Emma Stone wins Best Actress

Leonardo DiCaprio presents Emma Stone with the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "La La Land" at the 89th Oscars® in 2017.

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Natalie Portman's face when Leo said Emma Stone. PRICELESS. Like she froze or sth
Why is nobody's talking about Andrew Garfield looking at Emma. Gosh I miss them together
sylvie goo
sylvie goo:
ugh the way andrew garfield looks at emma is heart breaking but warming
Karma Exists
Karma Exists:
Meryl Streep is like, "Shit I'm nominated again."
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
Winning when you’re against Meryl Streep, that’s a big deal.
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez:
Emma Stone is one of the greatest actresses of our generation. I am so happy she won an Oscar!
One of the classiest acceptance speeches I think I've ever seen. Well thought out, no false modesty, genuine gratefulness (or good acting!), and good time management. Very impressive effort.
Hands down one of the best acceptance speeches, ever. She exhibited such class & gratitude, and did her best to acknowledge everyone who deserved to be.
What a class act. She deserved it. You can tell that she was truly humbled and respectful by it as she kept looking down, spoke eloquently and very appreciative of her experience. This made me happy and actually gave me some feels which really does not happen with the academy awards for me, lol.
Night's Moonlight
Night's Moonlight:
after watching Cruella, I think she deserves a second oscar. Her expression in Cruella is much better than Lala Land
Ty Nielsen
Ty Nielsen:
Very well deserved!! I love Emma Stone so much! She was immaculate in Cruella!
Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood:
she’s so classy and talented she totally deserved this
Michael Donovan
Michael Donovan:
“A moment like this is a huge confluence of luck and opportunity” so eloquent and so deserving ❤️ you go Emma!!
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange:
Emma Stone in La La Land is gonna be a measuring stick for realism and emotion in musicals. Such nuance in a performance. So much depth to an underwritten character. Well deserved Oscar indeed!!!
Bianca Rais
Bianca Rais:
Ela é maravilhosa!!! A melhor atriz da última década!!!!
Liza Argento
Liza Argento:
Am I the only person simping over the fact Andrew Garfield is in the front row clapping for her and crying during her speech!?
Taking it to the Limit
Taking it to the Limit:
I knew she would have got to this stage in her life, as Emily has always been that good, even in supporting or minor roles, she's that good, we've seen her grown in the arts of screen and stage, and I think she will receive more accolades in her career as she enjoys what she does, and Emily puts that across so lovely.
I was so proud of Emma she’s grown so much since the beginning and she deserved that Oscar she’s amazing in so many ways
great boy
great boy:
What a performance man !!! Emma was priceless as Mia . It is easier to play a biopic of a real person than creating a whole new person from an original screenplay. She did it and sold it for real bruh. She gave a creative , unique , layered and an extremely expressive performance. Great singing and dancing with a performance where she hit all the right notes. Look at the audition scene, someone in the crowd, pool party , epilogue, last smile exchange, failed audition, lovely night scene, argument scene and etc..... Natalie was amazing as Jackie but Emma deserved it more than any other performer this year.
She is so well deserving of that award! Go Emma!!!! <3
She truly deserve this, her performance was incredible, mia is an icon❤️
Felicia Frassinelli
Felicia Frassinelli:
Everyone is talking about EVERYONE ELSE besides Emma. I am so incredibly astounded by her hard work and love for her craft. She is truly a star.
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
So glad for her! She totally deserved it!!!!!! Loved her in Cruella!
Luffy Lawliet
Luffy Lawliet:
At this time Andrew was nominated for Best Actor for Hacksaw Ridge. I swear that war movie was beautiful, I really wish he won. Imagine if he won, and Emma also won here. Both TAMS casts. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Emily said all the right words. She's really indeed brilliant, such a rare talent. I love her, she is an inspiration to many. 💗
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy:
I don’t know people hated La La Land so much... I LOVE it. I think it’s a beautiful movie, beautifully done, and Emma and Ryan were perfection. It’s such a charming sweet movie filled with heart and depth.
Okay but the real win is getting your oscar handed to you by leo
Jestony Rapas
Jestony Rapas:
just finished watching La La Land and I've only seen this masterpiece for the first time today and it was a performance.
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
Also why is everyone talking about Leo when this is about Emma? She won the Oscar!
sapna vats
sapna vats:
Hope to see her getting another nomination and win for Cruella. She was amazing in it.
