ENOLA HOLMES Trailer (2020) Henry Cavill, Millie Bobby Brown Movie

ENOLA HOLMES Trailer (2020) Henry Cavill, Millie Bobby Brown Movie
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Wait. She's Holmes Alone?
Michael Jae
Michael Jae:
I didn't know El was Sherlock's little sister
Eleanor Turner
Eleanor Turner:
This is the kind of thing you watch simply because it’s fun. You ignore the flaws and inaccuracies because it brings out the giddy kid inside of you and gives you a sense of adventure. I cannot wait to watch this.
X Tina
X Tina:
Who else thought she was going to disguise herself as a boy? Love the twist! Can’t wait to see this movie
Shailendra Das
Shailendra Das:
Henry cavill is doing some really good work lately.
Nathaniel R. Solis
Nathaniel R. Solis:
Man, first Iron Man plays Sherlock Holmes, then Dr. Strange plays Sherlock Holmes, now SUPERMAN plays Sherlock Holmes?!
The Boi
The Boi:
This is the movie that literally says
"You want to watch me, you have to watch me and you *will* watch me"
Diana Anonymous
Diana Anonymous:
I can't believe they made Sam Claflin and Henry Cavill brothers. Genius.
offpotential declaration
offpotential declaration:
*reasons to watch this*
Henry Cavill : HA!
Me: sold!!!!!!!
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson:
I definitely need to see this.
Kari Farah
Kari Farah:
Eleven, Superman and Bellatrix Lestrange in a Netflix originals? I can't wait
Edit: OMG thanks for the likes guys, ly <3
God this looks fun. I can't wait. I feel like I'm 11 again reading Holmes books under the covers with a torch.
Nika Eizer
Nika Eizer:
Okay but can we talk about how the music just fits perfectly to the trailer?
miss movies
miss movies:
There are two main reasons why I want to watch this movie so badly, and those are: 0:39 and 1:06
- Henry Cavill, 2020.
Anonymous xvvii
Anonymous xvvii:
Now where to begin". Twas a cold night in Hawkins Indiana back in the '80s
Moriah Hamilton
Moriah Hamilton:
Historical fiction is one of the best genres hands down..I'd love to read the book
jojo abushkr
jojo abushkr:
i want this to be a tv series
Just Liam
Just Liam:
Benedrill cucumber batch will always be Sherlock Holmes in my eyes
Leslie Lili
Leslie Lili:
Really seems good but too much spoilers !
King Quan
King Quan:
We definitely need a movie like this during quarantine. Gives us a sense of imagination and freedom just looking at the trailer. We need more adventure movies.
Brian G.
Brian G.:
Her mother's fine, she's just gone off to pursue a long-held dream of setting up her own meat pie emporium in the London urban jungle.
Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata:
Henry's "Hah" was amazing so much attitude in one little phrase.
Charlypocamp luji _PLAY
Charlypocamp luji _PLAY:
Millie Bobby Brown😍
Neflex's formula: Let's put the actors from all our popular shows together and make a movie
miu n
miu n:
Peter Delgado
Peter Delgado:
I'm only watching because I thought this was a Henry Cavill movie.
Jenn T
Jenn T:
To cite the humble queen known as Manila Luzon: Yes, yess, yesss, everything is yesssss!
nora njoku
nora njoku:
This looks like a Guy Ritchie directed film. Surprised Guy didn't direct this but the person who did definitely took a page or two from Ritchie's style and I'm glad he did, looks great
We all know that Holmes' youngest is Eurus, a psychotic genius.
Holmes: she always wanted to change the world
Girl: perhaps it’s the world that needs changing
Me: huh? Isn’t that the same thing?
Hanako San
Hanako San:
Kinda afraid that this is just another "I'm not like the other girls" movie
sooo, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and now Superman have all played Sherlock Holmes.
i ALF:
🙄 This movie going to be so f*cking Woke
Im excited! You’re excited! Everyone’s excited!!
Agent Of Vengeance
Agent Of Vengeance:
We all know why you are here ladies.
You saw Henry Cavill in the thumbnail.
Heath Wilbur
Heath Wilbur:
Hummm, Hollywood putting Sherlock Holmes on the back burner for a sister Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never created....SHOCKER!!
Ollie Ols
Ollie Ols:
This looks so cute! Def what I need rn lol😂
Leanne Cortes
Leanne Cortes:
Nice click bait photo. Henry Cavill is epitome of perfection.
Merlin Arthur
Merlin Arthur:
*wow, Henry Cavill is getting projects one after another!*

