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This 3D medical animation explains the normal menstrual cycle and what happens if you have endometriosis.


Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining in your uterus grows in other areas of your body. The uterus is the place where a baby grows during pregnancy. During a normal menstrual cycle, special chemicals, called hormones, signal the lining of your uterus to thicken. The lining, called the endometrium, builds up to prepare to receive a fertilized egg.

Meanwhile, the unfertilized egg is maturing inside one of your ovaries.

At mid-cycle, your ovary releases the mature egg. This is called ovulation. As the egg travels through your fallopian tube, it is ready to be fertilized by a reproductive cell, called a sperm, from a man.
If the egg isn't fertilized, or if it is fertilized but does not implant in the lining, the uterus sheds the lining through your vagina. This monthly bleeding is called your menstrual period.

If you have endometriosis, the lining-type tissue grows outside your uterus for reasons that aren't clear. The misplaced tissue responds to the hormones, just like it would do if it were inside your uterus. The tissue continues to thicken, then sheds and bleeds with every menstrual cycle.

However, the blood and tissue that are shed outside the uterus have no way to leave your body. The trapped endometrial flow can irritate the surrounding area, causing inflammation and pain.

Bands of scar tissue, called adhesions, may form, sticking one organ to another, or causing your fallopian tubes to close. This can affect your fertility, which is the ability to become pregnant.
Endometriosis can form fluid-filled sacs on your ovaries, called endometriomas, also known as chocolate cysts. These can also affect fertility. Endometriosis may also cause abnormal bleeding.

The most common sites for endometriosis are:
the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the outside of your uterus, the supporting structures around your uterus, and the lining of your pelvis (called the peritoneum).

Other sites include your:
bladder, rectum, and intestines.

If you have endometriosis, you may have one or more of these symptoms:
chronic, usually worsening central pelvic pain; pain before or during your period; pain during sex felt deep within your pelvis;
painful urination during your period; painful bowel movements during your period; abnormal bleeding; diarrhea, constipation, or nausea; and difficulty getting pregnant, called infertility.

Your doctor may recommend treatment options from the following categories:

Pain management medications, such as aspirin, acetominaphen, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDS (pronounced "en-sedz"), provide relief from pain.

Hormone therapy, such as birth control pills, can prevent monthly endometrial build up and bleeding.

You may need a surgical procedure to treat the tissue causing pain or bleeding. Examples of such procedures include:
removal or destruction of endometrial tissue; removal of adhesions and scar tissue; removal or drainage of cysts; destruction of nerve fibers that transmit pain; removal of your uterus, called a hysterectomy; or removal of your ovaries.

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0151 Salfazirah Binti Parasin
0151 Salfazirah Binti Parasin:
Who is here because of the period pain.I cannot sleep bcs of it 😭👇🏻
Ashley Thurgood
Ashley Thurgood:
I suffer from this and it affects you mentally and physically. My hat goes off to all the girls like me who continue to fight. Stay strong gorgeous, you’re here for a reason 😘🙌🏾
Knightly Kin
Knightly Kin:
I'm a med student currently studying the female reproductive system; and I have a new found respect for what women deal with. Throughout my training, I kept hearing women are twice as likely to get anemia, depression, sleep problems, hormonal imbalances (which cause other problems) etc. I'm 99% certain, it's because of menstruation and later on in life, menopause. Menses causes lower blood volume, the corpus luteum is constantly changing the hormone levels of LH and FSH. If an ova is not fertilized, nature basically says; "so you've chosen death" and proceeds to restart the cycle over again causing a painful decay of Endometrium just to rebuild it a month later. And when the ova is finally fertilized, women get a break from menstruation because of the huge increase in progesterone and estrogen; but then suffer from the pain of baring a child and giving birth having their bladder compressed on, and organs adjusted from the expanding uterus.
Alphium Productions
Alphium Productions:
Whoever decided to call them “chocolate cysts” should go to hell

