Tune in for Carlo Ancelotti's latest press conference as we preview Saturday's Merseyside derby! Everton take on Liverpool at Goodison Park and Carlo will bring you the latest team news and views from 1.30pm BST.

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100+ comentarios:

Richard Lyon
Richard Lyon:
Come on Everton. I am sixty-five on October 25th and this would be the best early birthday present COYB
Ståle A. Haverstadløkken
Ståle A. Haverstadløkken:
I love Ancelotti !! Never loved another Everton manager. He is the king
Team Forte
Team Forte:
Cal-EFC 1878
Cal-EFC 1878:
9:22 start
COYBS. Always nervous before a Derby but Carlo has transformed the team and never been this excited. This is our time and FTRS.
Ricky Lake
Ricky Lake:
Good luck to Everton from a Leeds fan hope yous win pool CMMON Everton! 2-0 Everton
John Lindon
John Lindon:
Wish he’d stop coughing he’s scaring me
Jem Mace
Jem Mace:
Calvin Musaika
Calvin Musaika:
I've made a bet on Everton to win
Michael Low
Michael Low:
The Prof answered every question extremely well in my opinion. No attempt to bullshit, straight facts and honesty. I really admire that man. At long last can now get to hear the journalists questions instead of just the Managers answer. Thank you Everton. COYB
I'm looking forward to seeing how James makes that crucial difference - again! Luckily he wasn't injured in the Colombia - Chile match, so he's good to go!
Muhammad Azhar
Muhammad Azhar:
What hairstyle at that age 👍👍
Verdiansyah Rahman
Verdiansyah Rahman:
Everton 8-2 Liverpool.
Alex Jordan Leviticus
Alex Jordan Leviticus:
I wish I was that cool
Blue Oak
Blue Oak:

Srikanth kadari
Srikanth kadari:
Ancelotti Masterclass 👏
Alfa Arii
Alfa Arii:
Ancelotti excelente
stevie wonders
stevie wonders:
Don Carlo 💪🏼😤
Presly V
Presly V:
I want a James masterclass
yosoy elquesoy
yosoy elquesoy:
Subtitlets in spanish, please
frank kisengula
frank kisengula:
Everton sure win,big up all everton fans
Speedy Gunzalez
Speedy Gunzalez:
Can journalists not take their jobs more seriously and invest in a proper mic/headset that a kid gaming in their mums basement can afford? The sound quality is pretty atrocious.
Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta:
This year it's actually worth watching
Robertus Kristianto
Robertus Kristianto:
Pickford vs adrian, legendary battle
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza:
Grande Everton vamos cucuteño Colombia está contigo
Anthony Richards jones
Anthony Richards jones:
Come on everton. Please do this for the first time in 10yrs.💯🙏🏻👍🏻💙🤜🏻🤛🏻
Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally:
Our best since Kendall. Keep up the good work boss.
Omar 15
Omar 15:
Bay Darma
Bay Darma:
Love everton
И Зиграз Удачи Жить Ёще Грицацуева Алла
И Зиграз Удачи Жить Ёще Грицацуева Алла:
Ancelotti best manager in the world!!!
come on, it’s been 10 years. has to be this year
Angry Football
Angry Football:
Right so at the moment my family thinks I’m crazy but if we beat them and given our recent form I don’t see anyone that can beat our first team.
Skynet t800
Skynet t800:
Por qué no lo traducen con subtitulos, queremos saber que dijo....🙄🙄
riky tombe
riky tombe:
maestro CARLETO saludos desde las islas canarias
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy:
Any everton older everton fans re
Member a player, john wille parker,played in the 50s
Too long since we beat the RS. I'll believe it when i see it but COYB
Any Liverpool FC fans in the room? A lot! I was informed!
I’m Japanese.
Jake Van Hoff
Jake Van Hoff:
Be great if Carlo just replied to that thing about what Klopp said; 'Oh yeh did he say that, wanker him, they're not even gonna get near us'
Beg Everton slap loserpool big respect for carlo.
Anthony Cunningham
Anthony Cunningham:
King Don Carlo💙💙💙
Tiditto Nguyen
Tiditto Nguyen:
Be a fan of Ancelotti. So be loved everton too 😅
BNR BeamPad
BNR BeamPad:
Carlo fantastico carlo magnifico
********Starts at **9:20************
Snivy y
Snivy y:
Carlo amazingco
Graba Los Entrenamientos Del Everton
El Gato Volador
El Gato Volador:
Carletto, came to make Everton a big Club, like him. Carlo, Fantastic.
Omar 15
Omar 15:
Starting Gomes
Christopher Puentes
Christopher Puentes:
subtitles please in spanish, verynice Ancelotti
Evie Brown
Evie Brown:
We need a new keeper
Com Fords
Com Fords:
Coyb ...stay safe blues 💙
Elvan Rehman
Elvan Rehman:
This man is such a god damn BOSS!
Giovanni Fotis
Giovanni Fotis:
I'm a die Hard Liverpool supporter and I'm so over the moon This great man using his Experience and Prowess to turn this side into a bloody good team...
For the first team since Maybe the 80s This side has really good players on every line with some unbelievable talent like Rodriguez a player I've wanted at Liverpool for a very long time Richarlison Allan Doucoure and Calvert lewin all super talented players thst will trouble us....For once in a very long long long time in not going into this game with any confidence at all and to be honest I would be happy with a drew.....
I don't like Everton but mate you have to give credit where it's due the Italian has turned this side from just making up the numbers in the Premier league to a side that will challenge for top Four...
Ide rather Everton in that top four than Man UTD fkn Cheslea or bloody Spurs who I Hate with a Passion..
hamza channel
hamza channel:
Deborah Bache
Deborah Bache:
Everton everton everton
tim jenkinson
tim jenkinson:
He sounds sick
Wilson Salazar
Wilson Salazar:
Deberían poner subtitulos en español
Óscar Fabián Rodríguez
Óscar Fabián Rodríguez:
Let's do this!!!
zahir jaffer
zahir jaffer:
First of many
What a star! 💙💙💙
RofIq Alu
RofIq Alu:
Lope2 carlo Ancelotti
Jacob FC
Jacob FC:
Up the Toffes
Chelita Rincon m
Chelita Rincon m:
Gracias sr Ancelotti por creer en James y Jerry
anouar taizoukt
anouar taizoukt:
Good luck for us tomorrow
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
We love you everton we do Ancelotti we love you everton 1 liverpool 0
RofIq Alu
RofIq Alu:
Everton 4 - 0 liverpooll
Obioha Okeke
Obioha Okeke:
I doubt if we can beat Liverpool...They have more quality than us.
Good luck lads
Liverpool going to win
Oman Marwein
Oman Marwein:
King Coaching this era on Football, good luck to u , Ancelotti
Jack Brokenshire
Jack Brokenshire:
Matthew Birks
Matthew Birks:
Any chance in the future the build up screen can just be cut off ? Up the toffees
PalMiro 21
PalMiro 21:
i wish and hope that both clubs can play for cl for years and to fight for the pl for years.

mister ancelotti is a charismatic personality and world class manager.

a derby without the supporters is unfortunately not a derby.

mister ancelotti is a manager,who thinks like mourinho-at the end of the season we have to be in cl and have to win a title.

the new everton has now a manager for the next five years.

klopp made liverpool to a giant again and mister ancelotti can does it really easy.
chris macc
chris macc:
NSNO 💙💙💙💙💙
Clash With Tim
Clash With Tim:
Anyone from Malaysia!!!
Cecilia Oberto
Cecilia Oberto:
With the staingt of God
Bay Darma
Bay Darma:
william perez
william perez:
CARLO...EL MAGNIFICO.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kris Richardson
Kris Richardson:
Could do with a hair cut gaffer
Samuel Bugembe
Samuel Bugembe:
I hav a feeling that 2moro at this time we shall be cheering. COYB
Where can I buy the jersey from Everton ? I live in the USA !!!
pantherzlee pantherz
pantherzlee pantherz:
Everton 1-Liverpool 0👌 🤗🤭
Berita Menakjubkan
Berita Menakjubkan:
Inzaghi I mean calvert
Mukim Arman Jobaier
Mukim Arman Jobaier:
Will digne start?
Yuche Suwinto
Yuche Suwinto:
this is the right time for everton to win the premier league ,,
Lossie Sante
Lossie Sante:
He looks confident.COYB
Bob Snzb
Bob Snzb:
We want a quality keeper. Pickford is a hindrance, unstable nervously fast keeper and does not deserve number 1 for both Everton and England
Danny Burrows
Danny Burrows:
COYB 🔵🔵🔵
Vamossss Everton mañana ay que ganar🥇
Siam Ahmed Joy
Siam Ahmed Joy:
I see everton over man United... I would not surprise if everton finish 4th..
Erick Labulu
Erick Labulu:
I m fill Everton win 3_1 Contra liverpool
Arch five
Arch five:
Everton will win 2-1
Clash With Tim
Clash With Tim:
Calm as usual
Uni Fat Prophet der Mäuse
Uni Fat Prophet der Mäuse:
Cenk Tosun 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Danny Danny
Danny Danny:
Virgil van djik is a good defender but overated...everton have to go for it from the start...
Chelita Rincon m
Chelita Rincon m:
Mi Diosito les va a dar una manito y James y sus compañeros ( q son tan cheveres ) van a ganar el partido.
Chelita Rincon m
Chelita Rincon m:
Nuestros deseos q el Everton gane se lo merecen
Replik SZN
Replik SZN:
Que MIERDA no entiendo nada jajajaja