best of luck hubby
TB Pewch
TB Pewch:
One of them shows that it gladly could have revealed the whole plot and I’d still need to watch!
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black:
"Is that Watson?" "No, that's Mycroft." "Oh, I just thought... the moustache, and being shorter, and... not being ridiculously overweight, and... Watson being a more recognizable character..." "No it's okay, we literally put their names next to them in the trailer."
Reasons to watch this
Henry Cavill : HA!
Me: Millie Brown sold it :D Need to see this now !!
n . a
n . a:
OMG this was SOOOOOOOO fun i watched it yesterday and honestly AMAZING
it really brought out the kid in me
i hope Netflix makes ore movies like this!
Cassie Park
Cassie Park:
Wow, this is going to be a blast to watch.. looks amazing.. cant wait to see it.. really great
Eleanor Page
Eleanor Page:
so i've been obsessed with henry since three days ago, lol, (you know that kind of phase that will come and go). I start squealing on 0:39
Damn, Henry Cavill is insanely handsome...
Duane Willis
Duane Willis:
Millie & Henry getting ALL that Netflix money 🤣🤣
Silly Millie, your mom is entertaining Vice President LBJ with dirty limericks.
Dennis Hawaii
Dennis Hawaii:
Wow - had low expectations, but the trailer was interesting and fun (Good Job Netflix)
This Sherlock looks so kind. Very different from the BBC Sherlock (who I love, don't get me wrong, but he's not openly kind or soft like this one looks to be)
Emma P
Emma P:
0:27 that’s an eleven face right there😉
So this is based on the Enola Fanfiction series with the 16 year old Mary Sue protagonist?
M Alamsyah
M Alamsyah:
1:57 "Enola, look in my chrysanthemum."
Cameron Gage
Cameron Gage:
The long hair looks good on her. She's come a long way.
Nick white
Nick white:
Henry is underrated as an actor he can do so much more I like to see him in a sci-fi action horror movie.
Leilani J
Leilani J:
Henry seems like such a great guy. He is talented, sweet, funny, and really emotes very well. What a treasure.
I that am lost, oh who will find me
deep down below the old beech tree
help succour me now the east wind blows sixteen by six, brother, and under we go.
I am lost. Help me brother. Save my life before my doom. I am lost without your love. Save my soul. Seek my room.
Enola. Alone. I like this coincidence.
Jam Kon
Jam Kon:
I always loved sherlock Holmes but I never liked the adaptation versions of Mycroft. He is a much much smarter, yet less enthusiastic Sherlock and I want a series about that instead
Bruce Burns
Bruce Burns:
Expands the details of the 1st book greatly...I love it! Millie is the best!
Melvin Cain
Melvin Cain:
Director: Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag) can't wait!
Fer Villa
Fer Villa:
Watching this for Henry ❤️ hopefully he will get a movie on his own soon for a while his character alone.
Andy Rondeau
Andy Rondeau:
Finally, a sort of new idea for the big screen. I'm so sick of all the remakes. Looking forward to this.
CatShark 007
CatShark 007:
I really cannot wait. I mean Henry Cavill for God's sake.
justin perez
justin perez:
I really liked this movie i had never get bored to watching it it was unique and mysterious concept that will totally blown your mind and mr sherlock got the best character in here the most handsome detective i've ever seen at all😘
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam:
It literally took me until I saw the actors’ names to realise who plays Mycroft! Whaaat!
QT Williams
QT Williams:
Henry Cavill was fine azz hell in this movie 🍿. The way he walks is everything 😍😍
Shaun Kenneally
Shaun Kenneally:
Yes, OMG yes
Needing to see this.
John Harrington
John Harrington:
I read these books to my girls when they were young. They're wonderful and really deserve wider popularity. Really looking forward to this.
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee:
I'm a person of simple taste. When I see Henry Caville, I click. Excited for this movie as well!
amy li
amy li:
Netflix August 2020: Looking for Daughter (Project Power)

