Everton vs Chelsea LIVE WATCHALONG

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Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you're getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey...

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61 comentarios:

Sharique Hammad
Sharique Hammad:
I guess all of us called this before the United game.... Two of the most struggling teams in the prem...ofc it's us who's gonna get them back on track.... Who else but charity fc??
Narayanan Rengarajan
Narayanan Rengarajan:
From the most promising squad we've had a long time at the start of the season, to us needing massive amounts of cash to fix the mess we are in at the end of the season. Did not see this coming.
Nkululeko Mtolo
Nkululeko Mtolo:
There's no competition in this squad. We are like an academy giving players two years to adapt and prove themselves. We need to be ruthless in the transfer window and get rid of a lot of these mediocre and inconsistent players
The players are a disgrace
1:25:20 richarlison
1:37:52 Mount hits the post
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Azpilicueta has costed Chelsea six points in consecutive games
I'm glad Everton won us 💙
Every time someone in team says they leaving the club the performances of the lads goes bonkers 😂 😂 😂 😂
TT is not immune to criticism simple as! Why Azpi started ahead of Chalobah? Why Jorginho got subbed off? We need answers!!!
chelsea fans club
chelsea fans club:
richalison is great, good for chelsea next season, agile, a fighter soul
Enoch Powell's librarian
Enoch Powell's librarian:
Charity FC . The ball seemed to only be in play for about 10 minutes in the second half with all the time wasting from Everton .
Charity fc back in the mix
Walter Gordon
Walter Gordon:
Can’t belive we lost 😞
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Imagine losing to this Everton team 😂
Allam Muturi
Allam Muturi:
We are ending the season with heart aches ,, we can't win against wolves , Liverpool and the rest ... We need to offer walkover to rest of the games
Jaden Vu
Jaden Vu:
No one showed up or was up for it other than loftus cheek (kovacic needs some minute to get back on track), mount was disgusting Along with the werner and havertz who was on his arse for most of the game
Dawn Carman
Dawn Carman:
I love TT and he needs time but my god we were awful. Again do we hzve to count on other teams for us to get into cham league. We were awful.... Everton were awful.... Big changes heeded in summer
Realeboga Mathibe
Realeboga Mathibe:
Timo has to go
Nana Opoku
Nana Opoku:
We all saw this coming lol
Greg Chikeme
Greg Chikeme:
Aspilicueta is time to end as legend
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
What is happening to CFC...The last time I can remember watching Football so boring from Chelsea, was with Sarri in charge. Sideways, Backward...Sideways...Sideways. Forward Backwards... Backwards...At one point I was wondering if a shot at goal was ever going to come. Everton were no better. The most exciting part of this drab, borefest Game, was the petulant handbags at dawn every now and then. Why does Tuchel insist on playing a way that quite clearly does not work. Reminds me of Einstein's theory on Insanity. Werner might as well not have been out there, Havertz didn't do much more, what does Tuchel do? He brings on Ziyech and Pulisic, who's goal scoring prowess is no better than Werner's, or Havertz, so it does beg the question and I would love to know, what Tuchel has against Lukaku?! if he was never going to play him, why the f...did Chelsea fork out £138m (all in) for him and agree to that extortionate £325k a week flat wage...What a complete waste. As for what Azpiliqueta was doing for the goal, only he will know. I feel sorry for any Chelsea Fan that actually paid to go and watch this pile of shit from Chelsea.
Nisarg Shah
Nisarg Shah:
Man chalobah is on bench when 32 yr old Azpi starts every game when he even is not gonna stay next season...this is on tuchel....plays all non sense attackers continuously
Ikhwan Mahni
Ikhwan Mahni:
As predicted 😌
Yet another individual error costs Chelsea how many times now 🤦‍♂️, this deadwood needs to cleared out this summer massive work for the new owners coming in to shift these underperforming overpaid players
chelsea fans club
chelsea fans club:
if you play like this for the first time, it's not impossible for chelsea without a title. next season
Paul Sharma
Paul Sharma:
Oh how much the standards have dropped. I really don’t believe we are ucl winners.
chilli joe
chilli joe:
i’ve watched the good and the awful over my many many years of following chelsea but this might be the most gutless bunch of lady men i’ve ever witnessed, there’s more testosterone in the womens team.
Paul Ndubi
Paul Ndubi:
Vishal Jadhav
Vishal Jadhav:
At least Lampard secured his job
chelsea fans club
chelsea fans club:
if you play like this for the first time, it's not impossible for chelsea without a title. next season
Chee Chinwong
Chee Chinwong:
Given the same amount of time, Sarri is a better manager than Tuchel
Paul Mwalenga
Paul Mwalenga:
Another sad day... Finishing top 4 is looking bleak
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Azpilicueta must not play as central three as his lack of space is fatal.
If must play him let him play corner back
Rahul Paul
Rahul Paul:
Chelsea hobbling 4th place
The Guvner
The Guvner:
The new owners should start up a charity call points are us
The squad is fine TT is the problem we won't win the league with TT in charge his too inconsitent for the league cos he can't match klopp and pep
adolph Sow
adolph Sow:
Don't feel like the need to repeat myself.. Cesc has not been replaced.. No one who can pass or shoot from midfield.. Next season hopefully TT will get the signings he wants.. Saul should pack his bags, off goes lakaka..
chelsea fans club
chelsea fans club:
it's not the era of nyah. azpilicueta alonso kante jorginho timo hakim rudiger timo OUT..whoever owns chelsea hopefully remodel chelsea😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Aiden Quilty
Aiden Quilty:
Miss kante no midfield today
Victor Buhagiar
Victor Buhagiar:
At this rate Chelsea FC will finish fifth or sixth.
Bluesz1 Bluesz1
Bluesz1 Bluesz1:
I sent a superchat saying our play was too slow and yes it is TT who made it so because its like that no matter who we play in defence or midfield, i didn't once say TT out. Disagree with my comment if you want Younes but don't put your tongue behind you lower lip making that noise that suggests it a dumb comment. so ignorant i didn't pay you my superchat to be insulted
⭐ kel _ cfc ⭐
⭐ kel _ cfc ⭐:
Havertz out!
Graham Day
Graham Day:
Gutless performance RUBBISH
Cleo Macy
Cleo Macy:
CFC are doomed at this point. We needed Rickett’s because they were going to be able to spend. Boehly will not be allowed as the investment firm will be calling the shots. CFC’s days of challenging for trophies is over.
Jeremy Mizero
Jeremy Mizero:
Mendy 6
Azpi 3
Silva 6
Rudi 5
Reece 4
Alonso 5
Jorgi 7
Rlc 8
Mount 6
Havertz 2
Werner 3

