Erling Haaland - 19 Goals In Only 21 Bundesliga Games

What a record for the young Norwegian...
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Erling Haaland turns it on again. The Borussia Dortmund wonderkid did it again in Der Klassiker against FC Bayern München. It seems the young Norwegian just cannot stop scoring, as his incredible record proves. Since joining Dortmund, Haaland has racked up an unbelievable 19 goals in 21 Bundesliga appearances. And we predict there'll be quite a few more. How many goals do you think Erling Haaland will bag this season? And do you think he can score more than Bayern's Robert Lewandowski? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

So Bundesliga gonna post Haaland's every goal after every matchday.
A Atkinson
A Atkinson:
They post this after every goal he scores and I still watch it every time
Looks like someone added 512 GB SSD to Erling Haaland's hard drive.
kale Jeo
kale Jeo:
this guy makes everyone around him look like masterclass with his finishes and positioning.
Physics Lover
Physics Lover:
And he is showing his magic in Champions league, and all this for 20 million. 🤯🤯🤯
Fifi Aguera
Fifi Aguera:
This is the player I like the most in the Bundesliga. All of his goals made me fall in love with his beautiful posture, his ball control skill, and everything about him so much
Abdo Bld
Abdo Bld:
Who came after halland scored 4 against herta
Jerry Han
Jerry Han:
notice how most of his goals are really similar. Shows his insane consistency and understanding of his game plan. He always points to where he wants the ball, great communication
Sajad Mohammed
Sajad Mohammed:
One of the best finisher in this era💞
Sahil Dani
Sahil Dani:
You guys seriously lack content ideas. It just revolves around Bayern, highlights and Haaland goals. Show us about other team's/players as well
Add to the 4 goals he scored today
He might score 40, but Dortmund will still finish 2nd
football highlights
football highlights:
How many times are you gonna post haalands goals so far? Youve literally done this more than 5 times
4:29 - All Dortmund players just stop when Haaland gets the ball xD "Guys, start go back to our pitchside, goal in 5 sec..."
Senai Berhane
Senai Berhane:
At the end of the season: 42 goals in only 45 games bye erling haland good luck at ur new club
Ren _
Ren _:
He scored 4 in the next matchday i think this channel has to update every week lol .
The Last One,Against Bayern Was Just Masterclass
Insane touch,then pushes it forward with his knee and dribbles past Neuer and then just pushes it right below Neuer and past the Alaba trying to intercept it👏👏👏
Omar Issa
Omar Issa:
It’s 23 in 22 now. Amazing!
*Halland breathes*
Bundesliga: halland breathes 19 times per 21 seconds
Eigen Feynman
Eigen Feynman:
He scored 4 times today vs hertha berlin
I enjoyed watching Goals and the hair growth on haaland
Future Ballon d'or? 👀
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
It feels like they make a video of every Haaland goal each week
Alessandro Taylor
Alessandro Taylor:
im a bayern fan but wow, haaland is really good.
Ali Darwish
Ali Darwish:
3:11 it looks like he is about to eat sancho
1:38 look at Halaands movement.
Thats the reason why he is scoring so many goals, just so intelligent.
Arif Akmal
Arif Akmal:
The way celebration him like we know, He Is The Beast!🔥
bertalan bánki
bertalan bánki:
The latest one was the most brilliant, I think
"Enjoy our new video! Getting updated on a weekly basis."
if this guy can work on his head first tackling skillz - he might become even greater than the living legend Phil Jones.
Ciello Dominic
Ciello Dominic:
This Guy Is The GOAT Of Dortmund
Dank Productions
Dank Productions:
When your so early you don’t know what to comment
I’m old enough to have seen R9 as a teenager at PSV and his young days at Barca and Inter and this guys right up there with him at that age, he could become one of the best to ever do it, I’d take him over Mbappe every day of the week.
This has become Haalands personal Youtube channel. And I am not complaining.
Victory Okany
Victory Okany:
Too bad they made this video just before his 4 goals today, 23 in 22 now 🔥
Dean Mannion
Dean Mannion:
Every goal this man is a legend born in Leeds, West Yorkshire MOT. LEEDS, LEEDS, LEEDS 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
August Rødland
August Rødland:
Wait in two years they gonna make a video with his First 150 goals
Any Mario Gomez Fans??
Jallow Uber
Jallow Uber:
Jadon Sancho with his sublime passes is the unsung hero here.
Zlatko Sekuloski
Zlatko Sekuloski:
What a energy comentator he is soo godd i love that positive energy ❤💪
Just Sum Guy
Just Sum Guy:
4:08 Man..that chip over the goalie..(No panicking..No blasting it high or wide..Just a nice soft chip and job done)..Hopefully..that boy could be our "new hope" at Man City if Aguero leaves....
Ziyech L'écolo
Ziyech L'écolo:
Haland have a good placement before he receive the pass, and when he's in front of the goalkeeper he scores, as always
Christian Mugisha
Christian Mugisha:
6’4 beast with incredible dribbling fast running towards you lmao dudes a machine
Tashi Wangchuk
Tashi Wangchuk:
And just like that he scored 4 in a game yesterday 😁. This guy is phenomenal. Just wish he keeps the same consistency for next 10 years or so coz it's gonna be fun watching him score goals like that and competing against other young prospects.
The next clash in Football is 🔥(Haaland vs Mbappe)🔥
Francesco Santoruvo
Francesco Santoruvo:
This video's gonna be updated almost every week
Fabien Da Silva
Fabien Da Silva:
I love the way he runs before pouncing onto the ball. That is R9 stuff.
Grigore Danut
Grigore Danut:
Now he has 23 goals în 22 matches, absolutely brilliant! He is a real beast!!
Khairul Amirin
Khairul Amirin:
I’m probably CR7 fan and I have to say that watching him and this guy has no difference😂
Cara A.Evans
Cara A.Evans:
all of it <3
everything will be ok
everything will be ok:
Man I absolutely love the English Bundesliga commentator. Man never disappoints. Always with the intensity.
That subtitles haha XD
Ajay Somanathan
Ajay Somanathan:
I love how bundesliga keep reusing haalands goals cuz he scores on most matchdays
0:49 WOW What an amazing goal
dev nagpal
dev nagpal:
Bari Rizqullah
Bari Rizqullah:
This guy breakthrough any defense in a fast and super strong movement, what a guy
Luis Daniel Gutiérrez Nolasco
Luis Daniel Gutiérrez Nolasco:
Haaland is a machine!🔥🔥
lurlisic SI
lurlisic SI:
he's the main reason i'm still following the Bundesliga
Shane Hodgson
Shane Hodgson:
So when is he signing for Leeds? 🤣
'He is future stare'
AndrejGamer Hd
AndrejGamer Hd:
2:11 i am always wtf is that