T. Essakki Raja
T. Essakki Raja:
Emma Stone truly deserves this ❤👏🏻
Breno Leite Brito
Breno Leite Brito:
Meryl always celebrates harder than the actual winner.
She's a great human being.
Natalie Portman's reaction was priceless!
she’s so talented and she deserved it SO much
itsjia jjOO
itsjia jjOO:
Meryl should have won an academy award for most nominated actress ever.
rayana jahra
rayana jahra:
Maryl Streep is like "Yeah I'm nominated again."
she's gonna win an oscar for cruella.....mark my words
edit: i typed this immediately after i watched the movie XD oh well
great boy
great boy:
Emma stone deserved an Oscar for this performance. Playing a real person is easier but Emma created Mia from an original screenplay and fricking sells it. She adds realism , layer , depth and creativity to her portrayal. Watch her audition scene, lovely night, someone in the crowd, failed audition, pool party scene, argument scene , etc...Natalie Portman was awesome but Emma was the best performer this year
Franc Marquez
Franc Marquez:
Natalie Portman deserved it a thousand times more for her great performance by Jackie
Princess Zee
Princess Zee:
Meryl Streep: I-
The Academy: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lily Clough
Lily Clough:
I love Emma stone so much. she deserves this
Well deserved, the work she did on Cruella is beyond anything i could expect. Thank you for such great performances.
Vincent Pernia
Vincent Pernia:
When you're winning over Isabelle Huppert, there's an injustice. Huppert's one of the world's greatest actors ever.
Caroline Thacker
Caroline Thacker:
okay but can we talk about how genuine this girl is and how she literally said she has so much work to do and is inspired to be better...she is truly a humble queen
Sophie Sewell
Sophie Sewell:
Meryl looks simply amused that she's been nominated again.
Jeffrey Weitzman
Jeffrey Weitzman:
A class woman and actress - 1 of the genuine talents of the Hollywood of today that all of her praise is deserved, La La Land alone showed that how versatile she is.
She deserved it and deserves more she’s a wonderful actress
i just watched la la land and itssss amazing, the actors are so talented, DESERVEEE!!<3
Hasitha Dissanayake
Hasitha Dissanayake:
3:06 *Literally the happiest moment of Andrew's life..he was full in tears* 🥺❤️
Emma Stone nailed it!!!! The whole Oscars are about making such moments! Providing you are gifted like her!
Emma Stone is a such a hardworking and beautiful person and she deserves so much support and love. She is amazing at acting and I’ve loved basically every movie she’s been in💜
Eddie Munson heroe of hawkins
Eddie Munson heroe of hawkins:
j'en ai encore les larme aux yeux,une actrice incroyable🥺❤
3:06 oml Andrew looks so proud 😭💖
Krizzia R
Krizzia R:
In my opinion, her performance in the Audition scene is what sold me. She made you feel Mia's desperation, sadness, disappointment, devotion, and undying hope in that one scene alone. The emotional rollercoaster she elicited in a single, one-take, live performance won her this award. And let's not forget that the academy can be one of the most pretentious group of actors and filmmakers, and yet this performance about hope and being yourself won them over -- I count that a complete win. We're all entitled to our opinions, but that's my two cents.
Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.
Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.:
I love her. She seems like a wonderful person! Although I would've voted for someone else, she's good. I'm happy for her.
Gogo 24
Gogo 24:
Ishita Mishra
Ishita Mishra:
People underappreciated her!!! She deserved it so much 👑❤️
Dali Acosta
Dali Acosta:
Beautiful speech ! From the heart I believe.
Emma saying "Leo" after hugging him, then looking back at him is the cutest thing ever, she's such a fangirl:')
A bunny that will chew on your cables
A bunny that will chew on your cables:
Her speech was so genuine and just so beautifully heartfelt. Really lovely 😊
T. Essakki Raja
T. Essakki Raja:
Emma Stone played a loving role in La La Land.
I miss Andrew and Emma together, right people but wrong time
Omg Emily Stone is the best actress I'm so proud of her and I'm glad she won an award!
sad boy videos
sad boy videos:
Natalie’s reaction to emma winning was so shady...
Gabriel Lucas
Gabriel Lucas:
She deserved it. She was brilliant in this movie.
Dylan Psinakis
Dylan Psinakis:
Her role in this film was like shes playing herself. I would hand her an Oscar for Her role as Cruella De Vil.
