Everton continued their perfect start to the season with a 4-2 win over Brighton & Hove Albion - making it four Premier League wins from four and seven successive victories in all competitions. Goals from Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Terry Mina and James Rodriguez (2) gave Carlo Ancelotti's Blues all three points to take them back to the top of the table.

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Home Cooking Lifestyle
Home Cooking Lifestyle:
Rodriguez is still outstanding.
Mati Murray
Mati Murray:
James looks so happy!!, like a boy who is having alot fun playing with his friends.
254 Vibez
254 Vibez:
James Rodriguez has made me watch Everton highlights for the first time. He is going to rise again
true rossie
true rossie:
Since the arrival of James, DCL is on fire. Mina has inspired those around him and they playing like a group of mates enjoying themselves. Keep it up Blues! 💙
Bảo Tín C3
Bảo Tín C3:
The last goal from Brighton was so fantastic that the audiences were speechless.
Santiago Rubio
Santiago Rubio:
Que buen equipo, me alegro mucho por James excelente partido, pero hay muchos jugadores muy buenos en este team, incluyendo a Anchelloti. 👏🔝🔥

Pdta: Que golazo el ultimo de Brighton. 😵😅
Máté Kristóf Kiss
Máté Kristóf Kiss:
James was my favourite footballer when he played at Bayern. It makes me happy that he is still scoring.
John Vincent
John Vincent:
Liverpool fan for 20 years here! Nice to see Everton doing well. Carlo Ancelotti is an amazing coach who could get Everton to top 4. Expecting lit Merseyside derbies this season and upcoming seasons. Goodluck Everton FC!
Rob RN
Rob RN:
James orgullo latino, se los dice un mexicano que ama Colombia y cualquier otro país hermano latino 🇨🇴
Jinora Lucilfer
Jinora Lucilfer:
1:28 that pass from Iwobi 🔥
Lautaro Santucho
Lautaro Santucho:
Soy de Argentina y Aguante James Rodríguez Mejor jugador del Everton en este momento es un gran equipo
James took the corner quickly for the first goal. Look how switched on he is as soon as the ball goes out of play. He assists the second goal with a ridiculously dangerous cross and scores the last two. Absolutely sensational, dynamic player. Thank you Colombia 🇨🇴!! 💙💙
Gibran M. Melgar
Gibran M. Melgar:
Like si eres [email protected] y James te llena de orgullo de nacer en Colombia 🇨🇴✌🏼
Milo Rez
Milo Rez:
Three things:
Great game that highlights how important James is to Everton. Fantastic game for Mina. And what a beautiful second goal for Brighton from that young lad.
Orlando Saavedra
Orlando Saavedra:
el que no iba a poder jugar en la premier Por qué es muy lento y ahí esta demostrando por que es uno de los mejores 10 del planeta grande James que viva Colombia
usama hussain
usama hussain:
I've always liked Everton. But, this season so far, they've been nothing short of spectacular! 👍❤️
Pralaya Jirel
Pralaya Jirel:
Not a Everton fan but really happy for James Rodriguez.
Noval Qinthara
Noval Qinthara:
Since pandemic i played Master League with Everton, my first signing was James Rodriguez and he played fantastic. Few months later, it happened in real life 😂
What a coincidence
Ay! Que Orgulloso me siento de ser un buen Colombiano...🇨🇴♥️
Even as a fan of other clubs, I find James to be class, and deserved of this second shot at glory. And he's proving to the managers and teams that wrote him off
tobi 1991
tobi 1991:
Beautiful counter attacking goals, just beautiful. So far so good for us, I am already positively nervous about the derby. We have yet to see how this team responds to a defeat, to adversity and everything, but this is by far the best time an Everton team has given its fans since I have been a fan and that's been about 10 years from now. Double magic from Colombia today, James almost brings me to tears, he's that good, and tons of credit to Ancelotti and Marcel Brands for having a plan and executing it. COYB!
Santiago TK
Santiago TK:
James siempre haciendo que dar bien a toda Colombia 🇨🇴🔥🔥
Daniel Edeigba
Daniel Edeigba:
Honestly James is the best thing that has happened to everton in a long while
Nobody talking about Iwobi's creativity for those two James goals
James is an amazing player, he simply didn't fit in bayern and Zidane.. He's one of my favorite players since Porto
Jinora Lucilfer
Jinora Lucilfer:
The way Ancelotti has brought out the best in this team, especially DCL is so thrilling to watch.
Gabriel Domínguez
Gabriel Domínguez:
Vuelvo a repetir..
James es un gran futbolista..
Una lástima que el Real Madrid no le diera tanta impotencia..
Que le siga yendo de maravilla a ésta gran persona y futbolista 💪 @JR19
Christian F Bejarano
Christian F Bejarano:
Im happy to see james smile again, go everton, vamos Colombia!
Ricardo jose Guarin gonzalez
Ricardo jose Guarin gonzalez:
James Rodríguez and Yerry Mina found their lost happiness at Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​thank you very much Everton ... from one more fan across the ocean.
Santiago Cetina
Santiago Cetina:
Llega James y TODOS empiezan a hacer goles! Que EQUIPO del Everton.....
Yefer Arias cryp
Yefer Arias cryp:
Felicidades mi jamas, orgulloso me siento de ser colombiano!! Parcero el mejor nivel
A. Camilo A. Cardona.
A. Camilo A. Cardona.:
Everton se ganó 51'000'000 de seguidores más. <3
Widhi Yudha
Widhi Yudha:
Ancelotti brought James to Real when he was the coach,
He also the one who got the idea to brought James to Bayern before he got fired.
Now, He wanted him in Everton, it's clear that Ancelotti know how to use James in his strategy.
And also He found his "Inzaghi" esque in Calvert-Lewin.
rifqy jauhar
rifqy jauhar:
Calvert-Lewin in 2019 : on procces.
In 2020 : on fire
Orgullo nacional, viva Colombia 🇨🇴
Mouad Chaiabi
Mouad Chaiabi:
Rodriguez is proof that it's never too late to come back.
Mudit Joshi
Mudit Joshi:
James is on fire, Everton will be eyeing there chances of finishing in top 4
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper:
Man.. so happy for James Rodriguez. I always liked this man.
tbh I'm real Madrid fans, James is the one reason why I have to watch Everton match. Congrats James, Congrat Everton.
Orgullosamente Colombiano, muy bien por James, uno de los mejores, y que bien en este excelente equipo, viva James.
Everton seem to be playing for each other. James seems to be the catalyst too. Nice to see
Ladi Adewumi
Ladi Adewumi:
James is simply having a great time at Everton. Playing great football and scoring goals.
Cristhian Gil
Cristhian Gil:
James is simple, is pure class
That last goal scored by Brighton is almost similar to james Rodriguez's goal with Colombia
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Yes! Everton looking good this season, keep it up guys 😃⚽🏃💪👏👏👏
Lorong Misteri
Lorong Misteri:
Everton is excellent teamwork
Rino Channel 02
Rino Channel 02:
2 goals, 1 assist
Absolute great player
Ahmed J
Ahmed J:
Such a legend. I so glad that he finally found his rhythm. God bless Rodriguez 🙏
Zuragui Sport
Zuragui Sport:
Felicitaciones!!, James . Orgullo Colombiano
James Rodrigues joga muito 😎🤳
Lion Heart
Lion Heart:
I'm so happy for James...I dont know why..he's just amazing...
Cuong Truong
Cuong Truong:
Check out the viewing figures for Everton matches since James has joined the club vs last seasons matches. Viewing figures jumped up by over 1 million depending on which video from last season you compare against. James draws in a new audience from Colombia (incredible country!).
Official Popeson🎼🎵
Official Popeson🎼🎵:
James is a sensation
El viernes amangaluado Plaza giron
El viernes amangaluado Plaza giron:
Monstruo James
Parcero felicidades, Vamos a demostrarle el buen fútbol colombiano
tito campeon
tito campeon:
Que le vaya muy bien a Everton!
Tiene un Gran Tecnico y buenos jugadores
Bien por james rodriguez!
Love to see James given the chance to flourish on a big stage still an elite midfielder
Partido con sabor colombiano, este dúo la.rompera en las eliminatorias, like si Colombia tiene talento!
Gangga Suwana
Gangga Suwana:
James Rodriguez is a great player, he brings great spirit to this team, and Ancelloti knows it
Right Uppercut
Right Uppercut:
Happy both for Everton and Ancelotti. Keep it up, guys.
I just love seeing the smile and the joy of the players. Next time I would like to see a team dance celebration 🕺
Godwin Titus
Godwin Titus:
James has really brought Doo much light into the club !.Just a signing they needed.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno:
Calvert-Lewin in 2019 : on procces.
In 2020 : on fire
Osh B
Osh B:
James was putting his two fingers up to the media pundits who written him off 😂
James proving everyone who said 'he's overrated because of one good WC' wrong.
Blerian Dushica
Blerian Dushica:
It is joy watching this Everton side play 😍
Emprender Hoy
Emprender Hoy:
Congratulations Everton! Great James 👏👏
it's incredible that even having that awful clown keeper, Everton is still on the top
SeInVerse Music
SeInVerse Music:
Se lo ve contento a James con su nuevo equipo, me alegro mucho por el.
Costin Ilie
Costin Ilie:
James keeps shining at Everton ♥️💪
Un Bit Educativo
Un Bit Educativo:
James demostrando que es un gran jugador, dando lo mejor para no defraudar la confianza de su entrenador que creyó en el 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
James Adelola
James Adelola:
Why is nobody talking about Iwobi? The guy was also awesome 👏👌
Yusuf Firdaus Arifi
Yusuf Firdaus Arifi:
Right man in the Right Place !!
absolutely wonderful performance on Everton ,,
James, it's yours !! 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Danny Kortes
Danny Kortes:
Felicitaciones Al Everton Y Que Gran Jugador Es James Rodríguez Y Eso Que Apenas Se Está Adaptando Al Club!!
Myzone Gaming
Myzone Gaming:
I’m a spurs fan but I can honestly say that Everton have a really strong team this year. Calvert Lewin looks a beast this year and looks like he can push for the golden boot.
Man... i'm so happy for Everton after all the hardwork and patience in the prem ....coming from Cules here. Respect.
Chukwuma U.
Chukwuma U.:
Let's take a moment and appreciate iwobis passes leading up to the last two goals. Pure class
Izy Sparks
Izy Sparks:
Rodriguez is amazing, spectacular performance!
Memphis Moha
Memphis Moha:
James is amazing game bt today Iwobi was just brilliant 🔥
Cristofer sergio
Cristofer sergio:
Llore al ver lo feliz que es James Rodriguez con el everton asistiendo y haciendo goles!! Asi es el fútbol muchachos todo da vueltas bien por él!
Estoy feliz gracias a James.
Por fin puede sacar a flote todo su máximo potencial y eso es de celebrar.
Տҽҍɑsեíɑ́ղ ςɑʍթօ
Տҽҍɑsեíɑ́ղ ςɑʍթօ:
James Rodríguez crack ❤👌
Dharsheth A
Dharsheth A:
What a performance 2 goals and 1 assist
World class from James Rodriguez
David Carter
David Carter:
Everton were amazing....
Im a United supporter but I can't wait to watch the Merseyside derby!
Đạt Lê
Đạt Lê:
James brought me here...this is the first season that I started watching Everton.Well done!!
Jorge Hernandez-barquin
Jorge Hernandez-barquin:
Man I’m not even Colombian but I keep tabs on James, literally a great player and I’m so happy that he’s happy
David Carter
David Carter:
4 goals without the injured Richarlison in amazing.... Go Toffees!
2 gol de James y 1 asistencia con gol de Mina 🇨🇴
Vishnoo Prasad M
Vishnoo Prasad M:
James to Everton was the best decision made by a footballer . From a substitute to a main midfielder of the team.
Glad to see he is finally valored in Everton !
Andres Quintero Mejia
Andres Quintero Mejia:
Lo de James Rodríguez monumental. Yerry Mina diciendo presente en el gol siendo defensor. Ambos están en un club serio y ambicioso. Quisiera para Colombia un entrenador estilo Carlo Ancelotti, que gusta del juego basado en el talento y la dinámica. La Tricolor tiene un plantel fuerte para la eliminatoria; me preocupa el estilo de juego físico y atropellado que pretende implementar Carlos Queiroz.
Oscar Barrantes Acelas
Oscar Barrantes Acelas:
Cuando James es feliz, su equipo es feliz...

Y la Selección Colombia también...
Adriano Gomes
Adriano Gomes:
Good to see James Rodríguez playing with a happy heart.
Great for football
Kike González
Kike González:
that James x Yerry Mina combo is going to give you some great plays during the season, greatings from Colombia 🇨🇴
kerlinton mena
kerlinton mena:
Bien por James, eso le ayuda a tener mas confianza; pero tampoco es para exagerar, los dos goles de James fueron mas virtud de los asistentes que de James.
balakrishnA vangavallu
balakrishnA vangavallu:
This is why I like this guy he plays well when given chance and even he praised zidane despite of being not given game time , what a signing for Everton , they were phenomenal this season with the new midfield trio along with maddinson
J Wainaina
J Wainaina:
See how good Iwobi is combining with James Rodriguez!
Antonio Campiño
Antonio Campiño:
Me gusta q mis compatriotas les valla bien en Europa y me alegro x ellos gracias x tenerlos presente 🙏💓💗
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez:
Un hincha más del Everton 🤩
David C
David C:
James is a brain and motor in football, he just need a team. Im glad that he finally left Real Madrid.
Surya Susanto
Surya Susanto:
James is surely a great leader. He is the missing piece that everton need