P.S hes awsome player hes already on ronaldos rank
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming:
He's incredibly fast.
Derek Lopez
Derek Lopez:
Who is hear after his 4 goals 🔥
Bextiyar Huseynli
Bextiyar Huseynli:
3:10 epic moment
04:03, 2 vs 6, insane.
Hussein J Makshofi
Hussein J Makshofi:
Simply phenomenal. Credit to the quality service too!
Haaland is Lewandowski's best successor
Kang Chem
Kang Chem:
Holy smoke you made video about him every time he add a goal into his league's career.
Nabil Rahmali
Nabil Rahmali:
Welcome to bayern munich 💯
Dre Lesmana
Dre Lesmana:
this day 23 goal in 22 match.
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon:
That is amazing
Řôběřť ť
Řôběřť ť:
I've seen all his goals 10 times
sharvesh maghoo
sharvesh maghoo:
Play in EPL Then we Talk 😁
Astonery Ltd
Astonery Ltd:
Sancho and Haarland connection is 🔥🔥
Indra el Rey del Cielo Conquistador de países
Indra el Rey del Cielo Conquistador de países:
3:09 the Cro Magnon man from ice age
Ernesto Torres
Ernesto Torres:
Majin buu is on fire 🔥
Gagan Deep075
Gagan Deep075:
But he missed few chances against Bayern😭
Yasser Hassan
Yasser Hassan:
Rising legend..
Jonathan Bale, van
Jonathan Bale, van:
Haaland is a beast 🔥🔥
Tony Grigory
Tony Grigory:
Absolutely out of this planet
Valentin Funes
Valentin Funes:
Welcome ot real madrid 👀🇧🇻
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
By the end of the season there would be at least 20-30 videos of haaland.
K Lum
K Lum:
Haaland is the irl version of when u make a character in a football game
Sweatboy 1234
Sweatboy 1234:
He’s my fav player
In 2 matches he didnt score cause he was injurie..🥶🥶
Bao Not
Bao Not:
Haaland: scores
Bundesliga: i can milk you
Hey mista admin
I've seen that you aren't replying to comments
You ok?
Torabally Suhayl
Torabally Suhayl:
Imagine he scores 200 goals they will show all of it each matchday
Experience vs Youngness
Amukelwa Tau
Amukelwa Tau:
Haaland is one for the future
Ahora tienen que actualizarlo 😂🥳
Simplo Simplo
Simplo Simplo:
Sound like he always scream *Early* Haaaland🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calum Slesser
Calum Slesser:
2:10 hahaha
Lil Vin
Lil Vin:
And now 23 in 22 matches 🥴🥴
Zaka Hassan
Zaka Hassan:
Imagine prime Øzil behind him
Akira Game
Akira Game:
That goal against Bayern Munich was a statement
Kimmich 6
Kimmich 6:
✨Haaland ✨
A Atkinson
A Atkinson:
Straight replacement for Dowski