Emma Stone wins Best Actress

Leonardo DiCaprio presents Emma Stone with the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "La La Land" at the 89th Oscars® in 2017.

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Natalie Portman's face when Leo said Emma Stone. PRICELESS. Like she froze or sth
Barnaby Marriott
Barnaby Marriott:
Emma Stone wins an Oscar, and gets to kiss Ryan Gosling and then a few seconds later gets to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio! What a lucky woman!
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
Winning when you’re against Meryl Streep, that’s a big deal.
Katie Lewis
Katie Lewis:
Screw the Oscar getting a hug from Leonardo DiCaprio is better
Clara Mercury
Clara Mercury:
1:23 Leo’s just staring at her as she’s coming up to the stage, it reminds me of how he was waiting for Rose at the top of the stairs
Okay but the real win is getting your oscar handed to you by leo
Arturo García
Arturo García:
3:06 Seeing Andrew Garfield so proud of Emma Stone breaks my heart, they were the perfect couple💔💔💔
Rebecca H (Rebecca)
Rebecca H (Rebecca):
1:04 Natalie Portman is that one kid in google hangouts in online class
Felicia Frassinelli
Felicia Frassinelli:
Everyone is talking about EVERYONE ELSE besides Emma. I am so incredibly astounded by her hard work and love for her craft. She is truly a star.
Portman doing social distancing before it was cool.
Arsh Agarwal
Arsh Agarwal:
0:56 Meryl Streep’s like these kids nominate me for everything lol
Imagine winning a prestigous Oscar for your performance AND getting it handed to you by your childhood celebrity crush Leo, Emma Stone mustve been in heaven XD
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
Also why is everyone talking about Leo when this is about Emma? She won the Oscar!
Miguelito cMendoza
Miguelito cMendoza:
Leonardo Di Caprio: La la la land .
Would have grabbed Leo not the oscar.
Sophie Sewell
Sophie Sewell:
Meryl looks simply amused that she's been nominated again.
Adrielle Giffoni
Adrielle Giffoni:
Ryan's face when she talks about him is like 😊
Divya Chiplunkar
Divya Chiplunkar:
0:55 Chrissy Teigan sleeping in the background lmaoo
Cecelia S
Cecelia S:
02:53 how cute is Ryan's look at Emily here
Emily said all the right words. She's really indeed brilliant, such a rare talent. I love her, she is an inspiration to many. 💗
rayana jahra
rayana jahra:
Maryl Streep is like "Yeah I'm nominated again."
Nina Naval
Nina Naval:
i cant blame her for being so nervous, imagine leo staring at you!!!!!
User Name
User Name:
You know you’ve made it when Leonardo DiCaprio hands you an Oscar
Father Exodus
Father Exodus:
1:44 I love how the cameraman take this amazing shoot
Noor Fatch
Noor Fatch:
Her dress is golden and then award is golden she's extremely beautiful and holding oscar in her hand and soo beautiful hairs she has and she's everything to me she's obviously soo beautiful love her she deserves this
Walter Pinkman
Walter Pinkman:
Maryl streep: "aw shit, here we go again"
1:29 when she lets go of the dress and music makes a “PAAAN” fits perfectly
Liza Argento
Liza Argento:
Am I the only person simping over the fact Andrew Garfield is in the front row clapping for her and crying during her speech!?
0:42 Natalie Portman really said :
👁 👄 👁
Leo giving me my award would have been enough for me.
Breno Leite Brito
Breno Leite Brito:
Meryl always celebrates harder than the actual winner.
she really deserved this, La La Land was a magnificent film :)
J S:
3:06 the way andrew garfield looks at him. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming
her dress was just beautiful.
Arun Phillips
Arun Phillips:
0:55 Meryl Streep is like 'not again, only the 78th nomination'
sad boy videos
sad boy videos:
Natalie’s reaction to emma winning was so shady...
"natalie portman, jackie"
natalie: 👁—👁
Nicolle Palmieri
Nicolle Palmieri:
i love how even though leo is older you can SEE through his skin the same exact soul that was there decades ago and thats really rare in a person!! he is so genuine i love him
Assel Smagulova
Assel Smagulova:
She was so freaked out like "Leo gave me an oscar and even kissed me🤭 omg"
kimaya panash
kimaya panash:
0:54 I love How Meryl's face is like
"Ahh another oscar nomination for me"
Dustin Harrison
Dustin Harrison:
That was a very nice and humble Oscar speech.
Ronnie Stewart Jr
Ronnie Stewart Jr:
Meryl said “boy, they’ll really gimme a nom for anything huh?”
Aggeliki Sfakianou
Aggeliki Sfakianou:
The fact that Natalie was pregnant both times she was nominated in the best leading actress category...😍
Jestony Rapas
Jestony Rapas:
just finished watching La La Land and I've only seen this masterpiece for the first time today and it was a performance.
Tom Dobbie
Tom Dobbie:
She said Ryan Gosling was her best partner, then the next camera shot you see Andrew Garfield at the bottom😭
Semtex ninja
Semtex ninja:
Are we going to ignore the fact that she won best picture for this too
J Pérez
J Pérez:
Miranda Priestly: Meryl nominated for the oscar, groundbreaking...
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
So glad for her! She totally deserved it!!!!!! Loved her in Cruella!
