Epic Rafael Nadal Shots in Win Over Tsitsipas! | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

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100+ comentarios:

Mudo Tage
Mudo Tage:
If i was zverev, i would lose to see a Fedal match.
Rumen Krasimirov
Rumen Krasimirov:
Everybody’s gangsta until Nadal loses tie break in first set 😎
Logan Legend
Logan Legend:
For once in my life... I will... with all my heart... support Medvedev next.
Faris Isman
Faris Isman:
Tsitsipas play perfect, so clean... But rafa? I cant describe with "anything"... NO WORDS NEEDED 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Shoaib raj
Shoaib raj:
Now we have to Cheer for Medvedev!!!!!😅
Zverev: "Let's Gooooooo...."
Everybody Else: "Yes! Go Home"
Edwin Vasquez
Edwin Vasquez:
These are not shots from a human! Nadal was producing top quality Tennis!!!!
Surname Name
Surname Name:
We want to see Fedal. So Zverev please go home
Rafa was epic in that game in third set when he broke stefanos.
Manan Galav
Manan Galav:
Tsitsipas was actually laughing after that running forehand nadal hit....
"What do I have to do to beat this guy"
Chris M
Chris M:
I find it funny how people keep on underestimating Nadal. There is a reason why he is a legend to the sport and a beast when it comes to comebacks and having a fighting spirit. 👆🥇🐐🔥👌
Well, I think Rafa paid back Roger to an extent since he took a lot out of tsitsipas. Whatever happens I am so thrilled Rafa delivered against a inform tsitsipas who played phenomenal tennis. The margins were really fine, a point here and a point there but so happy to see Rafa serving this well with clutch net play. This will help his game next year for sure.
Arunlal Rajagopal
Arunlal Rajagopal:
Rafaaa you will fight for every things and i wanna make sure i just try to do that in life what you do in court
Never ever give up attitude
Yusuf Luhar
Yusuf Luhar:
I wanna see Fedal so badly, Daniil we know ur out but please do this for the whole world lol.
andrew mabs
andrew mabs:
This is what I told some of tstitipas diehard , don’t disregard the 19 grand slam champion , give nadal credit or respect before u slug him off
Let’s goo Rafa world no1 again, so much respect for him never lets his intensity drop 🐐
Boy what an amazing player he is. So much fighting spirit and so much positivity. No wonder he's world number 1 at the moment. What a brilliant game from both of the players. This year's atp finals is surely the best.
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Simply is the best!!! No words to describe this Spaniard warior!!!! So lucky to witness this era!!! Good luck for #1 in 2020!!!👍👍👍
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez:
You have to play god mode to have a chance of beating Nadal.
Vaaaamos Rafa
SAMURAI from Japan
SAMURAI from Japan:
I feel Rafa got stronger after the match against Medvedev.
Rafa played comfortably today. If he keeps playing like today, he will absolutely win this title. 🇪🇸
Dee Man
Dee Man:
Don't call it comeback, he's been here for years.....He is the [email protected] GOAT!!!!! Period!!!!!
aman parhar
aman parhar:
No words for this GOAT
Rituraj Srivastava
Rituraj Srivastava:
That out of the line shot is eyecatching.
Vamos Rafa! This tournament in all its ups and downs! I really did not have too much hope for Rafa wining this match because of the way Stefanos has been playing. Shame on me! Rafa has the heart of a true warrior. I don't believe I've seen anything like it :-)
Kylian Sahm
Kylian Sahm:
Rafa = perfection
Leslie Propheter
Leslie Propheter:
Rafa would be the first to say to you (re Federer: 'No need to cry, it's just tennis')
Vickie Nikolakopoulou
Vickie Nikolakopoulou:
Great battle against ones of the greatest tennis players.Good for you Stefanos
We love you, no matter what!!
Keep going champion !!!
Saïda Bibi
Saïda Bibi:
Wonderful as usual..
Mind blowing..
Good luck...
Guinea Ecuatorial
Guinea Ecuatorial:
Vamos Rafa!!!
Eres el mejor del mundo.
Un saludo desde HispanoAmérica.
Andrew Edwin
Andrew Edwin:
Come on medvedev u can do it... Do for Rafa ND fans❤
He's not of this world. I bow. (Roger's fan)
bruce aai
bruce aai:
Thank you, Rafa...my King. Awesome!
Brian Chan
Brian Chan:
Incredible bounce back from when I saw him play against Zverev on Monday. Rafa is such a fighter!!!
People call me SUGAR
People call me SUGAR:
Ali Rizaa
Ali Rizaa:
Oh My Great Champ.. 😍
Manuel Jiménez
Manuel Jiménez:
Rafael, es un orgullo verte jugar y representarnos!!!
maud bayle
maud bayle:
Tsitsipas regarde le chemin qui te reste à parcourir pour devenir un très très grand champion i love you rafa 💖💖💖
Alpha GOAT
Juan carlos Portilla morales
Juan carlos Portilla morales:
Epic is right for that match 🔥
Johan Ananda
Johan Ananda:
So proud to you my Idol, for the fighting spirit you have shown everytime in the court, still happy even if you don't qualify to semifinal because you get back home the atp number one Trophy as Year End world Numero Uno..Vamos Rafa, wish all the best for Davis cup and next season..
Victor Leung
Victor Leung:
Being a Medvedev fan tonight.
John First
John First:
Rafa, what a legend!!
Cole Weston
Cole Weston:
Love you Rafa ❤❤ Enjoy Mallorca with the number one trophy while the minions play for the minor positions
Let's pray that Medvedev will fight with dignity tonight!
