An inside look at Dest's first day at Barça. He discovers the city and the stadium that will be his new home.


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100+ comentarios:

Big Brain
Big Brain:
This kid rejected Bayern Munich right after they embarrassed us and they offered him more money.....he is a Blaugrana and he will succeed here
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
He is not the next Dani Alves.

He is the first SERGIÑO DESTroyer.
Other reporters: "Are you happy?"
A reporter from Special Questionaire Reporters Bureau: "Are you the next Daniel Alves?"
Dizzy Roses
Dizzy Roses:
How can we define the new RB of FC Barcelona 💙❤️
It's a good signing. We got a use him. Very useful player.

Bartomeu out.
Umair Ansari
Umair Ansari:
Pointing towards Ronaldinho and saying "This is my Idol".....You have already earned my respect man.
And the impact of Ronaldinho still lives with Barca.
Hemanta Kumar Sarma
Hemanta Kumar Sarma:
DEST would be a DESTroyer in this DESTination, he is DESTined to do that...
1000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge
1000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge:
"Literally The 1% Who's Reading... May Your Parents Live More Than 100 Years With Good Health❤ . "
Neymar (2017) : Bartomeu is a joker.
Phikaa Nadyana
Phikaa Nadyana:
Thanks God, He choose barca than bayern. 😘
Farhan Labib
Farhan Labib:
Please tell me it's Baromeu's LAST TIME at Camp Nou and Barcelona.
Gaming Pirates Diary
Gaming Pirates Diary:
5:09 This is my Idol 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abhishek Borade
Abhishek Borade:
I don't know whats wrong with Griezmann....Maybe getting a haircut might help🤣🤣
One Thing left

Jonathan Fernandes
Jonathan Fernandes:
fun fact:

He destroyed davies
Joydeep Rana
Joydeep Rana:
Everything is looking very good for the club now. Only one thing remains.

Bartomeu out.
Raton Roy
Raton Roy:
We have to make sure that it is not his last days at Barca.We have to take care of this talent and have to make him better than Kimmich .Força Barça 🔵🔴
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh:
Show them what u got kid......👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aneesh Paul
Aneesh Paul:
I don't want him to be the next DANI ALVES
I want him to be the 1st SERGINO DEST
He is a DESTroyer😊
Truth Triumphs
Truth Triumphs:
Extremely ecstatic and really Looking forward to this Incredible Signing!! A Young talent with all the Character and Qualities to Occupy a big unfilled Position left by great Dani Alves!! Hoping to see this young gem at his firing best!! Good luck Dest and welcome to Culers family!! Visca El Barca!!💪🤙
mashrur lam
mashrur lam:
"are you new Dani alves"

Journalism 💯
hilda shoniwa
hilda shoniwa:
Never clicked somethings so fast on a youtube
Dest is a brilliant signing for us...
Hope he stays with us for many years to come and show us his flair, skill and ability....
I hope he lights up the pitch and prove to be an instrumental part of our clubs future...
The future looks bright, but it just got brighter with his arrival....
Welcome Home Sergiño....
Visca el Barça!!!
Rafa Soha
Rafa Soha:
Reporter : Are you next DANI ALVES
“Are you the next Dani Alves??” should become a football meme😂
0:28 Did that reporter just deadass asked him if he is the new Dani Alves!??!!??!
Pritam Chatterjee
Pritam Chatterjee:
It's so good to see him here. Thank you Barcelona♡
I hope this season will bring the glory back.♡
Catherine Boyce
Catherine Boyce:
Abraham TK
Abraham TK:
Man hasn't played his first game yet and still the level of hype being generated by Barcelona for him is unreal.
مهدي MAHDY
مهدي MAHDY:
صلول ع رسوال الله محمد ❤️
UR GK Buddy
UR GK Buddy:
If bayern disaster not happened all these would have been a dream
Astortis Pgnesis
Astortis Pgnesis:
bem vindo Dest estamos contigo desejamos muita sorte.
Visca Barça e Visca Catalunha
Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine:
One thing left Bartomeu out!!!!!
Rohit Chakraborty
Rohit Chakraborty:
suraj Hait
suraj Hait:
Dani Alves lite 🔥🔥🔥
Ioji Mijalovic
Ioji Mijalovic:
I cant wait to see him play! Hope he does so against sevilla
shabab albomb Replay
shabab albomb Replay:
I never clicked that fast
Task Force
Task Force:
I wanted to see Dest flirting with that Doctor scene just like in James Bond movies. 😂😂😅
Pratham Thorve
Pratham Thorve:
3:12 How many minutes one has to run like that?? 🤔
Gio Andraa
Gio Andraa:
Love from indonesia💙❤
Vedant Gupta
Vedant Gupta:
I have never seen any reporter ask his first question to a player who has just arrived at Barcelona that
"Are you next Dani Alves"
Javokhir Norqulov
Javokhir Norqulov:
When you are downloading yesterdays training session
Maximiano 925
Maximiano 925:
“Are you happy for coming”
What you expect him to say, no? Lmao 😂
Aditya Praveen
Aditya Praveen:
I can't wait for Dest to start playing, we've seen Koeman's system work wonderfully with fullbacks, imagine what Dest could do with us
Rares Panait
Rares Panait:
Guy to Dest: ArE YOu ThE nEW DAni AlVes?
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera:
Fun fact: Barcelona and Juventus both signed an american.

