seems so authentic and cool! Probably really easy to talk to. She is awesome!
Jennifer Jayan
Jennifer Jayan:
I love how she goes " this is the right decision for now "
Alessandra Blidisel
Alessandra Blidisel:
i love that jimmy didn't ask about the pregnancy rumours
Lori Kanz
Lori Kanz:
The Queen's Gambit is awesome!!
taking personal offense to Jimmy's comments on The Queen's Gambit
Jack Bourdeaux
Jack Bourdeaux:
I'm not about to sit here and watch this Queen's Gambit slander lmfao
The Destined Place - On Hiatus
The Destined Place - On Hiatus:
Just two normal people having a perfectly normal conversation on TV. Lol.
Vicki Dewi
Vicki Dewi:
Emma is a bestfriend you need to have to gossip about celebrities we never meet for all night. 😂
Jovita James
Jovita James:
Her family got that tattoo for her mom, when her mom's cancer went into remission, I think. Her mom's favourite sing is Blackbird by Paul McCartney. Emma sent a letter to Paul, asking him if he could draw two little bird feet.
And he did and sent it to her. 💗
Social Media lives
Social Media lives:
no one:
emma: oh so you don't like chess?
jimmy: it's not like that, it's not like i don't llike chess
me: 👁
New Message
New Message:
Jimmy is definitely more of a checkers guy.
we should have known from this interview that she was pregnant. Such a lovely lady!
oh my god i've always had the biggest crush on her. she looks radiant.
Roxi Toronto
Roxi Toronto:
A woman can TOTALLY tell from this that she's pregnant. Quite advanced, I would say...at least 5 if not 6 months.
Kelly Bills
Kelly Bills:
They're talking as if they just bumped into each other lol.
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee:
“She smelled like a hospital”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️
No school Like the old school
No school Like the old school:
I Truly Believe, After Watching 50 Years of Movie History, That Emma Stone is one of the Best Actresses of her Generation that has that old Hollywood Magic, like the Greats that came before!! But in this interview she sounds like someone out of Starbucks, That's how good of an Actress she really is, Mocha latte Please Emma, Shes Fab!!!
Im not a crazy person or a stalker, but Emma is legitimately the most beautiful woman ive ever seen.My heart literally palpates when i see her...lol. She’s amazing.
imagine being an actor and not trying to be friends with emma stone like thats the first thing id do if i ever become famous
Landon Solley
Landon Solley:
So I was already madly in love with her, but now she likes chess........ it’s over 😂 get out of here 🤣
Funny when I watched Queen's Gambit, the lead reminds me so much of Emma.
Troll of 229: Ant the variable
Troll of 229: Ant the variable:
When she has her baby I definitely wanna say congrats. I'm so happy for her. Fuck I'm getting old..
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
She's stunning. One of my favorite actresses. She's good in everything. La La Land was great. Can't wait to see her in Babylon with Brad Pitt.
Syd Gaming
Syd Gaming:
We need to get this woman into the mcu as spider gwen
Carlo Cariaga
Carlo Cariaga:
the fact that she watches real housewives as well blows my mind. stars, they’re just like me lol
Rafa C
Rafa C:
Jimmy, bring Elisha Cuthbert to your show.
The gain weight / pregnancy suits her so well, wow ... She radiates <3
The loose dress, the way she's moving.. She's DEFINITELY pregnant
Raymond Jiang
Raymond Jiang:
I could listen to her talk for hours 😍 and she’s so expressive with her face and how wide her eyes get sometimes it’s kind of cute lol.
Emma is like that best friend who tells you about a new amazing web show every day.
A A:
I want to be Emma's friend 😂❤ love herrr
Laura Turpeinen
Laura Turpeinen:
Feel like I'm watching James and Lily Potter bonding over reality TV and movies
Ashkan Yousefi
Ashkan Yousefi:
God She is beautiful... Even with that 480p quality
Rafael Andrade
Rafael Andrade:
Wow, jimmy seems to be less fake in this format. Or at least in this interview
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla:
Emma stone is so underrated with her looks. She’s overlooked
idaXu Rais
idaXu Rais:
"The UnFollowing" Ahahahaha. I would watch that!
Omg, there’s something about a woman’s cheeks that you can tell that she’s obviously PREGNANT 😍
Simon Z.
Simon Z.:
She is obviously glowing because of her pregnancy :)
N. G.
N. G.:
I felt like I am in a zoom call with my buddies lmao this is so authentic
Max Rios
Max Rios:
Love her she is so gorgeous 😍🌷🌹
arielle kavinsky
arielle kavinsky:
Imagine sitting next to Angelina Jolie?! I would most likely pass out because I would be so excited !!! Damn
Eve Yitagesu
Eve Yitagesu:
I forgot she was pregnant 🤗🤗 so excited for her.
she dwells in possibility
she dwells in possibility:
She's glowing so much and I couldn't be happier for her.
