Evan Rachel Wood on Surviving an Abusive Relationship | Body Stories | SELF

Actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood sits down with us to describe her experiences surviving domestic abuse, as well as accepting her bust size and discovering her sexuality.

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Evan Rachel Wood on Surviving an Abusive Relationship | Body Stories | SELF

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Emily Cottingham
Emily Cottingham:
She did it, y’all. She named him.
“Being strong with a complicated person” literally sums up what I truly thought I was being. Only once I got out I saw how truly abusive it was at every turn.
Michael Gamez
Michael Gamez:
Her life has balance now like her stool game.
Davis Millard
Davis Millard:
My daughter went through exactly the relationship Evan did. Her watching Ms Woods testifying before the senate gave my daughter strength to move on. I'll always owe Evan a huge huge debt of gratitude for her courage and strength. She helped save my baby. Thank you, Evan, I'm a fan forever.
Bree Lee
Bree Lee:
"Being strong with a complicated person...."

Man. 😣
People complaining about her talking about herself in a channel called self... Are you ok?
Tina Venturini
Tina Venturini:
Who sits like that on a stool!? Power move!
Kayleigh L
Kayleigh L:
People saying that she didnt seem like the victim when she was with MM . I was married to the a guy who was pretty verbally, and emotional abusive who I protected a lot in public. For many years I did it. I stood up for and made excuses for a lot of it.. Even my closest friends and family didn't know how he was until our marriage ended. I would know it was wrong because it hurt me, but I felt that was just as good as I was going to get and it was up to me to make it a better marriage.. It wasn't until many many months after I got out that I began to see how damaging being with him was to my whole being--and even more years to get the healing process down. Unless you have been in that type of situation, you just don't know. I even remember telling a therapist (after they asked me "are you sure this is healthy for you to stay with?") that it was ok, that I loved him, and that it was what I wanted. Covert narcissists are around everywhere and they're a very dangerous breed of person.
Bluegrass Silver Seeker
Bluegrass Silver Seeker:
Non-disclosure agreements shouldn't matter in cases like this.
There IS a period where everything is fine. You Are Groomed. This is so critical to know- it can happen to anyone
More women should voice their abusive relationship struggles, it gives not only insight but also hope to other women.
Stevany Polnaja
Stevany Polnaja:
" i didnt realize that i was being abused i thought that i was being strong with a complicated person" 
hit me hard.
Adina L
Adina L:
"I've actually been given the perfect body for who I am." Such powerful words, if we could all just internalize them for ourselves.
Tam Na
Tam Na:
Never EVER understood why the women gets blamed for being in a relationship with an “abuser”.

It’s a scary and lonely place to be, and that’s the reality.

The more people you tell, the better off you’ll be. Widen your support system, an abusers goal is to remove your support system and get you alone - tell as many people as you can.
Rachel Lawson
Rachel Lawson:
We now know, she's talking about Marilyn Manson.
Tara Von
Tara Von:
I was around 15-16 years old when I watched Evan Rachel Wood in the movie Thirteen. One of my all time favorites, as it was scarily relatable to my own turbulent upbringing I had as a young teen. I remember being entranced by the maturity she depicted at such an age and her ability to bring a realness to the screen that I had never witnessed before. It brings me much joy to see that Hollywood didn’t ruin her the way it has so many others. She is an old, wise soul through and through, and we definitely need more of her wisdom shining upon these younger generations who look up to the Kardashians as role models...🙄

Thank you Evan for sharing this interview! You are a beautiful soul. 🤍
Alexis M.V.
Alexis M.V.:
Abusers/groomers tailor themselves to their victims to hook them in
Mother of Cat and Dog
Mother of Cat and Dog:
She also wanted to name her abuser, so now she found the courage to do so and I commend her for being able to tell more of her story
Angel K
Angel K:
"I was given the perfect body for who I am." wow
Who’s here after the Manson allegations?
Natalia Urbańska
Natalia Urbańska:
“I’ve actually been given a perfect body for who I am”. This right here is precious 🙌
"Don't break my heart.. or I'll break your heart shaped glasses."
Clarice Starling
Clarice Starling:
Marilyn Manson ruined Marilyn Manson for me.
My boyfriend when I was 21-22 nearly killed me. He gaslit me until I was literally trapped in our apartment 24/7 and brainwashed to the point where I blamed myself for what was happening and couldn’t talk to anyone on the outside. Our roommates were part of conditioning me and blamed me for what was happening. If he hadn’t left me I would have died, without a doubt (he stabbed the girl he left me for). It took me forever to break that conditioning, I didn’t want to be here and fell deeply into addiction to escape the trauma. I had to have a really safe space to sober up and process that trauma in therapy- it took me YEARS. Thank you, Evan, for your bravery in sharing your story. It’s so hard to believe something like that can happen to you until it does.
Angel Wilcox
Angel Wilcox:
Every bisexual growing up has that epiphany moment where they are like wait I'm allowed to like both?
Yes both, both is good. Lol
Bela Lugosi's Dead
Bela Lugosi's Dead:
"I didn't think I was being abused, I thought I was being strong with a complicated person"

Exactly how I felt when I was in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship. The thing the media and Hollywood gets wrong about portraying abuse is that not all survivors are I inherently soft-spoken and subservient.

You can still be a survivor of abuse but be boldly confrontational throughout said abuse - it's just that, after all the gaslighting you start to get exhausted trying to defend yourself and start to doubt your own intuition.
I love how she doesn’t mind being so open and honest
Word Made Flesh 3
Word Made Flesh 3:
You can’t under estimate gaslighting of a person overtime by multiple family members ,by spouses and by your partner in a relationship ...it can mess up otherwise strong people in a way that is hard to describe .
Lucía Scala
Lucía Scala:
I remember when I first saw her. It was when she started dating him and everyone was talking about it and about the age difference between them. To me, she looked like some sort of impossibly flawless porcelain doll, and having him by her side only accentuated that. I felt there was something off about them, but didn't know what it was (I was just a kid, a few years younger than her). Now I look at her talking and laughing and I can see an actual human being. I don't even want to imagine what she must have gone through. He obviously saw her as his own little doll, that's for sure.
Iku Tree
Iku Tree:
I can't keep my eyes off her, she's so beautiful...
Tea Wetyšková
Tea Wetyšková:
I stand with you, Evan ♥
sienna may
sienna may:
i’m so happy that she named the person who abused her. she and any survivors of that vile man are so strong ❤️
Hali T Lightwork
Hali T Lightwork:
She is spot on! I’m so sorry that she went through this. I have been there.
Carina Ballerina
Carina Ballerina:
We should always endeavour to be the nicest version of ourselves
Shannon Werlitz-Vandiver
Shannon Werlitz-Vandiver:
I remember her when she was a kid in the movie Practical Magic.
Eloquent, strong, truthful!!! what a fantastic human.
Victoria Lehman
Victoria Lehman:
I wish for one day to wake up and be happy with myself
Adrian B
Adrian B:
I just saw Dolores on the thumbnail but now I see Evan. Thanks for this interview!
As a bisexual man who was part of a toxic relationship (and a HUGE fan of Westworld) I never thought I could relate so much to Evan Rachel Wood. She brought language to feelings I couldn't begin to describe myself. I'm so thankful for this video. ❤
she's so beautiful and so so strong. I hope she's doing well and is still strong. I'm proud of her.
Midnight Crypt Worx
Midnight Crypt Worx:
I would love for her to write a book
Vee Berry
Vee Berry:
Your brain isn’t fully developed until 25 she was 19 when she met him 38
MD in MD
MD in MD:
I can't believe she was self-conscious about her body. She might be one of the most perfect-looking people I've ever seen.
“I’ve been given the perfect body for who I am” 💖
Alex López
Alex López:
Wow. I admire Evan so much, she's an incredible and beautiful woman ❤
Cecil Celeste
Cecil Celeste:
I'm so proud of her, I'm so happy she named him. She came so far in a year
Sarah Flanagan
Sarah Flanagan:
“‘Wait, that’s allowed?’ The difference that would have made in my life, if I had been able to grow up and just like whoever I liked!”
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios:
I love and admire her so much.
Law of the Mind
Law of the Mind:
She definitely practices yoga
She’s been my woman crush forever. She’s incredible at her craft, and she seems to be a great normal, emotionally mature and likable person. Ugh. Sweep me away, Evan.
Verrr Tek
Verrr Tek:
She is absolutely incredible, so fun to listen to her message. I'm so happy she's naming her abuser now and hopefully she gets the justice she deserves, but what an absolutely beautiful human being she is.
This made me cry because I related so much to her here.
I just want to hug her!
Helen Howard
Helen Howard:
Stunning and brave y'all...
100% Me for years. I understand abuse very clearly.
"I didn't realize I was being abused. I thought I was being strong with a complicated person. That's what was being fed to me."

She is an extremly mature person. This is something I can relate to..so many girls should see this.
C R:
She’s so stunningly beautiful to me
Linda Wiseman
Linda Wiseman:
Brave woman x
E S:
Seeing her this healthy, happy and beautiful on the in- and outside gives so much hope and power.
Bruce Karaus
Bruce Karaus:
She is so stunningly beautiful, it is hard to grasp that she had self image issues.
Jobi One
Jobi One:
We need to allow victims to say they were victimised without the need for forensic evidence & anyone is capable of robbing someone of their autonomy & well being
Tammy Collins
Tammy Collins:
have always thought her skin is just absolutely perfect
I Love Her. She is an amazing young woman, and she makes me feel better about myself.
Libby Knight
Libby Knight:
Some people in the comments seem triggered by this beautiful display of authenticity. They see it as an act, and their lack of tact and straight up meanness expressed in their comments remind me of abusive exes of mine. Abusive people can't comprehend or accept when people are truly being themselves because abusive people subconsciously hate themselves, and that's why beautiful people like her get abused. It's sad, but abusers provide a sometimes necessary challenge in this twisted reality to face and overcome. We learn to love ourselves more with even greater conviction. People love to hate love, and to those people I say - go ahead and eat your heart out.
John Doe
John Doe:
Now, i love her even more.
Honestly, she did not need to name him for us to know who he is.
So now it’s confirmed, it’s Marilyn Manson
Liddy Freeman
Liddy Freeman:
Wow she’s such a beautiful soul. It’s also amazing how many celebrities are opening up about who they really are and their struggles. It makes all the misfits of the world, or anyone who has struggled feel more ok with being different. like she said, it removes shame. What kind of world would it be if everyone could embrace who they are, be real and authentic, vulnerable and different. I’m seeing this world opening up even in the midst of what seems to be in upwelling of ignorance and evil.
Rotem mati
Rotem mati:
God bless this beautiful and brave woman 🙏🏻❤
Finally understanding your feelings about "unconventional" attractions when she was younger had to be a huge revelation and weight being lifted.
Maria Camila Orjuela Parra
Maria Camila Orjuela Parra:
She's so brave 💜
The Deranged Dahlia
The Deranged Dahlia:
despite everything she's been through, she has such a positive and light aura. i wanna know who her therapist is.
Laura Zoe Carvalho
Laura Zoe Carvalho:
I’m glad so so glad that she’s wiser now.
She has an incredible mind. I could listen to her for hours
bethzaida sanabria
bethzaida sanabria:
Our words reveal our heart. Keep that in mind next time you meet someone. The clues are there right in front of you.
Marilyn Manson has it in lyrics, his manners and in his words when he speaks. It is obvious.
Calico Cavalier
Calico Cavalier:
She is so cool! Love her. So smart, articulate, thoughtful. And so happy for the bi representation!
Suad Mahfouz
Suad Mahfouz:
Gosh this woman is so attractive inside and out
I've always lliked but I like her even more now. Such a genuine, wise and fun soul.
You’re my hero Evan Rachel Wood.
Henry VIII of England
Henry VIII of England:
She is such a beautiful person.
It's sad she's so insecure when basically everything about her physical appearance is in line with today's beauty standard. Now imagine how the rest of us feels.
"These violent delights have violent ends"
Jarred Reneau
Jarred Reneau:
I think she's a beautiful woman, she needs to date a brother. I would take good care of her and treat her like a queen!
she's such an amazing person
Neon Libra
Neon Libra:
It must have been hard to film some of the scenes she did for Westworld when she's been through all this
rosalyn gonzalez
rosalyn gonzalez:
What a beautiful soul. She is real, strong and graceful.
Thank you Evan for this interview and for being a strong role model for all the girls* and women* doubting themselves! <3
Дмитрий Шульдешов - психолог
Дмитрий Шульдешов - психолог:
OMG! Such an inspiring interview!
Thank you very much, Evan Rachel! Especially, - for your activism!
Daniella Cressman
Daniella Cressman:
This is so inspiring.
Jessica Walters
Jessica Walters:
It's shocking how she saw herself. I always saw this actress as very pretty.
ok bye
ok bye:
maybe we should listen to WHAT SHE IS SAYING instead of talking about manson
mrs Macca
mrs Macca:
I’ve always admired her acting skills. I hope she is happy and has peace in her life.
Awesome that she gave this interview ~ I can’t even begin to imagine the helplessness and powerlessness she felt for so long, simply because I happen to be born a man... I think something not talked about is the responsibility that men have in this.
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia:
When I look at her now Para-noir plays in my head.
Terry Oma
Terry Oma:
I want to name them but I can't she said and she did it she named Manson. That's just so powerful and brave and inspiring! Such a strong woman! ❤️
Anastasia Lestari
Anastasia Lestari:
OMG my childhood girl crush 😍
What she said about pregnancy was so honest and beautiful. If you are a woman who doesn't want children this obviously doesn't apply to you, but yeah I do feel like childbirth (cesarean or vaginal) is an ultimate test. It really does push our bodies to the edge of what it really is to be a biological woman. And that's incredible. I know many women will want this experience and may not have it. I wish we could all have what we want, just not the way of the world.
Amrita Acharya
Amrita Acharya:
If, Evan Rachel Wood falls in love with me, I'd go crazy in love 😍💕