Join True Geordie as reigning champions Liverpool face a trip to their Merseyside rivals Everton, who are looking to maintain their flawless start to the season.

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100+ comentarios:

Dass Sando
Dass Sando:
Rory: “I don’t see how my bets can fail”
Also Rory: “all of his bets fail”
calamity jones
calamity jones:
37:34 1-0
40:20 pickford dangerous tackle
54:13 1-1
2:05:53 1-2
2:15:03 2-2
2:23:30 red card richarlison
2:26:26 2-3
2:28:04 disallowed
2:31:08 full time.
tofu teh
tofu teh:
I swear Thekickoff live chat is full of people who seem to hate the streams but keep coming back
Noir Louis
Noir Louis:
Liverpool fan or not, and all banter aside, that was not off side. It's a shame that they robbed Henderson of that moment.
William -
William -:
Everyone complaining about Lawrence not celebrating so now he's putting on the Liverpool super fan act
Edward Daniell
Edward Daniell:
>"personally im praying he (Maguire) does start against newcastle cos he's so bad"
>Maguire scores a header against Newcastle
Love seeing Loz when Liverpool don’t win.
Tris Outlaw
Tris Outlaw:
True Geordie going full Didier Drogba at the end “this is a DISGRACE!”
VAR is a disgrace. It was disgusting and stupid.

Sincerely from a Chelsea fan.
LOOOOOOOL not one of Rory’s bets came off😭 19:03
Nathaniel Leroux
Nathaniel Leroux:
Geordie: “ I’m praying Shaw and Maguire start” “I pray Maguire starts because he’s so bad” ..... Newcastle 1-4 Man United, Shaw and Maguire start and Maguire scores 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
im a neutral (chelsea fan), but the game even pissed me off lol. From the moment pickford got away with that tackle it was ridiculous. if Richarlson got a red card, so should have pickford. And to rule it offside - VAR is ruining the game. It was like the time Sheffield Untied's goal against Villa was ruled out even though it was clearly a goal - to think millions of money has been invested into a technology which is not even up to scratch. Liverpool should have had those 3 points end of
A J:
Hugh thought the Pickford foul was a great tackle, absolute fraudulence.
harry was class, what a lad
Eydbjorn Arge
Eydbjorn Arge:
Rory 19:30 i cant see where i lose.
Also Rory: got every single bet wrong😂 what an expert he is.
Hap Lo
Hap Lo:
Lawrence is such a student activist
I’m surprised they aren’t doing a second stream for Arsenal vs Man City
J F:
Laurence is the biggest fart on YouTube, type of lad who does the anfeild tour 3 times a year and get the shirts with the all badges to wear with jeans
Tupu-Jonty Maualaivao
Tupu-Jonty Maualaivao:
"I dont like celebrating an injury but...Get in!" 😂😂😂
James Bennett-Mcnulty
James Bennett-Mcnulty:
35:20 KO 🔵Eve 0-0 Liv🔴
37:25 Mane 3' 🔵Eve 0-1 Liv🔴
54:15 Keane 19' 🔵Eve 1-1 Liv🔴
2:05:50 Salah 72' 🔵Eve 1-2 Liv🔴
2:15:00 DCL 81' 🔵Eve 2-2 Liv🔴
2:26:20 Hendo 92' 🔵Eve 2-3 Liv🔴
2:27:35 VAR review for offside
2:28:05 NO GOAL
2:31:05 FT 🔵Eve 2-2 Liv🔴
Christian Wiechert
Christian Wiechert:
44:36 ”I don’t like celebrating an injury, but... get in” 😂😂😂😭
Gegen press
Gegen press:
Liverpool were very unlucky to not win but credit to Everton for giving us a tough game.
Game Changer
Game Changer:
32:32 not a spoiler. Hope the man had a bet on that
Mikael Dume
Mikael Dume:
A Roshan
A Roshan:
How is that Offside
Seb Fox
Seb Fox:
I'd like to see a rule change so that every time a donkey like Pickford purposely puts in a seriously dangerous challenge that badly injures an opponent, they get banned for whichever is longer out of 3 games, or the length of time their opponent is injured for. Just have a disciplinary panel to review the tackle and decide whether the length of the ban should match the length of the injury or not.

