Emmys 2020: Schitt’s Creek SWEEPS and Makes History!

'Schitt's Creek' said farewell with a sweep of the 72nd Primetime Emmy comedy categories! Not only did the beloved Canadian sitcom win for Outstanding Comedy Series for its sixth and final season during Sunday's ceremony, it also picked up wins for acting, writing and directing. 'Schitt's Creek' was one of the most-nominated shows of the year, scoring 15 total nods, including recognition for stars Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy, who ended up taking home three alone. And it walked away with nine total wins, the most for any comedy series in its final season of eligibility.


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Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox:
The fact that they were ignored by the Emmy almost every year and now they completely swept off all the awards just brings me so much joy and happiness I never could have imagine.
Peter Lloyd
Peter Lloyd:
May every David finds his Patrick.
They deserve this historic win! Schitt's Creek is truly unique and impeccable.
Shanelle M
Shanelle M:
“A little bit of Alexis” will always be my favourite song. So proud to be Canadian! Congrats 🥳
Chynna Rae
Chynna Rae:
I watched every episode and I'm so sad that its over
Daniel Levy is a rare talent.
Jill Salkin
Jill Salkin:
This show is a phenomenon! I adored every minute!
They definitely deserve it and more.. I really hope they do an 'After Schitts Creek' tv series, how all of their lives turn out!
Kimo AKA James
Kimo AKA James:
Canada is killing it with tv .."workin moms", "Letterkenny" and Schitts Creek are all brilliant... Letterkenny deserves some Emmy love now..
Coffee Holic
Coffee Holic:
No show deserved it more! Best show ever!😍
Peter G. Newton
Peter G. Newton:
Gotta love the Canadians!
Oh my Bebe!!! I am so happy!! :D
Michele Marshall
Michele Marshall:
Outstanding on every level -- Well deserved wins. Congrats to all. luv luv luv Schitt's Creek
Nickle For Your Thoughts
Nickle For Your Thoughts:
We hope there is a movie too!
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins:
Congratulations Schitt's Creek, all very well deserved. I love this show it is hysterical, I love the characters all so loving and fun.
SO WELL-DESERVED!! They are... wait for it... SIMPLY THE BEST!! ♥️🇨🇦🇨🇦
LOVE this show. Just discovered it about a month ago...I found one great thing to help me get through 2020; Schitt's Creek!
L -EM:
My people !!! 😭🤣😝👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 CONGRATULATIONS 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Absolutely love that show. To see them with all these wins makes my heart happy. And I hate awards shows.
Nancy Arnstein
Nancy Arnstein:
They deserve it. Love them all
Cece Wonderwoman
Cece Wonderwoman:
Love this show and the whole cast! Wish it kept going. ❤😥
Hands down one of the greatest shows ever.
Globe Trotting
Globe Trotting:
Great show, I was sad that it came to an end.
Lisa Currier
Lisa Currier:
Thank goodness for CBC in Detroit!
The Smokestack Relics
The Smokestack Relics:
So happy for them!!!
Fatima Abid
Fatima Abid:
so so so so so Happy for them!!!
The Beaver Den - RVing Adventures
The Beaver Den - RVing Adventures:
I would love a movie or bring the show back!
Irene Vranr
Irene Vranr:
Omg, l just love this show, love every single cast member!!! Congrats guys, adore you all. 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser:
They deserve all the success! Show is incredible 😊
Prabhdeep Singh
Prabhdeep Singh:
I literally was deaming them winning many awards the other night
Rn Tn
Rn Tn:
Once again, I am going to miss the SCHITT out of this show.
Chandre Okemo
Chandre Okemo:
And they deserve every bit of it! #LoveWins
They deserve it . Freaking love that show
Celeste Keenan
Celeste Keenan:
I'm so happy for them. Now the next time Dan needs to accept an award from GLAAD he can now call himself a "proud gay Emmy winner."
Stephanie Wells
Stephanie Wells:
They deserve every bit of this!!
Conner T
Conner T:
This is the funniest show ever made. I love it. Can we have more seasons now????
CB 1014
CB 1014:
What an amazing show! Congrats! Loved it and already miss it. Caught it at the best time. Gimme a movie!
Natalie Elynor
Natalie Elynor:
AMAZING! I'm a huge huge fan of Eugene and Catherine since I was a wee one! Great show, feels, writing, cast - humans! Well deserved! <3
Melody Ault
Melody Ault:
I've loved this show since the first episode and wanted it to go on forever❤️!! Bravo to all of you! You deserved every win. I love all of you!
Andrea Alvarado
Andrea Alvarado:
DAMN WOW so proud to be Canadian
Sam Lee
Sam Lee:
Historic! Will always adore them! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Trey G
Trey G:
After season 3, I fell inlove with this show. What a wholesome, lovable series 😭. So proud
Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith:
About Time! Bravo to the entire cast I have watched you since the start each and every episode was/is a jewel. Thanks to all of You for the laughs, tears and introspection that you're series encouraged and nurtured. I hate that this might be good bye- thank goodness for Netflix and syndication ! Be well.
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes:
Yessss Karen! I am witchu on that one.
Megan S
Megan S:
The one show I can watch over and over and never get tired of. The voices, characters, music, and everything about it just uplifts the whole vibe of my home ❤️
Wasif Huda
Wasif Huda:
Well deserved, thanks to this show I was able to survive the initial shutdowns during the pandemic!
Iansir McFadden
Iansir McFadden:
Well deserved!! Well done
Andromeda M31
Andromeda M31:
I live 10 min from where the show is shot in Ringwood Ontario, sad to say i haven't watched one episode, ill binge it when its on Netflix this October.
Elizabeth Lischer
Elizabeth Lischer:
Aww I’m so glad they won, the show is amazing and they all seem like such good people😊
michael cunningham
michael cunningham:
This show makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
Tad Rogers
Tad Rogers:
The skirt on David just fitting!
Well deserved ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hear me out: An American Pie prequel with Daniel as a young version of Jim's dad.
Val B
Val B:
Who’s here after finishing season 6 and watching the farewell special? I need more!
Lisa Currier
Lisa Currier:
I love love love it!!! Well deserved!
Sambulo Sphakamiso
Sambulo Sphakamiso:
I'm glad the academy realized how great this show is, before it was too late. Unlike what they did with Community
Wen Qin Lim
Wen Qin Lim:
literally crying when I read the winners list
Christine V
Christine V:
Sooo let's celebrate with another season folks. Please!
YAY!! So freaking deserved. Also was it mentioned why Annie didn't get handed an award when she won? Did they not send enough to Toronto lol
Kelly Bordone
Kelly Bordone:
lol I was like when was Eddie Murphy on Schitt's Creek?!?!
Schitt'$ Creek streak!
Wolff Mom
Wolff Mom:
Yes!!! Best show ever!!!
Celia Cosme
Celia Cosme:
I am very happy they deserved it such a great great show.
Laura the Explorer
Laura the Explorer:
I’m so sad that I’m just getting into this show now. But honestly I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian.
My favorite show! Loved it!
Darla Flowers
Darla Flowers:
Chiq Lou
Chiq Lou:
Long overdue!!! Awesome show
Kenneth Whigam
Kenneth Whigam:
I’m so happy they won and I’m sad that the show is over
1:27 it didn't win last year.
Lola Bow
Lola Bow:
It’s the cutest💗
Debbie Harper
Debbie Harper:
I am so beyond happy that this group of talented people have won what they so truly deserve. Sadly, I missed the show but thank goodness we have You Tube and other means to watch the awards. I love Schitt's Creek and feel that they will have some type of follow up in the future. I will be waiting. I love when veteran actors win for their work, when they spend so much of their lives in their field and it is finally recognized. Annie and David, incredible work.
Question. Where is Chris Elliot in all the interviews and talk shows? He contributed to the show so much, and loved him on Everybody Loves Raymond. Where are you?
Angie Masciarel
Angie Masciarel:
I've told everyone about this show and to watch and there's a reason for that. The characters, the plot. A family, community that grows to love and respect each other. It is what I have been wishing for in my life for a very long time and it gives me hope. This wonderful trip took me through the pandemic and brought a smile and joy when the dark days loomed.

Well deserved my fellow Canadians. Love you and wish you all the best! Thank you.
Chris Hazlitt
Chris Hazlitt:
I don't think I know of a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) show that has won this many awards in the USA...
Kimberly Council
Kimberly Council:
I love them so much❤
Maria Glover
Maria Glover:
Sooooo happy!! So well deserved 😁😁
Vicki Congiusti
Vicki Congiusti:
well deserved,,sad its over.
s B
s B:
Loved it. Well done the awards are fully deserved
Nat Evaristo
Nat Evaristo:
well deserved 👏🏼
S W:
I've never seen this show. I think I'll check out a couple of episodes to see what it's all about.
i honestly thought they said Eddie Murphy schitt’s creek lol
Thémis Babalis
Thémis Babalis:
The Puddings Family
The Puddings Family:
So well deserved, the show was pure joy.
ES Mockingjay
ES Mockingjay:
I adore Schitts Creek. I feel bad for Andre Braugher in Brooklyn 99 though. Love Captain Holt too.
Well deseved, all!!! #SchittsCreek
Benjamin Xue
Benjamin Xue:
Simply The Best
Yes we need a movie. Just like the special christmas episode.
A little late to the Dance but what a GREAT show !!
Henry Ng
Henry Ng:
What about the boys?
My favorite show!
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises:
Schitt's Creek was the most wonderful show. Canada knew it, and those who watch POP knew.
So I want to give a shoutout to Netflix. If it weren't for them, millions of people may not have seen this brilliant and beautiful show that is a bright light in a world of darkness. 🤗🤗🤗
Ursula Oben
Ursula Oben:
I cried at the end 😔😔😔😔
Cat Person
Cat Person:
Great Canadian TV show!
Marta Urbanik
Marta Urbanik:
Monument O.F.
Monument O.F.:
Why is the audience so loud?
Trea Montejo
Trea Montejo:
Well deserved
Lei La
Lei La:
lala myself
lala myself:
Kudos Schitts Creek. You deserve every win you received. It sorta feels like those of us who watched from the first episode on CBC in January 2015, won with you. Thank you for the laughter, the tears, the sense of family love and acceptance. Everything we needed during these trying times. Cheers to all of you. Canada loves you and are exceptionally proud of your work♥️🇨🇦♥️
Charisse Rempel
Charisse Rempel:
The entire cast and crew make me so proud to be Canadian. I couldn’t be more proud of our sparsely populated country than I am at this point .
You’ve done us proud cast and crew. Thank you.
You’ll never be forgotten.
Amazing show in every way. Hell I’m in tears now.
I could just bust.
I’m truly thrilled you’ve been recognized for your comedic brilliance.
Marwin Gillett
Marwin Gillett:
It’s what they deserved !