Edit: why do people think my comment is serious
Minahil A
Minahil A:
My mom just got her hysterectomy done. She had no pains ever during her periods but there was very heavy bleeding every time. When they operated they got to kkow it was a severe case of endometriosis. And there was bleeding in the adhesions. But the doctors are amazed at how she never had pain despite having a severe case of endro. Thank god she’s doing better now.
I just came home from the emergency room because of my cramps..it was the worse and most painful cramps ever ! I couldn’t even move or sit down
Girls who has no period cramps are blessed they should thank god they don’t have to experience this kind of pain
I suffered endometriosis my entire life. I am in menopause now and glad to be! The pain was unbearable every month for over 30 years. And people treated me like I was lying about it. Ugh. I could barely keep a job because it happened every month and I couldn’t get out of bed. Imagine labor pain. Then go thru it every month for years and that’s what it’s like.
Leeya Herrera
Leeya Herrera:
My heart goes out to women that are suffering from this, not only is it physical and emotionally , but mentally because it's women who really wants to conceive and grow a family with their husbands/ boyfriends, but can't. This is a serious condition that affects a woman's body.
Judith Phillips
Judith Phillips:
I was diagnosed with grade 4 endometriosis when I was 38. 4 years later after a 3 year stint of drugs which did not have any effect, and at least one surgical procedure, the problem still existed. I decided I’d had enough. I was referred to a modern thinking ob/gyn surgeon, who removed all my reproductive organs in one fell swoop. At first I felt less than a woman and more like a piece of meat! But over the years I’ve come to realise what a big favour he did for me. I hope any woman who has this condition gets the right treatment ASAP,
EmTopia Official
EmTopia Official:
My cousin had endometriosis. The tissue was so large that it reached to her diaphragm. The surgery lasted about three hours.
I felt so sorry for her…😔
Jaida Narvaez
Jaida Narvaez:
It’s gonna be okay ladies only a few more days we got this 💓
Franz Bartolome
Franz Bartolome:
I was diagnosed with PCOS on both ovaries with 20 cysts 1cm on both ones and this. Thank you for putting out this video, this really helped me understand what Endometriosis is.
I got diagnosed with endometriosis with 13. Before my diagnosis none of my doctors were taking me seriously even though I was experiencing excruciating back and stomach pains. Only after being hospitalized ( which took several hours of dicussion because they wouldn' t take me in) I got send into an emergency surgery where they found a giant cyst on my fallopian tube, which got twisted by the cyst, bleeding internally, and had to be removed as well. If the surgery would have been a day or even hours later I would have died from sepsis. Not only am I still experiencing pain whenever I have my period but I have also been taking birth control since I was 13 to regulate my hormons which fucked with my body and mental state in many ways.
The moral of the story is that if you have the premonition that something isn't right with your body or that you might even have a cyst or endometriosis please stand your ground and demand the medical treatment you deserve because if you don't it might cost you your life.
J K:
as a married man, I find this very interesting about my wife's health we have two beautiful sons but she often complains about abdominal pain she does have the moderna IUD that could possibly be causing part of her pain since it is somewhat intermittent however this would be a new course to look into if that is not the case thank you for the informational post
I have read the comments in this video whilst crying about the pain in my right side butt/pelvis/thigh that I can't stand up and realized that this pain is nothing compared to how these strong ladies felt. Let's all be strong ladies! we can get through this
Cassandra Belyeu
Cassandra Belyeu:
Endometriosis runs in my family.
So far, there are six female descendants of our first case, and I am the only one of the six who has it.
The odds are pretty good overall, but I’m the one who lost the dice throw, so it doesn’t feel that way.
This video is very informative.
This condition is horrid.
Oh my, didn't really know what exactly endometriosis was until now and now I feel the urge even more to pray for every woman with this condition to be healed from it. I can just slightly estimate the discomfort and pain these women have to go through... 😥😭😱🤯🙌
Well I am a high school student in my last year of school studying about this. I truly respect the amount of pain women go through every month, yes I believe the men have got it easy. Every month the egg is formed and every month the uterus lining sheds resulting in release of blood pus etc frm the vagina. The every month hassle is really much and I really respect it.
Rachella The Weirdo
Rachella The Weirdo:
PSA-Period cramps aren't endometriosis. There's a whole lot more pain. You throw up because of it. You can't walk because of it. You have to take narotics to get any relief. Endometriosis is no joke. It isn't just bad cramps.
Erika Rose Cabungcag
Erika Rose Cabungcag:
To understand with a simple steps:

1.) Uterus wants a baby
2.) Uterus doesn’t get a baby
3.) Uterus is angry
4.) Uterus gets revenged
The Purpledoor
The Purpledoor:
I used to have hell lot of cramps but in my case its actually connected with my haemoglobin.
So in order to lessen the pain what i do is, prior to one week of my periods I eat food which increases our HB level. This has helped me a lot with the cramps.
You just need a little planning thats it.
(This may vary in some cases, those who struggle with their HB can try this)
C C:
I just want to take out all my reproductive organs and adopt 😖😭
Come to think of it I haven't felt the sudden movement on the lower part of my abdomen these past few months. I just want to thank you Dr Iyhere for all you do. Ever since the day I met you on youtube my life has been some worth different.
Hanifah Fajri
Hanifah Fajri:
Can't imagine how female soldier handle this kind of pain in the middle of the war zone...
On my period, I can't even walk properly due to the pain... let alone running or crouching :""
This is terrifying. What the hell happens to that blood trapped inside your abdomen then?? We're just living with old blood trapped in our stomach???
To all the guys who came here to be educated: *thank you*

I'm so tired of some guys trying to compare our periods to other pains, making it seem like we over react :/ ...
Luciano Star
Luciano Star:
I’m currently having health issues which caused me to lose my period for a whole year. Although I began to worry about my fertility, it was the happiest I’ve been in years. The not having to worry about a way of blood messing up all my clothes and cramps that make me want to cry. Sadly it came back 2 days ago and I can indefinitely say I did not miss it 😭😭
Alisha Jain
Alisha Jain:
Thank you for such easy and clear explanation!
Thanks for so precious information and for being so clearly displayed.
Olivia Zamora
Olivia Zamora:
I'm 14 and I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis earlier on in the year. Your video really helped me understand what was going on. Thank you :)
I’m a guy and I appreciate the video because now it makes sense to me. My wife and daughter both have some amount of this. I never knew what it meant
Светлана Д
Светлана Д:
Be strong! Hope for the best!
I went through this hell, and I have more to go. The pain I endure for years, because of the Endometriosis ended after my second surgery (hysterectomy), but an ovarian cyst is giving me hard time too.
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson:
My mom had a rlly bad case of endometriosis when she was younger. And it is hereditary. I’m already starting to show signs at age 16. Such as painful urination and bowel movements during periods. And rlly painful cramps. Every now and then I feel nauseous
DreamToon Family
DreamToon Family:
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 👒👒👒
DL Symons
DL Symons:
I suffered with horrible pain since my period, I was told it was all in my head. I was making the pain up. They operated found endmetretrosis. Only took out one overly. The pain came back doctor said stop complaining your imagining the pain. I wasn't, now I know after 4 surgeries and other ppl have pain, I wasn't imagining the pain. It was terrible, no one believed me.
Shanmuga Allam
Shanmuga Allam:
After knowing how critical the menstrual cycle works,my respect to women 📈📈 I wish you people will be getting the solution for the problem you have.
Rony Camacho
Rony Camacho:
This is such a critical issue, I do hope this brought the attention that it deserves.
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis:
I’ve been having cramps for the past 2 weeks or so, and my period is 9 days late. I’ve taken two home pregnancy tests spread out by two weeks and a test at the clinic. They also did a blood pregnancy test and I’m waiting for the results of that. This has never happened to me before and my period has never been this late before. If the blood work comes out negative for pregnancy should I go to the doctor to figure out what’s going on?
Rachel Sandra
Rachel Sandra:
Oh God this pain is literally near to death experience 😭😭And the relief after the period pain is a heaven
Amanda Istre
Amanda Istre:
Why am I watching this on my period :')
Saldana Rose
Saldana Rose:
I survived my cramps recently. All women who are experiencing pain when on period. You are strong and amazing. Keep fighting I am proud to all of you sisterss💕💕
I got diagnosed with endometriosis this year. I received surgery and they removed scar tissues and drain a cyst. I always had painful periods that gradually got worst over the years.
I never was diagnosed with endometriosis, but I sure had painful periods. And HEAVY ones too when not on birth control. I had no plans for kids because they just aren't my thing. I hated all the bleeding that I had no use for. I was NEVER going to change my mind. After so many years and going through all the forms of birth control, minus the uterine lining being burned off, I finally got my wish, to have a hysterectomy! I was one of those girls who started real young. I was only 9, one month prior to turning 10. And with an autistic child who didn't even know where babies came from, that gives girls that ability that is, it scared the hell out of me. I didn't want to deal with it but had no choice, like any other girl. And from age 9 to age 33, had a uterus that would drive me nuts for years on end without any wish to give it what it wanted. I would have gladly donated it to another woman who wanted kids. Like organ donation. IF it was possible. It was a healthy uterus docs said, if a little oversized. Yeah, well, when it starts bleeding constantly for no reason at all, that's when it's time to take control of it. My uterus had to go! I was sick of it running my life and ruining my happiness. I was never happy on my rag.

Now that's it's gone, I'm no longer on birth control, no longer worry about pregnancy tests, pap smears, or periods. No more period cramps either. I still have ovaries tho, and they give cramps too, but only for a few hours. I'll deal with that over days to weeks of constant bleeding. Yeah, there were times of bleeding longer than even 3 weeks or more too. No reason for that. I'm much HAPPIER without my evil uterus! YAY!
Victoria Adebayo
Victoria Adebayo:
Dr Asiakale you are indeed God sent, I usually have a very painful flow ever since I was 17years old, I have tried using different drugs but the pains doesn't stop nor go, I have been living with it and managing with the pain each time my monthly circle comes but ever since last year December when I started using your herb the pains has been subsided and I feel better and comfortable each time my flows comes now. Thank you, am grateful and may God continue to bless and increase you. Amen!!!
Jacob Benjamin Panganiban
Jacob Benjamin Panganiban:
I'm learning so much from your videos. Please make more videos. Thank you very much!
Maria Fernandez
Maria Fernandez:
I just recently got diagnosed with endometriosis and yes it is very painful, doctor prescribed birth controls let's see if the pain does go away, cuz honestly it is very painful and makes it hard to sleep at night 😭
Theresa Sambo
Theresa Sambo:
This condition is the most painful thing to go through, I've had two surgeries because of chocolate cysts and the pain does not go away 😭
Every month before my period, it feels like a hell, I can't even stand when the pain is attacking. It's not only for a day but for a whole week, it's attacking 4-6 times a day last for 30 mins. - 1 hr. It is very disturbing. It really affects my sleep and my task. The pain will stop for 3 days then my period will come and it is another painful thing for a week. So I only have two weeks of normal life every month..
Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke:
Worst pain I have ever felt. Finally had to have a hysterectomy at 27 years old. It was a tough decision to make but I could no longer function as a wife and a mother to my young son.
Oakey Woakey
Oakey Woakey:
I only started experiencing period pains especially in the right part of my lower abdomen after my laparatomy tubal ligation procedure in 2011. Before then I never even felt anything and don't understand what the pain feel like. Now I'm having childbirth pain every month. It hurts exactly like contractions.
_Klc _
_Klc _:
When I went to a Gyne during November (went because of painful periods), I said I didn't get cramps in between my periods, since I'd only gotten them once before the visit. Not I've been getting them randomly. After my period, during my ovulation and before my next period. This period, my bladder has started to feel like it's getting stabbed. Like literally, it hurts to just exist, taking my pain killers worsens the pain I feel on my bladder, I can't properly pee and I just biked to the store to get some chocolate for comfort "food", but every little bump I rode over hurt like hell. Now I think I might have Endo, and I regret not saying anything about the cramps in-between my periods 😔