There needs to be some consequences for these clumsy donkeys who make potentially career ending tackles on their fellow professionals. If Pickford gets away with that tackle then it would be an absolute travesty, even a 3 match ban would be too lenient.
darek krawczyk
darek krawczyk:
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Aidan UTP
Aidan UTP:
Rory: I can’t really see where my bet falls, they might as well pay me now

*None of them win*
Mr A
Mr A:
Var is a mess. I can’t even joke about it.
Sahin Iskender
Sahin Iskender:
they still have not beaten liverpool in years even at there grounds
Will 57
Will 57:
02:06:04 loz tried so hard to be smug it was actually cute 😂😂😂
Done with officials in this league now
Teddi Hern
Teddi Hern:
Laurence' rant on the Big Picture was legendary
Great stream as always ❤️
The Section
The Section:
I feel like fans are not active enough on the "big picture" issue. Specifically people on this stream, who love to go on the offensive when the owners of City are concerned. Oil money this, oil money that. But the AMERICAN owners of Liverpool and Man Utd literally attempted to reshape the ENTIRE league to their benefit. So next time you go after the owner of an opposing club, think about who owns yours.

There are no benevolent billionaires. Regardless of nationality.
Chum Bucket
Chum Bucket:
Haha Geordie outting himself as a Liverpool fan.
Laurence calling Pickford a 'piece of sh*t' when he snaps his darling Virgil had me creasing ngl hahahahaha
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin:
32:21 he was right FFS 😂
Yek Xi
Yek Xi:
Rory: I can't see how I can lose.
*makes 4 wrong predictions in a row*
Aldrin Jay
Aldrin Jay:
“Football needed this, Football needed Everton”
- Hugh
Luke Fielding
Luke Fielding:
A Liverpool and Everton there. None of them from Liverpool, imagine my shock
Rory got all his bets wrong after sayin they should pay him now😂😂😂
Simon Tilston
Simon Tilston:
Getting called 'looserpool' by people who haven't evolved thumbs yet makes it worth dropping 2 points & drawing away. The people in chat need thinner crayons.
Aviral Verma
Aviral Verma:
laurences reactions make cringe
Regan Diffin
Regan Diffin:
Could Laurence be any more dislikable
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd:
Funny how Geordie screams how bad Adrián is after the first Everton goal when Pickford literally jumps out of the way of the ball for mane’s goal and there is no mention of it. It’s okay Geordie mate just come out, we all know you’re a closet red.
Joseph M K
Joseph M K:
Big Brian gettin pissed his prediction went wrong by millimeters,lol
Max Mara
Max Mara:
WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
Josh E
Josh E:
Hugh was very quiet during this stream
Dylan Makin
Dylan Makin:
Rory - give me my money I can’t see a stumbling block

Also Rory - gets every single bet wrong
Harry spot on with his prediction at 32:30
Jezza Lyon
Jezza Lyon:
Can we also talk abt the VVD and Thiago injury, just how dirty and overly aggressive Everton last night
Steve Sidwell
Steve Sidwell:
Laurence has the fakest goal celebrations ever what’s he doing the freak
Manchester Man
Manchester Man:
Top show as always, even though you hate united
Brutaldeluxe 77
Brutaldeluxe 77:
Love your channel Brian, but you must be embarrassed by one of you guests today.
Tom Gough
Tom Gough:
None of rory’s bets were right. I can’t see how I don’t earn a grand 😂
Eoin Geary
Eoin Geary:
I was tweeted at saying international fans don’t count because we aren’t at the stadium !!
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd:
The fact these lot don’t know the history or the massive implications the Merseyside derby has always had on the city and most of the time for us the first division of English football shows the extent of their football knowledge. Easily the biggest derby in English football in terms of big teams going at it, genuine rivalry and the implications not many people realise it has on the city. If you’ve ever heard of the term “bragging rights” nothing I can think of more applies to that than the attitude of scousers when one team wins and one team loses in the Merseyside derby. EASILY the biggest derby in English football bar none.
Jacob Barnett
Jacob Barnett:
Poor Brian they called it United turned up at Newcastle 1- 4
Jay Krishna
Jay Krishna:
RORY in the mud😂😂😂😂
Love the guy, but all his bets for today's PL games were wrong!!!
Everton drew
Chelsea drew, lol
Man City got the win..
Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle..

