Epic Long Range Attacks | Strade Bianche 2022 Mens Highlights

Cycling’s unofficial sixth Monument and everyone’s favourite early-season Classic, Strade Bianche, will take place this Saturday and see a selection of the world’s best descend on Siena to do battle over its intricate web of gravel roads. The question is, who’ll top the podium on the iconic Piazza del Campo come the end of the race? Will it be a previous winner in the form of Julian Alaphilippe or Tiesj Benoot? Or a youngster looking to make their name on the one-day racing scene, like Tadej Pogačar? Let’s take a look…

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100+ comentarios:

Stark Parker
Stark Parker:
Alaphilippe is one stylish rider. He even looks cool while crashing.
Grand Tours, Stage Races, Monuments/Classics, he can win them all. 🤯 I wouldn’t be surprised if he won even Paris-Roubaix in the future. 😳
A 50km break against the entire peloton. I said it before and I will say it again, he is either the greatest rider since Hinault or the most doped one since Armstrong.
Mr John Dope
Mr John Dope:
A solo breakaway to win the race is impressive enough, but doing it in 50km and not a large gap to peloton is mind boggling
Jacob Mathis
Jacob Mathis:
Pogacar winning is one thing but Valverde getting second? 😳😳😳
Carp Victor
Carp Victor:
Valverde doesn't stop to impress, I'm in my late 30's and I always have a little fear of how much riding/racing I have left, seeing Him still on a podium gives me hope, thank you Alexandro !!!
Valverde is 42 and still a main player. Such a champ!
onei jike
onei jike:
Love to see Pogačar solo in front with all cameras on him because it means more screen time of this gorgeous hair streak peaking through his helmet 👏
James Creavin
James Creavin:
Only race I'll watch full coverage of every year, what a treat today!
Alaphilippe, van Aert and van der Poel have a strong opponent joining them for the coming classics, Pogacar. On the other hand I don't know which result was more impressive Poga's victory or Valverde's second place. I think both!
Doug E
Doug E:
Haven't seen such dominance since Lance Armstrong.
James McKenzie
James McKenzie:
Great that LouLou didn't get seriously injured. That crash looked brutal.
Brendon Noble
Brendon Noble:
Pogacar is unbelievable. I don't believe that is possible.
Bartłomiej Dawid
Bartłomiej Dawid:
Kudos for Alaphilippe for landing this crash with style and nice technique
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
once in a lifetime records. Imagine, a Grand Tour rider who is also a Classics rider. Wow!
Love to see Pogačar solo in front with all cameras on him because it means more screen time of this gorgeous hair streak peaking through his helmet 👏
Marko Habjanič
Marko Habjanič:
Pogačar the Great!! 💪💪
doliio volay
doliio volay:
Well done - one of the legendary races all over the world!
Daniel Connolly
Daniel Connolly:
what a fabulous race … chapeau ✅
shani yan
shani yan:
1:33 Pogacar would find himself all alone, until the end of the race. THE END
Pogacar is unbelievable. Too strong.
S T P Pearson
S T P Pearson:
Congratulations, Pogacar! I hope no serious damage was done to Alaphillipe.
Black n Tan
Black n Tan:
Nice win! 🏆
What a crazy crash though 😳
Tadej Pogacar, He's monster!!!!
André Bastos
André Bastos:
This is crazy, what a performance 👏👏
Velomania Romania
Velomania Romania:
Well done - one of the legendary races all over the world!
Pinoy Cycling Network
Pinoy Cycling Network:
Pogacar’s level is far from the packs.. 50km attacked is insane..
Adam Miller
Adam Miller:
Incredible performance by Pog!
It takes 2x TdF champ to break the spirit of world champ at 50km remaining. Crazy race. Inspiring so much.
Johann Piedras
Johann Piedras:
Wow! Pogi is truly a generational talent. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, his ability is remarkable. Excited to see others try to keep up, or even pass him this year.
Impressive ride from Tad
annag cocl
annag cocl:
Pogacar is sooooo strong, it’s almost no fun to watch
Que fuerte que esta Valverde loco, es hasta extraño que se retire este año
alikabok 1966
alikabok 1966:
Welcome to the 4th season of, The Tadej Pogacar Show.
Title: Cannibal 2, the Sequel
It is humbling to finally, watch, barring injuries and bad luck, the true heir to Eddy Merckx.
The only true complete rider of the modern era of cycling.
Pogacar, might not break Merckx's palmares record, but he is capable, and will come close to breaking and creating once in a lifetime records.
Imagine, a Grand Tour rider who is also a Classics rider.
Pogacar is truly becoming the "Millennial Cannibal"
Filip Markešić
Filip Markešić:
Would be fun to watch even more if MVDP and Wout were here, they would not let him go solo :D
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Valverde is 42 and still a main player. Such a champ!
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams:
Is there any stopping him ? Has he peaked to early for the tour? He can’t keep it going surly. Awesome none the less.
Kenryu wiley
Kenryu wiley:
50km breakaway..... wow.... super strong rider....
C B:
Thank you to GCN+. great coverage........Peace
Jure Stiplošek
Jure Stiplošek:
Tadej bravisimo 🙂
Holy smokes that wind swept crash!
Steve Ilg
Steve Ilg:
Go Durango!!! Great ride, Quin🇺🇸💪🏾
Paul Solon
Paul Solon:
It appears from this performance by pogacar today the Tour de France winner looks secure
whatever Pogacar ate, his hair even started growing through his helmet!
Xu-Ming Koh
Xu-Ming Koh:
1:33 Pogacar would find himself all alone, until the end of the race.

