Emma Thompson On Dancing To Adele, Biggest Icks & Good Luck To You Leo Grande

Our entertainment reporter Olivia Marks caught up with Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack to talk about their incredible film Good Luck To You Leo Grande.

Find out what their first impressions were of each other, who Emma would love to see with Leo Grande and why talking about female pleasure is so important.

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100+ comentarios:

Such a good interviewer! Thoughtful questions, she’s definitely done research into her subjects and topics. I hope I will be able to see more interviews from her!
Grace Extra
Grace Extra:
I found the film wonderful. One of the first British film that focused on the desire of women over the age of 55 being worthy of attention. Most British/American film focus on the aged and withered older woman, but this had a European flavour that showed the beauty of a women throughout the ageing process. Darryl is a great actor and will go far, he was gorgeous, and calm on screen. The film showed that older women are sensual and worthy of pleasure. I loved the film it was 5*
Olivia Marks, you are to be congratulated on your interview. Intelligent, insightful, well-articulated, thoughtful and thought-provoking questions throughout, drawing equally thoughtful and intelligent answers from two superb actors. Ms Thompson, of course, should be enshrined as the National Treasure that she is. Daryl McCormack is destined, I feel, to be counted among the greats. Thank you, Olivia, for the insights your questions elicited from these two.
what a wonderful interview! i appreciate this interviewer's style, the questions she chose to ask, and the way she interacted with the actors. and i loved hearing emma thompson's takes on the way culture, society and religion have negatively shaped women's relationships with their bodies and with the concept of pleasure. :)
K D:
This interviewer needs to be... given a million promotions. I love watching any interview with Emma however this interview is so deep, insightful, intriguing, and the list could go on. I hope to see more from her.
Rosemary Torres
Rosemary Torres:
Such a good interview about a fabulous movie. This made me love Emma Thompson even more. I know that Daryl will go on to a tremendously lovely career.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️
Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar:
Emma just keeps surprising me with her profound theories and thoughts! What a gift of an actress! The film was a real pleasure. ;)
Gloria Burger
Gloria Burger:
Fun interview, I liked that she asked different questions. Loved this movie so much! Loved the performances by Emma and Daryl. Daryl is gorgeous but really brings a performance of generosity and real chemistry with Emma, which frankly doesn't always happen. Just can't wait to see what he does next! I will be watching! I thought it was hilarious that when Daryl says he doesn't like bad breath each of them subtly pulls away from each other so they're not breathing near each other! So funny! Also I know a 50 some year-old woman who has never had an orgasm even by herself so this idea is not out in left field. Thank you Katy Brand, Sophie Hyde, Emma and Daryl for this beautiful film! I would love to see all of you get Academy Award noms! Would be well-deserved!
Lulu Goulart
Lulu Goulart:
The characters connection between them was so visible. I adore Emma's work for so long and her performance with this wonderful actor was stellar. I want to see more from Daryl McCormack for sure!
Educated Brown Girl
Educated Brown Girl:
I watched this movie 2x and I'm going to watch again. The intimacy between them was so great. I liked that you didn't see the sex till the end the chemistry was so great. Leo was so understanding of how to direct her to help her get out of own head
I love this interview! The movie was great, I watched it today and that's why I searched for interviews.
Glad that I found this one, they are so natural <3 and the questions are very good. I'm going to watch the movie again this weekend.
Lynne Menzies
Lynne Menzies:
I loved it. Very emotional for them both. Great chemistry from both actors.
Em E.
Em E.:
Daryl MCCormack comes off as such a lovely young man. Good for him getting to play such a unique role across from Emma Thompson.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann:
What a wonderful interview! The most interesting questions and a well informed interviewer who really listens and engages with the interviewees. Great job! Absolutely brilliantly done! 👏👏👏
Myllena Azevedo
Myllena Azevedo:
This was a great interview. Kudos to the interviewer for the questions.
Edith Lazenby
Edith Lazenby:
Thank you both for having the courage to do this movie. It was a beautiful and well done!! We need more of these kind of movies.. I'm too cheap for the therapist!!😜
Lily Martínez
Lily Martínez:
The interviewer was amazing! She made only great questions and was so respectful.

Emma is amazing, she is so smart and funny.