This video justifies my theory pretty well lol
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson:
It’s obscene that recommended treatments are pain relief, gross hormonal changes, surgical ablation, or removing the entire uterus. Research should be funded until a real cure is discovered
I fainted 3 times and got extreme vomiting every month because the pain got so intense, one resulting in a hospital visit. Thank the lord for Birth control, it’s a life saver!!
I have this for years. Birth control pills make it better for a while but it repeats. All the doctors I went said surgery is never a treatment, it will come back again. I am 35 and still having hell of a painful periods. And for the last 6 months I have this new trait; 8 days before my period, I feel miserable. This goes on for the last 6 months and it is weird actually
Stamped Together
Stamped Together:
I’m 27. 10 years ago just before I turned 18 I was suffering dreadfully with pain in my lower stomach, I had a scan and they discovered a cyst on my left ovary. The doctors went on to drain the cyst with a long needle through my stomach (it hurt like a motherfucker) but after another three months the cyst came back. I went on to have a laparoscopy in December 2012 to remove the cyst completely. Once the doctors could analyse the tissue properly afterwards they were able to discover I had an endometrioma growing aggressively on my ovary. So at 18 years young.. I was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with bowel endometriosis. 10 years on, after trialing loads of medication Decapeptyl Injection, IUD Coil, the contraceptive pillI..ect. I still haven’t found anything that stops my pain sufficiently. I truly wish a cure could be found and I can sympathise fully with anyone going through the same illness 💛
Right know I am dying of pain
It feels like someone is squeezing my uterus with all their strength ....can't stop crying
María Inés Bayona
María Inés Bayona:
For me the period is an extreme pain, I throw up, faint and suffer :(
attyyy ehuiii
attyyy ehuiii:
Dude I can’t freaking walk. This hurts so much
I had to have a hysterectomy at 40 and they found endometriosis. Was never able to have children. Left a big hole in my heart and is still there 20 years later. I know they have come along ways medically but psychologically it is ongoing.
I felt this pain last night at 2am, I felt like I was dying oh my gosh it was so painful, even after a day, the pain is still there but not as much as before. I think this pain has started around at the end of 2021, but last month I didn't feel it tho. I want to see the doctor 🤧
Anatomy is amazing. I have this issue. Thanks for clarification. Sad why ppl disliked? This is better than going to docs then waiting months for hospital appointment 😳
Persephone Black
Persephone Black:
I have an endometrioma and had an additional cyst burst. That sent me to the emergency room. I was vomiting from the pain. I have the deep pelvic pain constantly. I also get the bladder pain. The issue is, I have chronic migraine with aura so I can't take birth control. 🙃 The last period I had was so bad I was vomiting in the parking lot at Walmart. I thought I was going to die. Luckily I made it home and grabbed the Zofran the hospital gave me the last time I was there. I'm seeing the OBGYN in April so....we shall see... wish me luck 🙏
I would like to send this video, every day, for a whole 3 weeks each month, to all the people who don't believe someone when they experience serious issues with periods and they chalk it up to "emotions and stress".
If they think having to watch this video on endometriosis pop up on their screens everyday is annoying, they should try actually having it, and not getting believed they are experiencing the pain of having your internal organs being drenched in blood inside the body cavity.
Death Kiss
Death Kiss:
Thank you! Now I understand why it causes abnormal pain when endometrium grows outside of the uterus
P Sr
P Sr:
I am 19 years old and since September everytime I get my period I have so much pain and I vomit, I feel dizzy all the time, I can’t drink nor eat for days because of the pain! I went to the hospital more than 10 times because of this and they told me that I have a mental disorder because they didn’t see anything in any of the results of the tests that they did…I am reading comments now and I am so happy to see that I am not the only one.
Kelly K.
Kelly K.:
Interesting, sounds like what I have. I just had all my tests yesterday, ultrasound to check my overies, and blood and urine test. Mine was for overian cancer though, hopefully it's just this.
Kam F.
Kam F.:
It's so important that people receive more and more education on this matter so that society may begin to recognize it like the chronic debilitating illness that it is, even if it's an invisible one.
R.Sandhiya 1st year
R.Sandhiya 1st year:
the explanation was very clear.my question is i need to know how the ovum travels through the fallopian tubes after tubectomy which leads to menstruation.
Elanjiya Thamizh
Elanjiya Thamizh:
I'm soo glad that we can learn soo easily with this animation technology
Unbelievable this video is 8 years old 😯
Audrey Ayoul
Audrey Ayoul:
I feel like my uterus gradually gets swollen and as it swells it feels like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.. I then get intense pain for several minutes to hours.. all depends on how I end up managing it with heat, hot bath, pain medication, stretching.. and then it settles down slowly but the pain still lingers
Maria Hernández
Maria Hernández:
Traducción, por favor, me interesa el tema, gracias
4 Realz
4 Realz:
Imagine if boys had to go through something as painful as this.

