EXCLUSIVE: Follow Tom Brady on the field moments after securing 10th Super Bowl trip | FOX NFL

Watch how Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady spent his first several minutes immediately after winning the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field and punching his ticket to a 10th career Super Bowl.

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EXCLUSIVE: Follow Tom Brady on the field moments after securing 10th Super Bowl trip | FOX NFL

Fox Sports

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FOX Sports
FOX Sports:
Do you want to see Tom Brady win his seventh Super Bowl ring this year?
You really can’t hate on this man no matter if your a fan or not. This guy is the definition of a living legend and we will never see another quarterback like him in our lifetime
I used to be a Brady hater but man, the dude is just the very definition of greatness.
Devon P
Devon P:
Humble and respectful even to stadium security.

00:46 "Can I say hi to my son?"
-Tom Brady 🐐
Sam Holder
Sam Holder:
dude is a leader, through and through.

throws 3 picks and his team still runs through walls and walks into fire for him.
At this point the debate between the two best quarterbacks of all time are:
a) Tom Brady 2001-2011
b) Tom Brady 2012-2021
Oc reed gaming
Oc reed gaming:
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll:
Just watching him stroll around smiling with only back ground noise is amazing. It really gives you goosebumps. Man, what a GOAT. So blessed to have watched him play growing up.
Bruh imagine being able to say you dapped up tom Brady. The dude doesn’t care what team you are on he will share some words and give you a hug. 🐐
Ian Fester
Ian Fester:
Love him or hate him he’s earned my respect…true legend😤
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett:
If someone 2 years ago said Tom Brady would be in the 2021 Super Bowl I would have said maybe because of his age. But if someone told me he was a Buccaneer I would not have believed them
Blake Martin
Blake Martin:
We’re so blessed to watch such an extraordinary player, the GOAT in football and one of the best period. I’ve always imagined what it was like to watch MJ dominate every single time he was on the floor, and this is the closest thing we’ve gotten so far.
Many people doubt this man but... he always breaks through
Wow. No excuses this time folks. I'm a die hard 49er Joe Montana fan but this is The GOAT.
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Shakiem Jean Joseph:
He’s entering this game with a 61-9 Career Record on Cold Games with the Patriots and now his first win with the Buccaneers.62-9 after the NFC championship win
Team Time Riders
Team Time Riders:
This is rarified air. Imagine getting to watch the best ever do it live. Enjoy it now because you will NEVER see another like him again!
Chris Hick
Chris Hick:
brady is an amazing man. Look into his eyes, he genuinely has love and care for everyone he meets. GOAT
max kulmer
max kulmer:
Cool moment with him and his kid, respect Tommy!
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading:
I don’t think people really understand the moment we’re in... 10 years from now we’ll get this video in our recommended & think about how this 43 year old QB went to the Superbowl his first year on a new team that will be played in his home stadium. *UNREAL*
Fernando Nardini
Fernando Nardini:
He is still asking if he can say hi to his son. Dude you are tom brady
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
A real life monster. What he has accomplished is out of this world.
Draft pick 199........................the GOAT!!!!!.... never give in never give up!
Ben Trujllo
Ben Trujllo:
The GOAT don’t never have to wonder now!!!
greatness follows his footsteps. he’s a legend.
Robert Hanson
Robert Hanson:
Savor every second you can it’s not every day you witness greatness like this man.
tea green
tea green:
Congratulations to Bucks team! Well deserved! You all did a Great job! Superbowl 55! Go Brady, Go Bucs!📣📣📣📣
Alvin Joseph Bilog
Alvin Joseph Bilog:
even with those interceptions. Tom Brady and that defense 🙌🏽
Dewald Kruger
Dewald Kruger:
This guy should be a role model for every kid! What a class act, even when he accomplishes the impossible he's humble. So happy I am able to watch him play throughout his career to see what he is capable of doing. Just incredible.
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons:
Brady literally has nothing but literal respect from me the man is an absolute living legend I'm just lucky enough i get to see him play live
Shaved American
Shaved American:
1:07 The random bucs fan in the crowd that held up 2 fingers and Brady held up 2 fingers back, shows you how awesome brady is
