Everton V West Ham United | Carabao Cup | Match Preview

Everton V West Ham United | Carabao Cup | Match Preview

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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Billy Minshall
Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns

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Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel
Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel:
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ian clarke
ian clarke:
I'd go full strength, take the jems off after an hour if the games safe ,still recall west ham turning us over with yarmalenko when most of us expected a win at the old lady .
Got to field a strong side. Everton have a serious chance of winning this trophy and West Ham have some very dangerous players despite their inconsistent start
Time to smash the hammers, can't wait to see Nkounkou again flying down the left wing,COYB 👍😁👍
Tom Evans
Tom Evans:
I’d expect to see one of two of the new players in the middle, just to control things a bit. Davies and Delph are not good enough
Richard Spartveit
Richard Spartveit:
Put the full team out! We have played reserves against teams in the past and gone out! 1 game at a time full strength now! If we want to win it!
John Kedward
John Kedward:
I think we'll rest Antonio. I expect Lanzini, Yarmalenko , Snod and Haller to play. I expect Lanzini to be good and Yarmalenko will also have something to prove, as they're trying to break back into the Weekend team. I expect your fringe players Iwobi, Bernard and Siggy Stardust to play and will also have something to prove. BTW I thought Coleman was magnificent on Saturday against Palace. Has he got any petrol left in the tank? Maybe he'll be saved for the Brighton game. Anyway hard to predict. it might even go to the dreaded penalty shootout😂
Chrispy Southern Comfort
Chrispy Southern Comfort:
Whats this early morning lark, waking me up?

Morning you blues.
ee mobile
ee mobile:
We have a chance this week of winning 7 straight games
Andy Newton
Andy Newton:
Team I think Son Carlo will go with: Pickford, Kenny, Mina, Keane, Nkounkou, Delph, Sigurdsson, Allen, Bernard, DCL & Richarlison
James Hayward
James Hayward:
Loving the merch lads u look good UTFT
Bryn Devaney
Bryn Devaney:
no idea what carlo will do. trusting in the manager :)
Dalt-Wan Kenobi
Dalt-Wan Kenobi:
Can’t wait to see Moyes Celebrating when we beat West Ham 😂
philip guimerans
philip guimerans:
We need to play Mina and Keane if they are both fit for this, we only have 2 CB's and this is a good opportunity for us to get through to the qtrs. Hopefully we ill have CB in before the window shuts
Mango 4ttwo
Mango 4ttwo:
to win a cup, you have to win every game, Ped, every game. Can have a great run, get an unlucky ref decision and it's all over. That's why the League shows how good you are, but we need a cup. Been way too long, and even a semi final isn't good enough. Will be really cheesed off - for all the great promise of this team -if we lose this
Sam Rowe
Sam Rowe:
We start doing well and now yous can't stop wearing the club gear! Loud and proud boys hahahaha!
Pete Ward
Pete Ward:
Got to agree with you on starting 11 for tomorrow. I would go as strong possible to get through. We’ve got Brighton next and then an international break to be recover!

