Enola Holmes Trailer REACTION

Enola Holmes Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of official trailer 2020 Netflix! Henry Cavill Sherlock Holmes!

Enola Holmes Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Enola Holmes from Netflix in 2020, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for Enola Holmes before you see the full movie in 2020 on Netflix! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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I think Mille Bobby Brown has said more words in this trailer than in the entirety of Stranger Things!😭Can’t wait for this it look really fun.
Alvaro Ibacache S.
Alvaro Ibacache S.:
I wish people and producers would give Sam Claflin more credit. He’s so talented but his career never took off.
Interesting to see Netflix forming their own pool of on-screen talent.
Thiago Souza
Thiago Souza:
As the second older brother with a younger sister who's a rascal, me and my brother feel this lol.
Da Movie Lover
Da Movie Lover:
Cavill: she wants to change the world
Millie: Maybe it's the world that needs changing

That's what he said
chinmaya pattnaik
chinmaya pattnaik:
Netflix's "Holmes Alone" looks so good tho...
I really wonder when Netflix will run out of content, they've been pumping stuff out from the start of lockdown
Emmanuelle DAAVILA
Emmanuelle DAAVILA:
Mission impossible, Sherlock Holmes next Bond, James Bond
Can't see how Sherlock is coming across as a jerk here. Clearly it is Mycroft who seems to be a disapproving bigger brother and Sherlock the understanding one🤷
Alvaro Meneses
Alvaro Meneses:
This is a Bunch of Netflix actors and actresses from Stangers Things, The Witcher, Orange Is the New Black and The Crown.
Yet another Netflix movie that will feel like a pilot episode for what could've been a very successful series.
Henry Cavill needs to be the next James Bond
they better not waste Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin!
at the moment
at the moment:
Really looking forward to this!!

And I don't think Enola is in a love triangle. Pretty sure it was the same boy, and he got a hair cut. 😂 I sort of thought he's her bumbling "Watson" sidekick.
Starky Red
Starky Red:
Fiona Shaw is the headmistress of the school she’s sent to in the trailer.
Leandro Zutelman
Leandro Zutelman:
Surprised of the lack of publicity this movie has had
I believe in Henry Cavill supremacy
David Marshall
David Marshall:
Watson: "My goodness, Holmes, you look like Hercules himself! Did you stop using drugs as I suggested?"

Holmes: "On the contrary, Watson: I started using *new* drugs! My dealer calls them steroids. Now criminals across London will fear my right hook as well as my intellect."

Watson: "Splendid, Holmes!"
patricia Bermudez
patricia Bermudez:
Henry cavill is so hot wow, looks amazing in this trailer
I don't know if the movie is any good, but this is one of the most entertaining trailers I've seen in a long time. The narration, the music, the editing was so top-notch. This makes the fifth time I've seen it today.
Simone Oliver
Simone Oliver:
I’m British so I’m used to being surrounded with these sort of shows and as a result I normally can’t stand anything before 1980 but this actually looks pretty good.
Rob Ayotte
Rob Ayotte:
Henry's costars don't like him? What? explain please.
She looks like Kiera Knightly on that movie poster.
That is clever. Having Sherlock and Mycroft looking for their sister. This is how you switch to the woman in a franchise historically male focused. Just tell a story of an existing woman in the franchise.
Henry pulls off a great holmes imo
I get the sense that Millie Bobby Brown is becoming the actress everyone expected Keira Knightley to become but didn't.
Grace ALWAYS have to say something bad about Henry Cavil.
M Camelot
M Camelot:
Henry is so damn good-looking, it's alarming. I got distracted the first three times watching him. Film looks cute.
On another note If warner is being nosey: we’re begging you announce Man of steel 2.
I’m Sherlock Holmes...no I’m Iron Man...no I’m Doctor Strange...no I’m Superman.
Jacob A
Jacob A:
Are you going to talk about Netflix’s disaster ad campaign for Cuties?! 💜
This is a movie clearly aimed strictly for teenage girls. Which is totally fine.
Artegall And Elisabeth
Artegall And Elisabeth:
Thank you, Grace. Happy to see Mr. Cavill. My brother and I are part of a small but robust lovers of the Guy Ritchie film: The Man from Uncle. Would love a sequel with he and the cast.
Sam Brown
Sam Brown:
This has got to be the HOTTEST Sherlock Holmes ever...10/10 for looks n physique
Alena Pons
Alena Pons:
It's a six books series. They could do a lot!
anthony gomez
anthony gomez:
Hated the music choice for the trailer. Aside from that this movie may sway me to liking millie...
Hans Carlson
Hans Carlson:
It seems like they are trying to make the name "Holmes" a brand. From what I see I don't see why not. I like what I see so far.
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez:
“A LADY” Brilliant timing!!
John Murray
John Murray:
This looks amazing to me! Can’t wait!
HeavyMetal 2000
HeavyMetal 2000:
"Henry Cavill is supposed to be a jerk with a heart of gold"
Zach Snyder: "that's what I've been saying all this time with Superman!"
Tue Sorensen
Tue Sorensen:
Looks like a comedy aimed at young girls.
Athul Nair
Athul Nair:
I always thought she'd make a good Nancy Drew too...