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
Is hard to believe that after living the patriots this man is back in the Súper bowl
I'm enjoying every bit of this Because we will never see This Again. Hats off to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ben L
Ben L:
The thing about TB will be this. In the future, someone else might end up breaking all his records. Someone else might come and win more rings than him. But no one will ever be considered greater. Cos where he came from. Picked 199 ... Becoming the Goat. The journey is one for the Ages! His movie will his the theaters once he retires. His story will inspire the new generation. It is not about talent, it is not about power. It is about will.
Yolie Hines
Yolie Hines:
Brady is the greatest a amazing player, a class act human being, blessings 🙏💙
Carlos Ayala
Carlos Ayala:
Wow!!! That was so amazing and special. Went straight to his son to celebrate.
This team has really came together over the years . We have been a good team since 2017 Brady made us great.
Love the fact it muted when Brady and his son had a moment. Respect ✊🏽
Papi Draco
Papi Draco:
There will never be another like Brady man. Mahomes is excellent but I'm not even sure if he can match Tom. GOAT, and probably always will be.
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85:
He would’ve walked off the field if he didn’t have to accept a trophy! 😂
What a legend! I think he’s addicted to the big game. Can’t stop.
this guy is a role model for each one of us out there! Living Legend! Never give up!
I really like these on field cameras. They are pretty immersive.
Geemon3y23 __
Geemon3y23 __:
Tom Brady have as many NFC championship as Aaron Rodgers in his first year as a buc 😮🤫
Gomer Pyle
Gomer Pyle:
Amazing. Glad I get the chance to witness this sports history!
Kyler Luo
Kyler Luo:
Man, I still can't believe he's still doing this at 43!
Jason Hart
Jason Hart:
Tom Brady is the goat, I mean he's going to his 10th Super Bowl unbelievable.
Tom Brady is a offensive coordinator playing quarterback
Ben Vasilinda
Ben Vasilinda:
I watched the Bucs every year never missing a game. 4 years I was stationed in Hawaii and had to wake up early but these are the times that it's all worth it. Go Bucs.
Jalen hurts
Jalen hurts:
When he went to go say hi to his son, that was amazing
Avatar Healing
Avatar Healing:
That’s a whole lot of BROMANCE happening right there!!!💛🏈🏈
GlizzyGang Puncho
GlizzyGang Puncho:
It feel like I’m on the field rn with Brady so this how it feel to be close to a goat 🤝
It is truly amazing how he inspires his team. Amazing. Just amazing. We are lucky to live in the TB Era!
Naome Lescroart
Naome Lescroart:
What cool dude. You can tell he is genuinely taking the time to connect with each person and share in the moment with them.
Lazuardi Firdaus
Lazuardi Firdaus:
He should go straight to Hall of Fame the same day as he decide to retire
common sense
common sense:
That was some of the greatest 5 minutes of my life 💯 we just got to witness a legend🐐 in the first 5 minutes after he won the conference championship, at Lambeau Field... This is legendary footage
David Zheng
David Zheng:
Everything he touches turns to gold
DC 10
DC 10:
Can't believe NE Patriots let him go. They only want to see the tangible from a player, but not his heart.
This is actually insane.. i was 4 years old still sippi cups when Brady was drafted.. in 26 years old now and he’s STILL DOING IT.. WITH EASE!
Nick Sibilla
Nick Sibilla:
There's no one cooler. I'm a diehard Jets fan but there's no one I respect and look up to more than TB12. That's it, a living legend.
Tom Brady is so great, you can see his aura glowing and radiating the field. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of being near his energy field of greatness. One hand shake from Brady can bless your life. One ball catch from Brady can fix all your financial problems and get you out of debt. Tom Brady have enough goat milk to cure world hunger. 1,000 years from now , civilization will hold rituals and ceremonies praying to a football once held by Brady in hopes of his 2nd coming. Tom Brady is the GOAT of all GOATS.
I am so happy for Tom. true leader on and off the field.
Tina Kothare
Tina Kothare:
Way to goooo!!! Extremely proud!!! I thought it was so sweet with the way he ran to see Jack!!!
frank Young
frank Young:
Just amazing how much one guy can bring to a team, a city.
B T:
Greatest Of All Time... no debate 🔒 just appreciate the man while he’s here 😤
Legendary Year in Just 1 Year with a new Team & System at age 43, That’s Tom Brady for you!
Gavin Brady
Gavin Brady:
He believed in himself and he has overcame his mountains