Kova 5
Ziyech 5
Puli 5

Another terrible performance, with wolves next who are also in terrible form 🤦
Maxx Walker
Maxx Walker:
It's no longer a Charity. These players are horribly inconsistent. They need to be sold asap. Chelsea need a whole squad overhaul
Philip Soo
Philip Soo:
Completely trash performance, wake me up next season.
Jay Cage
Jay Cage:
Chelsea's football is raw Chelsea needs dribblers Prodence Bowen mahrez someone that can take out two to three players out of the equation
It's Kyuu
It's Kyuu:
Azpilicueta been garbage for a year and a half now
Aiden Quilty
Aiden Quilty:
Sidewards and backwards and await defensive mistake
Thomas Tuchel OUT
obinna bede
obinna bede:
Did Everton beat us? No.... We bite ourselves. How many times will Chelsea kill themselves because of back pass. Can't we clear directly to our too men , play directly through the middle eemmm. I can't believe these guys could have fear in there bone marrow.
Linus Goh
Linus Goh:
"We will build a team that everybody who needs points want to play against."

- Thomas "The Genius" Tuchel.
Jensen Phua
Jensen Phua:
can't believe this is the chelsea team that won us the champion league! Horrible performance
Tuchel out
Once again at what point do we question TT attacking patterns, overloading flanks just to play a ball to the corner flag then to pass back and go the other side!! where is the direct plays???!!
Charity fc again....
Commandant Anfield•900M views
Commandant Anfield•900M views:
We're dogshit
chelsea fans club
chelsea fans club:
Lukaku jorgingo azpilicueta alonso timo hakim pulisic out.😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
Joe Coe
Joe Coe:
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
Only English Fans would stoop to cheating to try and win a game of Football and no surprise that todays Cheats come from Liverpool. Letting off fireworks at 2-3 in the morning to disrupt the Chelsea Team...shame it part worked. Cheats should never prosper. Must have been taking a break from the stealing people hubcaps off their cars and needed something to do. Not to mention the falling over, like they have ben shot, every time those Everton Players were breathed on, to be fair, Havertz was no better...desperate and pathetic to say the least.
Charlie Doran
Charlie Doran: