Empoli 2-3 Juventus | Vlahovic double wins it for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

The Serbian sensation nets his 4th brace of the season to seal three hard-earned points for the Bianconeri who extend their unbeaten run to 13 games | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Both of Vlahovic's goals were just beautiful, works of art, especially the second one.
Michael Beraha
Michael Beraha:
Vlahovic is in a different league, composure at it's finest.
A K:
Everybody talking about Mbappe and Haaland.. but this guy is shining better on the sides.. what a class !!
Vlahovic is the truth.
Duke JukeBox
Duke JukeBox:
Both Dusan's goals were pure class.That first goal is on a different level!Fakes it and sends keeper and defender to hospital than slots in calmly between several players in the back of the net.2nd goal receives the ball basically from slightly behind on his favorite left foot than chips it with right one sublimely.From his last 3 goals he scored two with his "weaker" right foot.What a player we have for the future!
A D:
All his goals for Juve this season have been pure class
Demis Nikolaidis
Demis Nikolaidis:
Amazing moves from Vlahovich in both goals, what a player!
Marko Stankovic
Marko Stankovic:
Vlaho is on fire your defence is terrified! 🔥🔥🔥
Jo Armando
Jo Armando:
2 goals out of 3 attempts, this shows vlahovic doesn't need a lot of opportunities to score, just give him proper passes
Andrea Carboni
Andrea Carboni:
he made these goals look easy
they were not
an absolute, merciless talent
Vlahović the best striker at the moment, and yet to reach his prime 🇷🇸❤⚽️💪
Simon Ciroc
Simon Ciroc:
Man it still hurts as an Arsenal fan to not have Vlahovic on our team...what a player
Dregio Ramos
Dregio Ramos:
If hit the ground running was a person.
Vlahovic signing of the season.
Harder Way
Harder Way:
The best possible move for both Juve and Vlahovic, he'll improve so much and very fast.
Juventus and Vlahovic are getting closer to the 1. place 😳💪
Jasmine Stewart
Jasmine Stewart:
Hermosa elección ❤️ xxlike.Uno
de los mejores 😘

21:21 Senada: "Hermoso"
21:24 Megan: "Hotter"
24:23 Hopi: "Sweeter"
25:27 Joonie: "Cooler"
20:23 Yoongi: "Butter"
23:26 Amor: "Momentos"

17:51 Son unos de los mejores conciertos 🖤
20:26 Megan: "Hotter"
10:25 Alana: "Awesome"
11:24 Belleza doops
35:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤
10:32 Hopi: "Sweeter" rik6
:/ Paki
:/ Paki:
Vlahovic is the perfect player
Vlahovic is currently the best striker in Europe🔥
Crna Gora
Crna Gora:
Kakva dva gola, svaka cast majstore ❤
Tarek Bendjenni
Tarek Bendjenni:
Vlahovic is on a whole different level Juventus were so lucky to have him on a cheap price tag
Ricky is my uncle
Ricky is my uncle:
Juventus fans: If vlahovic scores 10 for us until end of season, it would be a succes since hes young and needs time to adapt joining a new team.
Vlahovic: How about we double that?
I watch this game, live.. Vlahovic second goal was unreal. I was like.. what..?! How..?! How in the world he can control that ball behind him with 1 touch left foot.. to a perfect direction and perfect speed.. then he score with 2nd touch using the other foot. I remember the last time I get shock from a goal like that, is when Shevchenko score a goal from right corner outside pinalty area to left corner Buffon's goal with beautiful curve shoot.
Frank Dei
Frank Dei:
Shows how focussed he is Infront of goal.
Concentration levels are solid, which ensures that he is still effective and efficient at all times within the 90'
Roberto Autore
Roberto Autore:
Talented player, the future star of JUVENTUS, Dusan Vlahovic, till the end, always Juve. ❤🤍🖤⚽️
David Lim
David Lim:
The era of Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar is over.