Also Enola Holmes is based on a book series that came out like 10 years ago (from what I can see it sticks to the story of the first novel)
Iam only watching this cuz of Henry cavill, millie annoys me now
Kawshik Ahmed
Kawshik Ahmed:
It's a movie because WB made it initially for the theaters, then they sold the rights to Netflix because of Covid-19.
Vinie S
Vinie S:
Lost me at "gIrL pOwEr".
Tosh T
Tosh T:
Of course Grace would love this trailer. She may be the industry's biggest Millie Bobby Brown fan. 😀👍
The rock music threw the trailer off, first 30 seconds were good.
Matt J Cole
Matt J Cole:
"She's got plenty of time to become an adult actress..."

Looks genuinely fun, I'll definitely give it a try when it comes out.
wait there where two boys in the trailer, i didn't notice, I thought that was the same boy
Ellie H
Ellie H:
Sam Claflin didn't become a huge star but I'm glad he's still getting work unlike some of his hunger games costars. Loved him on peaky blinders
Nina E
Nina E:
This looks fantastic. I hope they do get at least a sequel
Sandesh Dias
Sandesh Dias:
Directed by the same guy who directed fleabag, I think that's really coming through!
The background rock song is “Celebrity Skin” from the group Hole sung by Courtney Love, in case anyone is wondering.
I think it looks fun, and I'm an adult. Don't mind the music, won't expect much of a mystery, either.
Mad Max
Mad Max:
Wasn’t this supposed to be released in theatres by Warner Bros.?
Rafael Manzo
Rafael Manzo:
Back when we heard about it, the concept sounded like some cheap Hollywood assembly-line family movie on the way, *but look at this now! This looks great.* Trailer is full of charisma.
Luke M.
Luke M.:
The end of the trailer with the rock and roll and almost action movie style was really engaging to me. Made me like it more than other Holmes incarnations (sometimes too stuffy British)
Ravi Maharaj
Ravi Maharaj:
Henry Cavill : Perhaps she wants to change the world.
Millie Bobbie Brown : Perhaps it's the world that needs changing.
Isn't that what he just said?
Leonardo Albuquerque
Leonardo Albuquerque:
I felt a “Young Sherlock Holmes” vibe. Loved it!
This was going to get a theatrical release before they decided to use Netflix. Hence the grand sense of scale.
Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen:
Netflix has been on a role recently. This looks really good. And Henry Cavill is a great choice for Sherlock Holmes
Lately I have been finding myself asking more and more. Who is this for?
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire:
I've been a fan of the series of books this is an adaption of for YEARS, and this trailer makes me so confident that this will be a fantastic adaption of them!
Ying Huynh
Ying Huynh:
I can definitely see Henry as the new Sherlock.
When I first saw this I thought "What the hell happened to Natalie Portman" But it's Millie Bobby Brown.
Claudio Albuquerque
Claudio Albuquerque:
Hey Grace, you've been entertaining my pandemic time and I've been loving it. I appreciate your content 😊🇵🇹
Hmm...there are six books in the Enola Holmes series, so they could do each one, COVID-19 notwithstaning.
ABetterDay -
ABetterDay -:
Yay!!! Love Millie and Henry!
Alix Strothers
Alix Strothers:
“I am the Target Audience, Girl Power!” Omg Grace I was laughing so hard! You and me both!
"she has plenty of time to be an adult actress" hmmm
A D:
This looks so great! The music was a bit out of touch and mostly too loud to enjoy the dialogues. But that trailer makes want to see that movie, and wayyy more...
Millie looks like a young Keira Knightley on the poster.
Flip Ros
Flip Ros:
Sherlock: "Perhaps she wants to change the world."
Enola: "Perhaps it's the world that needs changing."
Me: that's... what he said... *cringe*
Grace: "YEESSS YEESS!" (face palm) lmao
Yes! Was waiting for this!
henry looks great as sherlock!!
Everything minus the dreadful music seems great.
Lu-Hiep Phan
Lu-Hiep Phan:
The rock&roll music is definitely not something I care for, especially for/in this trailer.

