Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final - Live Stream

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place on 22 May. 26 Acts will perform in the final of which 6 countries are already pre-qualified. This are host country The Netherlands and the so called 'Big 5' consisting of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Ten acts will qualify from the first-Semi-Final and the remaining ten acts will qualify from the Second Semi-Final.


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alicia huete garcia
alicia huete garcia:
0:00 - Countdown
0:12 - Eurovision Intro
0:32 - Intro
2:33 - Flag Parade
7:10 - Host Talk
8:31 - Running Order
8:54 - Host Talk
10:17 - Cyprus 🇨🇾
14:23 - Albania 🇦🇱
18:23 - Israel 🇮🇱
22:22 - Belgium 🇧🇪
26:24 - Russia 🇷🇺
30:29 - Malta 🇲🇹
34:34 - Portugal 🇵🇹
38:31 - Serbia 🇷🇸
42:00 - Eurovision Challenge (Top 3)
42:49 - Valentina’s Message 🇫🇷
43:27 - Winners Trophee🏆
44:04 - Host Break 💬
45:24 - United Kingdom 🇬🇧
49:27 - Greece 🇬🇷
52:48 - Mini Host Break 📣
53:58 - Switzerland 🇨🇭
58:08 - Iceland 🇮🇸
1:00:01 - Spain 🇪🇸
1:06:08 - Moldova 🇲🇩
1:10:12 - Germany 🇩🇪
1:14:15 - Finland 🇫🇮
1:17:39 - Broadcasting Rooms 👀
1:19:47 - Host Break 🚶‍♂️0:00 - Countdown
0:12 - Eurovision Intro
0:32 - Intro
2:33 - Flag Parade
7:10 - Host Talk
8:31 - Running Order
8:54 - Host Talk
10:17 - Cyprus 🇨🇾
14:23 - Albania 🇦🇱
18:23 - Israel 🇮🇱
22:22 - Belgium 🇧🇪
26:24 - Russia 🇷🇺
30:29 - Malta 🇲🇹
34:34 - Portugal 🇵🇹
38:31 - Serbia 🇷🇸
42:00 - Eurovision Challenge (Top 3)
42:49 - Valentina’s Message 🇫🇷
43:27 - Winners Trophee🏆
44:04 - Host Break 💬
45:24 - United Kingdom 🇬🇧
49:27 - Greece 🇬🇷
52:48 - Mini Host Break 📣
53:58 - Switzerland 🇨🇭
58:08 - Iceland 🇮🇸
1:00:01 - Spain 🇪🇸
1:06:08 - Moldova 🇲🇩
1:10:12 - Germany 🇩🇪
1:14:15 - Finland 🇫🇮
1:17:39 - Broadcasting Rooms 👀
1:19:47 - Host Break 🚶‍♂️
1:21:13 - Bulgaria 🇧🇬
1:25:24 - Lithuania 🇱🇹
1:28:45 - Mini Host Break 📣
1:29:53 - Ukraine 🇺🇦
1:33:35 - France 🇫🇷
1:37:59 - Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
1:41:45 - Norway 🇳🇴
1:45:01 - Coming Up 👀
1:45:20 - Mini Host Break
1:46:29 - The Netherlands 🇳🇱
1:50:54 - Italy 🇮🇹
1:54:47 - Sweden 🇸🇪
1:58:56 - San Marino 🇸🇲
Please if you give me a like it will help too much 💖
ethan saw heaven,god,jesus and angels when they told him they won💀
Jimi Hulshof
Jimi Hulshof:
damiano really said: I won now I’m gonna sing the uncensored version
Laura Sobocan
Laura Sobocan:
This year Eurovision literally felt like Eurovision ALL STARS
Konstantin Simic
Konstantin Simic:
Barbara: "it's crazy that two french songs are on the top".
Maneskin fans: "Parla".
France: "It's crazy that two French songs are on the top"
Italy: "Hold my spaghetti"
very mixed fandom
very mixed fandom:
Lesbian Shit
Lesbian Shit:
As someone who knows Måneskin since 2017 I feel like a proud parent
Lil Jezin
Lil Jezin:
I really want to see Blind Channel's reaction when Damiano says:
"Rock 'n' Roll NEVER DIES"
seren the hylian
seren the hylian:
"Remember, it's just chaos. We're Europe, we're used to that."
Mehtab Shahid
Mehtab Shahid:
Euro vision: ITALY WINS
Euro cup: ITALY WINS
I believe in Italy supremacy.
no one:

italy's drummer: 👁️_👁️

wow 2.3k likes wtf
Paula Bahamondez
Paula Bahamondez:
Eurovision 2016: I am the best edition
Eurovision 2021: excuse me 💅
Byul JungJeonKimParkMin
Byul JungJeonKimParkMin:
I love how everyone here discovered them after winning this show and I discovered eurovision from maneskin🙂
Liepa Boguševičiūtė
Liepa Boguševičiūtė:
Germany: So you can wiggle with the middle finger.
Finland right after Germany: Put your middle fingers up!
the most ironic thing is Israel singing about “set me free” LMAOOO
Maneskin revived Eurovision, and Eurovision opened Maneskin to the whole world! The last time I saw such excitement around a winner was when I was a child. All the songs from Maneskin's latest album are amazing and break all the charts. I am very glad that they have achieved success and recognition after years of misunderstanding. I wish them success in the right way. Do not be proud and take advantage of such a great chance. They still have a whole ocean of undiscovered talent.
Gunel Isgenderova
Gunel Isgenderova:
Barbara : "It's crazy that two french songs are on the top."
Damiano : " Buonasera signore e signori."
3:14:09 Barbara: "it's crazy that two french songs are on the top"

Damiano 🇮🇹: 1:51:07
1:54:00 ... "pizza" was the most known Italian word before Måneskin won Eurovision: now it's PARLA !!! XD XD XD
Sebria being 3 shakiras for some reason
Laura Williams
Laura Williams:
It’s funny that I knew what happened but I still got emotional when Italy won !!!!!
I think Ethan saw god after they announced the winner 😂
Luna p
Luna p:
i love how victoria is screaming and climbing onto everyone, thomas is crying, damiano was stolen by hurricane and ethan just saw god and tried not to cry lol
lol I just noticed victoria and damiano hugging and falling on the floor and Ethan is just standing there having a existential crisis at 3:48:50
Dead z
Dead z:
1:32:09 my brain cells when I'm trying to study
En Chi
En Chi:
Hurricane girls dragging Damiano away always gets me 😂
Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
Jury: the winner is gonna be Switzerland
Public: lol wait a second
DivineWrath Gaming
DivineWrath Gaming:
Maneskin’s drummer saw god when they won😂
Ramon Balderas
Ramon Balderas:
Italy 🇮🇹 have a good year

- Disney Pixar created a Movie based in this Country
- They won Eurovision
- They won Eurocoup
E r a n e t h
E r a n e t h:
I think that at 3:45:16 Damiano says sounding nervous: "li dici questi voti?!" Which approximately means "when are you gonna tell us the score they're going to get?!" 😂
Orange Bear
Orange Bear:
Can’t stop watching Italian victory lol
Eliza Tilsizoglou
Eliza Tilsizoglou:
The fact that Israel's song was called "set me free" after what they do in Palestine is the least to say ironic
0:00 - countdown
0:12 - eurovision intro
0:32 - intro
2:33 - flag parade
7:10 - host talk
9:34//10:15 - cyprus
13:42//14:23 - albania
17:41//18:23 - israel
21:40//22:22 - belgium
25:42//26:24 - russia
29:48//30:29 - malta
33:53//34:34 - portugal
37:51//38:31 - serbia
42:00 - eurovision challenge
42:49 - valentina’s message (JESC2020)
43:27 - trophy
44:04 - host break
44:44//45:24 - united kingdom
48:46//49:27 - greece
52:48 - host break
53:17//53:58 - switzerland
57:24//58:08 - iceland
1:01:27//1:02:11 - spain
1:05:28//1:06:08 - moldova
1:09:31//1:10:12 - germany
1:13:33//1:14:15 - finland
1:17:39 - broadcasting rooms
1:19:47 - host break
1:20:33//1:21:13 - bulgaria
1:24:42//1:25:24 - lithuania
1:28:45 - host break
1:29:13//1:29:53 - ukraine
1:33:14//1:33:35 - france
1:37:17//1:37:59 - azerbaijan
1:41:05//1:41:45 - norway
1:45:01 - coming up
1:45:20 - host break
1:45:49//1:46:29 - the netherlands
1:49:53//1:50:54 - italy
1:54:06//1:54:47 - sweden
1:58:15//1:58:56 - san marino
2:03:23 recap
2:09:54 "music bind us"
2:16:34 recap
2:21:27 eurovision tutorials
2:24:04 behind the scene
2:26:07 interviews
2:30:03 rooftop
2:32:47 recap
2:37:30 old winners
2:45:03 arcade & stars
2:52:14 destiny from malta
2:53:09 martin osterdahl
2:55:40 jury voting
3:12:23 top 3
3:12:50 gjon from switzerland
3:13:50 barbara from france
3:14:58 jury continue voting
3:29:57 gjon from switzerland again
3:31:45 martin osterdahl again
3:33:33 televote
3:47:28 italy win
Agustina Aceto
Agustina Aceto:
Why did I get nervous when jury and people were voting, and why did I get so excited when Måneskin won, if I knew they were going to win, I just got excited all over again haha.