thea koss
thea koss:
emma said that the best part of her win was leo and honestly the truest thing i've ever heard
I love her. She's so talented and yet so humble.
jonathan foster
jonathan foster:
Imagine going from having a poster of leonardo dicaprio on your wall as a child to having him be the one to hand you an oscar. Wow. Full circle.
shubham sharma
shubham sharma:
Isabelle delivered a professional acting performance. She won many Hollywood awards that year.
Abhinabh Banerjee
Abhinabh Banerjee:
Is no one gonna talk about how she won Best Picture moments later? 😂
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
Emma Stone is one of the greatest actresses of our generation. I am so happy she won an Oscar!
Emily T
Emily T:
Listen... I know Natalie Portman already has 1 Oscar, and Emma Stone is an amazing actress, but damnnnn couldn't we have a tie or something? She was incredible in Jackie.
Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar:
0:55 meryl be like " here we go again"
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh:
0:55 Meryl's literal reaction "Ya whatever everytime".
why is no one talking about Andrew Garfield being happy when Emma Stone was giving speech
ok, so I love Emma, but did anyone else see Elle with Isabelle Hupert? Her performance was so so special and unique. Also, shes a veteran of film who has worked with some of the best. My heart wanted her to win, but happy Emma did. Shes also amazing.
Hades Williams
Hades Williams:
3:04 Andrew looking at Emma 🧡_🧡
ishika gupta
ishika gupta:
I just came to see leo presenting her the award
Meryl Streep: I-
The Academy: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jay Ess
Jay Ess:
3:04 Andrew looking at his ex all proud
Mark Bonz
Mark Bonz:
It still bothers me that Amy Adams is not nominated in that year's Oscars
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar:
3:06 oml Andrew looks so proud 😭💖
Victor Romano
Victor Romano:
Seeing this after whatched Cruella. Emma is such a great actress, omg i love her 💙
Cool C
Cool C:
Emma Stone at her finest. 😍 She deserved that Oscar.
I think Natalie Portman must have been nervous.. she was frozen like a statue
Sherwin Celeste
Sherwin Celeste:
She sing, dance, act angry and emotional. Well deserved oscars.
Mokshada Mali
Mokshada Mali:
2:55 just look at Ryan Gosling man .. he looks the most proud friend 💗
Alfred Røn Strand
Alfred Røn Strand:
0:55 who the hell is just casually sleeping at the Oscars?
1:34 emma pointing at leo and looking at him shockingly is SO funny she really couldnt believe that THE leonardo dicaprio handed her her oscar lmaooo
Mansoor Javed
Mansoor Javed:
She deserved that Oscar but if Ryan wins that would be amzing
Bailey Kay Kolyn
Bailey Kay Kolyn:
0:56, Meryl just sitting there like “Meh, I’m used to it🙄”
Avishkar Desai
Avishkar Desai:
Emma Stone is one of the most attractive woman of all time as well as she is one of the most greatest actress of all time.
Emma saying "Leo" after hugging him, then looking back at him is the cutest thing ever, she's such a fangirl:')
0:55 me in every occasional parties.
Leo is Emma's childhood crush ❤❤❤
Debasmita Nandy
Debasmita Nandy:
She was looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous in that dress
smitha s
smitha s:
She is my favorite actress
Thetalent Guru-Guru
Thetalent Guru-Guru:
Leonardo Di Caprio has that look saying "I know how you feel Emma I know how you feel...but at least you got it early....I had to wait ages!" 😂😂😂🏆👏
Boom Bang
Boom Bang:
Okay she got an Oscar but talk about her dress 😍💕
Achu 879
Achu 879:
1:34 You can hear Emma saying *Leo* with her excitement♥
Tan Gonesto
Tan Gonesto:
This is Cruella DeVil y'all!! 💛💛
Mia Gooch
Mia Gooch:
When Ryan hugged Emma it was
so sweet he was so happy for her
Brooklynn M
Brooklynn M:
Look at the look on Ryan's face when Emma mentions him. Why am I crying over people I've never met
Star M
Star M:
I’m happy for her that she won but at the same time I still wanted Ruth Negga to win for Loving
Mariela Chacon
Mariela Chacon:
I love Emma, she's so down to earth!! She's an amazing actress!! :)
Sydney Griffiths
Sydney Griffiths:
Andrew Garfield be like “Remember me?”
Meryl Streep was so happy she didn’t have to take another oscar and give another speech.
Meryl Streep farts.

Academy: Give her a nomination.
Saurabh Chauhan
Saurabh Chauhan:
1:41 what a beautiful frame! Emma with Leo in the background looking at her
No one is talking about how ryan is nearly crying looking at emma 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Luis Cach
Luis Cach:
I can see Andrew at the front row clapping. Myghod i still ship em
jeevan kumar shiva
jeevan kumar shiva:
She didn't deserve that for la la land honestly
aca pavlovic
aca pavlovic:
Meryl Streep is like "I' am too old for this shit..."
Matheus Rodrigues
Matheus Rodrigues:
2:04 Meryl got memories from herself, I swear
Even the way Leo presenting this should get him an Oscar
Federica Boschian
Federica Boschian:
Imagine Leonardo DiCaprio giving you an Oscar....INSANE like, we should give him a hundred
Omg Emily Stone is the best actress I'm so proud of her and I'm glad she won an award!