"I can't see how any of these could go wrong!!"
There you go, that's how it has gone wrong
Igor Majer
Igor Majer:
54:26 rory on something there
I love this Rory must win bet where he missed everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews:
As much as I want Newcastle to win. I also want Rory to be wrong about every game 😂😂

"I can't see a world where Im wrong"
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
02:06:04 loz tried so hard to be smug it was actually cute 😂😂😂
Spencer Fernando Lebotse
Spencer Fernando Lebotse:
We are going to have our revenge at Anfield. We need to use this as motivation...
Craig Adams
Craig Adams:
Laywer: Your honour, the victim was offside when my client decided to dive in studs up and break the victims ACL.
Judge: Offside....case dismissed
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Hugh thought the Pickford foul was a great tackle, absolute fraudulence.
These guys are probably preoccupied with other stuff, but I would have liked them to do the Newcastle vs Manchester United game.
Ben 5x9
Ben 5x9:
You can’t score with your arm
Danish Islam
Danish Islam:
After what we know now regarding VVD and the ACL. I am a tit for tat person. I want the same to happen to Pickford's leg so he does his ACL too.
adios amigos
adios amigos:
hugh youre a massive fraud for your comment on the pickford challenge😂
Jack Steven
Jack Steven:
loved the stream, Thiago and James what a pair of players
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams:
Can’t believe I got fooled by the ‘live’ animation in the thumbnail
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
2-3 Liv🔴 2:27:35 VAR review for offside 2:28:05 NO GOAL 2:31:05 FT 🔵Eve 2-2 Liv🔴
You can tell these lads don’t watch championship when they think butland is still good enough to even be on the Liverpool bench 😂😂
Mason Mitchell
Mason Mitchell:
Harry’s amazing!
Mumbler 100
Mumbler 100:
No one:

Geordie: Its box office
nadir Jurgen klopp
nadir Jurgen klopp:
Liverpool were robbed with VAR
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis:
I used to play subbuteo with my dad when I was little
Rory: I’m going to win £1056
*none of the things he bet on happened*
Lmao, he has THE worst opinions
Tris Outlaw
Tris Outlaw:
Good work having the split screen
Paul Beckett
Paul Beckett:
Top show as always, get Harry back on!
absolute joke that whole game, pickford shouldve been sent off for the bad challange on vvd which has caused him to be out for 6-8 months and the VAR is useless, fair enough for evertons two goals but liverpool has been robbed of a deserved win
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd:
37:45 the amount of fakeness in that celebration🤦🏻‍♂️. Lawrence even said after “you wanted a reaction” to Geordie. Lawrence mate stop embarrassing yourself.
Kyle Starkey
Kyle Starkey:
Time stamp for Pickford foul on vvd?
Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy:
Bro I swear as a Liverpool fan how is Laurence our dude representing us bro wtf
Official Nemesis
Official Nemesis:
EVARton :)
Bare High
Bare High:
Oi geordie lad make a video about United now ;)

Loz´s rant on Project "Big Picture"
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov:
perfect show
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius:
1:30:51 how is no one else talking about this epic rant
Subz Addo
Subz Addo:
2:36:30 seriously, just watch other leagues, it's not nearly as bad
Add - J
Add - J:
True Geordie = Rag and Bone Man
Akshad Chavan
Akshad Chavan:
The kick off live chat is one of the most pathetic live chats on the internet. So many toxic people 🤮
Dead inside
Dead inside:
first sense loz has spoken in ages
First Kick off I've watched and the contrast between the Calm and Calculated Podcast Laurence to this is brilliant. Catty Irritable Bastard, I'm glad it happens to us all!
Elvar Guðjònsson
Elvar Guðjònsson:
That face! hehe 2:31:44
Tom Stoner
Tom Stoner:
Lol that guy with long hair bet literally explains how much he knows about football
Start time 4:20
Luke Sawler
Luke Sawler:
NHL went through very similar problems when they allowed video review of offside calls they scarped it after a season because it wasn’t working as intended and just confused everyone