Ronnie Rodriguez
Ronnie Rodriguez:
I grew up A die hard Joe Montana fan. I was always a big hater of Tom Brady. To me Joe Montana will always be the best but man o man as of today Tom Brady u have gained my respect and I’m pulling for u to win number 7. Never thought I’d ever say that. But I have to recognize greatness when I see it ... Much respect Mr. Brady .
20 seasons, 10 Superbowls. GOAT!!!
Gubby Aldaba
Gubby Aldaba:
Who else was smiling for 4 mins and 46 secs?
Roger Paquette
Roger Paquette:
Thanks for letting me have a glimpse of the Greatest football player of all time being the quality man that he is...
Artorius M
Artorius M:
I love how he goes to his son. What a champion!! Go BRADY GO!!! Love ya mate!
Doesn't matter what team he plays, this man is a LEGEND!
Just wow. What a time to be alive. I love it.
As a father, this video touches me in all the feels.
maceo woods
maceo woods:
This guy inspired a team as he has always done forever TB12 a great leader.
towel head timmy
towel head timmy:
hes a awesome person on and off the field. hes the type of human every person wants to live up to being, and hes the best quarterback to ever play the game.
Mister 101
Mister 101:
The Man, The Myth , The LEGEND !
alfonso santos
alfonso santos:
Thank you Tom Brady. My kids got a chance to see greatness . 🙏 God is Good .. thank you to all the NFL players and workers that make this beautiful game happen. AND SPECIALLY ALL THE FAMILIES , PARENTS, WIFE'S AND KIDS BEHIND THEM.. SACRAFING SO THAT WE CAN WATCH THIS GAME . THANK YOU ALL
Jean Carlos Berasgoico
Jean Carlos Berasgoico:
Love Brady. Wish him the best luck in SB 55 against the best team he'll face this season. Of the previous 9 Super Bowl games Brady has played in, he'll face better defenses, however the Chiefs offense might be the most dangerous. Yes. Better than the greatest show on turf
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez:
History in the making tom brady thank you 😊
Living in New England I have been honored to watch Tom Brady over his entire career. When the Patriots let Tom walk out the door I never thought twice about what his success would be. Knowing that the next Super Bowl was to be in Tampa and that was the team he was going to. What else could be in the stars for the GOAT? Its the Story of Legends. He is Destiny in the making and I have enjoyed watching this Journey and will continue to watch as long as he plays. Congratulations to Tampa Bay Buccaneers! On to the Super Bowl!
Max Murphy
Max Murphy:
Tom Brady is a national treasure
Absolutely, the GOAT
The Man Who Laugh
The Man Who Laugh:
I dont even watched or play football.. I just saw this guy story a few years ago and now I'm hooked.. Man He the GOAT..
I am Who I am
I am Who I am:
🙋🏻‍♀️ Can the camera man just follow him forever??? Brady ➡️ GOAT
neocardina shrimp and fish etc
neocardina shrimp and fish etc:
Priceless him and his son
The LEGEND, The greatest.
Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong:
NFC CHAMPIONSHIP back home where it belongs "GO BUCCANEERS long time Fan for 25+ years
Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ:
Yo that spike to secure the FG to go up 8 was beyond clutch.
Goes right to his son. You get older and you know that success sets the table for the next generation. Respect Brady for that move.
Ryan Browning
Ryan Browning:
Greatest of all time. Hands down
Brady we got love for you in NE always. Do it Brady. Win it Brady. Against all odds. Show them what it takes to be the best. The toughness. The resiliency . The heart of a Lion... There's only one Quarter back drop back that let's you know the game is on the line... Tom Brady.
Beautiful historic moments captured
Adrian Holland
Adrian Holland:
“🐐” Legendary
It is impressive how this man has achieved everything but timing his handshakes.
Ernest Kovach
Ernest Kovach:
He is much loved....and revered by... Friend and foe alike.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
That moment with his son was the best part. ☺
boudouar aimad
boudouar aimad:
I loved how polite he asked if he could say hi to his son greatness in everytthing 🐐🐐
FlowFinder USA
FlowFinder USA:
The real reason I can truly appreciate what's happening here is because my team, The Giants, beat him twice in the SB. He is the greatest and such a competitor. All his teammates love him and I am a TB fan no doubt.
Win or lose, time to give Brady his due. He's earned it!
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez:
All I have to say is .. THE GOAT!!!
Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor:
A long time ago I learned a lesson I thought people, especially commentators would have learned by now: You dont bet against Tom Brady‼