ePremier League 2019/20 FINALS | Hashtag Tom, FaZe Tass, Fnatic Tekkz & more!

Live coverage of the ePremier League 2019/20 finals featuring the PlayStation semi-final & final, Xbox semi-final & final and the cross-platform final.

The console semi-finals will take place, before the Xbox One and PS4 winners will be determined by the console finals. Then the two winners will battle for the overall ePL title in a two-legged finale.

Cross-platform final:
Hashtag Tom (Watford) vs MarcMarleyyy (AFC Bournemouth)

PlayStation final:
Hashtag Tom (Watford) vs Hammond (Chelsea)

Xbox final:
Fnatic Tekkz (Liverpool) vs MarcMarleyyy (AFC Bournemouth)

PlayStation semi-finals:
Hashtag Tom (Watford) vs Callum (Tottenham Hotspur)
Hammond (Chelsea) vs FaZe Tass (Arsenal)

Xbox semi-finals:
Fnatic Tekkz (Liverpool) vs Jamboo (West Ham United)
Hashtag Shawrey (Watford) vs MarcMarleyyy (AFC Bournemouth)

PlayStation preliminary rounds ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Hex6zCvvc

Xbox preliminary rounds ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciHO7_fGRL4

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22 comentarios:

Premier League
Premier League:
Coverage starts at 11:18
Freddie W.
Freddie W.:
Well worth watching three hours of the live stream while I was in bed ill🤣🤣GET IN TOM!!
Finally won a trophy!! And it's a trophy to a Hashtag player!
Bailey Gravestock
Bailey Gravestock:
Well done tom
Philip Williams
Philip Williams:
In case of a suspension of Premier League football... DO. THIS!! Its WAY more entertaining to watch.
Lam Bo Xian
Lam Bo Xian:
So many bots though... Anyways, proud to see most of the ex-Hashtag United boys making it!
TGH_ Myth
TGH_ Myth:
Well done Hashtag Tim
GK lenni
GK lenni:
let’s go
Premier League
Premier League:
Xbox preliminary rounds 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciHO7_fGRL4
DB Clipz-YT
DB Clipz-YT:
I don't really know what to do I've never celebrated a trophy before
Premier League
Premier League:
PlayStation preliminary rounds 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Hex6zCvvc
Edyta M
Edyta M:
Watford fan is just which Watford fans just wish if you ever relegated team Wynsors you won't be relegated
somebaody 23
somebaody 23:
So cool
Avinash V
Avinash V:
Man utd will count stop live chat
Doni atta 11
Doni atta 11:
best players in premier league iam a norwich fan so here are the best pl players this season
Todd Cantwell
Jordan Henderson
Mo Salah
Kevin de bruyne
Ryan Fraser
Teemu pukki
Leandro trossard
Virgil van dijk
Sadio mane
happy boy
happy boy:
Tekkz lose
Gaucho Fantastico
Gaucho Fantastico:
Zapraszam do rozgrywek PREMIER LEAGUE FANTASY. Niżej podaje kody do moich dwóch lig. Classic i head to head.
Zapraszam liga classic:
Kod: xjila1
Liga head to head: vqco03
Tottenham is the champion of England!!
Tottenham is the champion of England!!:
Hello!Let's cooperate!
Please reply to me
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz: