EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Dungeons! | Minecraft Dungeons Day 1 Guide

Minecraft Dungeons is finally here! Today is Dungeons release day so what better time for a basic breakdown & some beginner tips and tricks. In this video I go over everything you need to know when it comes to Minecraft Dungeons. I answer what it is, go over the controls, the UI, and even give some of my own tips & tricks while taking on Squid Coast!

What is Minecraft Dungeons & Basics - 1:00
Controls, UI, & Skins - 4:28
Missions & Generation - 6:40

Dungeons Tips & Tricks - 8:38

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Now that dungeons is officially here, what type of videos would you like to see? Are you getting the game? 🤔
Edit: PS ignore what I said about enchantment point saving. Just take the enchantment you want. You can get them back if you salvage the tool!
Camden YA YERT
Camden YA YERT:
Just advice DONT save enchants ive beat the game already and I recomend enchanting the second u get it. Then when u get higher level gear salvage that gear and u get the enchant points back.
Darth Maexs
Darth Maexs:
We have killed the wandering trader so many times now comes back into dungeons as a satanic skin
ECHO Gaming
ECHO Gaming:
Solid video. Thanks for the intro to Dungeons 💪
brawl stars
brawl stars:
I love they say The Orb of Dominance, but its the most cube thing in the game... XD
Jason -
Jason -:
Take a shot every time you hear Minecraft Dungeons
The enchantment system is nice Bc you can enchant a weapon and when you salvage it, you get the enchantment point back. This means when you find a better weapon, you can unenchant your first one and get that enchantment point for the new weapon.
If you're character *Keeps Auto Rolling* go to *Controller Settings* in game menu and change *Right Stick DeadZone* to 30-50%
You can "sell" anytime and you get your enchanting points back when you "sell" enchanted items... So you don't have to wait for a good enchantment!
So much more fun you can test everything without losing your points
Beep Beep Nine Ten
Beep Beep Nine Ten:
So early idk what to say! But, love your vids!!
hippity hoppity mouse goes clickity
The Factophilic
The Factophilic:
So is nobody gonna talk about how this guy has posted 2 and a half hours earlier than his usual time?
imagine we had this death systhem in minecraft
Ryan Hunnicutt
Ryan Hunnicutt:
3:05 I feel like he's calling me out 😂
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava:
I started Minecraft for the first time in lockdown because of Luke the notable , pixelriff but playing because of YOU !!!
Alex Zatuchney
Alex Zatuchney:
I just realized that wattles' profile pic should be a penguin
I love this game! I bought the Hero Edition on the Nintendo Switch.
Daniil Korovkin
Daniil Korovkin:
Hey Wattles, you are my favourite youtuber. I beleive in you that you will get 1 million soon. Already half way. Love your survival guide series can you do more world downloads please because my game crashed. If you can write it in the comments. I beleive in you. Thank you for being such a good youtuber!
Hooligan Fish
Hooligan Fish:
You actually get the enchantment points back when you salvage stuff so just spend away to give you an advantage with every item you have.
Skeletonslayer 77
Skeletonslayer 77:
That feeling when you're the ninth like on a wattles video
Literally playing dungeons as I watch this video 🤪
Wattles: you can play with your friends
Me: omg cool!
Wattles: *if you have them*
Me: well crap
When you’re so early all the comments are “first”
Anonymous ?
Anonymous ?:
I’m watching this without a device to play this game on 😭😭
Nova Gaming
Nova Gaming:
Alright been playing 1 day right after launch now I have a lvl 40 character with a load of Unique weapons xD
Jaynn Willver
Jaynn Willver:
Im hype for this and 1.16 !!
Alphabety Spaghetti
Alphabety Spaghetti:
They should add pvp or invasions like dark souls
“Dungeons are available on Xbox, PlayStation, switch, Aaand pc, or its anywhere.”