Plus we will do a bit in the transfer window before it closes to identify centre back shortage.
EvilBlu Monkee
EvilBlu Monkee:
3-1 lads!!! It’s west ham ffs!!
tom jensen
tom jensen:
Velcome to top of the table tv!
JR19 deportivo
JR19 deportivo:
Aquí están las mejores jugadas de James frente al Crystal palace 🇨🇴🔵🔵🔵🔵
D H:
Agree that we will have to put a few more first teamers in this game as the Ievel will be higher. Still think man for man we better them. Going with 3-1! COYB
keith powell
keith powell:
c c
c c:
Fair summary, from a West Ham fan.
Derek Cummins
Derek Cummins:
I get everyone wanting a full strength side, but remember James has had no pre season, and didn't play that much last season. I'm a bit worried he might be in line for a 'Colemen' or 'Gomes'. If you remember, the first 2-3 games was like they hadn't been away because they were running on adrenaline and then hit the wall. He's become so important to the way we play, we can't overplay him
Jem Mace
Jem Mace:
Definitely a tough game this one, i know that! I hope we go full strength, there's a trophy at the end of this but not by fielding a weakened side.
I don't know how the manager sees it, in him we trust so if we start with some of the lads who have got us here in the competition then bring the superstars on if needed?
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos:
Top of itunes have you heard that?
Do you have news to buy or borrow more players?
william perez
william perez:
Thomas Edward Wilson
Thomas Edward Wilson:
2 games before a break I reckon play to full squad
Michael Bone
Michael Bone:
Richie in the game tommrow then tony Gordon in on the weekend?
william perez
william perez:
Manny F
Manny F:
Two games until international week. It’s imperative we play our strongest team possible in order to make it through to the next round and confirm another 3pts against Brighton. COYB
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams:
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
I'm guessing it will be Pickford...Nkounkou....Kenny....Keane....Mina....Delph...Davies...Bernard....Iwobi....DCL...Richi.
let's get another great game
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
Go full strength.
Everton Nomad
Everton Nomad:
The CGI not very good a bit like the space station ones
gerard monaghan
gerard monaghan:
Is this game on tv anywhere?
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Don't play Pickford in this game!
Timothy Fahy
Timothy Fahy:
Nkoundkou to start again - Toffees to win 3-1. Richarlison/Keane/Gylfi To score UTFT!!💙
if wr start with our bench and get knocked out there will be alot of people fuming. u dont mess about now. start the 1st team. get in the lead then bring them of. jesus if we want to get into europe we will have to face playing more than once a week.
Brian Farrell
Brian Farrell:
I think it'll be
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Wolves looked like martinez last season against west ham.
colin mumford
colin mumford:
Well if we don't put out a near full strength team we will go out
Geoff Morris
Geoff Morris:
We should play our strongest line up and batter Westham, do not give them any encouragement #coyb
Dan 7787
Dan 7787:
I like this setup, I think the instant match reactions would be better hearing both of you discussing the game.
baz looks like he's about to make substitution changes on matchday
Adam Brough
Adam Brough:
Great vid! Would you guys rather focus on this game to get through, or the Brighton game at the weekend? I'd personally play Allan, Doucoure, and Richarlison for at least 60 mins. I'd say 3-1 if we play this team:
Kenny Keane Mina Nkounkou
Allan Doucoure
Gordon Bernard Richarlison
With Davies, Digne, and Kean coming on for Doucoure, Richarlison, and DCL, moving Nkounkou to LW.
Did Moyes ever take this cup seriously when he was our manager?
John Gillam
John Gillam:
I agree with the selection for the team we deffo need Dacoure in midfield as WHU have some tough midfielders, we need DCL to hit the ground running from the off if he and Richy spark into life early i see nothing but an Everton win.I think Bernard and Gylfi should play.NOT Iwobi. This competition is too important and we need to progress.Put James and Gordon on the bench just in case
colin mumford
colin mumford:
We can't afford to start slow we can't afford mistakes like fleetwood, we have to be on the money to get through if fans was there I'd be far far more confident, yarmelenko is the danger man he rips up wen ever he plays us
Ray Nicholson
Ray Nicholson:
Terence Leong
Terence Leong:
I would imagine a good number of those who started against Palace will do so.
I would think that
> our left and right back will be swapped out
> Siggurdson coming in for Allan
> Bernard coming in for Rodriguez

So the midfield will still have Doucoure providing the steel and drive, while our 21 and 10 provide the ball control and creativity.
Bernard and Richarlison can switch flanks upfront, with DCL leading the line.
And we should call upon Walcott from the bench (rather than Iwobi) and Kean where needed.
David Morales
David Morales:
Honestly I'd say we should prioritize this over the league. If we can win it, Ancelotti gets his first silverware with Everton and we are guaranteed European football next season
Andy Meighan
Andy Meighan:
T logic No we wouldnt love to see a Merseyside final. That's the last thing we want because we all know what would happen . Want them out asap
Richard Spartveit
Richard Spartveit:
And tell the lads not to shake hands with Moyes, he has Covid!
Yuyo Ramírez
Yuyo Ramírez:
this is no mere lower league side. we need a strong team to get past these. our bench may be good enough to beat the likes of fleetwood. but weat ham are a completly diff level. strong team for me all day. get us through. we get in the lead we can always bring them on. take no gambles.. make sure we go through
Would love to see Merseyside derby as a final
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
If we use Knounkou, which I think we will, then it will be his biggest test yet as Bowen on the RW and scored two against Wolves Sunday will try and put him to the sword. Sure he will be OK. Think Gordon should get a start or at least a sub appearance. Maybe play him in James's position?? or Iwobi?? or Gylfi ?? thoughts?? Kenny for RB ?? Think we have the defence to cope with WHU.
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Suprised at the Wolves result....but they couldn't defend for toffee in that game.