Evan Rachel Wood Says Marilyn Manson Is Who Abused Her

When actress Evan Rachel Wood testified before Congress three years ago about surviving sexual abuse, she didn't name her alleged abuser. Wood revealed Monday on Instagram that she was talking about her relationship with rocker Marilyn Manson. “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years," she wrote. Manson has denied all the allegations, calling them “horrible distortions of reality" and said his relationships have always been "entirely consensual."

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Pp Inmouth
Pp Inmouth:
Marylon Mansion acting in disturbing ways?! NO, really!? Who'd of guessed
Morning Glory
Morning Glory:
Who would have ever guessed he is a creep.
Harald Krull
Harald Krull:
I literally read Marylin Monroe 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko:
im kinda scared of his face like imagine him staring at you like thats so creepy.....
Maria Casas
Maria Casas:
Too sad that some young ladies and old ones too can't read faces right away. You can see his face,his living style, his beliefs his way of expressing himself you definitely see a phyco
Makes sense, look up the story behind his short film “groupie”
Toasty Toxic
Toasty Toxic:
There is an unbelievable amount of victim blaming going on in these comments. I am genuinely concerned for humanity if this is the behavior of the majority.
I imagine that they were involved in a BDSM style relationship that started off as “consensual” but crossed boundaries. I also don’t think a teenager should be able to give consent for such things with an adult. So if that’s the case, regardless of if she said it was okay or not, it’s wasn’t if she was a minor
Robert Shields
Robert Shields:
Must of been his good looks that attracted her to him.
Milky Møø Plays Roblox
Milky Møø Plays Roblox:
no way, this is crazy, I feel so bad.
Emily Jane
Emily Jane:
I know it.... I kept thinking who else could it be... back then. But Evan wouldn’t say his name. I kept thinking it had to be him. Glad she said his name finally
xXAngie DispairxX
xXAngie DispairxX:
Wow I can’t image what she had gone through I feel bad for her
Why is the girl named Evan and the boy named Marilyn? That’s interesting.
When i tell you this hurt me 😭 i looked up to him so much but nah not anymore
No Eyes Bunny
No Eyes Bunny:
When she said it everyone knew it was him.
Sennie White
Sennie White:
*How do these almost inhuman people come to be admired by the public?*
I mean, is anyone surprised? He seems such a weirdo and now it's confirmed.
VAGA Official TV
VAGA Official TV:
when you look like a devil , when you dressed like a devil ,when you sing like a devil ,you do devilish things..
Kevin Polston
Kevin Polston:
Really, you're telling me Marilyn Manson was into weird and violent sex. I would have never guessed. I'm not saying its right but come on, at some point all these women realized that and they all decided to stay even though every one around them was probably telling them to leave. Really it's just another cautionary tale for young women, you may be an adult but you don't know everything and being in a relationship with someone much older and famous for being a weirdo will probably end in some pretty uncomfortable sexual encounters.
Fenny PingPing
Fenny PingPing:
That man's face tells everything that he is a weirdo
Nora N
Nora N:
Omg I would be scared to be left alone with him!
ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ʀᴇɴ
ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ʀᴇɴ:
Is it bad that I only know who Marilyn Manson is because of Clone High
Okayyyy this all makes more sense now. I remember when they were dating, I was like "Ew."
Tanvir Faisal
Tanvir Faisal:
I wonder, who in normal sense could date that sick looking guy. He looked like Joker 😣😣😣
Dion Moore
Dion Moore:
And for those creeps who want to victim blame her, the spiritual lessons you still have to learn will basically allow you to be in similar shoes. So, you will unfortunately understand one day
Imagine taking to your friend and you turn around and see him 😭😭
He’s my idol.
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores:
WHAT the man who named himself after charles manson and Idolised him is a bad guy WHAT who would have thought
he needs to go to jail.
Andrew Camacho
Andrew Camacho:
I’m kinda scared of his face like imagine him staring at you like that’s so creepy.....
Asuka ofLain
Asuka ofLain:
It's O.K. Manson life is sometimes tough. Also poor Rachel Wood. : (
After the whole Johnny Depp thing I don’t know who to believe
Kurtistown Brothel No.69
Kurtistown Brothel No.69:
Yall remember when Twiggy Ramirez was given the boot by Manson cause of the rape allegations? Manson said he could believe how anyone could treat a woman so horribly. Lmao the tables continutle to turn.
He just gives me major creeps😬
Sierra Slytherin
Sierra Slytherin:
Very disappointing. I love his music ☹️
Andrew Ferns
Andrew Ferns:
you get in a relationship with someone that looks like an extra out of freaky Friday...then your shocked hes weird..?
Lubomir Tonchev
Lubomir Tonchev:
that one kid: OmG iM fIrSt
Être souverain
Être souverain:
He is a monster
Mob Unverse
Mob Unverse:
Remember, innocent until proven guilty.
Vonnie K
Vonnie K:
All one has to do is look at that "man" and see he is a horrible distortion of reality himself.
gotta go FAST jr
gotta go FAST jr:
Two piece and a biscuit
Two piece and a biscuit:
Maybe someone should have told her that he's not the guy from KIZZ💋
Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget:
Bro he deadass said “she must have to go” 😒
Rob J
Rob J:
she’s in her librarian costume when testifying
She waits after her show is cancelled to name Marylin Manson just as he is getting a career resurgence. Interesting
Captain Freedom
Captain Freedom:
Usually you CAN judge a book by its cover.
