Not the start to 2021 that Carlo Ancelotti had in mind, as Everton fell to a late defeat at the hands of West Ham. The Blues welcomed back James Rodriguez and Richarlison from injury, but couldn't find a way through a resolute Hammers, who had Tomas Soucek to thank for the only goal of the game.

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Soucek celebrating for coufals new born daughter
cihi .cihi
cihi .cihi:
Soucek is everywhere. I'm proud of you our Czech son.
Richi Sports
Richi Sports:
So, Tomas Soucek scored the first premier league goal of the year 2021
Коля Касьяненко
Коля Касьяненко:
Ярмоленко топ 👍. Тренер - не зовсім, тримати на лавці гравця з найбільшою зарплатнею. Від травми вже відновився...
Make the players watch the whole 90 mins on repeat until they realise how embarrassing that performance was. Any player that accepts that as a good enough performance can leave in January. Shower of shit tonight lads
Robinson Murgor
Robinson Murgor:
Nicolas Rey
Nicolas Rey:
1:30 sorry for everton the to west ham united
Soucek real goat
When Everton FC face any kind of expectation or pressure - in this case to go 2nd - the club will always wilt. Been like this for a number years so nothing new of course. I'm aware the quality of Digne, James & Allen is absent, but the first XI still need to perform to an acceptable standard - especially at home. Moaning aside, I feel we're in good hands with Carlo and Mosh.
Sam Paoulo
Sam Paoulo:
Benrahma should play in his position
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell:
Moyseh coming home and beating us in our own backyard.
Premier League finally living on its name rather than last season where its just become one-horse race
Arief Nufirwan
Arief Nufirwan:
Come on, Everton. Be strong!!!
Ronado Ron
Ronado Ron:
Think James has gone back to real, didn't see him after the great start.. can understand why real Madrid released him
lets make best out of this transfer window, we need a winger forward and centerbacks please
Sony darmawan
Sony darmawan:
I feel sorry for Don Carletto, bu he's still top class manager..
odda idk
odda idk:
We need Gomes to start at wolves iwobi in and bench or sell Davies Ateach richarlison how to pass and bring back Keane for holgate
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
Back to the drawing board I am angry we lost this game could have gone 2nd a draw would have been okay I honestly cant get my head around this we beat the bigger teams and struggle against the rest
frank simba
frank simba:
Soucek you FPL BEAST!
@Car Vi true. im not going to judges james's performance because hes just come back from and injury and thats what happens
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
Premier League finally living on its name rather than last season where its just become one-horse race
Brandon Moncada
Brandon Moncada:
The whole team would of been running sprints after the game.
Ritu Rudra
Ritu Rudra:
idk why i remember this whu keeper as the one who got chipped by sanchez
Ngurah Januar
Ngurah Januar:
Hahaha and you want to play against City quickly? Lmao 🤣
Neverton as always. Small club.
Xazzy Bwoii
Xazzy Bwoii:
Thank goodness I wanted to bet on this game nd then I didn't see iwobi nd other names so some how I wasn't certain..lol thank God I didn't play it got to go pick up my money😆
Cara ,que acontece com esse time as vezes?
jesus christ, imagine being the editor finding 2 minutes of highlights from this garbage let alone 10 for the extended version. that is a person with serious serious talent.
Akhtar Hussain
Akhtar Hussain:
Can’t believe we had a week rest and still played lazy no passion at all ! Instead of resting iwobi he should of rest gilfi, Davis , Bernard were all bullocks even Richarlson looked weak Don Carlo need to buy players for sure
Andrea Tiso
Andrea Tiso:
we've been unlucky
Omar 15
Omar 15:
Gomes was class different from the rest
Taylor Juan
Taylor Juan:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
muhammad Mursyid
muhammad Mursyid:
UCL place the end of season for Don Carlo
mario omar
mario omar:
This is premier league, no wonder....let's wait for Man utd.....😅
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Soucek you FPL BEAST!
Iceland Motorsport Rally fan
Iceland Motorsport Rally fan:
You took out a fine midfield and defensive player who you payed 80 mil for and lost. Instant karma
Neil Turner
Neil Turner:
Same old West Ham takin the piss ⚒⚒🤣🤣🤣🤣
minij hooi
minij hooi:
lets make best out of this transfer window, we need a winger forward and centerbacks please
Happy new ‘same old’
Rlindq dunn
Rlindq dunn:
Useless Defending ,absolute Toffee 🙄
mahabub zakaria135
mahabub zakaria135:
Well deserved defeat... Now the club has got a clear explanation..
Raden Mas Dhika
Raden Mas Dhika:
maximum can finish in the top 4
Jan Bezděk
Jan Bezděk:
Why Is this in Czech trends?
I know, because Souček, but WHY???
gareth griffiths
gareth griffiths:
What a shame sure they took it in good spirits.
Kezetuolie Dziivichii
Kezetuolie Dziivichii:
Carlo out Lampard in🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gg Nawaz
Gg Nawaz:
This is more more entertaining 😅😅
Jason Hardy
Jason Hardy:
Players had too much of a good rest. Ffs
nur huda
nur huda:
Thanks Westham 😁🙏
Car Vi
Car Vi:
Everton need focused and a real leader and put order
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj:
Everton will win PL if var helps them
What's going on with Everton?
really good Soucek
The Beat Up Family
The Beat Up Family:
Everton started off the season very well but they dropped the form even though they win games here and there they need to get James back to have a chance and winning the league.
rizky s bakti
rizky s bakti:
Lose again and again😭
Leonellus Creation
Leonellus Creation:
Back to default settings
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming:
Lol I said bfore the match Everton suck and boom
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
wow! super nice?
Jennifer Geraghty
Jennifer Geraghty:
We were very asleep today will beat wolves
Media Experiment TV
Media Experiment TV:
Because ego player.. everton failed to win the game.
Vonguyen Thanhngoc
Vonguyen Thanhngoc:
Beautiful love u.
Agung hermawan Hermawan
Agung hermawan Hermawan:
Ancelotti butuh 2,3 tahun lagi. Sekarang everton masih angin2nan. Tapi udah di jalur yg bener.
Richi Sports
Richi Sports:
DCL needs to start banging the goals
eugene Tshepo Nhlabathi
eugene Tshepo Nhlabathi:
David Moyes is back
z. g.c
z. g.c:
concentración , no se puede perder en el ultimo momento...
pelipe coutinho
pelipe coutinho:
The top is very cold bro
Jaka Dika
Jaka Dika:
NooB Gaming
NooB Gaming:
Sponsor nya sama2 cazzoo sama Aston Villa dan hasilnya juga senasib sama-sama kalah,,,,tapi tetap semangat buat Everton dan Aston villa
Doni Pungkak
Doni Pungkak:
Clarence Amadeus
Clarence Amadeus:
If Everton is about to win something they need to be excel at something. Everton's defense now is not good, neither is their attack. That's why they have been inconsistent
Richi Sports
Richi Sports:
Up the Toffees
Up Carlo
Aafibul Islam
Aafibul Islam:
Why isn't Pickford making any mistake?
K 21
K 21:
Really bad match-again three steps backwards!

Moyes lets play Mourinho football-one goal is enough!!!

West Ham deserved the victory because they were strong enough and scored once.
Everton was bad.
zerik XD
zerik XD:
Thanks west ham
Wan Rynth
Wan Rynth:
Camon everton
James Cullen
James Cullen:
Hahahaha brilliant, shiterton, YNWA 🤫
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj:
To evarton fans-no var no win Thank u West Ham. Liverpool fan from Poland. Btw Pickfords legs still ok?
Solusi Cerdas
Solusi Cerdas:
Everton will go brrrr
Maroon Receeh
Maroon Receeh:
L Hidayat
L Hidayat:
Where is J. Rodriguez btw?
Ay Up
Ay Up:
Poor showing, don't look fit
Yatta Desune
Yatta Desune:
No Digne No Party
Ade Purnama
Ade Purnama:
Oh ini yg katanya calon kuat juara
Friskianugrah Fernando
Friskianugrah Fernando:
Ahahaha lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕
Anthon van der Neut
Anthon van der Neut:
Even Everton's nr 13 puts his hand up to claim off-side, although he was the one passing the ball on to the goal scorer....
sofia indriyani
sofia indriyani:
Hhahahahahahahahhahaa.. everton lose👏👏👏
Mukti Karki
Mukti Karki:
Why didn't Keane play?
A D:
Why do the players keep playing the ball backwards? It only invites pressure. Amazingly, nobody tries to shoot instead trying to pass their way into the box? What a wasted opportunity to go 2nd!
Aniq Ahmad
Aniq Ahmad:
Moysey revenge 🧐
hitnail halfway
hitnail halfway:
How's the title challenge going lil ev? 😆
Anagh Ks
Anagh Ks:
Official: Everton request full disclosure over West Ham loss from Premiere League
Podia tá matando podia tá roubando mais tou aqui mindingando um escrito para tentar crescer na vida tmj
Azor Decky Loho
Azor Decky Loho:
Tolong agar durasi 5 atau 4 begitu
Harshvardhan Rai
Harshvardhan Rai:
Lack of belief was visible in the teams performance. Everton have a realistic chance to claim for a European slot this season, they should not let it go cheaply.
Everton sdh mulai goyah
Wow souheck
Christian Adjevi
Christian Adjevi:
Everton humbled back to reality🤝
iwan putra
iwan putra:
Tom Griffiths
Tom Griffiths:
Lifeless and unimaginative performance. We got lucky vs Sheff Utd and could have easily have lost that 0-1. Disappointing from James when he came on - looked like he’d enjoyed far too many Xmas pudds on the couch.