The next era will be Vlahovic/Mbappe/Haaland
Aleksandar Mirkovic
Aleksandar Mirkovic:
Arent we going to talk about what a strong teams serbia got for the world cup. Vlahovic, Mitrovic, jovic, tadic, milenkovic, radonjic kostic and more
😫 gg wp
Lazar Ivkovic
Lazar Ivkovic:
Vlahović is the Best!🇷🇸🇮🇹
Dipankar dutta
Dipankar dutta:
vlahovic has the talent to be the top goal scrorer for juventus. i hope he live upto his hype. i love his shots and shots
Brilliant technique by Vlahovic but the Juventus defense ...... woof!
I had to pause this video after Vlahovic's first goal. That cut back was nasty!
Jelena Zivkovic
Jelena Zivkovic:
Forza Vlahovic!La Serbia ti ama molto.
Dusan Vlahovic... what a clam and fatal striker.
Really a great signing (vlahovic)
Roberto Catanuto
Roberto Catanuto:
He scored in the first Serie A match with Juventus, in the first CL match with Juventus (and the fastest goal opener), and nearly did the same in Coppa Italia first match. CRx didn't do anything like that. If Dusan had been with us in August ...
Nemanja Stojadinovic
Nemanja Stojadinovic:
Vlahovic 😍🇷🇸
Luiiz Eduuardo
Luiiz Eduuardo:
Vlahovic é um monstro
Vlahović is the new Ronaldo at Juve
Thiago Tourinho
Thiago Tourinho:
Vlahovic é um centroavante completo,do mesmo nivel do Haaland!
Kubi Fn3
Kubi Fn3:
Vlahovic the best
Andjela Šajinović
Andjela Šajinović:
Well done for winning. But it seems that there are not enough players. Especially Chiellini's defense. I wish a speedy recovery to all injured players and a speedy return to the field. And well done Vlahović!!
no name
no name:
I'm so excited about Vlahovic!!🇷🇸🇮🇹
LAH Sport
LAH Sport:
70M for Vlahovic was a bargain! At this rate he is worth at least 100M
Wilson Quesada
Wilson Quesada:
I really don't know why Real Madrid rejected Vlahovic, he is a tremendous player
MR9 Studio
MR9 Studio:
Vlahovic world class striker ! 👌😃
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto:
Vlahovic is a special talent!! Amazing signing
• Ed c٥ʷₚͦ៰ᷜ⍳٥ˢ
• Ed c٥ʷₚͦ៰ᷜ⍳٥ˢ:
Vlahovic is the Goal Machine 🔥
C. Amit
C. Amit:
Juventus,my favorite team from serie A🏆🥇🔥💯❤
Respect from a manchester united fan 🙌
Trésor Mufuta
Trésor Mufuta:
Vlahovic is a real striker.
I think Vlahovic will bring more to Juventus than Ronaldo.
The Old Lady now need to reorganize the defense in order to avoid conceding too much goals.
Vlahovic 😍❤

Saya suka cara mainnya tenang ,dari 3 peluang yang dia buat 2 menjadi goal.

