Highlights from Everton's 1-1 draw with Leicester City. James Rodriguez's wondergoal was cancelled out by Youri Tielemans in a hard-fought game at Goodison Park.

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Joshua Toledo
Joshua Toledo:
James.... is always a pleasure to enjoy your performance. Well done.
Understand what kind of player James is..a valuable asset
Not our best performance but the lads defended really well again today. I think Olsen should start at the weekend and beyond. We move! Up the Toffees 💙
alpachoy facchinelli
alpachoy facchinelli:
James es excelente jugador, el balón siempre al 19 🇨🇴, James es el único jugador del Everton que pone pases y pone a jugar a los demás ; en cambio los demás del Everton son egoístas no le ponen pases a James , siempre James pide el balón y ellos lo ignoran . James merece una mejor compañía en la cancha . Dios te bendiga mi James Rodríguez eres y serás siempre el mejor de todos . 🥰🇨🇴✨🙏🏼💕🔥
Diego AVZ
Diego AVZ:
Golazo el de James. El sonido ambiente como si el estadio estuviera lleno, reacciona al gol de James y al casi gol a lo último, excelente
i am a liverpool fan and i have witnessed one of the most beautiful goals ever James Rodriguez is just too good tbh
Maria Del Pilar Cortes Cartagena
Maria Del Pilar Cortes Cartagena:
Golazo de James, nuestro Colombiano. 👏👏👏👏
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong:
As a Real fans, it's really sad to see James wasted some of his years in Madrid
Buena James 🇨🇴❤️🔥
Axel Ruiz
Axel Ruiz:
James Is amazing
Pure_football_ Official
Pure_football_ Official:
Always a pleasure to watch James Rodriguez
Football lovers channel
Football lovers channel:
What a game it was 🔥🔥🔥✌
He silenced everyone who said he couldn’t do anything with his right foot 💪💪
Prashant Aryal
Prashant Aryal:
as a madrid fan i feel happy for james🥰
Orane Sterling
Orane Sterling:
Love the performance this season....high up the table
James took a long range with right foot
John Ketteringham
John Ketteringham:
I think we were piss poor . It seems the philosophy in the second half was too defend a one goal lead . Why? We have players now who can score goals. Fair play for a good defensive performance. I used too defend Pickford but Neville Southall could have saved that now at his age and weight.
Arnaldo Jr Jiménez Vargas
Arnaldo Jr Jiménez Vargas:
If Allan and Doucoure had been on the ground, Everton could easily have won this match and by many goals.
MATEO  De La Pava
MATEO De La Pava:
jhilick chakma
jhilick chakma:
How on earth pickford is England's number 1 is beyond me 😂
Everton F.C. is in the hearts of the fans in the south of Colombia. Very noble and very loyal city of Pasto, home of the volcanic team with which Yerry Mina debuted.
Rahul Jaggit
Rahul Jaggit:
if we had won this game we would've been number 4 with 2 games in hand
Opop Lopo
Opop Lopo:
Keshal Pathak
Keshal Pathak:
Imagine letting go of James for free 😂
كون كان
كون كان:
Unsatisfactory results, keep the spirit of Everton.
Ana Gil
Ana Gil:
What a goal James!! I told you score goals for you! do anything and everything you know in the field for your own enjoyment!! Do you want to become the best? Stop thinking about others!! Put all your dreams on God’s hands, and very soon you will see the Glory.
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez:
Magnificent! James i hope you happy in Everton!! Real Madrid misses you ((
armando carrillo
armando carrillo:
z. g.c
z. g.c:
que grande everton...ahora a estar concentrados y darlo todo..estos partidos que vien son muy importantes y nos dan una opción muy grande de champions....
Fercho vanegas Jr
Fercho vanegas Jr:
Orgullo colombiano 🤝
M C:
Everton need a new gk asap. Pickford has cost them so many points this season. If they want top 4 he needs to go
Nick Efc Mort 1981
Nick Efc Mort 1981:
Great point Everton.. Played really well without having much of the ball for large periods.. Against a good Leicester side.. But how good is gomes becoming.. Rodriguez goal superb and also I do like Ben Godfrey.. What a player..
pablo torres
pablo torres:
The problem was not only Pickford, was Defense
Mario Rosales
Mario Rosales:
Everton necesita refuerzos en ataque, su idea de juego es darle el balon a James y que invente.
Oscar rivera cabal
Oscar rivera cabal:
James the Best
Glenn Lyon
Glenn Lyon:
James banger goal
Marco Cazares
Marco Cazares:
Give credit to Leicester City for playing a superb 2nd half.
Jhon Toro
Jhon Toro:
James Rodríguez Mejor que Hazard
john honai
john honai:
I am a Man City fan , I check the score of most matches of Leicester frequently when the opponent of leicester is a goal ahead or drawn for 60-70 minutes, expecting leicester to lose or draw . But they always score a late goal and avoid lose 💔😔Anyways thanks Everton
Lautaro Córdoba
Lautaro Córdoba:
James has the best right leg in the squad, and He is left-handed
Sam Wareing
Sam Wareing:
Sick of seeing it too many mistakes from Pickford can’t be conceding like that in big games
I like Everton, but yestarday the strategy was terrible.... They could have won the match if they hadn't relaxed too much after scoring the 1st goal, I mean, they didn't do anything in the 2nd half apart from running...
Laura Rodríguez
Laura Rodríguez:
James que golazo, eres un duro.
James Rodrifuex

Simply amazing.