Outstanding lecture❤❤👍👍
The Queen of Boba
The Queen of Boba:
For girls having pain during your period, I highly recommend making yourself a cup of hot red/golden sugar and ginger drink. Boil 2 or 3 chunks of ginger (each chunk about half the size of a golf ball) in water and then add the red sugar 1 or 2 tsp depending on your preference. Helps relieve pain fast and easy!
Rey Palpatine
Rey Palpatine:
I'm not on my period rn but with how schizophrenic my reproductive system is, I could very well get it at any time. Sometimes it's 45 days between cycles. Other times, it's 2 weeks. And then there's the completely unpredictable inbetween-periods bleeding and weird dull pain I feel in my lower abdomen from time to time. I often dream of ripping the damn thing out and tossing it in the trash or donating it to science
Sheldon Thompson
Sheldon Thompson:
Endo runs in my family and I'm afraid of developing it, thanks for the helpful info
te wheke
te wheke:
Im 41 and have had endometriosis for 11 years. This has destroyed my life and i am still living in hope to have my own child. Thinkin about IVF with a donor...jus so sad to think what we are having to go through with no funding for research to find new treatments. This is a war on women's fertility, just not good enough.
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim:
Thank you very much for the video with kindness and respect for excellent explaining
Prerna arya
Prerna arya:
It is a pure and natural remedy that contains various herbs extract that works on the female reproductive system and make it healthy. These tablets show antioxidant properties, anti inflammatory and immuno modulater properties. It contains Ghritkumari , Muramakki, Sonth. It works in various diseases like pcod, bulky uterus, endometriosis, general female health, irregular menses, and uterine fibroids. It affects on Tridosha- balances Vata and Kapha.
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford:
With 3.9K comments, this really hit the core of many who know personality the symptoms and effects of Endometriosis.
Was just diagnosed with this after surgery. This video really helped me understand exactly what is happening. Thank you.
mujer virtuosa Darleth
mujer virtuosa Darleth:
It's been so hard dealing with this. God bless and give strength to all those women who are in this situation like me.
Amazin757x ⏰⏳ #AV #uragift
Amazin757x ⏰⏳ #AV #uragift:
I was 15 years old when I first heard this word...
It was in a dream, I was standing at my cousin's bedroom door with an angel...
My cousin was crying and wailing, so I asked the angel "what's wrong with her"
The angel simply turned to me and said in a whisper "endometriosis"
I told my family the dream, she went to doctor that week; They discovered she was having a miscarriage and the exam was negative for endometriosis.
The exam DID reveal another issue, which helped them get pregnant again and have 1more Full Term Healthy Genius
Aneesa sarfraz
Aneesa sarfraz:
Hi i am here to share my story with endo!
I was diagnosed last year but i have had this since 6yrs. I told the NHS they done nothing i had to pay 4.7K to get an excision. The endometeriomas had spread to my ureter. If i hadn’t gone private i don’t know what would have happened. Any cyst or anything thing that is not normal please get them checked and treated never delay it
Emily c
Emily c:
I have endometriosis and let me tell you the pain never leaves
kaliah jade
kaliah jade:
I just passed out my cramps were so intense, I’ve literally never felt worse pain in my life.
Anime_otaku 199
Anime_otaku 199:
Wow I Usually suffer from Severe period cramps it really hurts as time passes it worsen until I collapse it felt like fainting it happens only on the first day but the pain would always make me faint for hours I also suffer from pain in urination and pain in the legs during period not severe though but the leg pain is actually quit severe and I never really bother going to a doctor thinking its normal :) I would always endure it for a whole damn day now and Recently It worsen I actually had nausea ... Now I'm wondering if I should go or not...
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith:
I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 23. They gave me a complete hysterectomy at the age of 24.
Martha Alexander
Martha Alexander:
I’ve been in agony for 19hrs now 😭 this is not normal I can’t even stand the pain it’s effecting everything 😩
I must say I am the lucky one... I never had issues with periods or pain. I have two kids and still going strong 💪
smith family
smith family:
I'm 45 now and been suffering since I was 18. The pain is extremely unbearable, sometimes going for a no 2 will Trigger it and I'll be in pain as if in labor. Several operations but it continues to grow. I can feel it in my hips and down my legs, sometimes it's so painful I can't even walk. I feel you guys I'm so sorry nothing really helps.
Baba Friski
Baba Friski:
Thank You. Wonderful informative presentation.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar:
Nice explanation thank you 😊
catherine bogue
catherine bogue:
I am having period cramps and this video taught me something i have never learned before the egg wasn't fertilized in my uterus and the endometrium lining sheds that's why I was bleeding from the inside
beth alicia
beth alicia:
I got diagnosed w Endo when I was just 15, and I literally always feel like I’m on my period. It’s sad because I’ve been to the ER about 5 times with excruciating pain and I’ve been on all over the counter medications. The doctor said I was just having PMS, then they looked at my family history and every woman on my dads side has it. My sister didn’t get it but it got passed to me. It sucks but to everyone who has it and deals with it, we’re all strong ❤️
Kieran Ahmed
Kieran Ahmed:
I've seen a few say they bleed heavy when they stand, I've been having this happen (I've not been diagnosed yet, in fact I'm speaking to the Dr tomorrow), I had a few hours last week where when I stood up I bled through 2 pad and my underwear, this also happened when sitting on the toilet, I couldn't actually get off it until the bleed slowed a little! It's scary! I do have pcos but I've had that from pubity n I'm in my 30s now n never had this issue..
Paige M.
Paige M.:
So, I just found out for sure why I had a headache and threw up yesterday. It’s because I am on my period. I googled why I vomit during my period. It said one of the hormones released during a cycle is called prostaglandin. Most of it sheds with the uterine lining, some gets into the bloodstream. It can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. That’s exactly what was happening to me early yesterday morning. It’s interesting to know science. Lol
I remember having that worse period cramps I've ever experienced made me fainted in my bathroom for 10 seconds? I felt so cold and nauseous and I can't even move my hands up, scary experience.
Shalini kumari
Shalini kumari:
I always wonder how painful labour pain is because you get 9 months period cramps at once. My body shivers thinking about that.
Sarah Sorbel
Sarah Sorbel:
Thank you for sharing. I've been battling endometriosis for years, its extremely awful. This was a great visual representation :)