Watch extended highlights from Everton's dominant 2-0 win over West Ham at Goodison Park. What did you make of the game? Let us know in the comments!

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66 comentarios:

Finn D
Finn D:
This just shows how much having a quality midfield helps. Do this every week please.
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke:
Should of been 5 or 6 , but 2-0 against 12 men ain't bad
Faizal Adi Pradana
Faizal Adi Pradana:
Jake Drap
Jake Drap:
Still so confused on the Mina what should have been goal
Dante Spina
Dante Spina:
If Salahs goal won Puskas award last year, both Bernard’s and Sigurdsson’s goal deserve it much more
James Pendleton
James Pendleton:
Please don’t touch Iwobi Davies or Sidibe leave it how it is
Kevin Tobben
Kevin Tobben:
Kean is a beast 7:59
At last a weekend with my spirits lifted with a win and good performance. Long may it continue..
*Bernard Star...
Simon Harris
Simon Harris:
That is the Goodison atmosphere we know and love, I wish it was like that every week, goosebumps!!
Ryan Mccarthy
Ryan Mccarthy:
The first time moise kean does his celebration infront of the gwladys will be glorious 😍
syafriela wijaya
syafriela wijaya:
Everton just weak at the corner 6:44
Samual Abdu
Samual Abdu:
Finally a highlight to a game that I'd like to watch, again.
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Both goals were incredible! 😃 I so like Everton this season the side that they put together
Riick Yaw
Riick Yaw:
Sidibe should play next week.
and we love ar psycho pat
and we love ar psycho pat:
please repeat very often specially against the RS
Arsenal fan here for Iwobi highlights
5:50 West ham's best shot on goal
Luciana Rodrigues
Luciana Rodrigues:
Bernard,so amazing
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge:
now why cant they play like that every week we know Everton should be in the top 4 not 15th in table
sent jack wilshire to the shops there
Toffee 1878
Toffee 1878:
The mighty blues 💙
Tom Farrelly
Tom Farrelly:
this is what keeps us going on monday mornings 💙💙
knott 4me
knott 4me:
Absolutely outstanding this week lads .God we all needed that and kudos to Marco for making the changes .
Should've been 3 could've been 10
It’s was a cracking build up too... stunner
Hayley Lee
Hayley Lee:
I love ritchie draggin sidibe back on pitch to defend the corner 🤣👏🏻💙
Well have to say we made westham look ordinary, great team performance and substitution impact brilli and Moises kean looks exciting
0:24 kkkkkkkkkkk
Zul Hakim
Zul Hakim:
A very good performance. West Ham cant do anything!
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge:
at first i said to my dad this is going in walcott fantastic strike and just gose over 😞
Kleber Porta
Kleber Porta:
Bernard joga muito!
Yan Coelho
Yan Coelho:
Bernard is brilhant 🔥
Claudio Bernardes
Claudio Bernardes:
Bernard return of Atlético Mg
John Pugh
John Pugh:
Could have been more comfortable if they had stopped hitting it at the goal keeper
Ay Up
Ay Up:
Least west ham won the best director of football competition 🤥
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge:
Gylfi Sigurðsson goal was magic been a Everton fan since i was a kid my dad ask me who you gonna pick the toffees or redshite and i said toffees my dad was happy cause he is a everton fan but my mother is a kopshite so she was unhappy lol
Jason Hardy
Jason Hardy:
You can't knock Silva after that performance. I thought lose to West Ham and he's gone. But clearly he is making progress, just a matter of time!
We played well, but holy shit West Ham players had no desire or fight in the game
Rees Jones
Rees Jones:
If they had os scored off that corner it would have been the most Everton thing ever
amazeo matthew
amazeo matthew:
Diop also trying to make a goal
Not gonna lie,headed into this game with a bad feeling but fuck me we played well, looked like scoring ten goals hahahaah
Cameron James
Cameron James:
Give Gomes the number again
Gustavo Borges
Gustavo Borges:
Faz falta no Galo Bernard. 🇧🇷🤟🏼
jacob Mayne
jacob Mayne:
Oh Menor MR
Oh Menor MR:
Carai mano o Everton ta muitos anos sem ganhar nada de titulos.
Ra F
Ra F:
Braziliyen maajik
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe:
Why did Mina’s absolute bullet header get disallowed
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge
We Are The Champions St.Helens Rugby Leauge:
now the question is can we beat Brighton ?
Nice Richarlison game⚽
Cláudio Costa
Cláudio Costa:
Bernard joga muito!!!
Respect from Atletico Mineiro 🇧🇷
Wellington GW
Wellington GW:
Volta Bernard pro galão, estamos precisando 😢
poucas ideias
poucas ideias:
Bernard joga muito. Joia do galo
I think Silva done well picking this team.
Great to see his face when we scored.
You can tell it means a lot to him.

We’ve had too many managers recently.
And too many players taking the wages and delivering little.
It would have been totally unfair to sack Silva.
Even tho it’s his job to inspire the players. They have been at fault.

I thought that we should have iwobi and Richarlison up the middle after the Nigeria Brazil game.
They played really well.

We need to keep Bernard on the wing with Digne.
And sidebe with Walcott.
Davies with Gomes.
That all really worked that.
And needs not to be changed now.

Minor tweaks that made a big difference.
Levi Berg
Levi Berg:
Bernard needs a chant...He honestly needs a chant
Alexandre Magno
Alexandre Magno:
Red Card 6:21 foul , robber judge
CyberBoy Radio
CyberBoy Radio:
BErnard Shakhtar Donetsk talent
Simone Lopes
Simone Lopes:
Come back to Atlético Mineiro Bernard
John Wesley
John Wesley:
Bernad volta pro meu galo, sucesso total pra você representando o clube Atlético mg o galão da massa!!!
Vi pelo loud coringa e fds
Altø Reåct
Altø Reåct:
Sandro Nonnis
Sandro Nonnis:
just for curiosity : Everton's fans , what was your opinion about mose kean while playing for Everton ? did you like him as a player ?
Marcos Val
Marcos Val:
Amazing Bernard
Good to see two former Gunner Walcott and Iwobi linking-up again and still gunning even though it's for another team. They deserve it. Once a Gunner, always a Gunner!
Jamie Owens
Jamie Owens:
Love how when Schneiderlin doesn't play we win. He is so bad Schneiderlin. Like if u agree