Everything You Need to Know About ‘Blackout Tuesday’

Today is Blackout Tuesday, a day meant to show solidarity with the black community for social and political change after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Many people including celebrities and organizations are participating by posting a picture of solid black. And some are also including the hashtag "Black Lives Matter." But for activists and influencers, including that hashtag is counterproductive. Flooding the hashtag with images of solid black blocks vital information about protests.

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ed150n_ k0ng
ed150n_ k0ng:
I think most of the people by this point forgot about the coronavirus
everyone acting like corona just dissapeared lmao people were afraid to go outside 2 weeks ago smh
Zann O
Zann O:
I support protests but NOT the looters!!! please stop looting businesses!!
Coronavirus: "So you just forgot about me?"
Jesus G. Rodriguez
Jesus G. Rodriguez:
So is coronavirus over? Or is this just the halftime show?👀🤣
Xavier Michael
Xavier Michael:
"The Exchange Ends With Hugs, And Fist Bumps."

J Keppel
J Keppel:
Funny how everyone is supporting this trend but when the next big story comes, this will be forgotten...
Andre Nohra
Andre Nohra:
that’s what the media isn’t showing u
mexican savior15
mexican savior15:
I thought my WiFi was slow and wasn’t loading the images🤦🏽
These riots: exist

Coronavirus: I’m about to end this mans career
R.M.S Lusitania
R.M.S Lusitania:
I thought blackout Tuesday is electricity blackout at Tuesday notification lol
Yao Ming
Yao Ming:
My Profile pic was always a black screen well now it's good time to have a black screen
Vanessa E
Vanessa E:
This is the first time I've seen cops react positively. There is so much fighting on social media and even in my friend group.
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton:
People with no social distance And huging other people.
Coronavirus: Wait you forgot about me
Loraine Ayala
Loraine Ayala:
Edit: bruh this was suppose to be serious😂 but thank you for making me laugh
A glASS of water
A glASS of water:
Rip floyd
Naomi Matzner
Naomi Matzner:
I’m glad inside edition is showing the untiring moments in this dark time. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
Posting black screens on Instagram isn’t really doing much 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying
Just goes to prove that protesters just want to be heard by higher authority
Jen Leyland
Jen Leyland:
Why ya gotta shown the video ,☹️ it's so heartbreaking
Protesters telling officers to take a knee

George Floyd: Am I a joke to you?
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey:
Does this lady ever go home? I swear she works 12 days a week.
Coronavirus: Aight, imma head out
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme:
Should move to Canada 🤔 less crazy and dangerous America becoming a joke
Lorena Garcia Soto
Lorena Garcia Soto:
I love how they take a knee, and protesters give them hugs.
Pineapple HD
Pineapple HD:
Hey don’t forget we still got corona going on
Relax Bruh
Relax Bruh:
“ Hugs and fist bumps “ Just proves even Enemies know Covid is a lie 😂😂
Suhh Dude
Suhh Dude:
Taking a knee doesn’t mean they agree with the cause, they just want you to go home
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia:
Health Department: No social gatherings
Everyone rn: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that
Yeah buddy 1234
Yeah buddy 1234:
I’d wish they come to my neighborhood, and that they change the saying to icantaffordtokeepfixingmywindowafterthehoodratsbreakittokeepstealingmysparechange
Why do I have never seen a single Colored Person doing reporting in INSIDE EDITION ??? WHY ???
Domocracy Destroyer
Domocracy Destroyer:
I think most at this point forgot that George Floyd has a criminal record
Clare B
Clare B:
Me when I come on seeing No views, No Likes, No dislikes and being so happy . All the comments "First" "I am First" "First". Oh.
When he dug that knee into that neck he started world war 3
“The exchange ends with fist bumps and hugs”
*Covid-19* : I’m here you know
Depressive Takuache Cuh
Depressive Takuache Cuh:
Bro EVEN in nickelodeon Is getting serious for 8:49 minutes
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski:
Person: Post a blank picture of the color black
Also Person: *We did it, boys. Racism is no more!*
*doing fist bumps and hugs, whilst crowding in hundreds for protests*

Covid-19: “I see you no longer want to live”
Irrelevant Irrelevancy
Irrelevant Irrelevancy:
You know what? I saw a black square today, I’m gonna stop being a racist. This all makes perfect sense.
Jason Wade
Jason Wade:
I'm guessing the 2 meter rule just doesn't apply in the states anymore
Mariah Munroe No age
Mariah Munroe No age:
YouTube on drugs again 2comments no views 15 likes
Justin Xu
Justin Xu:
Carl CJ Johnson
Carl CJ Johnson:
Corona virus: Main mission
Autistic cop: Side quest
Is sad, most people wouldn’t know him if he lived, now that he’s dead everyone does. Black Tuesday is stupid what about Mexican Monday?
Spectra Zap
Spectra Zap:
This is what we need❤️
Meredith Palmer
Meredith Palmer:
Through all the dark things we've seen on the media, this gives me a small amount of hope. And I thank every single cop who took a knee and every protester who was peaceful.
Everyone protesting and looting.

