Extreme Bungy Jumping with Cliff Jump Shenanigans! Play On in New Zealand! 4K!

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Shotover Canyon Swing
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Music called Amazing by Kim DotCom
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Filmed by Parker Walbeck and Carter Hogan using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, with the Glidecam Devin Graham Series for the stabilizing shots.

RC Aerial Video by CineChopper LLC
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Edited by Parker Walbeck using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Oliver Age 24
Oliver Age 24:
And then there's me sat at home eating chocolate in bed and watching youtube
Life is not just eating , earning and sleeping.
Try these adventures once in lifetime
The background music was just Amazing
Joshua samson johnson -
Joshua samson johnson -:
*Top 3 unsolved cases* :

*1* :     *Area 51 Aliens*
*2* :     *Bermuda Triangle*
*3* :     *YT Recommendations*
Roman Copley
Roman Copley:
i swear to god. when lockdown is over i'm gonna do this on my 18th
Cody Buffinton
Cody Buffinton:
When I first saw him cutting the rope I was like, wait...he shouldn't be doing that! Sick video!
"Every man dies, but not every man lives"
Yoongi <3
Édit: it’s og by William Wallace, sry for those pressed lol I meant to add the edit a long time ago
Amal Dubey
Amal Dubey:
Imagine jump and realise in mid air that you haven't tied the rope
klaus mikaelson
klaus mikaelson:
0:44 that guy is a vibe and he made it look easy
1:04 is epic. She is iconic
•Doomie Dud•
•Doomie Dud•:

Also me: *literally backs out of a kid’s haunted house and won’t to a kids zip line*
d l
d l:
I'm surprised he actually hit the water, I thought that's like hitting concrete?
Amrit Srivastava
Amrit Srivastava:
Me: I can do that.

Instructor after pulling me up: He's dead, like very very dead.
This looks like torture and fun at the same time 💀
An epic way to get baptized.
0:31, definitely want to do that to my ex without the bungee rope attached to her
siddarth chandran
siddarth chandran:
0:40 imagine he cuts the wrong cable 😂😂😂
I am cry watching this video guys
Adrija Bhattacharya
Adrija Bhattacharya:
*After jumping you suddenly come to know that for some technical issues the operators couldn't pull you up. The rope has to be cut* 🙂
I want to do this so bad but I'm scared of literally everything-
Dabir Kalam
Dabir Kalam:
0:31 me to my responsibilities
muslima chowdhury
muslima chowdhury:
*This looks like the perfect sport for me!!!*
This is crazy! I can never do this. So, I'm living through your video lol.
Farah Nasr
Farah Nasr:
I would never bungy jump...I came into this world because of a broken rubber and I ain't leaving because of one
It looks like it’s 50 feet I would never jump down
Jaqueline Mojica Lara
Jaqueline Mojica Lara:
sin pensarlo dos veces si lo algo me encantan las alturas❤😎
Grace Andrews Channel
Grace Andrews Channel:
Looks amazing.My heart felt nervous when I'm watching. Incredible.
Vishal Jasani
Vishal Jasani:
Everybody gangsta until they are standing on that freaking cliff
Kiên Nguyễn
Kiên Nguyễn:
Man believe me the feeling it brings is unpleasant as hell.
Kami sama
Kami sama:
Luffy: Hah! This is nothing
Girl's Day Fandroid
Girl's Day Fandroid:
I love the Sparta part that was cool, and cutting the rope. 😆😆
Elemental Jedi
Elemental Jedi:
Imagine telling your grandkids

