Everton manager Frank Lampard faces the media on Wednesday (1.30pm GMT) ahead of our Emirates FA Cup tie against Boreham Wood at Goodison Park. See what Lampard has to say about potential team news by tuning in live!

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46 comentarios:

regarding the handball, its about time we stood up for ourselves. Well done Frank!
K Roberts
K Roberts:
Whatever happens this season, Everton HAVE to keep Frank. He is the best and brightest hope the club have had for many years. His commitment to Everton is already clear to see as is the difference he is making, particularly with so many dubious players in the squad. Under Frank, Everton will become a force again.
Stefan Thomas
Stefan Thomas:
The best speaker we have had in ages. No avoiding questions and straight to the point. Ace.
Assassin Deejay
Assassin Deejay:
Was lukewarm to say the least when "Our" Frank became Evertons manager and although the results away have been poor I have seen Green shoots that point to a brighter future and my confidence in him grows with every presser COYB 💙
John Minett
John Minett:
Speaks really well the gaffer. Been impressed with all his press confrences. Intelligent fella let s hope he turns into a gteat manager.
Valhalla Podcast
Valhalla Podcast:
He impresses me more every time Frank speaks. Results always dictates but I know we have the right man in charge
The more I see of him.
The more I like him.

He conducts himself very well indeed.
Psychic Michael
Psychic Michael:
I'm so impressed with Frank and his intelligent answers 👏👏
Del Phillips
Del Phillips:
Love Franks honesty and polite ways of telling the press when it's private.
The media can be so cringey though. Some of them didn't even ask about the upcoming game and again asking about Chelsea.
Paul Everton
Paul Everton:
Classy and to the point. Love how he protects the players.
Wayne Smyth
Wayne Smyth:
Wish the club could force these so-called journalists to ask their non-football, non Everton questions at the end.

More interested in gossip and world matters than the game tomorrow. Tedious and tiring listen to the same questions on a war, or commercial matters or about another club asked 50 times in slightly different ways.

Meanwhile apart from Mykolenko and Van De Beek, I've no idea if we have any new injury issues or if everyone is fit.
Spud EFC
Spud EFC:
Bit unfair to ask him (several times) about the Usmanov connection and the suspension of. He’s the manager, not part of the board. Use the presser’s to ask about football, not business!
Josh Kellett
Josh Kellett:
I love this man. Super Frank 💙
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy:
Press Conference about a cup tie with Boreham Wood and the majority of questions aren't Boreham Wood or game based
Efc Graham
Efc Graham:
Franks far too intelligent to get caught out by some of the media, especially the BBC guy who seems to try each time to draw him into some political comment.
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
Must win game. Give Patterson dobbin mykolenko game time
christopher peter
christopher peter:
Looking forward to see Nathan Patterson!
Paul Ennion
Paul Ennion:
Agree fully with playing Mykelenko Patterson Braithwaite and Dobbin...on the right wing.
anthony curran
anthony curran:
Starts at 6:33
James Hayward
James Hayward:
Frank was born for this job UTFT
Super Frank! 💙
Phil Alverasa
Phil Alverasa:
at least young Woodward from Radio MSIDE at the very end kept it to footy.
John Jones
John Jones:
I like Frank and will like him more if we stay up
Gym Head
Gym Head:
Judging btw he speaks about Patterson I get the feeling he doesn't rate him at all...
Ben Pallett
Ben Pallett:
Lampard you know it fella don’t understand why we can’t hear the referee’s speak they’ve don’t it in rugby for years and it works well
P C:
Class Act!
Thomas Darron
Thomas Darron:
The ref hits Everton with bad calls often, he needs to be sent away
Adam Wood
Adam Wood:
my gaffer, utft 💙
Andy Stockall
Andy Stockall:
Alistair McGowan always wants to talk about anything other than football... shouldn't even be a sports journo, should stick to mimicry 😂
sounds like we won't see Patterson tomorrow then huh
John Jones
John Jones:
Usmanov was on zoom ,frank just say that there is no shame in it
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson:
Well everyone I know it's FA Cup and anything can happen but it's Boreham wood none league football but at the moment we're Premier league and if we don't get past 5 I'll be pissed off this should be a easy win c.o.y.b ho and Franky lampard to be our manager for a long time to come even if we go down
kevin milner
kevin milner:
This was about the game on thurs did the reporter ask what was happening
Assassin Deejay
Assassin Deejay:
Rugby play the Audio of the video ref and match referee during the decision making process... Why doesn't football 🤷🏾‍♂️
Phil Alverasa
Phil Alverasa:
were up to 11.19 and just one football question an Donny's fitness, and now another political question. The lefties own us now fellow blues,I'm fuckin sick of it
Eagles Christ
Eagles Christ:
Teddisen Hakkepeiling
Teddisen Hakkepeiling:
Tommy Suverenus
Tommy Suverenus:
Mean Bean
Mean Bean:
How’s new stadium going lads? Heard super daddy Usmanov got his assets frozen.
You should do something about the audio…
bob stevens
bob stevens:
3 minutes for just football questions in the open section is terrible. Frank should be saying enough.
Value Crypto
Value Crypto:
How long did it take before some bullshit political question? Is this a sport or a branch of the government?
Joe Hilton
Joe Hilton:
Stephen Merenda
Stephen Merenda:
Another Political Press Conference....won't bother next time. Frank needs to shut them down like Tuchel did...ridiculous.
Peter Reid
Peter Reid:
We've been hopelessly outplayed in 3 of Frank's 4 league games so far. We need to improve rapidly.