Empoli 3-2 Napoli | Napoli suffer shocking defeat in Tuscany | Serie A 2021/22

Spalletti’s side see their two-goal lead vanish in the space of just 7 minutes with Pinamonti striking twice to put a dent in the Partenopei’s title bid | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Obongofon Peter
Obongofon Peter:
I never understand why goalkeepers take the huge risk of trying to dribble players or waste too much time on the ball instead of clearing it out ASAP. What a costly mistake from the Napoli keeper. Disastrous!
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones:
If you lead the game 2:0 with ten minutes to go and don't come out as the winner, you've done a lot of things wrong and lost your claim to the Scudetto title. Shame on Napoli with respect to Empoli's team effort.
D Ramli
D Ramli:
10 minutes 3 goals, Unexpected results, 🔥🔥🔥
R C:
The goalkeeper doesn’t HAVE TO take those risks: absolutely embarrassing…
I am claiming this victory as I started watching at the 80th minute when it was 2-0 napoli. You are welcome empoli
Donut The Toad 64
Donut The Toad 64:
at the 75th minute I knew it was still possible for 2-2 but didn't expect 3-2😮
Empoli what a comeback 💙🖤
Filippos G
Filippos G:
Shame on the players and coach of Napoli. Throwing away every chance to get the scudetto.
When Meret thought he was Neuer but it turned out as Karius.
Ichwan Ananda
Ichwan Ananda:
Thank you Pinamonti! 💙🖤
From being at the top of the serie a table to being out of the race to winning the scudetto , it's been all downhill for Napoli
Piter93 - Skoki Narciarskie i Piłka Nożna
Piter93 - Skoki Narciarskie i Piłka Nożna:
I will say that this defeat in today's match against Empoli, as for me, the team of SSC Napoli said goodbye to the fight and the Italian championship, since they are losing to a team that does not play for anything.
De Yang
De Yang:
Greatest comeback in seria A history
Shoni Fari
Shoni Fari:
0:28 I swear I thought he slapped that ball 😂😂
Hans Christian I GUITARVANA
Hans Christian I GUITARVANA:
Reminds me of Inter vs Sampdoria back in 2005, always love Serie A!!!
Pinamonti was my one of my favorite Fifa 21 players for FUT. Happy for him !
D Ramli
D Ramli:
Unexpected results, 10 minutes 3 goals🍺🍺🍺
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
Its the history of the Napoli 🖤💙
Unbelievable! 🖤💙
From two goals down to secure a win...Alex Meret..... manifestation of Harry Maguire in Serie A😂
Dhana's Vlog14
Dhana's Vlog14:
What a comeback. Thanks Empoli by Milan fans ❤️🖤
Kadek dedi Ardiama
Kadek dedi Ardiama:
What a comeback 🔥🔥
Gracias Pinamonti por ayudar al Inter ♥
Rizki Aprizal
Rizki Aprizal:
Thanks Pinamonti 💙🖤
Pinamonti deserved a comeback 🔵⚫
Edward Hermit21
Edward Hermit21:
Varsha Vaswani
Varsha Vaswani:
i literally cried after the match!!now our channce of winning the scudetto are close to zero!! for the first time in 32 years we dreamt of winning the title but again the same thing happened😭😥😥
Άρης Σταφυλαράκης
Άρης Σταφυλαράκης:
Incredible effort to the score from empoli for the his win!!!😯🔝💯🙂
Michael Sazz
Michael Sazz:
I'm a united fan love watching other leagues nd analyzing their football have got my favourite clubs in each for serie a I love napoli nd never have I seen a striker as ignored as they do osimhen...man is literally the best header in the league
Nur Arifin
Nur Arifin:
Grazie Pinamonti 🙏🏻👍🏼❤️
Question: where is ospina? Is he injured?
Why me
Why me:
Great performance by empoli 🔥🔥
Benedict Terfa Shishi
Benedict Terfa Shishi:
Certain decisions in the course of the season made by Spalletti cost Napoli the title. Tactics in some games, personnel used , substitutions. etc
Martinson Kwadjo Gyeke
Martinson Kwadjo Gyeke:
This looks like a fixed match. 😃😃 what was the goal keeper doing when he had two players just beside him or could kick the ball already???
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
Serie A always delivers moments that do not seem in any possible 😦👍
ferro pahlevi
ferro pahlevi:
Wow , unbelievable 10minutes 3 goals !! Congrats empoli
Vito Doria
Vito Doria:
Pinamonti could have had a hat-trick. He should have scored with that header early on.
Grazie, Pinamonti!!!
mario baldo
mario baldo:
Oggi il Napoli giocava senza portiere ....
anche nel primo gol il portiere del Napoli esce in modo goffo e nel modo peggiore perché al momento del tiro salta e addirittura gira il corpo come se avesse paura del pallone....mai visto niente dal genere da un portiere che gioca in serie A.
Il 2° gol soprassediamo....
Shimenn Leanhozz
Shimenn Leanhozz:
Grande Pinagol⚫️🔵
thank you mighty empoli 🖤💙
Sluggy Ranks
Sluggy Ranks:
Hey Pinamonti you have earned yourself a place in the Inter squad for next season. Thank you and Forza Inter
Fahmi Andriant
Fahmi Andriant:
Thanks Empoli !! ❤️🖤
grazie Pinamonti! 💙🖤
Well done Empoli!
