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bob stevens
bob stevens:
As an Everton fan, this lad is really good, sound and offers fair balanced opinions. I've subscribed for that reason. I can't stand bias as it's just boring and predictable. This lad says how it really is, as he says.
David Lasoff
David Lasoff:
The problems with coming away from this derby with anything to show from it are many. First, it's their form vs ours. No one can argue against this advantage for the Toffees and their natural confidence that has to be high right now, being on top of the league, being at home to meet their rivals after an international break, after a big upset loss when our lads and coaches haven't had time to recoup yet and all this at the beginning of the season when we wouldn't be our best yet anyway. All this gives them a solid competitive and confidence edge, no question about it. Second, where's the pressure to perform? On us not them. We have something to prove to ourselves that we can bounce back from a fluke rather than the Villa tie telling us that we've got fundamental problems. I suspect that we really do have a potential shitstorm brewing in the backfield. I'm NOT saying that's true yet. But, do we now have a basic problem keeping balls out of the back of the net? If we lose, maybe so and maybe we'll see this again although 2 straight losses wouldn't exactly a trend make, yet three would be just that and all the evidence we don't want to see. Allison has shown himself to be injury-prone two seasons in a row both times being out for a good spell. That's a big problem if you ask me plus Adrian being the solution doesn't look all that promising though we don't have a better option, I don't think. VVD and centre-back injuries/mistakes call into question the whole Klopp strategy of throwing FBs forward. He may need to switch and go back to a traditional defence and create our opportunities from the reliable midfield now that Thiago is on board and we've got plenty of options in our engine room. But, that takes a little time to work out even if the boss is flexible enough to see it this way. Should he? I don't know and who am I to be questioning the gaffer anyway? There's more...There's Ancelotti. Now, I can't prove it but if there's one coach out there who has the right to be in Jurgen's head, it's this Italian genius. Every Red who calls himself a real football fan should have respect for Carlo and how he has caused us problems since his days at Napoli. And let me be factual and brutal here: what he's done over on the Blue side of town is nothing short of inspirational as much as I hate to say it. Everton are back whether or not we are in denial about this. Let's get a grip and realize they ain't the same old shite boring sides we've seen over the past decade or so anymore. Welcome to a new world, lads! Blue vs. Red means something more now that they have a fuckin' fab 3 in the front just like us now! We are going to have to have steady nerves of steel, not make too much about it, concentrate on our own game and ignore reality as I've just laid it out by being our former selves...if we can. If we can't, this likely could be too far from the last time we feel some pain this year. I'm saying 2-2 and honestly, I'll feel lucky and that we got away with something if we get a point this weekend. And, I've never felt this way before about Everton. Strange days are these.
Ellen Withers
Ellen Withers:
We've got Henderson, Thiago, Mané and Matip back so that's a great advantage in terms of the options of players...but Everton are on form and we can't cost to make the mistakes like we did against Villa.

Overall I wouldn't take much from the Villa game it was a freak game and they will bounce back like always, Everton is the perfect match for revenge.

Lastly in terms of the midfield I agree Fab Hendo and Thiago.
Mr. NAV 22
Mr. NAV 22:
With Thiago, Henderson, Matip and Mane on the side, I am pretty much confident.
But if we keep on playing with the high line, we can easily be exposed just as Leeds and Villa did. I am sure Kloop must have thought about it.
However one thing is for sure, it is gonna be an exciting contest.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee:
Manchester City concedes many goals playing a high line too. I find it strange that Klopp seems to be adopting Pep's flawed defensive style
Isaac volume
Isaac volume:
I’d be very happy to see fabinho play cb with van dijk I think that would solve quite a few of the problems at least for this game and then i would like to see a midfield of gini hendo n Thiago I would b very happy with that feel like that would definitely at least get the job done, up the reds ❤️❤️❤️
Roger Seow
Roger Seow:
Yes this would be a tough game but we have Thiago and all the excellent players in Liverpool! I am sure we can win this game with three precious points against Everton!
Kyle YT
Kyle YT:
Can’t wait for the derby ,Everton are looking good though😅
Paddy Mankee
Paddy Mankee:
Everton fan and as long as it's a good game without both keepers having a mare or VAR ruining what should be a good game I'm happy, as for us its the first time in years I think there been so much positivity at the Club. lets face it we've had enough back and forth between managers and to many up and downs and I think for Liverpool as a City it's good that Everton continue too build and going the right direction as then it makes the Derby a better game for all, also great content mate have to branch out and do more Premier League Videos in general as content is good mate !! But just a thought, COYB'S
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
I have great feeling we'll beat them this weekend after last game in league.
Mane Back ✓
Thiago Back ✓
Henderson Back ✓
I think Fab will be in the DM and Thiago and Hendo just ahead of him
Our defence and midfield have also gifted goals. Everton fans should and deserve to enjoy the momentum and good football that is happing in their club at the moment. Adrian needs to improve his nerves on the pitch. All his mistakes are due to his energy carrying him away, needs to be more calculated.
Fgcfh Eggcup
Fgcfh Eggcup:
If we want to see 2018-19 van dijk we need to stop playing that high line I want our players playing the best as they can Ofc they can have the odd off day but I want prime salah mane firmino fabihno van dijk for the rest of this season
Agree with most of that. James, DCL and Richarlison are big threats. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!
Eddie Fraser
Eddie Fraser:
ur a legend love ur content 👏👏👏💪
Also Yerry Mina is injured so that's good for liverpool
Ifty ahmed
Ifty ahmed:
It’s the first time I heard you mate and you are solid with your talk so I’ll be subscribing your channel lad...YNWA
i rekon kelleher is decent but when adrian is up for it hes good but its just a gamble an its the same with gomez,mostly good put recently its a bit risky
José Neto
José Neto:
we beat them easily mate, we needed the Villa result, the boys have waked up
sir oof a lot
sir oof a lot:
Greatly explained keep on going lad
For the first time, this derby will be interesting.
Akshat Betala
Akshat Betala:
Good review as a United fan hope the blues win
Matip 100% has to start.
James Tracey
James Tracey:
Beautiful people I like it Brendan keep it up young lad👍👍 just found your channel hit liked/subscribed all that good stuff
Whichever keeper plays well here could be the difference here 😁
Amy Sylla
Amy Sylla:
Mane and thiago sont de retour ! !
When Adrian gets pressured and he can’t pick up the ball because you know the rules and stuff that’s when I get scared because he is not good at all when he gets pressured, so I think when he gets the ball and can’t pick up the ball I think the defence also goes back towards him so the Aston Villa thing doesn’t happen again
I think our back 4 should be robbo vvd fahbino and taa then midfield cdm Henderson then the two cms are thiago and gini and I think we will win 1-2 I hope. Cmon you reds!!! YNWA 🔴
Aiden Brennan
Aiden Brennan:
The Legend is back again
Hope Gomez gets back to his speed
Greg George
Greg George:
James lad, honest where are Villa finishing this season? Watching the Villa put 7 past you honest mate I didn’t know what to do with myself 😂 UTV YNWA

Trent. Matip. VVD. Robbo

Thiago. Fabinho.(in the 6). Henderson

Salah Bobby. Mane
James Tracey
James Tracey:
Oh yeah I love to respect your giving Everton brilliant
Matip should start 100%
Up the Toffees
Up the Toffees:
Spot on mate 👍🏾
Oliver Solbakken
Oliver Solbakken:
I hope kelleher will start. I am confident in his ability’s
John Conway
John Conway:
Everton 1-3 Liverpool
Wi Pool
Wi Pool:
Everton will beat us this time 😏
Banging video lad!!!!
King Samed TV
King Samed TV:
Origi should start ahead of Bobby in this game
super toffees
super toffees:
I'm an Everton fan and I watch u every day and I agree mate on everything
strongest since the 80s maybe. probably 2008 ish at least
Adam Recksi
Adam Recksi:
the high lines doesn't suit liverpool.. why try to fix something wasn't broken!.. gomez have to be dropped though .. hope the adrian from the European super cup shows on Saturday..
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Everton 3-2 liverpool
Dhilan Dhruv Patel
Dhilan Dhruv Patel:
I'm living it :)
Everton look great and we look shite so football logic says liverpool win...
Liverpool is red ❤️
Harvey Porter
Harvey Porter:
Lad I'd put the new Brazilian gk lad
Mrithyunjay Ganesh
Mrithyunjay Ganesh:
My preferred lineup:
GK: (I've naussing to say)
TAA Fabinho VVD Robbo
Hendo Milner
Salah Firmino Mane
YES JAMES love u lad
Rhyan Clements
Rhyan Clements:
Its hard to predict
andreas ch
andreas ch:
This guy is so underrated
I subscribe then unsubscribe coz you are a red but I re subscribe you gave us a lot of Everton fans a lot of praise loved the vid in the end not like some of my mates saying we will smash the blues being bitter your sound lad
Chloe Stonier
Chloe Stonier:
i just watch for the accent and voice at this point
Watching this in my English class 😂
Geof Thompson
Geof Thompson:
Much better than redmen TV this. Fair assessment , obviously a little bit biased which is fair enough, but not overly so.
Coleman is back yano this is our best chance of beating yous with the players we have
Wunna Wunna
Wunna Wunna:
If L´pool wins .. 12 points each.
But what if Everton wins ?

Beware !
Aaron T
Aaron T:
james ur gunna get 20k subs by year end
Yesss 🔴
Go on g
Haroon Pashtoonmal
Haroon Pashtoonmal:
Yes lad
David G
David G:
This lads actually sound for a kopite.
Joseph McNeill
Joseph McNeill:
Yes boss
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80:
Wa is happing mate
Nah we should get Lucas leiva back because he’s a beautiful man
Yes la
Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch:
Who is this little blert?