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Wow! What an experience. I recommend you all go to a BVB game too! Beer at your seats, six goal thriller, amazing fans, we loved it :)
If you are going back to Dortmund, you have to see the ´"Revierderby"
Germany might not have the most teams on an international level, but the fans in the Bundesliga and even the second Bundesliga are something from another world
Marcus Mountain
Marcus Mountain:
This guys dad is such a legend
Gianni Morandi
Gianni Morandi:
-first goal for Dortmund
English guy: ahh shit, this goal song is nice...
-second goal for Dortmund
Wazza Fortunes
Wazza Fortunes:
Defences aren't as good as English clubs... Spurs 2-7 Bayern
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández:
I am from Mexico and I thank you so much for this video. I am literally shaking (and crying a little). I am a big BVB fan and I dream of going one day. Thanks and congratulations!
They are actually singing "Olé hier kommt der BVB" :D
Hi Im ChickenWing
Hi Im ChickenWing:
7:30 - Buying 15 beers for three people is the epitome of a german at a football match!
Fabian Gödel
Fabian Gödel:
When he says the rb fans go wild...
El Hamburgo
El Hamburgo:
7:30 as a german it is so funny to hear someone being happy to have his beer on the stand! If you want my advice, try to get a ticket for the Hamburg derby!
Jack Manby
Jack Manby:
im from england, and last year i saw dortmund vs hamburg, i was actually in the wall. it was amazing
Dorian Döring
Dorian Döring:
The athmosphere was not special, this is normal for germany...
Till K3rby
Till K3rby:
YouTuber: German in den Titel

YouTuber Community: Cool Vid
Germans: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Kommentarbereich
Adam Kirwan
Adam Kirwan:
im an irish dortmund fan and this is literally my dream
Sam's LUFC Blog
Sam's LUFC Blog:
I’ve been on a stadium tour of Dortmund and saw how vast the yellow wall is! The amount of fans they can fit in
마르코 JohnJoeJonas
마르코 JohnJoeJonas:
I've been on the yellow wall against Leipzig, disappointing result but insane atmosphere... English teams just can dream of atmospheres like these. You were so far away from the yellow wall and the atmosphere was still better than in most PL stadiums. One day you should actually go on the yellow wall... It's completely different as just watching him from hundreds of meters
Love to watch the relationship between father and son
ÜPS 82
ÜPS 82:
03:34 Currywurst ist kein Erbseneintopf xd
Liam Moloney
Liam Moloney:
I'm a villa fan but I really like Dortmund because of their passion

I'd love to go
finn oh
finn oh:
Thogdads a legend everywhere he goes thogdads a legend everywhere he goes everywhere he goes
Regan f
Regan f:
What a game, what an atmosphere, 🔥🔥
TRA H & A:
The beer in seats is a massive factor on the atmosphere
Pat Mo
Pat Mo:
nothing beats the yellow wall when it comes to atmosphere. Always getting goose bumps
Morgan D. Schrader
Morgan D. Schrader:
Glad you enjoyed the game and the atmosphere so much.
I enjoy keeping up with the Premier League because to me it has a much deeper connection between fans and clubs but it looks like some of our Bundesliga clubs can keep up with that. :)
Hauptsache Puls
Hauptsache Puls:
Even from so far up and filmed wobbly Brandts goal was still outstanding
I’m so glad you have been to the Dortmund ground. I was born there but have English parents and I go 3/4 times a year. Next time you go there is a big brewery/bar your dad would be in heaven!! It’s called HOVELS Hausbrauerei There is something special about that place it’s amazing .
Everton away tonight for the mighty foxes 🦊👍 keep up the brilliant work
As a bayern fan, just watching this gives me goosebumps
Thogden the Goal song goes: "Olè, hier kommt der BVB" , that is like "Olè, the BVB is coming now", not "Olè, Olè Olè" 🤣
Thogdad just chilling with a beer. 😂
Jussi Pajunen
Jussi Pajunen:
Football and fan culture in Germany is so great.
Very exciting video, I like your style and your intensity especially during the intro. Keep up the good work, lad! Regards from Finland
Shikabala 77
Shikabala 77:
Im a Sporting CP fan and i would love watching Dortmund! Theres 2 particular teams i like because of the magic atmosphere and thats Dortmund and Liverpool! Greetings from Portugal!