I loved the movie so much. The ending was pure gold ❤️
Fabian Thomas
Fabian Thomas:
They have a good chemistry both emotionally and physically...meant for each other😊
What a wonderful interview! I loved all the questions and the actors seems to have enjoyed it too!
Denise Morrison
Denise Morrison:
I started a Hulu account mainly to watch this movie. The promo pulled me in. I have watched it 7 times now which is completely unusual for me. There are only a handful of classics I have watched more than once. I am such a critic of acting so I feel the cast and crew deserve any of the awards they may receive for this one.
Patricia Custodio
Patricia Custodio:
Such a brilliant movie! Love the Emma and Daryl ! The chemistry is fresh and just beautiful! Good movie! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 Must see really!
Melissa Jomama
Melissa Jomama:
The director knows her stuff & this film shows it. When he sits on the windowsill & the light hits him briefly WoW! Leo held his own performing with the best of the best Emma T.
Liana - Holistic Intimacy Coach
Liana - Holistic Intimacy Coach:
Totally loved this interview! Can't wait to see the movie! 🙏✌️
Props to the interviewer ! Great questions and wonderful insight into the movie
Aimee Nolte Music
Aimee Nolte Music:
What a marvelous interview
The biggest surprise in this interview is (amongst two great, beautiful actors) the interviewer Olivia. What a charming person and what incredibly great questions. Dear Olivia, you are amazing! Thank you for being the way you are.
Supriya Sharma
Supriya Sharma:
this is truly a wonderful, heartfelt, important movie.. its message touched my heart. i hope it opens minds and hearts all over.
Ana Lucia Figueiredo
Ana Lucia Figueiredo:
Amei esse filme. Veria 1000 vezes só pela beleza do ator. Ele fez super bem o papel dele além do que é lindíssimo. Parabéns 👏 👏 👏
Emma’s passion answering the last question is EVERYTHING <3
Jane Riordan
Jane Riordan:
What a great interview!! Her questions are excellent..not your normal humdrum questions and answers!!!
Love them both!!!..Look forward to seeing it!!!!
Damon Champion
Damon Champion:
Great interviewer asking great questions. Helped to bring out the best in them. She should teach other interviewers how to ask good questions 👍🏻
I'm in CO
I'm in CO:
Excellent movie. The actors brought so much to their performances.
Well done Olivia Marks! Great interview and excellent questions 👏🏼👏🏼
dica de cinema!!!! "Boa sorte, Leo Grande!" Também toca em assuntos espinhosos, mas faz isso de for criativa, com roteiro brilhante, e boas atuações, principalmente de Emma Thompson que esta...FANTASTICA... Atrevida e QUENTE !!! Num papel que lhe pode render uma vaga para o Oscar 2023...! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P68ONClm4yg
Deco DD
Deco DD:
I love the chemistry between the two actors.. I’m so looking forward to seeing this film
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan:
I will sign up to see Emma & Daryl reteamed in anything! Such amazing chemistry. Swap out Kevin Hart and The Rock in whatever's next for them and I'm there.
Very thoughtful, tasteful movie. Only problem I had with it is that at her age, and this being his profession, the word condom/protection, as far as I can remember, was never once mentioned. Other than that, lovely film 🤗💞 Emma is wonderful and fun, as usual, and Daryl is fine. Good job.
Deb Reed
Deb Reed:
Loved this interview, the movie, and these two actors.
Grace-Shanti F
Grace-Shanti F:
Brilliant Interviewer .... havnt seen the movie 🎬 yet ... so looking forward to it ! 😀
P.S. Have NOW seen this 'ground-breaking' movie - Profound in its Messagevand both these gifted actors and Wonderful HumanBEings perfectly cast! Whole Hearted Thanks to Writer, Director and 3 Cast members - Just a Brilliant movie 🎬 on SO many levels 5/5 👏👌❤️
I loved this unique inspiring yet somewhat sad movie
Pedal Love
Pedal Love:
What a delightful interview and interviewer.
AuraHolyUltima BabyBABY
AuraHolyUltima BabyBABY:
"My Chemical Reaction" is freaking hilarious 😆 love her.
Dushyant Singh Panwar
Dushyant Singh Panwar:
Emma is an institution😊👌
Tracy Phillips
Tracy Phillips:
Wonderful interview and interviewer! Felt,exactly the same way about these characters!
This has to be one of the best interviews of anyone I’ve ever seen!
What's The Frequency
What's The Frequency:
Great interview. Watched this movie yesterday and LOVED IT!
So Southern Custom Equestrian Products
So Southern Custom Equestrian Products:
Fabulous movie. Emma Thompson you are just the best!
Jane Spitfire
Jane Spitfire:
The acting was great in this movie! Both were outstanding actors! Yes yes a sequel!!
Juliet Boyd
Juliet Boyd:
Great movie and fabulous acting for both! It was SO NICE to finally see a real, beautiful body! Thank you Emma! You were both fabulous!
