Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Ex Marilyn Manson of 'Horrific Abuse'

On Monday, Evan Rachel Wood took to Instagram to accuse her ex, Marilyn Manson, of ‘horrific abuse.’

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Josh Jones
Josh Jones:
yall thought the demon king was going to be a cute cuddly teddy bear?
The patten Slice9900
The patten Slice9900:
I’m not even a fan of him but I’m going with him First innocent until proven guilty
T Greco
T Greco:
Anyone else find it odd and suspicious that Amber Heard and Evan Wood are friends and Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are friends? It's getting weird.
I remember in the 90's when Hole toured with Marilyn Manson, and Courtney Love had some pretty nasty comments about his behavior. I'd be interested to hear what she has to say about all this, lol
Jayson M
Jayson M:
The thing that angers me is hypocrisy with this. MM’s record label automatically dropped him because of this yet Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of abuse then is caught on tape abusing him and caught for staging abuse pictures- nothing happens to her but Johnny Depp loses his job
I dont believe a word of it until i see proof... Amber Heard is her best friend
sama flame
sama flame:
It’s always the ones you most medium suspect.
So basically everyone we grew up watching was abusing everyone else. Right then, got it. #whosenext
Lee Lee
Lee Lee:
Wow! I'm surprised she named him as her abuser. I never thought she would.
Jayson M
Jayson M:
There’s something about Evan Rachel Wood I don’t like. She seems really negative and is always complaining. I used to follow her on Twitter and I remember someone asked her about her 2003 vanity fair cover- she recounted a negative experience that didn’t really sound that negative, the day Kobe died last year she wasted no time in calling him a “rapist” and now this. Idk there’s something about her I don’t trust. I don’t like her.
Nat D
Nat D:
Well, once everyone is cancelled we can stair at the ceiling for entertainment.
It's too bad that the only time you hear about this sort of thing is when it's famous people. I can only imagine what we'd find if we sought out those without a voice.
Ellie Zatorski
Ellie Zatorski:
Y’all are acting like this is all new, she called him out a while back and no one listened
chocolate milk 78
chocolate milk 78:
Have we not learned from johnny depp? He could be totally innocent wait till there's real proof to decide what to believe.
I expect his own published biography [-ies], interviews & lyrics could assist in these cases.
Just a reminder, always wait it out and look at both sides. I’m not taking sides but u could NEVER be so sure
She's made a life out of accusing people.
Duncesparce Propaganda
Duncesparce Propaganda:
The went from 18 and 36 to 19 and 38, keep it consistent at least
Lynda Entrekin
Lynda Entrekin:
I don't want to hear he groomed her and all that because she was legally an adult at 19 and we know damn well she was after him due to money and fame !! She shouldn't married him if he wasn't her type to begin with 🤷
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan:
I see her dating someone really ready to knock out Biff, like Crispin Glover.
My legs hurt
My legs hurt:
Only alleged for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true. Hope Manson gives a response soon
If you find yourself in a dangerous relationship female or male leave.
Haitian Soulja dex
Haitian Soulja dex:
Depression is now women's slogan
Manson has a tattoo on his wrist. It's a spiral-heart. Anybody going to look into what that means? I'll wait.
Hayley Jay
Hayley Jay:
I don’t believe, MM is so sweet ;(
Anon Anon
Anon Anon:
Here we go again.. strange how he was dropped by his label based on accusations only.
Thomas B
Thomas B:
Antichrist superstar is one of the best rock albums ever.
Chris Sifuentes
Chris Sifuentes:
So she thought he would make a good husband 😂 cmon mann
Brad Sorensen
Brad Sorensen:
she was 19 when they met? These are some incredibly misleading headlines.
Nitrosgal 2 (Nitrosgal)
Nitrosgal 2 (Nitrosgal):
This accusation stinks of Amber Heard's influence. Backed with Musky money, this is a scam. Nope.
Warrior of Truth
Warrior of Truth:
I was a huge fan but he gets what he deserves for throwing twiggy under the bus when he got me too'd
Bruce Koller
Bruce Koller:
At 2 minutes and 35 seconds that really made me sad
Juanita Jimenez
Juanita Jimenez:
This is old news. Those Capricorn men can be very abusive though.
ϏƗȐȺ Ϫ999:
Even if wood had any validity, the news feeding off of this is very suspicious and the me too movement feeding from this, yeah the me too movement isn't behind any predator acts, sure. I want to see her full testimony not gossip.
Karl M
Karl M:
I bet WWE will have to dub The Beautiful People again on the 2001-2003 era SmackDown reruns on the WWE Network, LOL.
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin:
I wonder what Dita Von Teese has to say? She was married to him.
Kathryn Marshall
Kathryn Marshall:
You know after Amber heard and JD situation I don’t believe anything until there is proof. Also she besties with Amber Heard 🤔
He is one troubled soul. I'm curious if he's actually growing, but he has to maintain the "image". Sad.
John Doe
John Doe:
This is what happens when S&M comes back to haunt you. Always get written consent.
Michael Kane
Michael Kane:
She is still in love
Iris Friesen
Iris Friesen:
Evan Rachel Wood's is gorgeous and talented. No reason to lie.
Yeeaaahhh.... Right.........
Bay 17
Bay 17:
It doesn't take a genius to know that Marilyn Manson is messed up in the head.