I recommend 1.FC Magdeburg. alternately singing. 3.league, but often 20.000 fans
Great advert for champions league football and really glad you could be there to see it 👍🏻
Nice one! Kind of funny that I made the same experience vice versa when I went to Anfield as a German football fan. Okay, good sausages were missing but therefore I listened to the "real" You'll never walk alone. ;-) In the end we all feel the same, this is the best message of your video.
Oh-No TV
Oh-No TV:
The best thing about this video is him singing ole ole ole, even tough the lyrics are completely different😂😂
Thomas Cassidy
Thomas Cassidy:
Lads your exceptional football ambassadors for your country and great to hear you praise the Bundesliga and the fans from Dortmund and Leipzip.
Brandon Burrows
Brandon Burrows:
Would absolutely love the chance to go to signal iduna Park one day the atmosphere is absolutely insane
jot _
jot _:
For a BVB Fan it’s funny to see how Thogden sings Ole, Ole, Ole! But it’s Ole, here comes the BVB. ;) 🖤💛
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
I subscribed to your channel after watching this! Sadly, my husband (he’s of Austrian descent) has no intention to visit Germany or Austria. Want our child to understand his heritage. At least I made the kid a Bundesliga fan.
Akhil S Kumar
Akhil S Kumar:
I was searching for Dortmund fan atmosphere videos and this is exactly the kind of one which I wanted to watch....very well done my lad🔥😍
This makes me want to go to a Dortmund game! Once COVID is out of the way, I know where I'm travelling to!
Moey Rguyeg
Moey Rguyeg:
Glad to see one fan knowing how good Hakimi is, he’ll make it to the top of world football.
Joey Phillips
Joey Phillips:
Hi thogden I would recommend going to the Dublin derby here in Ireland. Shamrock rovers vs bohemians. This is a derby made by one team being on the Southside of Dublin (shamrock rovers) and the other being on the north(Bohemians) always a great atmosphere and a lot of hatred between the two sides. Keep up the good videos👌🏻
Peter Cetera
Peter Cetera:
GOOSEBUMPS! Especially in times like these...
It seems all English people buy into the commercialisation of football and love it but then when they go abroad they love the lack of it.
Haha you were sitting just a few rows above me. What a sick game this was. That second goal from brandt gave me chills again. Brilliant skills + finishing
Dieser Moment wenn der Engländer Ole Ole Ole singt..
Amy Key HCAFC:
Another top quality vlog again Thogden and Thogdad
Henning XXX
Henning XXX:
Now that you've seen the stadium with the greatest standing capacity, how about the one with the second greatest, the fabulous Millerntor of St. Pauli. It has standing areas on three sides and one of the most legendary atmospheres
Aaron Wade
Aaron Wade:
Best stadium by far . I was where you sat for my first Dortmund game and was like wow . In January went back but in the yellow wall and that is the best experience ever . Make sure you go back and do the wall 👍.
luca diamandis
luca diamandis:
what a game ! what a person 💙
loca 1337
loca 1337:
🖤💛 you're welcome
You need to visit BVB vs S04
Bailey Griffin
Bailey Griffin:
never clicked on a vlog faster in my life ❤️
Born and bread. Glad you enjoyed it. Next time you should visit a match against the rival Schalke 04.
Simon G1ahn
Simon G1ahn:
This is Why I love my BVB, the Stadium, the Players, it is just awesome, I only Go to a game once a year, but Every time it‘s something special 🖤💛
Scott Norman
Scott Norman:
What a brilliant thing to share these things with your old man. Respect from a Hibs fan
Demi Lawrie x
Demi Lawrie x:
Good video canny wait for more Scottish vlogs🇱🇻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Love this father-son relationship
Yiğido 58
Yiğido 58:
Theo, Galatasaray is waiting for your experience to be shared with your viewers😉
CFC 1888
CFC 1888:
Go to the Celtic vs Rangers game on the 29th December, honestly you will never experience anything like it. The old firm is the most vicious and exciting rivalry. I'm not joking.
Hennes 74
Hennes 74:
I saw two videos today. This one and your visit to Cologne. You couldn't make any better choices in the Bundesliga 😊👍.
Tstar Gram
Tstar Gram:
Love the passion you‘re sharing with your dad... smile on my Face the whole time.. if you come to FC Cologne again contact me i‘ll get you 2 tickets in the stands
Cameron Clemente
Cameron Clemente:
You'll never walk alone gives me goosbumps and I love that song
Robert W.