*Crys in Phone*
Nicholas Powers
Nicholas Powers:
yo im having problems with my audio on the game, whenever i get to the main menu my audio decides to just shut off, any idea what that's about?
The Brickster
The Brickster:
Day 54 of commenting until Wattles goes and gets Stanley...
tip 1: there a map overlay keybind that you can use to toggle a transparent version of the map while also moving around
tip 2: salvaging a enchanted item will give your enchant point back
tip 3: pausing or opening inventory does not froze the game, you can still take damage from mobs
Tofu 69
Tofu 69:
I’m so hyped wattle is helpful about this stuff thanks for sharing with us
I’m loving this game so much. Glad you made a video on it! If anyone wants to play add me!! Gamer tag -CIA Killed JFK
For everyone who wants to try it but don't know if they want to buy it if you have Xbox game pass you can pick it up for free
L. Winter
L. Winter:
I already bought the game!!
Britt Wijnands
Britt Wijnands:
Yes, just before I need to go to work, just short enough so I can watch it as a whole before I need to go
Foulest Cell
Foulest Cell:
Man keep up the good work n give us all this crazy videos. Cant wait to see 1 million subscribers on top of your name
Love the vid wattles, keep it up
Tostyhat Gaming
Tostyhat Gaming:
tip : always use enchants when you get them because it doens't hurt at all, and if you get a better weapon you can salvage the one you encahnted so you get your points back.
Aegis Shallock
Aegis Shallock:
Play the first mission after tutorial on the highest possible difficulty, power thru it, you’ll be so strong you’ll crush the rest of the game. You’re welcome
Spencer Morrow
Spencer Morrow:
thank you, just bought the game
Rishit Shetty
Rishit Shetty:
Even though I won't be able to play MCD, still excited to see Wattles playing this game ✌️
Unknown Samn
Unknown Samn:
i already have it and found bug wich could be really bad: sometimes some mobs can spawn underground and are stuck(this means when some boss could spawn it maybe could be chance of spawning underground bugged and you can´t go to next level....
Deadly Gamer
Deadly Gamer:
Wow I'm only 8 minutes from the upload time on a video. That's a new record!
*Is this the start of another mega series ?*
Mr. AceTNG
Mr. AceTNG:
NGL Minecraft Characters with ragdoll physics looks cool
When you dismantle enchanted weapons and armor you get all of your enchanting points back. So if you find a sword you like more dismantle your old and enchant the new.
Wattles! Your growing so fast! When i first watched you, you were just under 500k, now your almost halfway to 600k!!

Also, do you have any relation to the pig from Gravity Falls? his name is Wattles too lol.
Johnny Maddocks
Johnny Maddocks:
"available everywhere"

*cries in mac*
I love this game and I really hope to see more weapons, artifacts, and skins. They also better have a Halloween update because this game is PERFECT for it!
jlrens Online
jlrens Online:
Hey Wattles, when can we expect more vid's of Dungeons? I played it for several hours now, just reached level 16 but i like the game so much. Really want to see your let's play :D
I got 5 notifs at the same time, Jack, Sparkelz, Goblin 2 times, and you!
i clicked on Yours 1st, Love your Videos ;)
Radan Krumov
Radan Krumov:
Wait why is Bad Boy Halo in the thumbnail?
Just got the hero edition and its downloading what a great time to watch this, thanks
emil klint Henneberg
emil klint Henneberg:
Hey wattles, thank you so much, it was really helpful.
Mohsen Zena
Mohsen Zena:
I came here 4 min after this was posted and there were 544 views
Shawn Leyden
Shawn Leyden:
When exploring a side dungeon on one of the maps, I unlocked a new map to go to outside of the “story”. It would be great to get a video on hidden/secret content.
thank you so much for making this, the way you explain things makes everything sound really interesting. makes the video's 10x better
Wattles :"You'll still find creepers as well as some new ones".
Me: Um excuse me what the actual.......
Mega HX
Mega HX:
😄 Thank you! I only started today and I already have better year than my friend, because she started a new account, so it was fair,but, it's very fair now..😂
I literally have the same layout, skin and hero edition stuff equiped
This game is lit and it’s only $20 I’m playing on the switch
Beats by DNVN
Beats by DNVN:
They need to add more stuff because I beat the game in one day on hardest difficulty :(
Noah Raikes
Noah Raikes:
3:05 this is why Wattles is one of the best MC YouTubers.
I like your humor, even tho i am at apokalypse mode already and loving it, but i still learned some small things from you so, thanks 😅
Yahia Hatab
Yahia Hatab:
I just finished the game today waiting for the new expansion now
0:57 Oh wait wattles was mad when we skipped his videos before?
Andy Yu
Andy Yu:
hi! any advice on dungeons? im just doing all, the levels on the lowest difficulty, then im planning to redo them all in a harder difficulty.
Arigato Senpai
Arigato Senpai:
I spend a lot of time by traveling around the map to find loot, definitely worth it
I Squid-cupcakes I
I Squid-cupcakes I:
i changed the controls immediately!!!
couldn’t stand the original controls
I started watching your videos last year at around 17,000-99,000 (i forgot but it was 5 digits) and I love how you’re still consistent and already halfway thru 1M. Keep it up dude
How do u know all of these informations it just started today🤔
Coarse Cape
Coarse Cape:
Ohh wattles so early I love it
Master NER D
Master NER D:
Thanks for the guide I’m really excited to play this game
Johnathan Fox
Johnathan Fox:
A tip on enchantments, enchanted everything u can, and sell the weapon when another better one comes around
When you sell enchanted stuff you get the enchant points back
i finished the games first difficulty in 1 day im doing 2nd difficulty now i defenetely reccomend armor that gives you double souls to use artifacts that are op such as heals and you should have armor with the enchantment potion barrier maxed out which will give you 90% dmg reduction for 9 seconds (op)

