Everton progressed to Round Three of the Carabao Cup with a 3-0 victory over Salford City at Goodison. Goals from Michael Keane, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Moise Kean set Carlo Ancelotti's Blues with a trip to Fleetwood Town.

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97 comentarios:

Mateo Correa
Mateo Correa:
Fair play to Sigurdsson to let Moise Kean take the penalty. If anybody needed a goal to boost their confidence it's him.
Miguel L
Miguel L:
Really want Moise to do well at Everton.
Spread Peace
Spread Peace:
I'm a United fan, but nice to see sigurdsson allow kean to take penalty, good for the lads confidence
Brandon Sadler-Gray
Brandon Sadler-Gray:
Good to see that our 2nd team can beat a league 2 side comfortably, what we like to see
DaringwarKsen Ksen
DaringwarKsen Ksen:
i never watched everton game but this season i think i will
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton:
Nkounkou and gordon looked great in this one! Promising🙌
Salford’s keeper will have a good season
Raven CO
Raven CO:
COYB!!! 💙 🇨🇴 💙 🇨🇴 💙 Keep it up Everton!!! There's nothing top 6 teams have that you don't!!!, you're as good as them and better if you put your heart on it!!! Greetings from Colombia! 🇨🇴 💙
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Gylfi and Kean did not look delighted to score, probably considered against minor club. In fact, Gordon looks more happier and congratulated them like senior player !
I nedd to see james scoring
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh:
Everton this year 🔥 ❤️❤️
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
Everton really having a good season they should just keep up with the acceleration.
João Virgínia.
Legolas Good
Legolas Good:
We were so unlucky to miss all those changes
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi:
Exited to see James Rodriguez play
Megan McClay
Megan McClay:
Well done team great header keane 💙👍
Afiq Wazir
Afiq Wazir:
Darron Gibson.. 👀👀👀..
1:49 Jorginho penalty?LOL
Aaron Alleyne
Aaron Alleyne:
Arnold Lopez 〽
Arnold Lopez 〽:
And James?
Vamos Everton. !
Looking very good.
rdani Adi
rdani Adi:
Everton play looks like AC Milan long time ago, a confident ball posession during the game.
That noise when Sig hit the corner in the first few seconds hahahhA class that
Matembe Abdulrashid
Matembe Abdulrashid:
And fireboy dml finished with a goal
Will give Keane bags of confidence but you can tell he wasn’t happy with the execution
Brayan Ruiz
Brayan Ruiz:
James 💥
Alejandro Gaviria
Alejandro Gaviria:
Aquí nadie habla español
Everton is really good this season to be fair
Mehedi Miraz
Mehedi Miraz:
Wow Everton second team is also good
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro:
Everton FC 👍
Maximum culture
Maximum culture:
Great team great coach.EVERTON.
Jackson Edem
Jackson Edem:
penalty jxt lyk Jorginhos own
Neddy Jeffs
Neddy Jeffs:
lepat santai
lepat santai:
cjm 😁😁
Mas Pedro
Mas Pedro:
That nkounkou guy made me confused i though christopher nkunku has switched for everton from leipzig
Dd Xx
Dd Xx:
Nkounkou and Gordon 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Sim Pedros
Sim Pedros:
Woodwork like 4 times
Rom Sh
Rom Sh:
Hope to see you in Europe more than united
Liverpool fan here!!
haziq khairudin
haziq khairudin:
That way of shooting penalty has becoming increasingly popular recently
Lucas Freire
Lucas Freire:
Gordon ⚽
Enda Barkley
Enda Barkley:
Sabrina Douamba
Sabrina Douamba:
Two great fifa teams😂😂😂
Leonardo Esparza
Leonardo Esparza:
Go everton
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
Very good game.🔵🔵💙 from the Micheal Keane goal they were losing so couldn’t put all their players behind the ball so towards the end of the game they had to attack us and that’s when we scored two more 🙌💪💙🔵
i s
i s:
Came to watch to see JR19
Omar 15
Omar 15:
Besic in
Abhinav R S
Abhinav R S:
sigurdsson .....
