Everton v West Ham Utd Preview | Talk A Good Game

Tom & Charlie look ahead to the Premier League fixture between West Ham United and Everton.

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14 comentarios:

robert emerton
robert emerton:
Westham 2 Everton 1 prediction
Geo and Gonzo give it the big'un about work rate, passion and desire, and at the first sight of trouble, they bugger off on holiday to Denmark.
George Lewis
George Lewis:
Randolph Ashby Balbuena Alese Johnson Wilshere Snodgrass Yarmolenko Lanzini Anderson Haller BENCH: Trott, Ogbonna, Masuaku, Noble, Bowen, Fornals, Silva
Petani Gemuk Milenial
Petani Gemuk Milenial:
Everton win tonight Gan :)
Danny R
Danny R:
ramjamman Jamman
ramjamman Jamman:
Where's the link for Hammers chat Discord?
Callum Jones
Callum Jones:
Everton fan here lads. Richarlison isn’t a luxury player, our most consistent player. Not your typical Brazilian, works hard every game too. Probably the least luxury player we have haha. Great video anyway
Daniel b1uk
Daniel b1uk:
6-0 to everton
michael mack
michael mack:
Bring back geo and gonzo 😁
Alan Persaud
Alan Persaud:
This is a good opportunity for Haller, Anderson, Lanzini, Yarmolenko et al to prove to Moyes that they can bring their performance levels in the Cup into the EPL. A bad performance against Everton and Moyes is justified continuing to leave them out. However, if we beat this strong Everton team Moyes has a (good) dilemma.
Andrew Wickstead
Andrew Wickstead:
I think with current form this is a pickum tie..... not surprised if either team won...... will be tight may go to penalties
Finn Bharr
Finn Bharr:
Not feeling confident, the team Everton played in the cup last round was very strong, don't see why they wouldn't go even stronger against us and I don't think Moyes will risk first team players where possible.
bob uncle
bob uncle:
I would like to see Wilshire get another run .. if we could only get the best out of this guy he probably would have been one of the first picked in a west ham shirt .. thought he played fine last game.. I can see him being picked up and playing out of his skin for another team .. also it’s pretty amazing we don’t have a new signing in defense but in relation to the game the motivation is so different from say last year .. we have players desperate to impress whether it’s Yarma and co or the young guys so it could be really interesting
tom meakins
tom meakins:
I'm pretty confident to be honest. On paper we have a better team. Want to see lanzini play