Erick Morillo b2b Richy Ahmed | elrow Sofia (Bulgaria) - Sambowdromo do Brasil | on DanceTelevision

PREMIERE: Erick Morillo b2b Richy Ahmed | Elrow Sofia (Bulgaria) - Sambowdromo do Brasil [March 7, 2020]

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QEPD Colombiano
Renzo Granda
Renzo Granda:
Rip morillo, thanks for all the Music, and Madagascar ♥️
А не это ли на данный момент лучший Техно сэт в 2020...
Lucy Aklar
Lucy Aklar:
"Not everyone understands house music...its a spiritual thing!" Erick Morillo understood it...RIP
Axel Acuña
Axel Acuña:

01-Antranig & Erick Morillo - Afrotech
02-Cuartero - Repit
-Blaze ft. Palmer Brown - My Beat
03-Butch - Countach
04-Elchinsoul - Pe Roz (Horatio Remix)
05-ID - ID
-Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
06-Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches (ID Remix)
07-Will Easton - 023
08-Gavrilovich - No Idea
09-The Crumpster - Stomp Your Feet (Sinner & James Remix)
10-ID - ID
11-Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (VONDA7 2019 Funky Techno Edit)
12-Ruffneck ft. Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody (ID Remix)
13-Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Erick Morillo Remix)
14-Masters At Work ft. India - To Be In Love (ID Remix)
15-Siege - Motion
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez:
R.I.P Morillo :(
ariel salazar
ariel salazar:
Cómo siempre nunca decepcionas morillo xd de rompe como en el row en Perú tipaso!
Edwin David G
Edwin David G:
It looks so fun wish I was there but I'm here stuck in quarantine :(
César Augusto Bermúdez Giraldo
César Augusto Bermúdez Giraldo:
Sanny St
Sanny St:
I was lucky enough to attend this life and can confidently say that one of the best moments of this set was Morillos. Rest in peace wonderful soul ❤️🙏
K-I-T K-A-T-S:
Acá en Colombia lastimosamente ni en las noticias dieron lo de este grande, y en otros países que no son mediocres y saben de música si lo quieren como los colombianos no pudimos, gracias por todo Erick sos el mejor que en paz descanses grande.
Billy Cooke
Billy Cooke:
This man I Grow up lessoning to him and then my pal started when we was 23 and he’s now one of the sort after house and tech DJs and producer to date and now the biggest in this game in my eyes had to leave to go too a better place words can’t describe how much he will be missed by me and the hole house family sleep tight my brother I’ll see you on the other side doing what you always done best bringing the best music to the clubs and festivals ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
alexis hernandez
alexis hernandez:
I definetly look up to erick morillo he is one of my favorite djs ever R.I.P he will always be remembered he made a masterpiece that night and he didn't even know it!!!!!!!!!!
2 ironic DJs
2 ironic DJs:
Erick morillo lleva el ritmo en las venas! Legenda🔥🔥🔥
RIP MORILLO 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Millennial Patriot
Millennial Patriot:
It will be a while until this happens again. 2021!
AkelaRumba&Rock Banda
AkelaRumba&Rock Banda:
2:11 best track !! Cuartero
Billy Cooke
Billy Cooke:
My man Erick Morillo always loved but never forgotten much love my g sleep tight see you in the cloud 9 club when it’s my turn xxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
Mario Rossetti
Mario Rossetti:
R.I.P. " More." muy querido en Argentina. ♥️
DJ Ronald Padilla
DJ Ronald Padilla:
mr. morillo master of the "drop"
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo:
Rip morillo, thanks for all the music
Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard:
Richy Ahmed looks out of his depth next to Morillo there...RIP Erick!
Vanessa Lynch
Vanessa Lynch:
Yes I lankovits the other two r in the other half of my life wow I want this life x
Ufi 82
Ufi 82:
So sad. Love u Bro ❤ R.I.P
Rafa Carraro
Rafa Carraro:
38:16 crazy ;)
Jason Medeiros
Jason Medeiros:
RIP true house
John Campbell
John Campbell:
Anyone have track I'd at 19mins
Hubee Air
Hubee Air:
Rip Erick I saw you many times one of my best was on SAMC South American music inference with many more.
elvis isakov
elvis isakov:
I was on that party, it was a night to remember
John Ortiz
John Ortiz:
Robert Cobo
Robert Cobo:
R.I.P erick! 🙏
Pius Pichler
Pius Pichler:
RIP Morillo :(