Lil uzi
irmyağmr tkn
irmyağmr tkn:
annadeng dopamine
annadeng dopamine:
he basically get most of the beautiful woman.. i still cant get over dita von teese married him
Random Videos
Random Videos:
We need a hero not one we deserve but one we need marylon man dad!
How does she end up with someone like... That?
the wolf 01x
the wolf 01x:
YT wahmen logic:
He looks like the joker this should go well
Lubomir Tonchev
Lubomir Tonchev:
Blaž Veber
Blaž Veber:
Remember! Johnny Depp didn't do it!
drew downs
drew downs:
from what his autobiogralghy says id expect more appalling things from manson...
Taylor H
Taylor H:
Weird that Rose McGowan hasn't said anything about it. I'm not saying he didn't abuse Evan, just saying that Rose has been pretty outspoken about stuff, so it's weird she hasn't said anything about him.
Steel Talon
Steel Talon:
Anyone who questions Wood, I CHALLENGE you to watch her testimony on Roll Call 2yrs ago. Then I dare you to argue with me.
Lily Edith
Lily Edith:
"No one who she was talking about"
Uhhh yes we did... 🤮💀
Being beaten & tied "wow sounds like a healthy relationship" interesting their relationship was known in 07 & her first film was in 01 & it's called " Little Secrets"
Where is Batman
Where is Batman:
I wonder what Data Von Teese will say
Kirill Kasatkin
Kirill Kasatkin:
Manson kicks ass
Derek Meza
Derek Meza:
Is that why he sang 'sweet dreams'?
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming:
Very great taste in men
Monsi Time
Monsi Time:
He should be held accountable
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
I would find it strange if that dude WASNT a creep and was just a regular dude in bed.
I would say this dude looks like a Walmart version on valak in conjuring but it's insulting to the entire demon community 🤦🔫
Heather Duva
Heather Duva:
What he thought to be my unconscious body?? So I'm wondering if he drugged her, or "thought she was sleeping" drunk?
Satanism never works out in the end. This is just the beginning. He’s gotta honor his contract with Goat Lucy
He look like an emo Severus Snape.
Anton Ego isn’t looking too good these days...
L Lawliet
L Lawliet:
When Marilyn Manson was in an Episode of Clone high, he was creepy in that and he’s creepy in real life
Mr. Paint
Mr. Paint:
What did you expect while you’re hanging out with Marilyn Manson ???
(There fault ! )
Red Kami
Red Kami:
The man who was a high ranking satanist in anton laveys cult is a bad man, how surprising
Dion Moore
Dion Moore:
You can't judge her. She was very young and unholy wood must be crowded with creeps. She is so talented, west world is my favorite
Wilson's Channel and more
Wilson's Channel and more:
Poor Johnny Depp, I mean Marilyn Manson.
B Ride
B Ride:
It’s all about the 💰
Carl Basky
Carl Basky:
I am a rocker but I don't even listen to his songs
What's she searching for? Money? Fame? Its Manson, she new what she was getting herself into. These women with their claims need have repercussions when found untrue. Amber started a trend in Hollywood.
C Mac
C Mac:
He had cuts on his hand at the end 😬
Jasper Seay
Jasper Seay:
I feel like I'm the only one watching this knowing who he is, having grown up under his influence, and knowing he's a pretty good guy beneath his art form. Y'all should try watching his interviews before you bash him for being weird, he's quite an intellectual.
I can pass as weird :/
I can pass as weird :/:
His lipstick is super good 👀🤔😑
Scooty Puff Jr.
Scooty Puff Jr.:
What a big surprise
Noname Noname
Noname Noname:
Another trial by Media.
PDB Ferox
PDB Ferox:
First it was Vic Mingona being lied on, then Johnny depp, now this? Come on stop trying to be the next Monica Rial.
Imagine saying “First” on a video like this
ADGV King:
Bro idk how any women would date that guy his face is funny and scary at the same time
Hali T Lightwork
Hali T Lightwork:
How is it consent when the person is still a teenager????
Linda Ellingsen
Linda Ellingsen:
I just wonder why she is calling him out now... she Said ahe never planned to name the abuser because it wasnt about revenge.. so it makes me wonder, why now?
eneseus M4
eneseus M4:
You know when people get drunk, they see thing differently. Thats why she would look at him. Lolz
H E R O gAmEr
H E R O gAmEr:
More like gold digging when dating at 19 year of age.
Shes friends with Amber Turd. That should tell you something.... 🤔
alfredo Fernandez
alfredo Fernandez:
*Imagine dating this man **0:58** XD*
When a man is accused, he loses everything. When a woman is accused, other women praise her. This is not equality, this is hypocrisy.
Kodi Brito
Kodi Brito:
Umm, he is 1 a sick puppy. I can't believe they didn't see that one coming?
T W:
idk why you want to be with a man looking like that
mark walberg:
"what?.. no!.."
Electronic Youth
Electronic Youth:
in the philippines Marilyn Manson is known as Vice Ganda