Charles Riley
Charles Riley:
Wow, what a treacherous Tuscan sun hanging over this race!
Jeremy Sweeten
Jeremy Sweeten:
Pogacar is sooooo strong, it’s almost no fun to watch
James Thompson
James Thompson:
Epic. Epic. Epic! This race is so brilliant and Pogacar a deserving winner. Was on Le Tolfe today to see him doing his thing. A special athlete we are lucky to witness.
eF 1
eF 1:
Pogacar the type to win the world tt championships, too.
Jasmyn Howard
Jasmyn Howard:
Hopefully people stop accusing him of being dirty and just enjoy what you’re witnessing. He’s literally in his prime and riding like a mad man.
Michael Lassen
Michael Lassen:
Alverde grazy guy... He's like a red wine. Older than better. RESPECT
In the style of the old T Rex classic.. "Solid gold easy action"
Why does it always seem that Pogacar is soo fresh after his races? It looks like he doesn't even ride in the races, just steps up to the podium to accept the trophies...
Piki Jakob
Piki Jakob:
Pogačar and Roglič are two slovenian beasts heheeeeeee they are both fenomenal!!!!😍🤗
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn:
Tadej pogacar is a modern day Eddy Mercxx....i said it
people need to calm the f down. asgreen did a lot of work to bring back ala, while pogacar was sitting in the slipstream easy in front, and still closed a good junk of the gap in the end and got third and 97 year old valverde 2nd. also no van aert, no mvdp, no roglic, no bernal, , ala out, benoot out...this wasnt as extreme of a win as it seems at first.
Jyv3n Conorquie
Jyv3n Conorquie:
Are there longer highlights on the subscription service? I’m looking for about an hours worth as I don’t have time to watch the entire race.
Alessio Brancaccio
Alessio Brancaccio:
A multiple fall clearly triggered by a strong gust of wind from the right. A cyclist fell and then some others behind as in the domino effect. It also happened to me to fall alone for the same reason on April 18, 2019 in Avezzano in Abruzzo due to a gust of side wind from Libeccio from SW.

