Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Share First Snaps Of Newborn Baby: 'My Sunshine'

And baby makes five! Enrique Iglesias took to Instagram to officially share the first snap of his newborn with wife Anna Kournikova. The precious photo shows the doting dad wearing a hospital gown while cradling the crying infant in his arms. The singer captioned the pic with the little one's birthday, writing, "My Sunshine 01.30.2020." Last week, Enrique's older brother, Julio Iglesias Jr., announced the arrival of the couple's third child during an interview with a Chilean radio station. He said at the time, "Yes, my brother now has three children and he's super happy." Congrats to the beautiful family!

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33 comentarios:

Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi:
Very beautiful family, God Bless You All.
Heewon S
Heewon S:
That's wonderful! Congrats! They've been together for 20 years I think!
Erika Wright
Erika Wright:
Blessings to the loving family
Darling Tanj
Darling Tanj:
I forgot all about these people.
Danica D's World
Danica D's World:
Aww. Congrats! I had my third child 6 months ago, 💗
I can't believe they're still together and have kids! They're literally the couple goal
Amanda Hemstreet
Amanda Hemstreet:
Congratulations on your new baby girl Enrique Iglesias and his wife Anne
Khalilah Muhammad
Khalilah Muhammad:
Awww I didnt even know they were married all this time. I just remember her in that Escape video and rumors they were dating. Sorry too much in my own life to keep up with celeb lives.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo:
Did not know they were still together nor that they had two other kids.
Leslie Donal
Leslie Donal:
Congratulations‼‼‼ MaMa and Papi baby '3'❗👶🎉❤
hawa N'DAW
hawa N'DAW:
Bien venue à l'enfant dans ce monde d'enfer!😘🤗
Thirra Schonnovik
Thirra Schonnovik:
Russia people then go straight to the money
Awww speedy recovery
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office:
I love the hat congrats to u all
That girl is Russian + Spaniard + Philippino ( Enrique’s mom, Ana Preysler is Phillipina).
Susan Desanto
Susan Desanto:
Are they Married now?
It's not bad to have children
Please, get married first. And you can have a thousand of babies.
lf H
lf H:
Love them
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen:
Amina Zed
Amina Zed:
Enrique waw baybi ana
God she's one lucky woman the best looking man in the world
Roxanne Larrieu
Roxanne Larrieu:
Que familia _tan_ Bonita Todos _merecemos _ser Felices _en _éste _mundo 💋
janelle charles
janelle charles:
Soul Sister
Soul Sister:
Number 3 dam
Judith Ryle
Judith Ryle:
Cute children
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom:
Happyness and love for a wonderful family! 🌹🌿💚
maria bond
maria bond:
Красивая музыка
Красивая музыка:
Это что третий родился???
maryam mure
maryam mure:
Awwwww 🤗 ♥️🙏
Maggie Akkie
Maggie Akkie:
Congratulations 💜💜💜💝💝💝💝💖💖💖😍👍
Thabo Sibanda
Thabo Sibanda:
Access, she is not his wife they ain't married
They aren't married.. Very soon they'll divorce I think..
Fil M
Fil M:
IVF babies ... Or surrogacy ... Staged pics