Me: *Preparing for my FINALS.* 🤓
Afterwards getting started on Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.
Cameron ZELLER
Cameron ZELLER:
Wiki: how to solve a worldwide pandemic
People: burn amd loot everything
In a way it feels like everyone is starting to get along but it doesn’t at the same time
Everett Young
Everett Young:
It’s so amazing to see people coming to terms with each other. The movement was gorgeous and needed
Covid-19: *Free Real Estate*
Ryan Yanez 93
Ryan Yanez 93:
Covid 19 - A new name for an old viruse, that killed off the dinosaurs..
Juan Camacho
Juan Camacho:
idgaf about this blackout Tuesday their no reason to be having it, a black guy was killed by a police, it doesn't mean it was racist intent
Mr Oh Yeah
Mr Oh Yeah:
Now this is what we need to see everywhere in America!!❤❤
Maryann Lozano
Maryann Lozano:
Yass this is WhT should be happening peace and love ❤️
nothing fine
nothing fine:
With an blackout tuesday we Cant give 0,1% of Solidarity
James Taylor
James Taylor:
COVID 19 loving all this ppl interaction lol
Sprinklefan fan
Sprinklefan fan:
This came on to my little sister's on nick jr. I was like wtf
Wonder what it felt like to be chocked for 8 minutes straight. Sad that he had to suffer that long. Justice for George Floyd!
Go “take a knee” with the rioters lol
TST_Peeny21 _
TST_Peeny21 _:
Stop saying first it's not necessary
Nicole Albin
Nicole Albin:
That was a nice video I’m glad people can come together peacefully
Bob Smith
Bob Smith:
YAS Lupita Nyong'o! My Queen! Standing for justice! 🙌🏼👍🏼👑
I already love Lupita, now I love her even more! She's such a good, humble person. 😊
I can’t breath through this hatred
Corona: it's show time.
Seeing all of them take a knee and hugging brings a tear to my eye and I wish it could be like this everywhere
Simple and Awesome Anime
Simple and Awesome Anime:
I can't stop thinking "Close your eyes for full screen" when I see these posts.
RIP FLOYD ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
Tai Hung
Tai Hung:
My thoughts keep changing to learn what this all mean. I was very confused at first but now i know.
Hafsa Omar
Hafsa Omar:
This what we wanna see ❤️
I feel so bad about this 🤧😭
Scopes Sky
Scopes Sky:
Great way to socail distance
Banana Bread
Banana Bread:
This makes me happy no more hate and no looting
isabella j
isabella j:
Man I thought my phone wasn't loading the Instagram posts 😂😂💀
Josefina Soria
Josefina Soria:
1:38 the camera man 😂 gotta get that money shot
roscoe baram
roscoe baram:
I was on Instagram I thought it was just that the photo was loading. spent 5 minutes staring at a black screen
Angel Collette
Angel Collette:
Fly high George Floyd ❤️
Sandrino Castro
Sandrino Castro:
For me, it’s Wednesday today
UAHA Toxicboi
UAHA Toxicboi:
Coronavirus: yes protest and hug more I need to replicate.
yee wyei
yee wyei:
I’m grateful that there’s no protesters in my country , everyone is showing their respects by sharing the post and spreading awareness cause everyone here is still afraid of the coronavirus even thou there’s only two digit number cases nowadays
When I saw all these posts I thought my WiFi was bad
scannerroblox Cat Are Awsome
scannerroblox Cat Are Awsome:
Oh i just thought my pictures werent loading
Sue Ortega
Sue Ortega:
I am glad about the peace but please no hugging!! If this continues a bunch them will get sick and then they won’t be breathing either in a few weeks!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Max Wu
Max Wu:
It was said that george floyds last words were "post a image of nothing on instagram on tuesday"
im just worried the screen might get shot too.
*corona: wait what about me making headlines*
Thanks for this i was staring at the black screen like whats tbe point-
We all just forgot coronavirus xD
This makes me smile 😊
Protests: exist
Covid: am i a joke to you
tanvi argekar
tanvi argekar:
is blackout Tuesday every Tuesday cause i would love to take part
Molon Labe
Molon Labe:
Yep blackout day : dont spend a dime in a black owned business 👍got it,remember you guys brought this on yourselves.
Corona just said: Aight imma head out.
Covid 19: *am I a joke to you?*
IDrovePastYourHouse -
IDrovePastYourHouse -:
E S:
This was posted on a Tuesday
i ibraahim Hassan
i ibraahim Hassan:
Fizzy Pop
Fizzy Pop:
0:36 he funker
Bundle Augustin
Bundle Augustin:
branden8045 theultramangofighter
branden8045 theultramangofighter:
Lgbt: lemme in I be the iggy


Peaceful protestors: I'M TRYINGGFF