Una caduta multipla innescata chiaramente da una forte folata di vento laterale da destra. E' caduto un ciclista e poi alcuni altri dietro come nell'effetto domino. Anche a me è successo di cadere da solo per lo stesso motivo il 18 Aprile 2019 ad Avezzano in Abruzzo a causa di una folata di vento laterale di Libeccio da SW.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
Pogacar is truly becoming the "Millennial Cannibal"
Who took out Alaphilippe? Moving from the raised centre of the road into the dusty gutter, across the wheels of the other riders was unlikely to end well....
aiuc lse
aiuc lse:
Valverde is 42 and still a main player. Such a champ!
Clayvian Williams
Clayvian Williams:
Shit! This guy is a beast. I think only Cancellara could pull of such long range solo attack and win but pogacar is like an hybrid in the Peloton
what a beast
The Bid
The Bid:
Superhuman feat reminiscent of LA.
0:27 world champion gymnastics on wheels!
0:27 Is this an instant education or years of crashing? I wonder!
J B:
Wow not at all suspicious that one young man can be the best one day classic rider the best gc rider the best time trial rider and out sprint anyone when necessary- ffs when is someone going to call it?
aola wili
aola wili:
Pogacar is unbelievable. Too strong.
Sb Sb
Sb Sb:
Never use disc brakes bicycles at strong wind areas.
tweedle dee
tweedle dee:
this dude man insane....
!!!! VALVERDE !!!!
Jon Suts
Jon Suts:
Starting to hate pogi for being so dominant
Jonathan R.
Jonathan R.:
Shame the GCN app went down in Australia. Was watching until 2am and they couldn't show the finish.
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris:
Quinn... Awesome showing!
Frankfriedrich Heckmann
Frankfriedrich Heckmann:
TheTDF Champion ist schwer zu besiegen Im Sommer kommt der 3TDF Sieg
Helmi Wijaya
Helmi Wijaya:
Fun fact : The runner ups on both races Men and Women are initial A.V.V
tom shuo
tom shuo:
Que fuerte que esta Valverde loco, es hasta extraño que se retire este año
Mark Marquez
Mark Marquez:
tadej will never beat mvdp in this race
Karlo Pangan
Karlo Pangan:
Rui Calado
Rui Calado:
Pogacar wining is very nice but not unexpected,but the grandfather Valverd taking second is simply amazing,he will be missed when he retired.
Pablo Pérez García
Pablo Pérez García:
Bikers back in the day had to be very bad compared to today's beasts. It is March and the top ones are already fighting. They will keep doing this until late September. Far from what Lemond, Indurain, Higgins and so many others did for years, with just 3 weeks of intense races in 365 days.
Cougar Bear
Cougar Bear:
Lol that one guy went flying and did a flip
Chris Goggins
Chris Goggins:
His hair always looks silly. Crazy effort though.
Magnus Grønset
Magnus Grønset:
Is there such thing as an official monument? Isn’t it just label given for five of the oldest and most prestigious races?
Alex Groccio
Alex Groccio:
from another planet

van der Poel

The best of the rest

van Aert
Vegas Mando
Vegas Mando:
Slovenian Go-Go Juice For The Win.
If you think this is legit, I've got 7 yellow jerseys I want to sell you.
Ebbe Jensen
Ebbe Jensen:
Stop the doping accusations please. Will Tadej go on vacation now until the Tour? Asgreen for the win in the next races :-)
Jon Poon
Jon Poon:
Rainbow bands is definitely in his future
Look how disc brakes caused that crash. Dudes discs locked his wheels and slid him out then took out JA.
Kp Slinger
Kp Slinger:
Merckx Worthy!
Lins Lins
Lins Lins:
Great battle
matisse nimmegeers
matisse nimmegeers:
Might be spectacular but damn he makes cycling boring as hell
Manx Missile!
Manx Missile!:
I would really like to have Strade Bianche to gain the status of a monument. As a sixth monument it only needs the permission of the UCI and a roughly 250km course. The gravel sections are giving this race a unique style and atmosphere among the already established and traditional monuments. If another 250km one day race is maybe to much for the early spring season, I would also consider to reschedule Strade Bianche into late summer because currently we only have one monument and the WC after the spring season and another big one day race would round up the calendar very well.
Melania Monica Craciun
Melania Monica Craciun:
EPIC indeed fans, the most beautiful thing in the world , happiness looks just this good fans, except the accident, plizzzzzz be careful champions do not get hurt Ok?
Frank Ling
Frank Ling:
, how can he really be so much better than such an elite field.
hans batter
hans batter:
It s not even funny. If he attacks the whole peloton should just work together. Not 2- 3 guys trying to hunt him down separatly
Leslie Propheter
Leslie Propheter:
Alaphilippe ! There’s hope for you. Screw the other guy who needs a drug test