And The Great is very good, very fun and enjoyable.
Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish:
Milly's Enola kinda reminded me of Hailee Steinfeld's Character in true grit but more fun.
This is the 2nd ime I see Cavill in era clothes... First one is on "Stardust" where is is very young and thin...and a jerk 😂😂😂
My, what big eyes you have. I'm a little torn on Sherlock Holmes having a sister because that wasn't one of Arthur Conan Doyle's original characters in his novels.
"A Knights Tale" says you can do rock and roll in historical times.
Mr. Movie Mafia
Mr. Movie Mafia:
I loved this WAY more than I expected! I wasn’t excited until this trailer, MBB seems surprisingly great in the role!
Black Magician
Black Magician:
When I heard Sherlocks sister I thought about his brother from "smarter brother" played by Gene Wilder. Then they show Sherlock and Enola have another sibling/brother and I was like- they all cross together!😄
Lovely and I am stuck writing my BA about Sherlock Holmes. Here comes my Henry Cavill hope
Serenity now
Serenity now:
"this is a movie" 😆
I know is out of context, but yeah is the cliché think to say when you don't want to say anything bad about a production
I grew up loving Harriet the Spy, American Girl, and Pippi Longstocking and this makes my heart happy!
Raaid Cotman-El
Raaid Cotman-El:
this reminds me a lot of the apple TV show Dickenson. seems Netflix wants a piece of the teenage bookworm demographic.
I'm so happy you like The Great, Grace! I had no idea how great Elle Fanning could be before I watched the show. So excited for season 2, I hope you'll cover it.
Ken Hamm
Ken Hamm:
I think the use of Hole's "Celebrity Skin" for her "make over" was smart. But a lot of people probably didn't catch it.
Richard The Cowardly Lion
Richard The Cowardly Lion:
Yes, I AM in fact the one that isn't at all interested in (Victorian) period pieces, but the Rock & Roll feel gave it the energy and power to grab my attention, (and actually fell like a potentially fun movie).
Edgar Do O Nobre
Edgar Do O Nobre:
Guy is one milisecond on screen. Grace: "I don't like that guy". Me: I like that guy even more.🤣
Ender Warlock
Ender Warlock:
This looks like a lot of fun! I love the presentation of Enola speaking to the viewers and Millie’s delivery of those lines are wonderful and full of character!
F.R. F
F.R. F:
Just hearing Courtney Love - Celebrity Skin, made me super happy :)
Ben BamBoo
Ben BamBoo:
That music is the equivelant of a character wearing a digital watch in a period piece.
Harlequin Dove
Harlequin Dove:
So apparently there is a lawsuit Netflix is involved with regarding this. Could you touch on that please?
Swordfish 97
Swordfish 97:
This movie is getting sued for portraying sherlock as a not-a-jerk/having emotions
Anastasia Balandina
Anastasia Balandina:
Yay!!! Can’t wait for this! These books were my favourite a couple years back☺
Roses are Wild
Roses are Wild:
The Cobain Trailer Song Connection...
The Batman: Nirvana
Enola Holmes: Hole
John Wick 4: Foo Fighters?
I love anything with Henry Cavill 🥰🥰