Emma Stone's Favorite Part of Her Oscar Win Was Leonardo DiCaprio

Emma Stone talks about turning 30 and why receiving her Oscar from Leonardo DiCaprio was a full circle moment.

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Emma Stone's Favorite Part of Her Oscar Win Was Leonardo DiCaprio


100+ comentarios:

Bindass Khabray
Bindass Khabray:
wow she loves her brother sooo much! :)
Emma Stone is a gift, protect her
Rainbow Sparkle
Rainbow Sparkle:
Love her natural raspy voice 😍
My first crush was Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic and I'm 28 ❤️
IM STILL MAD she died on Spider-Man
Mainara Alexandre
Mainara Alexandre:
No wonder she and J Law are best friends. They're sooo much alike personalitywise
I've admired her since "Easy A" She is something special.
Active Tamal
Active Tamal:
The way DiCaprio delivers his speech, he has the potential to be a prime minister.
Lachezar Zlatkov
Lachezar Zlatkov:
and now she's 32, married, and just had her first child.. rocking the 30s
My first crush was Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack. I'm 28. Makes sense
Azim Tajuddin
Azim Tajuddin:
The only Stone that Thanos will never get.
Reborn Ghost
Reborn Ghost:
The way she talks about her brother is so sweet.
random person
random person:
Her and Jlaw have the same laugh and it’s so damn adorable!
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul:
Her charisma is just so good, you wanna listen to her all day!
J Escareno
J Escareno:
People saying she doesn’t look 30 or that they can’t believe she turned 30. As if 30 were like 60.
30 is still REALLY YOUNG. people in their early 30s to mid still look really young. You don’t start aging badly until your 40s.
fun fact: Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) dropped out of high school to pursue her acting dreams from moving from Arizona to LA w her mom in an apartment... she worked at a bakery in LA because acting wasn’t paying the bills at the time for her... later on she got not acting gigs especially w this one. Note to people, chase your dreams no matter if you are going through hell. Emma Stone is a great example, obviously go to school though but don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. I love you Emma Stone an inspiration to me.
Kal Adrian
Kal Adrian:
She's too beautiful😍😍😘 she looks like 20
Edit: omg 1k+ likes thank you guys
I just love her . Amongst all the fakeness of Hollywood, she seems so genuine
Who else searched for the video where Emma won the Oscar to see his brother hyping like crazy ^^?
I fell in love with her after seeing La La Land, also great in Birdman
Chaima Lekkam
Chaima Lekkam:
When she won her Oscar, literally everyone on earth was talking about how it's LEO who handed her the award more than the award itself
I would love to see Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Kendrick in one interview...
That would've been awesome and hilarious!
“YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ON THE DOOR!” hahahahaha I love her
Dreams of Kaia
Dreams of Kaia:
I love her!! Such an incredible actor!! God Bless her!! ❤️
Axel Càrdenas
Axel Càrdenas:
Movie with Emma and Leo would be great. They are some crazy.
Galman Ferguson
Galman Ferguson:
She's like the toned down version of JLaw in terms of being extra
Mr Beats
Mr Beats:
She’s the best extrovert
Al Gale
Al Gale:
30 is pretty young nowadays.
Nayops 20
Nayops 20:
She’s stunning like always!
Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan:
and this year she's turning 33. Time flies by so fast
Jamie B
Jamie B:
I was really hoping she’d say flirty and thriving
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen:
Love her sooooo much! And that skirt looks sooooo good on her! 🤩
Arlem Quevedo
Arlem Quevedo:
and now she's pregnant and married at her 30's <3
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy:
She’s so adorable
Sara Martins
Sara Martins:
This woman is everything to me. I love her.
LPS Modernes Et spectaculaires
LPS Modernes Et spectaculaires:
I don't know why but I wanna say a think: Emma Stone has Scorpio zodiacal sign, Leonardo Dicaprio too and me too lol♥️♥️♥️
Jessica Nazario
Jessica Nazario:
She’s one of my favorite actresses. She does everything beyond well.
Lid Vaskrov
Lid Vaskrov:
Is it me or Emma Stone’s personality has changed similarly to Jennifer Lawrence’s?
"You could have been on the door!" 😂
Oigetit Fake News Filter - Español
Oigetit Fake News Filter - Español:
"I feel pretty 30", I feel ya
Tho R
Tho R:
We want to see Emma more!!
She's amazing.
His voice made me clear my throat
Pratyusha Koratala
Pratyusha Koratala:
She is so amazing, great personality
Bashful Michael
Bashful Michael:
I just absolutely love her!
JJ Mtz
JJ Mtz:
I love her ❤️, Happy dirty 30 🙌🏼
Nick Kaz
Nick Kaz:
She’s adorable!
Sebastián Rojas Rodríguez
Sebastián Rojas Rodríguez:
Her face is insanely pretty
Emma and Jennifer Lawrence have a lot in common 😍💙
R M Tagasa
R M Tagasa:
"I'm so nice!"