Robert W.:
I‘m English but have lived in Dortmund since 1994. Am a big BvB fan, and with a capacity of over 80,000, the atmosphere is always brilliant 👍👍👍
N D:
Love the videos mate, you and thogdad are class!!! If you don’t mind me asking, does he work? Travels with you a lot that’s all👍
Holger Gilruth
Holger Gilruth:
What a amazing impression. I am sure you will never forget this i hope
Enzo Maia
Enzo Maia:
The game still gimme goosebumps
Kit Ross
Kit Ross:
Thogden smashed off one beer 😂
Blair 05
Blair 05:
This man living the dream😍
Andy L
Andy L:
Brilliant video. It puts every single English Premier League ground to shame! We all know English stadiums are libraries but this really captures the excitement and noise of the Bundesliga. Fans constantly chanting, huge flags waving throughout the game, thousands in the yellow wall constantly bouncing up and down in unison, drums banging - just like Anfield, or the Emirates or Old Trafford - NOT! I'd love to know where you purchased the tickets as I'd love to go with my son to Signal Iduna Park. I've looked online but I am unsure of what sites can be trusted and are legitimate sellers for Dortmund match tickets.
Great videos Thogden keep it up much love ❤️
Honestly to watch a cologne match is much more of a unique experience
That yellow wall looks incredible
I miss these Vlogs and the great Dortmund fans
Brilliantly edited video. Love the cuts in the intro when u described where youd been, also the transition to where u were in the stadium straight from u talking on the streets
had a place in the opposite coner of the stadium at my studies while good ol' Jürgen was trainer.
The noise, movement and energy from the hardcore fans were supernatural. It all came up by your video an i jumed up from my couch as the first goal striked. The sound of the "you'll never walk alone" gives me shivers until today, also when performed from the british fans that now gettin more and more "beKloppt" or draft as you might say.
Malte Muller
Malte Muller:
I enjoy your videos Sir :) Hopefully next time you geat a better atmosphere at a Bundesliga Game after such a long journey :) I hope you still enjoyed it
Nimer Busool
Nimer Busool:
You had a great experience. Hope you get to go to Chelsea vs Bayern Munich or Real Madrid vs Manchester City
Sooo amazing!😍
I was there too. I even saw you walking through the city 😅 love from NL 🇳🇱
Felix Bücken
Felix Bücken:
It is an huge difference to just see the wall and to be a part of it! You have to be in it for once and you understand what I mean 😂
Jannik Schirm
Jannik Schirm:
You should have to go to a game in Frankfurt. This is amazing!!!
Dustin Werner
Dustin Werner:
By far one of your best videos, keep it up!
Du bist genial!
Du bist genial!:
This is a RELIGION!

I am rather a christian. Loving it
James Woodgate
James Woodgate:
Reminds me of NUFC in 90s score loads of goals but concede plenty also. Great video
3:40 *MEME* *WORTHY*
anders dante
anders dante:
Good video and good to see the Dortmund fans singing the Celtic anthem 👍
U r such a legend thogden thx for making such great videos 👍
Michael Murray
Michael Murray:
As an Australian that has been to 5 games in Germany (Sept 18) its an awesome experience. The Atmosphere is electric.
Jacob sl;fusokdefjspojkdf
Jacob sl;fusokdefjspojkdf:
dortmund has the best atmosphere for sure
I live in denmark and I visited 15 german stadiums, including Dortmund. Eintracht Frankfurt had by far the best atmosphere.
Die PS4 Gamer
Die PS4 Gamer:
You must go to the 1. FC Union that’s such a Great Soccer Club!!!
Ian Podmore
Ian Podmore:
One of the few foreign games I always wanted to go to was Dortmund v Schalke.
Another great video! Can't wait until the day you get 1Myou deserve it man.
Sydney Andresen
Sydney Andresen:
I cried when as they sung You'll never walk alone👏🏻
Marcos isaac
Marcos isaac:
Vem no jogo do Vasco da Gama aqui no Brasil!!!! 👊🏿👍🏾👍🏾
As a Bayern Munich fan i always respect Dortmund fans,real supporters,big club.
Ravnanger Tveiten
Ravnanger Tveiten:
This what I call a proper groundhopper.
Ben Foster
Ben Foster:
I remember going last season and I’ve never been to e better stadium and atmosphere.