New Message
New Message:
I'm actually surprised there aren't more animated movies coming out, with all this covid stuff, seeing as the stars could record from home.
Jennifer Jayan
Jennifer Jayan:
Ok can we please just take a pause and appreciate the "bracelet for Jimmy" ...I mean my 13 year old self is squealing!
Onkar Bande
Onkar Bande:
I'm pretty sure Jennifer suggested Emma to watch RHWOSLC😂
David Arjon
David Arjon:
How dare Jimmy start The Queen's Gambit and not finish it?? it's one of the best series of the year
Jimmy taking notes from Emma. Legendary
Josh Spry
Josh Spry:
I would never take off Emma's bracelet.
That quarantine hair is glorious!
love this chick. she's cool.
gabe Tabori
gabe Tabori:
God i love her shes such a sweet woman
Sachin Mali
Sachin Mali:
Pregnant or not, she looks great. Kudos to her hair stylist and makeup person for that look.
Margaret Elkins
Margaret Elkins:
She seems so authentic and cool! Probably really easy to talk to. She is awesome!
Austin T
Austin T:
Emma is like the cooler older sister that would buy you and your high school friend booze
Guess Jimmys not part of the Queen Gambit and The Undoing press tour.
Nora Steel
Nora Steel:
Emma is so cool!
yazmin Esparza
yazmin Esparza:
We need a Jimmy and Emma Watchparty now
Love Emma Stone she looks amazing 😍😍😍
PeanutButter Dragon
PeanutButter Dragon:
Love Emma Stone, a great actress and I am so looking forward to The Croods meet The Bettermans
Marina Yoveva
Marina Yoveva:
The Queen's Gambit is a bomb! Totally worth it! Indeed, it's about chess, but also about the personal growth, ups and downs of the main character, how she becomes the best of the best, etc. Very realistic series, with its painful moments as well. Really good!
Scott Nielson
Scott Nielson:
I loved that movie "Easy A". Her classic line "Oooooo... Burnnnn ...."
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan:
omg long time i didnt see her,she looks so adorable
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado:
I swear emma will forever be the universe's finest woman.
She still looks beautiful as af
drervina_ pasaribu
drervina_ pasaribu:
she looks really adorable! and still cute !!❤️
Mich Ritch
Mich Ritch:
So happy to see Emma Stone! She's my Fave. And, re: Fallon, she aced the best Lip Sinc Challenge ever performed, back in the day! Big ❤!
Tunadoctor Wong
Tunadoctor Wong:
Yea, Emma, you've got to see "The Queen's Gambit!"
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner:
Emma Stone = Perfect. I love you Emma so much in Jerusalem
To quote Anya Taylor-joy: “what were you doing during Quarantine? It was tiger king or Queens gambit, that was the only new tv show for months.”
Holly Hargreaves
Holly Hargreaves:
Her hair looks amazing long 😍
(disapproving soccer mom voice) "that's not what He would want."
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo:
Emma stone is so beautiful 😍 and I love all of her movies and she’s epic in one of my favourite movies ever birdman
katlyn melody
katlyn melody:
omg long time i didnt see her,she looks so adorable
Janett Villarreal
Janett Villarreal:
You haven't seen one of the best shows in Netflix... btw I love Emma Stone <3
She is just my favourite person.
this was so fun emma is such a delight
Lucis O'Burns
Lucis O'Burns:
Jimmy doesn't like chess? So you have chosen checkers then jimmy? Looks like I need to keep my left eye on you.
Taking it to the Limit
Taking it to the Limit:
You could watch Em for ages, always bubbly and fun in what she has to say.
Hey Marey
Hey Marey:
Oddly enough, watching Anya on Queen’s Gambit kept reminding me of Emma Stone!
B F:
can't believe she's 32 😍😍 i hope to look that great
It's funny that Emma is talking about Queen's Gambit, cause the chick reminded me of her the ENTIRE TIME!
howard gee
howard gee:
She's wonderful!
Man, I didn't know how much I missed Emma Stone until I see her today.
MoBayCo Mama
MoBayCo Mama:
OMG the RHOSLC is killing it. An obsession you didn't know you really needed.. Jeez, I have so much in common with Emma Stone!! LMAO. But seriously!! She's GREAT.
Tripp J
Tripp J:
I will watch every interview she ever does 💕
Emma seems so down to earth, which amplifies her beauty by lile a million percent
Adam Farruk
Adam Farruk:
She’s so pretty even when’s she’s pregnant
AngelaMary31 AlisonAnnaDj
AngelaMary31 AlisonAnnaDj:
The world doesn't deserve Emma Stone🤣🤣
Iron Fan
Iron Fan:
For once, the guest actually DOES look fantastic. 😘😍
Iron Worker
Iron Worker:
Emma beautiful and talented