The way she said that. Oh my love.
She’s my favorite hollywood person
S.L. Lily Haokip
S.L. Lily Haokip:
Favourite atress.....love her personality so much!!
Sanju Singh Mma
Sanju Singh Mma:
Emma is such a dork and i love it.
Nehit Tiwari
Nehit Tiwari:
I love Adele,Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.... And they are best friends of each other 😁....What could be better than this?
Santosh Joshi
Santosh Joshi:
Emma is a bright intelligent heroine.Hèr talent is still untapped.
Lyannie Bodilla
Lyannie Bodilla:
Love this girl so much!! 😭💕
"I am the best person ever" 😂😂
Janel Cornejo
Janel Cornejo:
We have the same birthday ! Scorpio power 👑
Jordan W.
Jordan W.:
She is the best! :D
She’s such a professional now—really grew up since Easy A
Beatriz Damaso
Beatriz Damaso:
Happy Birthday Emma 😍❤️
Dennis Villa
Dennis Villa:
I am looking for you all the time and just when I am super inlove with you. your never their
Different Angle
Different Angle:
Her voice, I can listen to that all day!
Taetae is lifeu
Taetae is lifeu:
I love how she's just literally a fangirl, just like anyone of us. Like I would also be stunned or star-struck, by my one and only childhood crush Leo if ever I'll see him on real life lol
Fabien Coze
Fabien Coze:
Is there something you can't love about this extraordinary versatile and talented and beautiful and solar young Lady ? OMG SHE IS PERFECT ...
She is my absolute favorite
Felice Sibilano
Felice Sibilano:
I love her but to me she ' ll always be Gwen Stacy kissing on that bridge with Hans Zimmer' s music playing in the back.
This video confirms why I adore Emma Stone 😍
Destroyer King
Destroyer King:
The only actress i loved so much in my entire life 🥰🥰
Authentically Acoustic
Authentically Acoustic:
My most favorite actress, she is a true gem.
Invincible Aarush
Invincible Aarush:
She's Beautiful Here Than at The Oscars 😇
Yesss, you freeze and “float” to the bottom 😂😂😂
anika tasnim
anika tasnim:
how could i love her more
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister:
She's just gorgeous!
Linus Calbay
Linus Calbay:
How can someone be so perfect?
I love her. I will always be single because of her. 😍😍😍
Josh Hatchett
Josh Hatchett:
"you could've been on the door!" She's such a nerd lol
She has my sense of humour! This is so great!
Lauren Noel
Lauren Noel:
Emma always showing us how relatable she is! love her
Alejandra Barahona
Alejandra Barahona:
It'd my favourite part too... Leo is everything 🖤
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
One of my favorite actresses. I'll see her in anything.
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta:
How come Ema stone is still single!
Emma Ventura
Emma Ventura:
I’m going back to this video when I turn 30. The comments and Jimmy are so encouraging. And well there’s Emma Stone being great.
Can't believe that she's just 30....WOW!!!!!
Pizza Jeans
Pizza Jeans:
“You’re in for a great decade”
*2020 happens*
I love emma so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Serah Black
Serah Black:
She's gorgeous!
I love Emma stone, one of my favorite actress from my age group.
She's enchanting!
Suvon Elaine
Suvon Elaine:
She’s so funny
A K:
Everything that comes out of her mouth is thoughtful and intelligent she’s awesome and refreshing.
Ayush Chavan
Ayush Chavan:
Her expression and personality is killing me
איתי אליעזר כץ
איתי אליעזר כץ:
Emma Stone, you are so perfect !!!!!
Lucas Augusto de Oliveira Silva
Lucas Augusto de Oliveira Silva:
this girl is freaking beautiful
Ririn Hapsari
Ririn Hapsari:
So unique, elegant and classic
Im waiting for another cartoon character to be voice by her. Love her voice <3
Marika Iper
Marika Iper:
*I'm so nice* you really aree Emma, everyone loves you out there ❤️
alia al mutairi
alia al mutairi:
ok Jimmy Fallon was good in this interview I guess they’re good together
Hamilton Badin
Hamilton Badin:
Love this girl so much! Kisses from Brazil Emma!
Patricia Mae Pacheco
Patricia Mae Pacheco:
I know right emma hahahahaha i thought, when i watched you win, "oh if that were me i'd be so psyched omg leo's in the camera frame with me!!!!"