Syed Ali
Syed Ali:
Nadal is one of his kind... no other player has shots like that, simply out of this world, like Rafa :)......
Nurdin Dahlan
Nurdin Dahlan:
Only Rafa Nadal can make us say "NO WAY NO HOW"
John O'Neill
John O'Neill:
Cicipas is like "Are you kidding me?!"
0:46 😳
GRFAWEYAH5 Ms juninhope
GRFAWEYAH5 Ms juninhope:
The best 😍❤️❤️
Davide Vaschetto
Davide Vaschetto:
And all the amazing point of tsitsipas where are???
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel:
Praying 🙏 Medvedev Wins. LOL
Can't wait to see another epic FEDAL semi final.
You think the entire crowd is going to be cheering for Medvedev now?
Mateus Felipe
Mateus Felipe:
Go Medvedev! Makes FeDal happen once again!
Nail' Urazbakhtin
Nail' Urazbakhtin:
Legendary champion!!!
حسين الموسوي
حسين الموسوي:
Mbrooowk baby ❤
Adam Rubinson
Adam Rubinson:
0:47 is outrageous
Rider Hog
Rider Hog:
Come on Daniil!
A L:
Congrats and bye, Rafa)
Ratheesh K R
Ratheesh K R:
I would like to see a Federer Nadal match again, It will be another epic sure... Hope Medvedev will beat Zuverev.
Cristian R.F
Cristian R.F:
What a beast!
m noris
m noris:
Nadal fierce fighter
Damn he's out
pranay vats
pranay vats:
Rafa played with his all at his mental and physical best. Signs of a great season ahead and an omen for his opponents.
deepak kalyanaraman
deepak kalyanaraman:
There were some incredible volleys that nadal played under pressure. Best volleys of the year were played in this match. Rafa the great !!!
Chess Lover
Chess Lover:
Maybe its the first and last time in my life i want Medvedev to win a match
Daniel Pérez
Daniel Pérez:
Eres enorme, Rafael
Next gen looking strong
barca barca
barca barca:
Mudo Tage
Mudo Tage:
#FEDAL ..zverev pls don't ruin this.
Awesome nadal!!! Go go go final winner
Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez:
Tennis tv, if you are going to put just 1:55 mins of an epic match, please, dont repeate the only 3 points 1000 times, thank you.
People call me SUGAR
People call me SUGAR:
If Zeverev wins does it mean Rafael is out then?
Judy Seager
Judy Seager:
Congrats to you rafa 👊👍💙💙💛💛💗
Rafa si the best, that’s it
Rafa tops the group if Daniil beats Sascha.
The legend is now!
hemanth vasipilli
hemanth vasipilli:
thats rafael nadal never give up , playing every point as if its the last point to be played
Sandra Finney
Sandra Finney:
Congratulations Rafa!! You were amazing! Your shot making was unbelievable. Fifth world champion and #1 in the world. Just awesome!! I can't wait to see you win the Australian Open 2020 for #20 grand slams. You well deserve these records and titles!!
Mohammed Bin othman
Mohammed Bin othman:
I hope Medvedev win
Rusdayati Idrus
Rusdayati Idrus:
Federer gains his golden-gilted diamond achievement wt talent n grace. Nadal earns the same wt strive, struggle, fight, grit n tenacity. Both decorate the tennis panorama of this decade.
Izazur Rahman
Izazur Rahman:
Vamos rafa...best sports spirit ever..
omer rasiuk
omer rasiuk:
Robert Erokwu
Robert Erokwu:
The best competitor of all time in the ATP tennis history
Ricardo Moran Rodríguez
Ricardo Moran Rodríguez:
How did Tsitspipas move to finals and not Nadal when he won?
Sethyanie Zein
Sethyanie Zein:
Assalamualaikum nadal is the best forever word
Krespo Mobile
Krespo Mobile:
So if Zverev wins Zverev goes in the semis?
ahmed w Mohamed
ahmed w Mohamed:
Rusda Yati
Rusda Yati:
Tsitsipas is the champ of 2019 Nitto ATP London. Nadal beat him in an epic match. What d u think?
Agustino Hadiyanto
Agustino Hadiyanto:
Congrat's king Nadal.. open your presents
Cedric Decharme
Cedric Decharme:
Big Big BIG CHAMPION💪💪👏👏👌🤩
come on Tennis TV do better! give us 5 minute highlights at least
Ari Jefferson
Ari Jefferson:
Fedal semi would be epic
Dr Trouble
Dr Trouble:
Okay 0:16 clearly showed his versatility in his game as he matures in his game as he grow older. The "counter punching" predictable Nadal is gone. Good Luck Federer in semis had Zverev lose his match against Med! I hope the Russian has "his Med" later today lol
What about the other two and a half sets
Also where is the crazy Greek lady? "Kneedull" took out your hero 🤣🤣🤣 but Stefanos played really well to his credit. And yes, I think Rafa reciprocated Rogers favor to an extent. So all in all a very satisfying week (I like Novak but can't stand many of his rabid fans (not all))
Slightly Biased Rafael Nadal Fan
Slightly Biased Rafael Nadal Fan:
It’s just ignorant to call him a one dimensional grinder and defensive player with limited talent when the guy hits the volleys and shows the touch/reflexes that he did in the first two points of this highlight and the whole match really
Lanie Oliva
Lanie Oliva:
So exciting to watch u rafa...a true warrior
Saujatya Mandal
Saujatya Mandal:
Just imagine Nadal defeated medvedev in five setter epic in us open.... In atp finals he clinched victory from an "almost won" match by daniil... Medvedev wanted to take revenge and deservedly so...... Well 😅😅😅😅😅I pray he doesn't