“Yeah I jumped, it was great”
I always think I would definitely try this but in that moment I can tell I would shit myself in midair
Adeon Sajakarta
Adeon Sajakarta:
I totally get when you see asians just watching cause before doing it they instantly said I dont wanna die yet.And if forced its like its their last life.
Juicy Sara
Juicy Sara:
This just made me sick just watching. I’m still so nauseous.
I want to be this kind of person but I would throw up and throw up and keep passing out.🥺 I get sick over this kind of thing. 😭 so sad
•Doomie Dud•
•Doomie Dud•:
I either really wanna do this or never ever even watch someone do this again
Satijee Satijee
Satijee Satijee:
this video gives me courage to go through bungee jumping
i will definitely try it🖒🖒🖒
Mark Freeman #408
Mark Freeman #408:
Awesome :)
eccentric enigma
eccentric enigma:
This makes me wanna Bungee Jump with my friends XD and I'm terrified of heights XD
Aarón López
Aarón López:
Literally my heart went faster while watching it lol
Juliana Mottin
Juliana Mottin:
What I know for a fact is that I would pass out if someone forced me to do that.
i wish my life was this exciting lmao
012_nasir Shareef
012_nasir Shareef:
This is one of the best video's I have ever watched
Shannon Coyle
Shannon Coyle:
I always wonder how they aren’t scared theyre going to hit the sides.
Roberto Miguel Reisdorfer
Roberto Miguel Reisdorfer:
Shit man, I watched this video when it was released, I feel so old
I am from Italy and my dream is to come to New Zealand and live this wonderful experience 😍😍 fantastic🤩🤩🤩!!
Karl Martin
Karl Martin:
what if he cuts the wrong cord?
Steve Vollmer
Steve Vollmer:
That low-key looks so fun
I'm literally shaking just by watching this😅
Fiza Ijaz
Fiza Ijaz:
I want to do this at least once in my life
Sharmaine Liwanag
Sharmaine Liwanag:
Imagine doing this with your favorite person❤
Ramandeep Kaur
Ramandeep Kaur:
Idk why....but I can't control my laugh at 1:13 😂😂😂😂
Graham Fam
Graham Fam:
Glad I can watch people doing these things and don't have to wish I could do them. Its amazing how great your shots are from all views.
Momin Shifa
Momin Shifa:
This is Sparta and suparb,wonderful
Sava Vibes
Sava Vibes:
I wanna try this on a big tree near my grandma farm
Stoked for Saturday
Stoked for Saturday:
Extra points for the girl who took the kick to the chest for the shot!
0:48 that was really awesome. I feel like i am falling with him😳
I'm so happy I did it! The height of the our bungee is a little less than 200m in Russia, in Sochi
santosh sapkota
santosh sapkota:
Feeling bit comfortable for my upcoming bungee after watching this
That sparta kick was my favorite part and of course the sick video editing
My body feels like it's falling every time someone goes off the edge... fuuuuck. I have to do this!
Girish Chhabria
Girish Chhabria:
This is just Incredible.i am desperate to do this awesome adventure
i would 100% do this but i’m scared it will rip my leg off 💀
I would jump with an friend and i would feel safe xD
Mickey Frickin mouse
Mickey Frickin mouse:
I really wanna bungee jump but I know as soon as I get up their I’ll shit myself😂
I would pee myself
Harnoor Dharni
Harnoor Dharni:
It was amazing!! XDXDXD
Nouman Raza
Nouman Raza:
Just image a rock flowing in the river smashing into the jumpers head while he takes a dip
Spiritual Shar Tea
Spiritual Shar Tea:
That kick though hell no 😂
Bangkok Walks
Bangkok Walks:
What an amazing video as always my friend, enjoyable and fantastic! This is the bar set for my videos!
Ewelina P
Ewelina P:
This is my dream. I hope, one day I will make it come true. Greetings from Poland😉
Senthil Kumar Panneerselvam
Senthil Kumar Panneerselvam:
I want to experience this once in my life time.
Tim Kirke
Tim Kirke:
Me: Mum can I watch Lion King?
Mum: You already have it.
Mufasa’s death at Home- 0:21
I would definitely never do this, I came into this world because of broken plastic, I don't wanna go out the same way
Wyatt NW
Wyatt NW:
Those guys that work for the Bungy company have the best job in the world!!!
:whats your job ?
Bungy: I push people off cliffs in new and creative ways 
: ohh ... i work at McDonalds
Imagine ur gonna jump and ur hell scared, you get ur cam ready for the video, you get scared and enjoy too but when you get back down and see ur phone you realize that u forgot to tap the record button🙄
ushma nighat6
ushma nighat6:
Love this video. I was 19 when i saw this video i found it this tym and watch it almost 36 times. I want to do it once in my life
Daydreamer - New Zealand 4K
Daydreamer - New Zealand 4K:
Hello from Queenstown New Zealand. I finally found out who made this fun Bungy video today. Most people are scared when jumping and a lot more people are scared when watching people jumping on site.
Pretam Pratap Sitha
Pretam Pratap Sitha:
Oh my goodness This is Very Dangerous Selfie😂😂😂😂
Pamela Ferreira Cifuentes
Pamela Ferreira Cifuentes:
"This is Sparta! " 👌😂
I also want to try this once in my life
harsh kishore
harsh kishore:
Risk are lovely sometimes 😂❤️
Aleah Hong
Aleah Hong:
This just prove how boring my life is. :(
Soraya Sing
Soraya Sing:
reallly wanna do this,don't care bout the risk. just wanna let go all of my pains and worries
I definitly want to try that once in my life 😍😍😍
Avg B
Avg B:
0:31 this is one hell of a creativity...
Aboubacar Fofana
Aboubacar Fofana:
I’m having a heart attack just watching this
Carrots grow in the mountains
Carrots grow in the mountains:
Those are some nice clips, definitely gonna have to try some of those jumps 🤟🏻
Wow JAJAJA Prinero me tiro a un volcan que a esto v: xd
Mohammed Torab
Mohammed Torab:
0:31 waaaaaaaaaaw
I cant stop smile 💔💔 i wanna try this so baaad
Love Yourself
Love Yourself:
OMG! This is so amazing!
TREXCW!- Terraria and More!
TREXCW!- Terraria and More!:
That river is beautiful
simran yadav
simran yadav:
Too good yrr i just want to try once in life
Elshi chaudhary
Elshi chaudhary:
it was osm nd i have dream to do this adventure
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda:
I was 14 when I first bungee jumped, was scared but it’s worth it
അപ്പു വി
അപ്പു വി:
Oh man. It feels so high just by watching them! Great Work.
If I ever went bungee jumping I would so want to be Sparta kicked off