Emma is so beautiful, so elegant, so poised, this is how a true celebrity looks like. She is not only extremely talented but gorgeous and naturally beautiful
Claudia Bolanos
Claudia Bolanos:
Well deserved. Great job young lady. ♥️🙏🏼
Barnaby Marriott
Barnaby Marriott:
Emma Stone wins an Oscar, and gets to kiss Ryan Gosling and then a few seconds later gets to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio! What a lucky woman!
amir alcherani
amir alcherani:
Its amazing that the academy nominated Ruth, cause her performance was amazing. Well deserving Emma, ur career is just rising year by year
Jam Cardosa
Jam Cardosa:
It so sweet when she mentioned Ryan gosling at the latter part of her speech ❣️
Georgina Paterson Barnes
Georgina Paterson Barnes:
Imagine winning a prestigous Oscar for your performance AND getting it handed to you by your childhood celebrity crush Leo, Emma Stone mustve been in heaven XD
Alex becker
Alex becker:
Can everyone stop talking about leo handing her the oscar and start talking about how much talented she is and deserved that win!!
Anyways, “maybe i’m not good enough” and she was hell good more then enough💜
Arturo García
Arturo García:
3:06 Seeing Andrew Garfield so proud of Emma Stone breaks my heart, they were the perfect couple💔💔💔
S A:
1:13 Viola was quick to her feet. Ugh, I love her. I'm so happy that the cast of The Help have done so well over the years. Three of the main cast won Oscars within 6 years of the film's release! So cool.
Such a great honor for winning that when against Meryl Streep, and also the trophy was given by Leonardo DiCaprio!
Steph Balanag
Steph Balanag:
Guys andrews face 😭❤️ my heart he looks so proud
Neeraj Saxena
Neeraj Saxena:
She looks exceptionally stunning in that golden gown and red lips, so adorable. I loved her in the Spider-Man movie with outstanding chemistry with Andrew Garfield.
Imagine winning a prestigous Oscar for your performance AND getting it handed to you by your childhood celebrity crush Leo, Emma Stone mustve been in heaven XD
Meryl Streep’s reaction even Emma won is precious!!!
Vic Alexander
Vic Alexander:
It was great seeing Emma Stone win an Oscar for playing the young Liv Alexander who was birn in Oslo Norway, where I met Liv in 1967 when she was 19 years. Liv and I have been married for 51 years. Liv is the grand daughter of Louise Brooks and I was played by Ryan Gosling. I am the son of Nimrod Alexander who loved Hedy Lamarr, who's the morher of Gal Gadot.
Sena Şimşek
Sena Şimşek:
I love her soo much, she is an amazing actress..she deserves <3
Heather Humphrey
Heather Humphrey:
The fact that Meryl jumped and loved that Emma won, is everything.
Screw the Oscar getting a hug from Leonardo DiCaprio is better
That was probably the award that I was sure was in the bag for any leading actor ever the first time I watched the movie! It was written all over each scene Stone appeared in
wilbur foot
wilbur foot:
The way Andrew looks at her is so sad yet so heartwarming
lori burke
lori burke:
I loved Emma stone in la la land! She was GREAT in la la land.! Way to go Emma Stone ♥️
I don't know about others, but my most and always favorite actress and actor were on the same stage and I don't why i am fucking crying I love them both 🖤
Thetalent Guru-Guru
Thetalent Guru-Guru:
Leonardo Di Caprio has that look saying "I know how you feel Emma I know how you feel...but at least you got it early....I had to wait ages!" 😂😂😂🏆👏
Yucra Alex
Yucra Alex:
Those two actors convince me too much, their performances, their touch, I would like to see them together as characters but incredibly evil antagonists.
Sultan Ali
Sultan Ali:
Andrew Garfield clapping and standing for Emma made my day
she deserve that oscar so much
Luis Oliveira
Luis Oliveira:
Andrew and Emma getting they first Oscar nomination in the same year. Lovely.
Brooklynn M
Brooklynn M:
Look at the look on Ryan's face when Emma mentions him. Why am I crying over people I've never met
Ana Gabriela Acevedo Gómez
Ana Gabriela Acevedo Gómez:
Tan hermosa y talentosa
Platonic Purple Panda
Platonic Purple Panda:
Dang, she won after only her 2nd Oscar nom, that's amazing, some take a bunch to finally win. Congrats to her.
S Obma
S Obma:
She's so stunning & flawless. Love her.
shubham sharma
shubham sharma:
More than Emma's win. I am happy that Isabelle got a nomination