Watch Carlo Ancelotti's post-match press conference following Everton's 1-1 draw with Leicester City. James Rodriguez's wondergoal was cancelled out by Youri Tielemans in a hard-fought game at Goodison Park.

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49 comentarios:

In Carlo we trust. A lot of negativity around tonight's performance but we had chances to win and we missed Doucoure and Allan. Carlo is in control 💙
Alfie Nickless
Alfie Nickless:
Defensively on point, only conceded because of a mistake, with Allan and doucoure back we will be back to top form.
Sue Oglesby
Sue Oglesby:
Decent point lads but we could of gone on and won , concentrate on next game
william perez
william perez:
carlos e Perez
carlos e Perez:
Grande Carlo defending his players when asked about JP!!!
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson:
God bless this man. Carlo Fantastico.
Tony Dee
Tony Dee:
He has sorted the defence, they scored,but it was an error,when he sorts the midfield we could be a challenger again.
Jeancha Net
Jeancha Net:
Que pena que se fueron los 3 puntos porque ponían al equipo en muy buena posición faltando 2 pantidos
Mario Di Criscito
Mario Di Criscito:
Sir Carlo always fair and honest . A great man and a great coach 💙
The future looks bright for Everton
Andreu N.
Andreu N.:
It was way too defensive!
This game was perfectly winnable.
Everton needs to work on not just "clearing the ball", but focus on playing and scoring at least 2 or 3 goals before defending.
Anyway, onwards and upwards!!!!
Brilliant goal by James but we were poor, totally out played by Leicester which was very troubling. Defence played pretty well but yet another poor mistake by JP.
Very good mentality, UTFT🤞
Basically we could not move the ball from defence into attack because we had no box to box midfield players on the pitch ie Doucoure and Allan. Davies and Gomes do not do box to box.
Joel Harrison
Joel Harrison:
We brought in Olson to challenge for pickfords position in the hope he'd step up his game, I don't hate the lad but it's too many mistakes and if he won't perform its time to give Olson a chance at being our number 1 because unfortunately pickford has proved he doesn't deserve it
Evo Kev
Evo Kev:
Pickford did pull a couple of good saves so you cant go overboard on him
Mats Fredriksson
Mats Fredriksson:
A point was the best we could have hoped for considering Leicester dominance
aidan Jon Sullivan
aidan Jon Sullivan:
Jordan's silly mistake has cost us 3 points here, no other way about it.
Alan Lever
Alan Lever:
I agree, no need to speak to Jordan. Just drop him.
Swap Barnes with Richarlison and DCL will score much more. Richarlison has lost it
Adolfo Patino
Adolfo Patino:
Thanks a lot mister Carlo
You know when they rip the tablecloth out from under the dinnerware and everything else remains. Our midfield is the tablecloth.
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson:
We went too defensive too early. Carlo is right, playing that deep would have worked if we didn’t panic on the ball as much. We gave it away to much. If we just manage to work our way up the pitch slowly after they give a the ball away but still making sure we don’t brake our formation, then we can easily win. This isn’t what Carlo wants to do, he is doing the best he can with such a shit team
Abigail Barfoot
Abigail Barfoot:
Yes pickford made mistake but the groundsand ball was very wet and he was unsighted im a goalkeeperbthosecditsutstion where there's a crowded penalty area i think he slipped judt as he drive ad it was wet not easy conditions
Graves en el medio campo
Adrian Valbuena
Adrian Valbuena:
Pls Ancheloti pls, we need a player like Muriel in our team!!!
Maximo III Tinoco
Maximo III Tinoco:
Viva Colombia carajo.....
Tbh its Everton own fault. They could have easily lost aswell. I mean why you just lean back and literally do nothing and watch Leicester play. That one goal was literally one good individual moment and thats it - you shouldnt rely on this to win games. I mean there were then some good team moments coming up, but why only when you have no other choice?? Can't just lean back and do nothing in terms of playing forward. The game was winnable and that they did not is due to a great lack of initiatve to go forward and let Leicester bomb the goal, at some point it had to go in - and it happened in a avoidabl fashion aswell, Pickford didnt look good there.
Anyways, dont just sit back and do nothing - their own fault and a stupid strategy, if u can call it one in the first place.
Ancelotti says "when they equalized we played well" - LOL - thats when you simply started playing again and do something to go forward - something that you could have done from the beginning! WHY NOT DO SO?? You lead 1-0? - well then you look to kill the game with a 2-0. If you then shift a bit the strategy to a more defensive way well ok, but not with a shaky 1-0 lead.
Kit Wong
Kit Wong:
Not a bad game against top team
gareth fieldstead
gareth fieldstead:
Digne? What did he create? How many times did Leicester attack down our left? If Gomes was alongside Davies, what two roles was he trying to cover? Clearly different game. There was periods particularly second half they had 80% possession.
Gustavo Alexander Bayona Embuz
Gustavo Alexander Bayona Embuz:
Con todo respeto pero si sigue el equipo así de flojo. No van a llegar a ningún lado. Les falta más entrenamiento duró, no solo jugar al bobito.
Liam Efc
Liam Efc:
Poor game we let Leicester control the possession could have lost tonight but I'll take the point and move onto Newcastle. Doucoure back it's a relief we gotta get Calvert lewin scoring again he's hardly had any service ffs and i would drop pickford send him away from Everton asap put olsen in goal rest of the season
Karen Moloney
Karen Moloney:
no need speak to him , he knows hes dropped now , heres hoping anyway
Focus next match..vamos don carlo
Stephen Oshea
Stephen Oshea:
Let me get this straight we beat them 2-0 before Christmas now we settle for a draw what the hell is this sesame Street.
Steven Astley
Steven Astley:
Richarlison needs a rest
Martha Jiménez
Martha Jiménez:
Metan a Alan y docure y beernad, menos a ese Ray charlison todo un desastre solo James se salva
John Ocampo
John Ocampo:
You hate to see it.
Cant blame pickford he was solid the whole game except for that single shot.
Tommy Suverenus
Tommy Suverenus:
ArchieRKO Everton
Tu Verus
Tu Verus:
Drop pickford pls
Juan camilo orozco
Juan camilo orozco:
RISHARLISON Está jugando muy mal ya en todos los partidos no gana un solo balón no hace un buen pasé y James es el único bueno de el quipo el Resto no hace nada, falta de actitud
Pickford out !
Aaron Cooke
Aaron Cooke:
gareth fieldstead
gareth fieldstead:
Really poor tonight. Digne, gomes, Davies , Richarlison and Calvert Lewin were garbage. Leicester deserved the win. Pickford needs dropping.
Nelson Woldsen
Nelson Woldsen:
Take out gomes
Толкун Теишов
Толкун Теишов: