Everton v West Bromwich Albion | Match Preview

Everton v West Bromwich Albion | Match Preview

Everton face newly promoted West Bromwich Albion in their first home game of the new Premier League season on Saturday at Goodison Park. The Blues have won their opening two games of the 2020/21 season with victories over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and Salford City in the Carabao Cup. 

Barry Cass and Peter McPartland preview the game in the above video. 

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El Everton se enfrentará al recién ascendido West Bromwich Albion en su primer partido en casa de la nueva temporada de la Premier League el sábado en Goodison Park. Los Blues han ganado sus dos primeros partidos de la temporada 2020/21 con victorias sobre Tottenham Hotspur en la Premier League y Salford City en la Copa Carabao.

Barry Cass y Peter McPartland obtienen una vista previa del juego en el video de arriba.

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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Billy Minshall
Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns

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Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel
Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel:
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Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
We have to beat teams like Palace, Brighton and West Brom to be taken seriously
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt:
Win Saturday, and only need another 34, to reach 40 points.😁
EVE 3 - 1 WBA
keep same lineup. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
Think we'll let one in late after Carlo puts on the B team subs
Everton FL
Everton FL:
Got to take everyone serious. They’re a decent side got some good players but I’m confident. The Tottenham game we were brilliant. Salford we were a bit slow but scored 3 (should’ve been at least 8 😂) 2 competitive games 2 clean sheets 4 goals. I’m going for a narrow 2-1 win. DCL an Rodríguez with the goals. COYB UTFT 🔵⚪️
Nathan L
Nathan L:
Get in! Will be waking up at 6 AM on vacation for this one. Recognize and reward the dedication you blues!
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Will be listening to this driving down from Scotland. COYB
Carlo did exactly the right thing resting the team. They'll be chomping at the bit to play. And new signings will have had another week to properly settle in
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
We haven't passed the ball forward for years. Last weekend most balls from our midfield was moved forward. Mindset is to go forward and create. I am sick to death of sideways and back passing , easy jogging around crap. We have all had enough of that and Carlo is of the same opinion. Listen , EFC is an attacking side, we have class, let's go Carlo !! COYB
if they sit back, hopefully james's creativity can open them up
joseph Adcock
joseph Adcock:
I love the way you talk about the Norwich game, that was my first game I’d ever gone too I’m an American fan
V K:
I was super impressed with Niels Nkounkou against Salford he's got a lot of potential and to think he only cost Theo Walcott's weekly wage 250k
Ben Williams
Ben Williams:
We have to take the smaller teams seriously, cause past seasons we’ve lost to them cause we haven’t respected the smaller clubs and we’d think it will be an easy win, coyb
Simon Holmes
Simon Holmes:
Spurs was the banana skin to kick off our season, we got through that, and in 30 years of watching us, it's the first time for many years that we won that looking like the better team, rather than scoring a goal and holding out. Hard to keep the optimism in check... I think we take 3 from West Brom, and let's see how we go from there. Need this next win whilst everyone is still fit!
This has just me so fired up for the game, lets go get it boys UTFT
Kev Moore
Kev Moore:
Feet on the floor - great start and a good opportunity to build momentum.
John-Paul Austin
John-Paul Austin:
I’ll be watching this one from behind the couch with one eye closed. 🤭 COYB’s
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
James will be the centre of our attacking force. Just need to finish the chance that he will create !!
not conall
not conall:
Currently 12:48am. Gotta wake up at 7am and go to a bar to watch the game. #COYB
J S:
That t-shirts a banger Ped...
Chip Butland
Chip Butland:
Love ya T-Shirt Ped
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez:
Hi 👋👍✌️
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke:
Do you think nkounkou can play on the right if need be ?.He's so comfy on the ball and has great feet ,like left footed wingers playing on the right ? It would be handy if he can with the injuries already mounting up.
Should put out the same team we did against Spurs, just chance the bench slightly, putting players like Gordon on the bench. Every time I watch these types of vids, I miss being at Goodison
Lynn Babington
Lynn Babington:
I reckon you will put 3 or 4 past us. We have no striker so can't score
Hayley Lee
Hayley Lee:
3-0 Everton 😊 james, ritchy & dcl goals 🔵
Thomas Edward Wilson
Thomas Edward Wilson:
Where is Dave with the glasses he is a mad head love listening to him as well
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
I have a feeling West Brom will stick 11 players behind the ball....
Dylan Cunningham
Dylan Cunningham:
Cant wait for the game coyb 2-0 richy and james free kick coybb
James Hayward
James Hayward:
Baz ped u need to get cam on from the mighty blues the boy has knowledge and passion bring a lot of younger fans is well hope still buzzing from Sunday ALLAN what a player UTFT
Ajay Gellert
Ajay Gellert:
Hopefully Richarlison and DCL can both score, just to tick that box and get the confidence up at home, be nice if we put them to the sword but I just don’t see it being a blow out, and to walk off with a clean sheet in our first home game would be another perfect tick, I reckon 2-0 Richarlison first half after being put in space by James, DCL second half off a set piece
Gonzalo Lozano
Gonzalo Lozano:
Looking at the calendar, Everton should be able to win pretty much all the games until Liverpool. The game with the reds is another level that Everton winning prior games must be ready to fight for.
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Digne played vs Salford as well Baz....
Mick Myers
Mick Myers:
LoW NyC:
Must win . Hopefully james scores maybe off set piece or free kick. And 2 assist would be amazing but everton still need to press and take it seriously . I definitely see the wanting to destroy west brom and PROVE more to rest of the league must win. KEEP CRANKING AND ILL KEEP WATCHING LOVE YOU FELLAS TRYNA get my wife to watch with me but only person she wants to hear is the straight away guy. Much love . You fellas u guys need to try a colombian dish its called BANDEJA PAISA AND a arepa con queso and maybe a Agua panela too.
From what you are telling us that we have not beaten a newly promoted side at home for the last 4 seasons maybe, in a perverse way, it's just as well there won't be any crowd at this game.
June Kearns
June Kearns:
Hope the blues will wear blue socks tomorrow
Juan Gabriel Dominguez Sarmiento
Juan Gabriel Dominguez Sarmiento:
Still the team needs a striker and a right back urgent!
David Sullivan
David Sullivan:
Bit off topic but does anyone know why Radio Merseyside have stopped match commentary on DAB radio? They've only had it on FM and you can't sync it to the tv on FM. Ta
Gonzalo Lozano
Gonzalo Lozano:
Hey guys. What's the reason for Everton FC to have a showcase this poor? Take a look to the YouTube channel of FC Bayern. They post trainings, interviews, player challenges, they make fun and entertaining to watch, fans wanna watch their team in the process.... again, you don't sell what you don't show. If they don't do it, they should give you guys the chance to do it yourselves. Keep it up with the good work. Cheers!
we can and should win at least 2-0
June Kearns
June Kearns:
Do Tom Davies and theo Walcott have a future at the club
karl williams
karl williams:
the baggies have to play like they did in the first 30 mins against the foxes or better for 90 mins against the toffees to win,slav will try to get them up for it,i think a draw or 4,-1
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
Are Aston Villa also sponsored by CAZOO ???
I want new striker
Alec Morneault
Alec Morneault:
I think it’ll be 2-0
Bucephalus 09
Bucephalus 09:
I quit Everton after we were in for Zaha and got Iwobi for 34 mil,
I was so angry at them and now they're selling him because they were dipshits.
Am glad am back with these signings though but Everton has alot of making up to do.