Ask Trent Reznor.
Well, what else could she expect from dating Orochimaru 🤷‍♂️
The fact that someone who dated and married Marilyn Manson struggled with 1:22 at one point surprises absolutely no one.
The fact that someone who dated and married Marilyn Manson struggled with 1:22 at one point surprises absolutely no one.
Chelsea R.M.
Chelsea R.M.:
1:53 Manson looks like Danny Devito playing the role of Penguin in Batman..
San Francisco Love
San Francisco Love:
Love you Marylyn Manson, don’t stop being creative and breaking societal norms. She’s just bitter
Nobody deserves to be abused, but look at Marylin Manson. You don’t think he’s into some freaky stuff ?!? JS
Edmundo Ayala
Edmundo Ayala:
Brainwash and manipulation sounds like things as an adult you have the power not let others do to you. Don’t parents say not to be stupid all the time? She though it was cool to date the devil at 19 years old and 20 years later after she gets finessed she claims abuse as if she had no will power. Give me a break.
الأسود العنسي
الأسود العنسي:
Poor Holywood millionaires! they are always abused.
Twiggy Armstrong
Twiggy Armstrong:
First twiggy and now manson. you said short film at the end of dead to the world was consensual, i hope that was true
LeeLee Girl1985
LeeLee Girl1985:
I did videos about Evan, Esme, Anonymous woman, his ex wife and more have told same exact story about Brian Warner abusing them. Starving them, threatening them, using suicide & black mail as leverage. It's disgusting. So many women have come out and his fans still harrass them online! I stand with the survivors
E M:
it seems strange he left his wife for her, then it doesn't work out, then years later there is allegations of horrible abuse. hmm
clif keen
clif keen:
One woman's nightmare is another woman's knight in shining armor.
Mr Hairy Eightlegs
Mr Hairy Eightlegs:
I mean... this is like getting with Ted Bundy and expecting everything to be fine.
Sam H
Sam H:
If anything this probably helps Manson's career.
His surname says it all. The blame it's on her
Ute Beier
Ute Beier:
Amber Heard is her friend and Manson is Johnnys friend...Hmmm do not judge to early
Mary Ablaza
Mary Ablaza:
Manson was once seen talking to someone who looked like Epstein
If you were accused of a crime you did not commit based solely on one person's words about you, would you want to be held to the same standards that many, in the court of public opinion, held Johnny Depp and now Marilyn Manson??? Wouldn't you demand that the accuser bring forth evidence to the jurors in order to substantiate their claims against you???
Mike Smale
Mike Smale:
Never would have thought that a guy who wrote songs about date rape and assault would turn out to be a rapist and abuser.
Kristofer Winklmann
Kristofer Winklmann:
Why does this all come out know, Trent Raznor is my hero and we all know what he thinks of manson but not going to make my mind up ether way until I get the facts and possible court verdict. I obviously don't approve a sexual assault I smell agenda, hollywood use victims story's to get there gains
no one is above the law, right? i hope he gets what he deserve.
Nestor Krychkovsky
Nestor Krychkovsky:
Goddamn your righteous hand
Elijah Clark 1916
Elijah Clark 1916:
Don't believe anyone or anything except facts and evidence. If it's true, then he needs to be removed from his platform.
Oskar Toledo
Oskar Toledo:
Manson an abuser? No way!!!😒🥴👍
Connie Kreese
Connie Kreese:
Oddly how like Dita she looks when they dated
Desert Secrets أسرار الصحراء
Desert Secrets أسرار الصحراء:
How can you date the devil ?!!!!!
Roya Barrette
Roya Barrette:
I’ve always been a Manson’s fan, but I always try to be on women’s sides because they are more vulnerable when the sexual abuse is the case..,,... unless the opposite be proven. I said that about trump, about kavanaugh, about Joe Biden, and now I gotta be steady too.
Dates a guy who wears full face makeup; expects him to 100% plain normal.
Next up, who is surprised there's strawberries in strawberry ice cream.
She was 19 years old? She was an adult. So he was grooming an adult? This whole media craze is suspect. Just like all the other seemingly scrap they promote.
Amie Castillo
Amie Castillo:
I applaud her but I would want to shame my uncle who when he got out of the airforce and became a fireman. Groomed and molested me well saying no one will ever believe u.
I was between the ages of 10-11 1/2 years old then finally got to move back with my mom and her parents. I feel he would have continued if it wasn't for my move back.
We as a society need to listen to our children and hear them.
Rose K
Rose K:
I believe that Manson was abusive but what slander or blackmail???
Somebody’s grandma
Somebody’s grandma:
Umm... I mean, it is Marilyn Manson...🤨
I haven’t slept with him, but I think I would kinda know what to expect since he’s always been pretty open about his sexual proclivities...
I don’t doubt that things went sideways for this chick, but why wait so long to come out? Is he blackmailing her? What? Money is probably behind this...
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham:
I'm not victim blaming or anything but when are women gonna take responsibility for who they put themselves into relationships with?
misty lewis
misty lewis:
If you’re going to date or “hang out” with Marilyn Manson, you get what you see...evil. Why would they want to be with someone who publicly shows his evil ways? I don’t feel sorry for the “victims.” Be smart. Stay way from someone who looks and behaves like an animal.
Alex S
Alex S:
I've read everything I can find about the alleged abuse and NONE of it is as bad as people are making it out to be. The majority of what's alleged are just MM saying some mean words aww :( Rachel Wood could have left at any time if she was that scared of him. It's not like he locked her up like R Kelly or something.