Maybe one day they'll say football.
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
Love for ❤🇮🇶✌
Debmalya Chakraborty
Debmalya Chakraborty:
Yes, we can win the trophies again. Good wishes from Kolkata, India ♥️.
Sí, podemos volver a ganar los trofeos. Buenos deseos desde Kolkata, India ♥ ️.
Forća Barça.
im mean like imagine being 19 yrs old and ur playing along side messi. Its crazy frfr
WYDAD Casablanca
WYDAD Casablanca:
Vamoos el mejor equipo del mundo 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵😉🔥
Ahmed Zaxoy
Ahmed Zaxoy:
I love him 😍 he’s our pkayer welcome sergino dest welcome 🙏🏻
Fafziyad Sparkydude
Fafziyad Sparkydude:
"Are you the new Dani Alves?" Seriously what kind of question is that? Was he meant to say Yes?
James Gatdula
James Gatdula:
When is Bartomeu's last time in the camp nou? (2)
Elvis campos
Elvis campos:
Ojala juegue ya!! Quiero verlo jugar más que se a cerca le Clásico🔥 y partido con la Juventud🔥
Wildun Jalidun
Wildun Jalidun:
He is SERGINO DESTroyer🔥🔥🔥
femi e
femi e:
5:50 I imagine Suarez's locker must have been beside Messi's 😢...
hilda shoniwa
hilda shoniwa:
Never clicked somethings so fast
Abdalla Alas
Abdalla Alas:
Am Third person and i say dest welcome become like dani alves
matti magongo
matti magongo:
Welcome sergino Dest 👏👏
Wawan Hardiansyah
Wawan Hardiansyah:
please upload more videos like this, maybe other players when they first time in Barcelona. 'cause not everyone could subscribe Barca TV+. thanks
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima:
Barça love for Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥🔥
Reiley Palma
Reiley Palma:
3:16 that transition was so good
He was the reason Sergi Roberto was in top form last match O_o
Hardik Choudhary
Hardik Choudhary:
Never been so early
Zrarda Mohammed
Zrarda Mohammed:
He got the face of “ I know some good shit in football “
Alireza Momeni
Alireza Momeni:
King Ronaldinho❤❤😘😘🔥🔥
oLogical YT
oLogical YT:
Dude really asked him “ r u the new Dani Alves”
Allan Santos
Allan Santos:
Excelente contratação!!
Eliton Vianna
Eliton Vianna:
Seja bem vindo ao meu time do coração Barcelona vamos Barça 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻
Força Barça❤️💙
Charly Bamba
Charly Bamba:
ابو الزيك
ابو الزيك:
Salim Jamal
Salim Jamal:
Are the new Daniel Alves he asked 🤣
yousif Aywang
yousif Aywang:
when you play at barcelona is like a dream come true ♥️
Manuel Cea
Manuel Cea:
Happy to have him here hell just make us stronger
Alexi 11
Alexi 11:
Why does Braithwaite not have a picture in the locker room?
A player who will not do anything when he is young because of this club's negligence of young players
Are you the new Dani Alves?
Menudas preguntas hacen🤣
Delayed Creator
Delayed Creator:
Muller : he is DESTined for greatness .....you know🙂 ....Dest....DESTINED😂
Cabe TOT
Cabe TOT:
Bartomeu has made good signings lately, gotta admit it!
Jorge Saker
Jorge Saker:
Can't wait to see him playing ⚔
Rafiul Haque
Rafiul Haque:
His idol is Dinho
Spot on👌
Legends of Pokémon
Legends of Pokémon:
I knew his DESTination will be Barcelona❤💙
Jason Stevenson
Jason Stevenson:
My absolute favorite part was 5:12! Man I like this guy already!
Rene dahrie
Rene dahrie:
Well we're going to be the dutch version of wolverhampton
King Son
King Son:
What kind questions do they asking him?😌
Everything is looking very good for the club now
Pearl Leyka
Pearl Leyka:
The commentary was like ''are you the new Dani alves'' xdddd
Speedy is here
Speedy is here:
No one..
Literally no one..
Random Journalist: Are you the new Dani Alves?
Wylso milk
Wylso milk:
5:00 the Best part damn
Prabhjot Singh
Prabhjot Singh:
eric garcia soon?🔵🔴
perdraw بردرا
perdraw بردرا:
Love from Oman
Arcenio Mutambe
Arcenio Mutambe:
Bem vindo kara♡
Hardik Srivastva
Hardik Srivastva:
I love Barca...♥️♥️♥️
Jevaughn Bourne
Jevaughn Bourne:
Barca ♥️💙
2 OP Rico
2 OP Rico:
Will ter stegen play UCL?
khutazzo Ron
khutazzo Ron:
"are you new dani alves?" people should stop asking dumb questions. He's the new Dest
Thankappan Bk
Thankappan Bk:
Deepak Samson
Deepak Samson:
"DEST"ined for BARCA ❤️
"DEST"ined for GLORY 🔥
Bad dest
Bad dest:
Reporter: "Are you the new dani alves"