Hari Kristiyanto
Hari Kristiyanto:
Wow..incredible comeback
Andi Andas
Andi Andas:
Pinamonti is agent of Inter 😁🔥🔥
Jack Parl
Jack Parl:
That pass from Bajrami is next level
Terimakasih pinamonti ♥️♥️♥️, Interista Indonesia🇮🇩
Donut The Toad 64
Donut The Toad 64:
we respect Napoli but Thanks Pinamonti 😂❤ 🔵⚫
Syahid Fath
Syahid Fath:
Pinamonti is a 💙🖤
Crypto Wealthy
Crypto Wealthy:
Goosebumps! 2:45
Imagine blowing a 0-2 lead
Paul Karanja
Paul Karanja:
Nowdays goalkeepers are making silly mistakes, this idea of starting the move from back is disastrous
Dimssix Unwritten
Dimssix Unwritten:
Grazie, Empoli 🤝
If you’re a goaltender… TEND THE GOAL!
king L king
king L king:
I was shocked when I saw the result, I actually stopped watching this game 0-2
Muhammad Adli
Muhammad Adli:
Madhur Gairola
Madhur Gairola:
So sad, they've bottled again 😭😭
Yayang Dendi J
Yayang Dendi J:
Epic comeback for Empoli
Amazing Empoli 👍👍👍
Maксим Максимов
Maксим Максимов:
Вратарь хорошо сыграл😂
Muhammad R
Muhammad R:
Thankyou Empoli
Dharma Anjarrahman
Dharma Anjarrahman:
He is an Inter player after all! 💙🖤
Emmanuele Villa
Emmanuele Villa:
Grazie Empoli
FORZA MILAN ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤
Provokator Properti
Provokator Properti:
Classy Pinamonti 👍
Sultan Cikibung
Sultan Cikibung:
Nicely done pinamonti..
Epic comeback 👍👍
Desta Wardana
Desta Wardana:
Forza Pinamontti 💙🖤
Vladimir Chuyko
Vladimir Chuyko:
Anyway, congrats Empoli.) I like Napoli, because I'm fan of Milan and the first play I've seen on San Sieo was with Napoli. I really love these time. And it's a pity that for now because of politics I should see Seria A only by TV(
Finally Napoli wake up from their long dream 😜😜⚫🔵💙🏆
Rahman Khan
Rahman Khan:
One of the most bizzare bottling from an european club I've ever seen 😑😑
Sudipta Das
Sudipta Das:
No way Napoli choked this hard
Nino kraljević
Nino kraljević:
Pinamontiiiiiiiii 🔵⚫
AJ Scott
AJ Scott:
Napoli well and truly threw this one away
Hendra Arga
Hendra Arga:
Thanks Pinamonti... Forza Inter 😂💙🖤
aldo artha perdana
aldo artha perdana:
Pinamonti.. 👏👏👏
Empoli fans deserve respect. love from Kocaeli-Turkey
Buen partido del napoli
Pujangga Muda
Pujangga Muda:
Thanks u Pinamonti. Forza Inter
Ireneo Funes
Ireneo Funes:
Una pregunta,con todo respeto.
Desde Argentina.
¿El Napoli es un equipo grande?
Anthony Mammoliti
Anthony Mammoliti:
Malcuit and meret. Inter and AC thank you.
Dreamer old soul
Dreamer old soul:
0:28 Am I the only one who thought Pinamonti punched the ball towards goal ❓
Mwanyara Mwatsika
Mwanyara Mwatsika:
What a win Empoli
Josh Nab
Josh Nab:
Classic spalletti masterclass 🤣
Hendra Satria
Hendra Satria:
Lovely brace from the Interista.
Stefan Itepu
Stefan Itepu:
Napoli are not a serious club. You can't win the scudetto playing selfishly. Oshimen who is your top man, you are not giving him the service he needs. Selfish players. He should leave Napoli asap
Full Clutch
Full Clutch:
The Napoli's GK is abysmal
What a great young player Asllani is.
Tinu Varun
Tinu Varun:
Serie a is so exciting this season
Ken Adams
Ken Adams:
Now, let's hope that Lazio can beat Milan too.. 😁😁
Fajar E. Saputra
Fajar E. Saputra:
thanks Empoli from Interisti 🖤💙
Mancing Santai TV
Mancing Santai TV:
Empoli in action the real come back
John Doel
John Doel:
thank you Pinamonti, from Inter fans
Danny Sumiyantoko
Danny Sumiyantoko:
Brilliant performance by alex meret 😂
Jos PS
Jos PS:
Personally I blame Rahmani for Meret's mistake
Perfect example of why defence wins titles.
Farasat Ali
Farasat Ali:
Pinnamonti did benzema things 🔥
Mi mo
Mi mo:
Forza Inter grande Pinamonti !!!!!!! Next season i hope he gets more space at Inter!
Alumun Ikyaabo
Alumun Ikyaabo:
Calamitous defending from Napoli and Dries Mertens proves again and again that he's not a team player who fails to look at the larger picture but only seeks personal glory. Even Haaland won't score many goals with Mertens in the attacking set up.