Netflix September 2020:.Looking for Mother (Enola Holmes)
the young "Emma" matching wits with "Sherlock Holmes"
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen:
1:27 I thought she was smiling
Nerd Safari
Nerd Safari:
This looks amazing, and we can't believe it's coming out so soon! Netflix has these two drunk nerds so excited that we just uploaded a new reaction video, gushing about everything from MBB's awesome English accent, to finally seeing Helena Bonham Carter without either Johnny Depp or Tim Burton, to... erm... something about Henry Cavill's butt...?
Reminds me of an ol'timey "Harriet the Spy". Except Rosie O'Donnell is Superman now
May Rain
May Rain:
Am I the only looking forward to this because they remember reading the series as a little kid? .. yes ok😆♥️♥️
Yes, please. All of this. I normally have trouble getting my wife to watch shows that I like, but thanks to Henry Cavill, I don't think that'll be a problem with this show.
News Redial
News Redial:
Lemme guess, she finds her mother in the end but it turns out her mother was never lost because she's female and females are never helpless and don't need help especially from men so instead the mother was in full control all the time and on some big mission to save the world and more importantly to upstage her male sons.
That sound about right?
T V:
I'm a simple girl, i see Cavill i watch it
guest user
guest user:
Looks like Henry Cavill just chooses the roles he can geek out over these days. It's great to see him being so passionate about his roles and having so much fun.
Kingshuk Mukherjee
Kingshuk Mukherjee:
Cavill sells the trailer. Enola's character seems like a mary sue and I hope that's not the case. Would love some hero's journey back into character development.
Rasheda Blake
Rasheda Blake:
This looks like a good watch! Everytime I look at Henry Cavill all I see is Superman
''She wants to change the world''

''Perhaps its the world thats needs changing''

Isnt that the same thing ??!!
Bidhisuta Nayak
Bidhisuta Nayak:
I just saw this and came back to tell you that IT IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES IN A LOOONNNGGG TIME. the cast is *chef's kiss* and the plot ✨ brilliant. this is exactly what we need in this quarantine.
Now the rights of Sherlock Holmes is being unraveled.
Renz Marrion Batosalem
Renz Marrion Batosalem:
even with curly hair, he is so handsome. fck~ I just love looking at you Henry~
Tabe Storm
Tabe Storm:
This is what we could call in dutch: Swearing in church. Trying to make a classic look very modern doesn't make it any better. Why would you do something like this? It looks aweful
Turning the Holmes story up to eleven
Eleanor Scott
Eleanor Scott:
1:56 OMG is that richard madden or henry cavel?
martha Krypton
martha Krypton:

SOLD!! I’m watching!
The Hexy Beast
The Hexy Beast:
interesting to hear celebrity skin by hole in the trailer
Steve Kluver
Steve Kluver:
Just when you start thinking, that everything coming out recently is crap. *BANG* - out comes this Enola Holmes! This is going to be good . . . .
Axmed Yusuf
Axmed Yusuf:
Going to piss of my neighbours with that soundtrack (Hate them walking with their heels and when you ask them to not do it they say, Your 3 month old baby cries too) and the performance from Millie will be worth waiting for til the end of the month
Romey Dall
Romey Dall:
I can't wait for someone to compile all the Cavill clips into one compilation for YouTube.
Ali Macen
Ali Macen:
I see now, I've read in the news about the issue of this story. The owner of the story of Sherlock Holmes was not happy about the movie showing Holmes as a man who can show love and compassion to his sister, it's really petty.
Ginger Christmas
Ginger Christmas:
This looks so good! I got so excited when I saw it is coming out on Netflix.