How did he die?
Васил Боруков
Васил Боруков:
It was pretty sick party!
Jeison Muñoz
Jeison Muñoz:
Todor Todorov BG
Todor Todorov BG:
track id please 18:30 min
Michael Wicks
Michael Wicks:
So many great night with erick playing. Taken to soon. RIP. Hope the rap shit goes away now so your name can go down as a legend
i miss you!!!
Vunda Nota
Vunda Nota:
Rest in peace Legend 💜
Kenny Bourne
Kenny Bourne:
Does anyone know what version of MAW- To be in love @ 1:04:04 ????
ryan dewit
ryan dewit:
seen him in the 90's quite a few times had a some good nights,but what he did not the way to go out on top,hopefully he can rest in peace.
Kevin Warner
Kevin Warner:
RIP. Great music and memories. I wont forget.
Lirian Lupe Bolanos
Lirian Lupe Bolanos:
Abracadabra Records TV
Abracadabra Records TV:
Acapella @ 9:07??
Gracias maestro por tan buenos momentos D.E.P
Rip ❤️🇨🇴☹️
RIP Erick🙏
House Music Legend🖤
Slava Osypov
Slava Osypov:
Nice mushroom party )))
Mike Kreck
Mike Kreck:
Excelente productor y dj se llevó su estilo único house con su carisma y amor por lo que hacía. Desde BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINS. VIVA POR SIEMPRE ERICK MORILLO Y THE HOUSE MUSIC FOR EVER
Miss. Dj Dapper Don aka April
Miss. Dj Dapper Don aka April:
Rest in peace. 💔💔💔
Suuuupeer wild🐲🔥
Vladimir Naydenov
Vladimir Naydenov:
ujast i pak ujast
Cosmin Alex Berendea
Cosmin Alex Berendea:
R.I.P. Morillo 🖤
Dimitar Pavlov
Dimitar Pavlov:
RiP Eric :(
Mohammed Magdy
Mohammed Magdy:
R.I.P 😢
Виктор Балевуров
Виктор Балевуров:
E.Morilo was the spirit of the partty i saw him there for 1st time and i think more dj-s need to coppy his play style and how he reflects to us with his amazing vibes!!!! Rest in peace, people like you deserve a better harmony life. U were amazing person i dont know u but i saw it there!!!
Rudy Barraza
Rudy Barraza:
Morillo putting us COLOMBIANS on the MAP.!!!!🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Omar Mattu
Omar Mattu:
Erick Morillo Super Top Dj....per me il miglior dj house di sempre...tecnica immensa, passione e magic sound
Danilson Montana
Danilson Montana:
Por siempre Erick 🙌✝️
noah torres
noah torres:
R.I.P !!!
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell:
Fabrício Costa Ramos Garcia
Fabrício Costa Ramos Garcia:
Awesome set!
maciej ziolkowski
maciej ziolkowski:
super impreza.....wiadomo wszystko ok......mistrzowskie granie Erick Morillo b2b Richy Ahmed.....ok ok.....
Andres Morales
Andres Morales:
Vuela alto maestro Erick 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴☹️☹️
El mejor Dj colombiano de la Historia :(
Rest in peace Maestro.
Lisa Pinto
Lisa Pinto:
Omg 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Peter Banuelos
Peter Banuelos:
Wow 2020 sure bites the big one. We lost another great. RIP Erick. Gone 2 soon. One the original members to the Mongolians. God bless those effected. Lucky enough to see him a few times at avolon in Hollywood Cali. Thanks 4 the memories Erick. A true pioneer.
Douglas Almeida
Douglas Almeida:
last track id?
Ramiro Pastran
Ramiro Pastran:
Rip erick
Αντουαν 264
Αντουαν 264:
Eric " more " morillo R.I.P Brother from greece
Steven Koonce
Steven Koonce:
Loving the vibe I go back to Larry lavan
gaurav shandilya
gaurav shandilya:
Seems like DJ was supposed to go to tomorrowland but reached Psy-fi

Music is cool tho!!
tino De Mattia
tino De Mattia:
tracklist please ?
RIP Morillo!!!!
Alejandro Duymovic
Alejandro Duymovic:
R.I.P. erick, simpre un crack.
Georgi Petkov
Georgi Petkov:
i like when they play music on Drug festival <3
Luca Zapolla
Luca Zapolla:
so tnks!!! for a fantastic music...forever!! you remain in our hearts!!
R.I.P Erick Morillo 😢
Rave Footage
Rave Footage:
43:30 Track ID: Unreleased Carlo Lio
Atanas Vasilev
Atanas Vasilev:
Track ID 39:30 ???
Dirty Pomolo
Dirty Pomolo:
Zsuzsanna Rónai
Zsuzsanna Rónai:
Fresh General Solutions
Fresh General Solutions:
Rip Morillo 😢
Tomás Eduardo Enrique Paoloni
Tomás Eduardo Enrique Paoloni:
R.I.P Eric 😭🙏
Omar Torres
Omar Torres:
Anyone Know the ID for song at 35:00 ?
BECKS & DMT The future of clubbing Armchair raving.
Ranulfo Sosa
Ranulfo Sosa:
Por Siempre Un Rey del House!
Mateo Buitrago
Mateo Buitrago:
morillo capo eterno de latin house
Mauro Ovalle
Mauro Ovalle:
Richy ahmed after of quarantine
A master of the decks
Zodiac Sound
Zodiac Sound:
Tá aí um Dj que deveria estar no Top 10 do Ranking. O Erick é foda demais 🎧🇧🇷❤
David Lopez Correa
David Lopez Correa:
Davide R
Davide R:
RIP Erik
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez:
Andres Rua
Andres Rua:
Muy bueno⚡
On the other hand - why can't they just leave those effects alone? These tunes are perfectly fine without overdosing the HPF and the echo. (Line up all the haters.)
11:20 that girl is having an epileptic fit
Cheif Commander
Cheif Commander:
Eric Morillo sinonimo di gran festone sempre
Tony G
Tony G:
Stefano Mantione
Stefano Mantione:
Ti aspettiamo a Catania zio Erik ultima tappa,!!!