Ps. I felt bad for England :(
Well I know Eurovision is over a month, but I have an all-round mood
E. I.
E. I.:
“Twelve points from Cyprus go to…”
The entire crowd: Greece

It’s the second year now and it still doesn’t get old 💀
Macey Weston
Macey Weston:
6 year old me in 2016: this year's eurovision was the best one in years
9 year old me in 2019: this year's was better
11 year old me in 2021: excuse my french, this year's eurovision was the best one
Ukraine may not have won but they won everyone's hearts and souls.
Anna Pg
Anna Pg:
“I’m sorry, zero points” was taken to another level this year 💀
Kevin Eka Saputra
Kevin Eka Saputra:
2:56:34 cutest "WTF" ever
Erwin -
Erwin -:
When you see this show for the third time you realise how flawless the production, lighting, camera work, hosts, interval acts and graphics are. This year took Eurovision to a new level. Absolutely the best ever.
Yeho Drago
Yeho Drago:
This was such a strong year. The UK can really learn from the top 5 in terms of being more edgy, daring and exploring other genres. "Safe British pop songs" don't win Eurovision. When will they learn that? Would they still like to win?
eren yeagar
eren yeagar:
3:45:16 damiano getting mad at the taking too long to tell votes lmao
When Italy performed the last time Damiano was so drunk 😂😂😂😂 not even the first time i watch this and i’m STILL CRYING OF HAPPINESS -Love from Finland🇫🇮
Sveta Chernysheva
Sveta Chernysheva:
Самое лучшее Евровидение!
Ariu Ariu
Ariu Ariu:
Two French songs on the top fighting with each other for the win.
Italy: - " Hold my pizza". *
Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller:
So happy that Europe saw through tix and him milking his disability and his pr stunt with Efendi to get the pity vote by giving him last place qualifier and near last in the final 😂.

Biggest I told you so moment to Norway. Perhaps next year they will send an actual good song rather than a sob story
Cassi C
Cassi C:
The drummer form Italy couldn't even process what was happening when the winners were announced. The guitarist was crying.
God... I'm so happy for them!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
me:groups are so underrated last years Italy,Finland,Ukraine:hold my televote
Agnessa Kovst
Agnessa Kovst:
Уже конец июля , а я впервые это смотрю 🤣
Teacher: what have you been thinking for so long?
My mind: ma ma ma matahari!!!😂❤️
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield:
Sergey and Jamala: We have the most points received from the televoting
Måneskin: Hold my Pasta
Abdirihim Suleiman
Abdirihim Suleiman:
I feel sad for James the united kingdom has a good song love your song James aka united kingdom
Elif Helin
Elif Helin:
Only slowly am I starting to realize that this was an absolute killer of a year! Wow!
Is it just me who loves every single song this year? One of the strongest contests ever!!😍
01. CYPRUS - 10:18
02. ALBANIA - 14:24
03. ISRAEL - 18:24
04. BELGIUM - 22:24
05. RUSSIA - 26:28
06. MALTA - 30:31
07. PORTUGAL - 34:36
08. SERBIA - 38:34
09. UNITED KINGDOM - 45:26
10. GREECE - 49:29
11. SWITZERLAND - 53:59
12. ICELAND - 58:08
13. SPAIN - 1:02:09
14. MOLDOVA - 1:06:10
15. GERMANY - 1:10:14
16. FINLAND - 1:14:18
17. BULGARIA - 1:21:15
18. LITHUANIA - 1:25:25
19. UKRAINE - 1:29:57
20. FRANCE - 1:33:59
21. AZERBAIJAN - 1:38:00
22. NORWAY - 1:41:47
23. THE NETHERLANDS - 1:46:33
24. ITALY - 1:50:36
25. SWEDEN - 1:54:51
26. SAN MARINO - 1:58:57
Kristina B
Kristina B:
I knew that Italy will be a winner from the moment I've seen their Sanremo performance, but I still managed to cry after results.
Marina Todorova
Marina Todorova:
3:49:59 EfenTix moments ❤️❤️❤️
2016: was the best eurovision ever
2021 the netherlands: hold my milk
This year's Eurovision was truly something we needed. At last, we are starting to open up completely after covid.
Let's be honest, noone really cares that much about the points. We're just watching a giant concert with crazy performances
3:13:40 now that's a mood
Mary Gibney
Mary Gibney:
Maneskin changed my perspective about rock music
R I D H O:
The quality of camera is perfect, when contestants sing it makes like a music video. Good job
Death's Son
Death's Son:
Although I heard italy won, i still get nervous watching the results being read lol
Любовь Ерлер
Любовь Ерлер:
Это евровидение просто супер во всех аспектах! Режиссура,постановка и песни просто бомба!
You can say anything, but the best moment of the show for every Eurovision fan is 2:38:02
Skywalker girl
Skywalker girl:
Україна, на мою думку, відтворила свою пісню 🎶 найкраще
Alejandra Cabrera Escobedo
Alejandra Cabrera Escobedo:
Hear me out, MÅNESKIN is gonna be HUGE fr
Bejean Park
Bejean Park:
The votings was insanely good and satisfying. In just a blink of an eye Italy took over Switzerland adn France👏❤️Ethan’s reaction was like wait whut!?😄
Agustina Aceto
Agustina Aceto:
Swedish boy: thank you Europe!
Camera man: * points to an Argentinian flag * (1:58:02)

what was my latin american country doing there 🤣🤣
3:39:14 when you thought you already won but then televote starts
Italy makes me cry. It was the coolest song wich I've heard in my life, I swear. I like måneskin so much and I really happy for them, they deserve it 💔 Guys, thanks for your efforts, we appreciate it. I'm so proud of you 😭
Rock n roll never dies
Sam Mapstone
Sam Mapstone:
no one:

Damiano: exists*

my gay: yes
Saskia McKenna
Saskia McKenna:
whoever's in charge of ordering the acts did a really good job having Germany and Finland back-to-back
Unrelated Popcorn Fire
Unrelated Popcorn Fire:
I think the jaja ding dong guy really overshadowed epic sax guy
The finnish commentator was saying, look im waiving beside the danish box.
Ukraine..... It's uniqueeeeeee... Love it!
Tomato Vlogs
Tomato Vlogs:
Eurovision this year was on ANOTHER level. Well done to all artists and amazing job to Holland for this amazing production
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
This show was so expensive that they could not even afford flowers for the winner this year ;) I still remember when Lordi got his flowers.
Still don't know why Spain got Zero Points :(
Анатолий Проскура
Анатолий Проскура:
Наверное, это лучшее евровидение за все время, само шоу на уровне, ведущие профессионалы своего дела, спецэффекты вообще бомба, ну и конечно же победители достойные😊 Италия покорила просто😊 У Швейцарии тоже не плохая песня, но до Италии не дотягивает! 3,5 часа наслаждения! 👍
Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
Watching Italy's win is my new hobby
Nikolai12 Novikov Nie
Nikolai12 Novikov Nie:
I should be studying for my exams xD but Eurovision calls me more stronger than my notes
I don't regret anything
What do I love about Eurovision? These warm words between citizens of different countries in the comments under the films.
Sorry for my bad english i'm still learning this language. Love for everyone from Poland. ❤️🇵🇱
Damiano: Rock 'n' roll never dies!
Blind channel: so... Why aren't we on the first place?
Unicorn love
Unicorn love:
The public really took the 0 points meme seriously this time and spammed it 4 more times
Daði: how does it keep getting better
Me: i dont know man but it does
Max Cava
Max Cava:
Unpopular opinion: Uk didn't deserve zero points from both jury and televote. Let's be clear, the song is not good at all, it's so fucking boring and the live exibition is too. But it's not the worst song in this edition nor considering other editions too. I'm not saying it should have been in the top 10, the last places are perfect for it, but 0 / 0 seems too harsh.
Same with Germany with Televotes. I mean at least it was original and they dared do something different instead of sending another boring ballad (Spain i'm looking at you), they deserved at least some votes. Netherland too. It had a good message and maybe the live exibition wasn't great but still, to be this low...
7:48 sOoOng
E. I.
E. I.:
3:45:16 I felt that in my soul.
Andres Angarita
Andres Angarita:
When Damiano said "Rock n Roll never dies".... I've felt that, there is still hope!
Cyprus: This year, we will win!
Italy: ratatata
David Rupp
David Rupp:
E sono dolcissimi nell'esprimere la loro gioia. Viva l'Europa e tutti i paesi che la compongono. Siamo fratelli.
Anna Lida Frati
Anna Lida Frati:
I'm so sorry for the low position of Netherlands, your song was very nice and I voted it that night ❤️🤍💙
So much love from Italy 💚🤍❤️
I just want to say, this bear guy that appeared with Icelandic team when the points were announced, is gorgeous!