Okay , this movie is truly was fantastic! i’m 44 . watching this was very adventurous, encouraging, empowering, beautiful, honest ,and simply GRANDE ! if i do say so myself !!!
It’s Definitely worth watching!
Martha Zapata
Martha Zapata:
I do love the actors.It's a wonderful interview
God I love Emma Thompson ❤️
Kelly Nichols
Kelly Nichols:
I cried from their first kiss. A wonderful movie!
Luna Holiday
Luna Holiday:
This is simply a lovely movie. Thank you for making it.
Thida Aung - Relationship Coach
Thida Aung - Relationship Coach:
I love both’s acting and I will watch again. Just love it.
Love this movie! Great chemistry
Cloris Hou
Cloris Hou:
The interviewer really knows what to discuss in a clever way, great job!
Jade chen
Jade chen:
Appreciate that the interviewer's spot-on questions, no wasted time and energy, only what are important and interesting to both the actors and the audience, especially female audience...
Upenda Sana
Upenda Sana:
Gosh Daryl is sooo gorgeous and with the Irish accent too...its just too much !!!
Lucy Roberts
Lucy Roberts:
New life goal: get invited to one of Emma Thompson's dance parties
Beth Melnick
Beth Melnick:
First interviewer who is truly present and asks intersting questions. They surprised the people she interviewed, in a good way.
Girl Maxwell
Girl Maxwell:
I watched this last night as a random find. Afterwards, whatever I felt asked me to put on my sports kit and go for a long walk. And I did. I walked and I walked with each step far away from the familiar. I guess because what I just watched was a very unfamiliar kindness. Then I walked back. Happy and no more tears.
Liza Carolina Brown
Liza Carolina Brown:
good interview. lovely film. both actors did a wonderful job. everyone is going to want a leo grande now!
That interviewer deserves an Oscar
Anastasia McMahon
Anastasia McMahon:
My chemical chemical reaction 😂. Oh I love it! She’s truly a beautiful actress and the movie is 10/10
Olivia Marks has probably the most beautiful English accent. I’m watching this in hopes of learning it myself 🥰 Beautiful interview and energy of everyone.
The interviewer has amazing questions! Wow, she really thought about it
christine grossi
christine grossi:
What a great interviewer. Well done.
I've seen many interviews related to this film but the journalist is so good that it ended up being the best so far! Thanks, it's all extremely interesting!
Dina Regine
Dina Regine:
Watched the film last night and thought it to be absolutely gorgeous. Bravo!
Emrys Pendragon
Emrys Pendragon:
Just finished it and 😍😍 it. The movie I don't know I needed.
Emrys Pendragon
Emrys Pendragon:
Emma is hilarious!!
Obdulia Carrasco
Obdulia Carrasco:
Emma!! La reina❤
Brilliant interviewer and stellar responses
This movie was fantastic Emma is a brilliant actress
This was a wonderful, brilliant ,moving Movie ,A great Interview
Armchair Guru
Armchair Guru:
Daryl was drop dead sexy , thoughtful, and gorgeous in this movie.
Light Bulb
Light Bulb:
This was a wonderfully beautiful movie.
What a great interviewer … refreshing!
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy:
Such a fun interview! 👏🏽
Mimi Lindborg Jove
Mimi Lindborg Jove:
One of the best films I've ever seen. Brilliant! (I need his phone number...jk)
Bev Klayman
Bev Klayman:
Such a real and delightful interview, and interviewer!
Tina Bagwell
Tina Bagwell:
Love this film, and Emma!
Vicky P
Vicky P:
Great interview! My third interview I've watched. The other 2 were Colbert and Meyers. You did a much better job than either of them. 👍👍
Peter McClung
Peter McClung:
What amazing questions — Excellent interviewer
Harry Burkett
Harry Burkett:
Love Emma. Will watch the film.
Just watched it was very good. Loved it
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones:
I know there won't b a part 2 but I'm keeping hope alive🙂!
Excellent interview!
“My chemical reaction” will forever take me out 💀
Pura Vida
Pura Vida:
So interesting how they’re both clasping their hands and somewhat mirroring each other. What a great movie
i love everything about this 👏
♥️Yes!! I Loved the new movie “Good Luck To You Leo Grande”♥️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
India Bliss
India Bliss:
Olivia, you are brilliant
Beata Michalska
Beata Michalska:
Thank you for this wise conversation
Ranjeet Cheerangie
Ranjeet Cheerangie:
Emma Thompson is always cool.
Thoughtful questions and good replies. The guy is still so young and learning Emma meanwhile is absolutely beautiful and fabulous. Go and watch the movie 🎥 folks
Tesla Girl
Tesla Girl:
Beautiful Emma! Beautiful movie!
Mizzdee Grannde
Mizzdee Grannde:
Can I just add & say, "very professional"period.😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
That is exactly what I thought when I watched this movie, Emma Thompson your character from Love Actually really could have had great benefit from having the company of Leo Grande lol