Of course MM went on drug fueled rampages - he's Marilyn Manson. She knew what she was getting into, but has the audacity to say he "was hiding his drug and alcohol addictions". You can't make this up. If she couldn't keep up she should have bowed out. Better yet, she should have been aborted to save MM the future headache.

I will never stop listening to MM. He could have actually committed violence instead of just threatening it, and I'd still be here to clean the blood off his feet.

Rachel Wood is a coward in it for the money.
L. Salisbury
L. Salisbury:
Ever hear of GG Allin? Ian Stuart (Skrewdriver)? Varg Vikernes (Burzum)? These underground rockers are (or were) FAR more threatening than Marilyn Manson!! They never got half the bad publicity!
These comments are so gross. If you are a victim of abuse don’t bother reading them. You deserve respect ❤️
O.G. Erik
O.G. Erik:
I like how we're supposed to believe all women....unless they accuse people like Joe Biden.
I wonder if Rose or Dita experienced anything’ similar
While Marilyn Manson was in the process of writing the script for Phantasmagoria: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll (a film he never made due to controversial content) he started to become "too deep into the character"... Became like Dr. "Jekyll" and Mr. "Hyde" in real life... while in a relationship with Evan Rachel Wood, who he wanted to star in the film... Hmmm..
Interview: https://youtu.be/O1uKr-DvliQ
Becky neveu
Becky neveu:
Why would a 19 yr old teenager get involved with a obviously very disturbed human .
Sleepy Hours
Sleepy Hours:
I’ve heard MANY stories of him being an abuser, most of the stories are along the lines of manipulative, made them submissive, rape, etc. as much as I don’t usually believe random stuff there are A LOT of allegations against him recently and I’m starting to get suspicious
This might be her downfall, she seemed to always be narcissistic
Sylvia Justice
Sylvia Justice:
Unfortunately a lot of guys are abusive. I would say almost most guys. Maybe women too, but I don't date women so I don't know. I just had to beak up with a verbally abusive guy, who I first knew years ago in highschool, that everyone thinks is so sweet. Including me, before. If they only knew the truth.
Samah Amara
Samah Amara:
She lost me at the end with the 'understand me understand you' bullshit
professor granpa
professor granpa:
Who TF would ever abuse delores??
marius claudiu
marius claudiu:
So ... she was 19 and he was 40 ? I guess we are speaking about true love, right ?
Michael Riegler
Michael Riegler:
"The housewife I will beat." -MM
Marcel Tiel
Marcel Tiel:
Co dependant in an abuse relationship. Both enabler and victim
lillian weyer
lillian weyer:
Its weird to me when its 2021 and she has kids and a spouse and she still has him on her mind.
Jacob J. Oliver
Jacob J. Oliver:
Hmm. The song Man That You Fear will have a new meaning now.
V J:
I'm only confused because I could have sworn we already knew this??
I'll never understand how someone can fall in love with a dude who looks like a demonic clown
Andre Rozetti
Andre Rozetti:
Will Manson get the Chris Brown treatment or the pass?
victoria Zapolska
victoria Zapolska:
Unveryfortunately, women like Amber Heard make me not believe anything until we hear both sides. No doubt he was not saint but it also seem these women were And are of the type who wouldnt fall for a man like Manson if it wasnt about his fame. I strongly doubt a ‘good girl’ like her would even look at him on the street if he wasn’t famous. But once he was she was suddenly into gothic and trashy looking person. As well as the other girlfriends except for probably Dita.