Ida bagus Ari Wiananta
Ida bagus Ari Wiananta:
Z e n.
Z e n.:
Cjm menangis melihat ini
ain azman
ain azman:
wheres james ?
Lucky Loki
Lucky Loki:
Do you think it's the tactics or is it moise kean that was overhyped?
omar millan
omar millan:
Good victori....let's goooo Everton....🙂⚽️🇬🇧🇨🇴
Cal Friedman
Cal Friedman:
Job well done.
ayuunii negara
ayuunii negara:
the one
the one:
No doubt, one of it is carletto's factor
sono quello che cambia idea
sono quello che cambia idea:
Mahfudz Pringapus Official
Mahfudz Pringapus Official:
Anceloti 👍
jhonatan gutierrez
jhonatan gutierrez:
jugaron los suplentes o que?
Ruairi Keating
Ruairi Keating:
Utd u23s won 6-0 lol
Gw kira CJM
Bauti Lestard
Bauti Lestard:
Good job of james i love him
German Caro
German Caro:
Colombia is Everton.. James
Magoo Bane
Magoo Bane:
Everyone is starting to take pens like Bruno Fernandez lol
Pennyless Play
Pennyless Play:
Everton will be the surprise team of this season
Andre Yanuar Nugraha S
Andre Yanuar Nugraha S:
I know why kean not create gol, because team not always give him ball. All midfield try alone shoot in goalkeeper enemy.
i s
i s:
Wheres James???
Where is Richarlison?
Leonardo Esparza
Leonardo Esparza:
Dennis Greene
Dennis Greene:
sigurdsson!!! AFRAM ISLAND
Wirawan Satriyo
Wirawan Satriyo:
danh vô bụi đời
danh vô bụi đời:
woa 😯😯
Simeon 2
Simeon 2:
Bland without the fans. The atmosphere of a wake.
Fireball 08
Fireball 08:
I hate the commentators voices
Azis Wh
Azis Wh:
Coba kalo pelatihnya mamank mamank kumisan, menang pastinya
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
mike Chiero
mike Chiero:
Why Rodriguez didn't play
kulu kulu
kulu kulu:
Belom saja antum taktik coach calvin
tyan levi
tyan levi:
football without fans is so so flat atmospher
Richard Spartveit
Richard Spartveit:
Gets gifted a pen and Still got a face like a smacked kipper even when he scored!
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp:
Hans R.
Hans R.:
@CJM ?
Iceman 123
Iceman 123:
Moise fernandes
Darnell Shaw
Darnell Shaw:
Moise been watching the mighty man united i see.
Ankit Srivastav
Ankit Srivastav:
Where is James Rodriguez 🤨?
Fillah Ahdana
Fillah Ahdana:
R F:
Manchester united u21 > Everton first team 🤣
People calling Kean shite need to get a grip. He's 20 years old. Playing up front on his own. His hold up play needs to be better yes but he's better running at players. Calvert Lewin was written off by the majority of the fans me included of I'll refrain from writing Kean off just yet. 1 game 1 goal. Look at it that way.
Sigurdson not a starter for first team anymore?
JJ Brandon
JJ Brandon:
Starting to see Keans toxicity that people spoke of at Juvet, his attitude stinks.
Omar 15
Omar 15:
yoga alfahrezy
yoga alfahrezy:
Anything that wipes a smile off Gary Neville's face is good to me
Tahmid Noor
Tahmid Noor:
I love how Bruno Fernandes and moise kean copy jorghino's penalty style
el yiyi
el yiyi:
Y James ya lo pusieron a banquiar?
I’m here to remind u Liverpool is red
Raftar cc
Raftar cc:
Guys richalison is overrated
Anime Guru
Anime Guru:
Moise Kean is so hopeless. His touches, controls everything is horrible for a Professional footballer.On the other hand, that Nkoukou and Gordon boys were far better.