Im a level 31 btw if you were wondering
Matěj Vrzáček
Matěj Vrzáček:
3:06 I fealt that 💔
Mattelle Morgan
Mattelle Morgan:
Thank you for doing this I just got it today and I was familiar with some stuff
Dave Dave
Dave Dave:
3:08 with your friends, if you have them 😂😂
xXPrellzR -
xXPrellzR -:
WATTLES! Big elite here when are we getting more MC Dungeons content from you ?!?
I'm early this time, wattles pin my comments
I'm so Hyped for this game :D
Armors with Swiftfooted is so good. Rolling recharges really quick + 3 second buff of +50% speed makes grinding really fast.
Berg Swanson
Berg Swanson:
I want to see you build the perfect setup for your playstyle.
Hey thanks for uploading a video on this!
Hazmat _
Hazmat _:
I have literally almost completed the entire game I have 2 more missions
For the enchantment point. When you Savage your item, you also get all of the enchantment points back.
On PC, press TAB to bring up the overlay map so you know where you going at all time and don't have to open the map to see where you going.
use the last laugh with fire aspact
A tip: You can use your Overlay map to see a transparent map outline, while being able to move around instead of having to stop to use your map every minute.
Looking For Funnies
Looking For Funnies:
Definitely keep multiple sets of armour on you, for making different sets. Dont get rid of all the things you dont want.
Megan Griib
Megan Griib:
Not sure what I was expecting from dungeons, but this looks epic! Will definitely be playing this!
Dungeon Bot
Dungeon Bot:
when talking about the UI you forgot about the xp and soul bars
I wish I could play infinite survival it is so cool with the new dimensions
Charis Leath
Charis Leath:
I've been playing Dungeons today. I bought the Hero edition. I've enjoyed it a lot. It does feel a little simplistic on the default setting (I haven't unlocked the harder difficulties yet), but it's fun to run around brutally murdering things without a care in the world. Also, if you want to enchant a new weapon and get rid of the old one (e.g. you got a better one), if you salvage the item you get the enchantment points from the old weapon back.
Rynhardt Nel
Rynhardt Nel:
After every mission, a chest with emeralds spawns in the camp.
Seth Navarrette
Seth Navarrette:
Thank you I didnt even realize I had a Cape and chicken pet from the hero edition!
Gaming Id
Gaming Id:
Hey wattles,
I would love to see dungeons lets play
Thorns enchantment on armor is the greatest thing lol and remember you never lose enchantment points when you put them on items. you get them back when you upgrade to a new item by selling the old item