Allegri buat taktik terlalu defend , dia terlalu takut !! Lihat szcszny dia tidak bisa membaca arah bola & tidak mampu menepis bola pelan
Fitz Hendrix
Fitz Hendrix:
They should change goals to vlahovic 🔥
“Like what an amazing vlahovic “
WatchMe GoNuts
WatchMe GoNuts:
Vlahovic his coldness , how the f does he remember at that point to do all that, I mean the first goal he scored, so much chillness he makes it look easy. And watch Vlahovic's second goal, the way he makes sure to stay on-side. That's surely a world class player right there.
Harry Wang
Harry Wang:
Powerful Vlahovic! Deserved Signing Forward Player For Juventus!
Mario Ardila Jr
Mario Ardila Jr:
Vlahovic is a beast! ⚡️ That fakie by Cuadrado thooo 🔥
Vlahovic is really on fire 🔥
Vlahovic is a gem🔥🔥
Never heard of this kid until his 1 minute goal. Impressive.
The Juve Barber
The Juve Barber:
The best player on the pitch! The Serbian Rhino is unstoppable! Even under Allegri's archaic system he scores. Bravissimo!
Yeshika vikato Awomi
Yeshika vikato Awomi:
Mr. Vlahovic is a goal scoring machine. What a player 🙌.
Tri Somdani
Tri Somdani:
I think his goalscoring instinct is similar to that of Robert Lewandowski...🔥
good fella
good fella:
Vlahoviću, čekamo te nazad u Partizanu. Tamo negde oko 2034👍 Ti se legenda!
Dusan is a beast
Perfect move for him to join Juventus at this stage of his career. The EPL can wait until after the WC2022 when he gets the golden boot.
dusan vlahovic is insane I can see him scoring 30 to 40 goals a season dude is quick and fast ready to score
Herox Anas
Herox Anas:
Vlahovich what a class 💥🔥🔥🔥
Greet Gysen
Greet Gysen:
Cuadrado also a beast
Joe Garagozzo
Joe Garagozzo:
Dusan is 22 ....just last month. He is a beast. Too bad the rest of the team is questionable. We have a lot of work to do.
Feran Nova
Feran Nova:
wow vlahovic what a goal
Il Condottiero Cartografo
Il Condottiero Cartografo:
Geovanni Martínez
Geovanni Martínez:
Vlahović imparable. 👏😎⚽️
Can’t wait to see Vlahovic play in a top league
FF Warfare
FF Warfare:
Vlahovic is simply brilliant
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim:
Vlahovic is a phenomenal ♥️🙌
Love what Vlahovic do to our attack but I kinda bit upset to the fact that the goals from Empoli looks like too simple, like its not supposed to happen but it did, I dunno what's wrong with our defence ..
John Okereke
John Okereke:
Vlahovic on fire 🔥🔥
derry mauli
derry mauli:
Juventus perfect move vlahovic....bravo
Quophy Success
Quophy Success:
Finally Juve getting close to win serie a🏆
Juve can win so many trophies with Vlahovic. His finishing is CLASS 👏
giovanni de petris
giovanni de petris:
Vlahović the star of the present and the GOAT
Miloš Čarapić
Miloš Čarapić:
Dušaneeeeeeee!!! 😁
indra lemana
indra lemana:
Stunning goal for 2 goal from DV7
Forza juve,,❗
Sports Freak
Sports Freak:
But Ronaldo fans at the start of the season told me Juve would be in Europa League and United would win the Premier League 😭😭.
Anas Fadhillah
Anas Fadhillah:
Vlahovic 🔥🔥
Manuel Leon
Manuel Leon:
Morata no es malo... Es perverso... Aún Con esa asistencia mal hecha a Vlahovic ... La logró controlar y hacer un gran gol
Mind Shortcuts
Mind Shortcuts:
Che classe Vlahovic ragazzi...Speriamo la squadra lo supporti questo fine di stagione.
John Johannes
John Johannes:
Vlahovic 🙌🏾💪🏿👏👏
Boban Sarac
Boban Sarac:
Vlahoviccccc on fire
Leonel Basilio
Leonel Basilio:
Vlahovic Ice cold ❄️
Sanjaya Gosu
Sanjaya Gosu:
Vlahovic crazy 👏👏
Irgi Papau
Irgi Papau:
Class Vlahovic 👏
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Juventus 💜💜💜. Vlahovic played phenomenal Football in winning cause👍👍👍.
Vlahovic's composure is world class.
ahmad al-harith
ahmad al-harith:
Your defence is terrified Vlahovic on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Zoran Kovacevic
Zoran Kovacevic:
Think were looking at a top 5 striker in the world at the minute .
Chief Apple Troll Mike
Chief Apple Troll Mike:
That man Vlahovic!!!
Ahmad Fahrur
Ahmad Fahrur:
the best CF in Serie A
Beautiful assist from Cuadrado...
Allegri must get back to his absolute best..start playing attacking football just like his early years in Milan...today juve struggled for most part of this game...it was hard to watch. Vlahovic can score more goals if only juve was more daring in attack.
Christian Galarza
Christian Galarza:
Vlahovic best thing to happen to Juve this year.
Thank Goodness Juventus got rid of Ronaldo and replaced him with this YOUNG phenom. Ronaldo is old now and is losing his pace and goals. Same like Messi. In next 2-3 years these two will be finished. Maybe even sooner. Vlahovic is only 22 and has many years of scoring goals. He's currently the league leader in goals. What a player 👏