Everton 2-2 Liverpool - Carlo Ancelotti - Post Match Press Conference

Post-match press conference with Everton FC manager Carlo Ancelotti following Everton FC's 2-2 draw with Merseyside rivals Liverpool FC at Goodison Park.

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46 comentarios:

chalky white
chalky white:
Ancelotti is enjoying his time at Everton, When we dont win he responds accordingly.
Barry Walls
Barry Walls:
'no I'm not worried' nice 1 Carlo! They're trying their best to stir it up
KT Kee
KT Kee:
I'm no body language expert but his face when he's asked about Pickford, ooh.
pantherzlee pantherz
pantherzlee pantherz:
1 point gained not 2 points lost still up top of the ladder go Everton
T Moon
T Moon:
"When you concede a goal you have to defend better" - Ancelotti 2020
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic:
Don Carlo 🤨🔥👌🏻
Flavio Haggis
Flavio Haggis:
this year every single team is dangerous
every team is a titan and well capable of pulling off amazing things
nav a
nav a:
VAR was everton MOTM
So they have discovered finally the best way that Calvert Lewin plays football........

....with his head...
Belkis rocio Uribe amaya
Belkis rocio Uribe amaya:
From a Liverpool supporter. Ancellotti is a class act. Good game today and Everton are really strong this season.
Bright Mulenga
Bright Mulenga:
I wonder why man utd gets useless managers instead of getting coaches like anceloti
Neo Luddite
Neo Luddite:
What a true Don!
In Carlo we trust 💙💙
David Ravenscroft
David Ravenscroft:
Shocking .. keeper should have been off!.. Liverpool's goal at the end was a goal!!..couple awful tackles!!.ref was absolute shite lol...
william perez
william perez:
La Zebra
La Zebra:
Don Carlo !!!
Abdisamad Ahmed
Abdisamad Ahmed:
Lol every manager says I did not see it
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge:
Joke of a game officials ruined it
John Jones
John Jones:
Our manager 😍😍💙💙
Manuel Medellin
Manuel Medellin:
This match leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth, especially that RIcharlison suspension, missing out against Southampton and Newcastle away from home and Man Utd at home, theres no way anyone can step up if anyone out of our 4 best players DCL, Richarlison, James or Allan gets injured or suspended, in the end our lack of depth will eventually catch up and bite us in the ass. Still aiming for a Top 4 Finish but its going to be one hell of a task.
VANNA Construction
VANNA Construction:
When will he drop Pickford. Come on, italian manager, playing such a rubbish goalkeeper as starter.
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
Only liverpool haters can appreciate the everton manager and give him the status of a brilliant manager as expected.
Iosif Bortan
Iosif Bortan:
Im the only who saw the sponsor behind and thought that is cazzo?
Bibiana Orozco
Bibiana Orozco:
ANCELOTTI dale oportunidad a la alineación en el medio campo conformada por IWOVI, DOUCOURE SIDGURSSON y JAMES. Solo tuvo dos oportunidades por cuenta de IWOVI y DOUCOURE y JAMES tuvo su primer doblete en la Premier. No me convence Richarlison. Tácticamente, veo más desenvuelto a JAMES con ésta alineación. Dale oportunidad y JAMES te hará los goles que quieras.
Insightful.. you could have won the game, you could have lost the game. In the end you draw the game.
modeste nomad
modeste nomad:
good man 💕
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
If any team other than liverpool and everton win the title, then the team owes its success to the everton's manager for its cheap tactics against liverpool.
And if this ever happens , then there is no justice at all in today's world and god is inexistent.
marngar MAR
marngar MAR:
Colombian player James is the bst player
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.:
Pickford should have got at the least a yellow card; Y.N.W.A.
Cheat Yukhu
Cheat Yukhu:
Sergio Bozzolo
Sergio Bozzolo:
ari regowo
ari regowo:
He didn't see Pickford tackle on VVD ? 😅 Hahaha... Only Blind People can't see that horrible tackle.. it was a joke mate.. EPL not interesting anymore because all the scandals VAR and Referee
I thought the refereeing was bad, then I watched this interview. LOL
Tony Dee
Tony Dee:
Stupid questions,
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
This guy as you can see acting as everton manager is such a shameless guy, he keep on talking rubbish and it is apparent from his behaviour zat he had pre planned the match against liverpool of adopting a leg breaking strategy and at the same time keeping bastards var officials on everton's side.
I guess zat he had previously won league titles and other titles based on such cheap tactics.
I can see his downfall coming soon.
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Var is fantastic
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
Stop asking Carlo to say that he is concerned about Pickford. He won't. He doesn't throw his players under the bus !!!!
B Scoo
B Scoo:
Dont copy this video even though you have.
What a clown
John Lyons
John Lyons:
john southside
john southside:
Ancelotti is a thug
Ken Jones
Ken Jones:
This was a classic merseyside derby full of tackles and controversy. A really good game in the old fashioned way. Game is gone now can't believe anyone is trying to get Pickford suspended now it's over.Well if that floats your boat cracking on. To be honest he might need a rest.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
That thumbnail is the a face of robbery lucky with Pickford didn't got sent off & onside goal in end.
zinedine benyahia
zinedine benyahia:
William Anthony
William Anthony:
Bro you lost, were gifted a point. Simple as