What do you think, a point gained or two points dropped?
Juan soto
Juan soto:
Im chelsea fan but im impressed of that goal from james fun fact: Everton didnt pay anything for him during the transfer
Belkis rocio Uribe amaya
Belkis rocio Uribe amaya:
James es un jugadorazo,,,,crackkkkk ,siempre lo ha Sido,su fútbol esquisito
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta:
pickford has made amazing saves before, but conceding poorly from times to times, he has to be consistent or everton should get better goalkeeper
Brahian Acevedo
Brahian Acevedo:
James Rodriguez is the best 😍🔥💯
pepe Hands
pepe Hands:
as a leiceseter fan the draw seemed a little undeserved. pickford shouldve saved that.
Can you guys make a video with mina and richy or James??? please love from Denmark
James debería probar más de cara al arco.
zia jamshed
zia jamshed:
Pickford's error cost two points.
Imagine if Everton got hold of a decent goalkeeper. They could be talking about top 4 on a serious note.
vanel va
vanel va:
James es un jugador normalito, y goles así abundan cada semana
Neem Carry
Neem Carry:
Everton need couple of more good players if they want to fight for the title
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez:
JAMES es el cerebro pensante de ése equipo
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez:
Muy bien James, lastima el empate. :/
David Alejandro
David Alejandro:
Pickford is a dangerous goalkeeper, but the match that Anceloti played was awful. Leicester deserved a little more
Until we get rid of Pickford we won't achieve anything.. most goals at the start of the season were his fault and keeps on going. he's cost us a lot of points
Boakye Okyere Christian
Boakye Okyere Christian:
Everton really need a Goalkeeper if they want to make the top four (4)
The Channel of a Disappointed Man
The Channel of a Disappointed Man:
A man with no arms could genuinely have saved that shot.
Arvindh Mani
Arvindh Mani:
As a fan it may not be easy to criticize any player, but take it from a neutral: Pickford is a bag of mistakes. With him in goal, you're not going to build a top team.
jose orozco
jose orozco:
Everton a mi parecer necesita un lateral, un mediocampista mixto y un delantero que las emboque porque es fastidioso ver las oportunidades desperdiciadas, richarlizon me gusta como juega pero la realidad es que desperdicia muchos goles
Alexj Puig
Alexj Puig:
Fantastico James ⚽⚽💙💙💙
Naoufal Bouras
Naoufal Bouras:
Same mistakes from Pickford
James is a hero!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
Henrik Demir
Henrik Demir:
We didn’t even manage to create one chance in the second half. Embarrassing
A French media litteraly sayed that Tielemans equalized with Pickford's help xD
Oh gosh, poor man
Doni Roses
Doni Roses:
Right foot James?? Amazing
Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias:
Pero no hablan de las oportunidades falladas por Calvert Lewin, everton necesita un portero y un 9 que en partidos importantes y difíciles no lo echen todo a perder..
Peter Leep
Peter Leep:
Nice one James, once again unlucky Jordan 😀😭
Debarshi Pandit
Debarshi Pandit:
from Spurs fan....
I can conclude that Everton is far more better than Liverpool 🔥🔥🔥
Hamma Elyes
Hamma Elyes:
always the King James
Petter Quintero
Petter Quintero:
Everton isnt gonna finish up top because of PICKFORD... Its about time to give another GK a chance...
Lyan Vega
Lyan Vega:
Jamez es el mejor Dios lo bendiga siempre.. Live Colombia
bilawal adil
bilawal adil:
pickford is class. should have been in toty
Tarun Dx
Tarun Dx:
James is love ❤️😍
Fabian Camilo
Fabian Camilo:
Class 👉🏽 ⚽️💯🏆🏆🏆
I’ll take the point, would be nice for Pickford to have some sort of consistency though. Rob Green vs USA vibes
Excelente james
yenny vergel
yenny vergel:
James hace bonitos goles
conrad cole
conrad cole:
Amazing win
Julian Becerra
Julian Becerra:
People need to realise james had not played for like 1 year at real, so he's only starting to get fitness back
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Everyone repeat: De Colombia pal mundo entero 🇨🇴🤫
andres 2
andres 2:
Falto iwobi , doucuré y coleman para acompañar a james
Ronnie Ramirez
Ronnie Ramirez:
James amazing
Andre Jim
Andre Jim:
01:22 That's a very difficult shoot to stop for any goalkeeper
Con que lleguen a Europa Leage me parece qud está bien. La Premier es muy peliada.
segye Tesfaslasse
segye Tesfaslasse:
James is amazing
0 Yeah
0 Yeah:
Hope can get the top 4 this year goggogogog
0 Yeah
0 Yeah:
Hope can get the top 4 this year goggogogog
Faithman Ovat
Faithman Ovat:
Can't win a league with Pickford between the sticks
diego bohorquez
diego bohorquez:
Cesare Di Bambinolo
Cesare Di Bambinolo:
Casi se caga pateando con la derecha 🤣 pero le salió. 👏
Andres Camilo
Andres Camilo:
James The Best ❤️ JR10
Negative Everton. Nice strike James. Leicester quality