F1 2020 Russian GP - Post Race Press Conference (BOT, VER, HAM)

Post-Race Press Conference of the F1 2020 VTB Russian GP ft. Bottas, Verstappen & Hamilton.

0:00 - Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix 2020
0:03 - Introduction by Tom Clarkson
0:23 - BOT on his first win since Austria

1:25 - BOT on the overall race
2:16 - BOT still winning without HAM penalty?
2:53 - VER on having a clean race again
3:51 - turd x1
3:53 - VER on having a clean race & challenging BOT
4:54 - HAM summing up his race
6:38 - HAM on now being up to 10 penalty points
7:46 - VER's opinion on the practice start infringement
8:49 - HAM on pitting early with his softs
9:59 - HAM & fuzz about deliberately being targeted
11:50 - HAM on the possibility of a race ban
13:08 - VER on having no grip in his grid slot
13:56 - turd x2
13:58 - BOT on his Post-Race Team Radio
15:34 - HAM, BOT & VER on the current level of communication between the FIA (Michael Masi) and the Drivers given recent events

Synchronized Version (Fixed for the future):

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I like that Max stood up for Lewis here, saying that the penalty points were not deserved
Matt B
Matt B:
The penalty points have now been rescinded since hearing Lewis' team radio, so he is now on 8 points and not 10. It does make you wonder what the FIA were doing for 20 minutes between the investigation and penalty if not listening to the team radio which was broadcast to the whole world.
Lewis’ biggest rival this year is the FIA.
Mwi O
Mwi O:
Respect to Verstappen for sticking up for Lewis here. The fact that he was given penalty points is absolutely ridiculous.
Lewis answering some of these questions is like me at work trying my hardest to be polite to someone asking for information Ive already emailed multiple times
He has every right to be pissed,even more so if he was doing his practice starts like this over the years and never had a problem
Lewis gets that cold psycho look in his eyes when he's pissed off, and it only makes him drive harder. Senna used to react the same way.
mirv george
mirv george:
Big respect max.not my favourite f1 driver but giving credit where its due
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar:
Love Max ..bravo for voicing out for Lewis 🙏..
B Brid
B Brid:
Max is a class act a real driver for driver's it shows he confident about his abilities that's what Champs do and max is a champ.
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi:
Max is somehow more sensible than his fan base.
Respect for standing up the point made by Lewis.
Ibrahim Touré
Ibrahim Touré:
Max Verstappen, Nice... Very nice attitude and conversation.
Hoonigan JZX110
Hoonigan JZX110:
Its the comback at 16.19 for me though lol well done lewis ... and how he got off stage and left the can on the ground ... you can see the friction ... I really wish the FIA stop trying to make an example out of a 6 time world champion... it really doesn't look good on them
Sounds like lewis is a bit hoarse. Must have had a good shout befrore the interview. And with good reason. I hope he wins the championship by a mile and wears whatever t shirt he wants!
Neverod doreveN
Neverod doreveN:
So... they removed the penalties from Lewis and fined Mercedes $25,000. What in the world were the stewards doing then? They gave him the penalties super fast. But only rescinded them after the backlash and being called out. Bogus FIA. Clearly just a ploy to keep him from winning as he well would have. Cheating by the FIA is apparently an option if you win too much.
charles ibekwe
charles ibekwe:
Max may the Univers bless you 🙏🏿
Max has such respect for Lewis. Good words. So disgusted with the stewards today. Now you change it and give him back 10 licence points. Another thing that's never happened in F1 before!!
Aya Fthi
Aya Fthi:
Three great drivers.
Bottas great job
Max, back up Lewis - good on you
Lewis, they have been harsh but try to move on
Connor Faulds
Connor Faulds:
Some seriously amateur level journalism going on this year...
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
Lewis is the only guy who could break a rule that doesn't exist. The rule said practice starts must be after the lights and before pit exit and that's what he did
LOL Bottas wins but most of the questions were about Lewis and sometimes about Max. Almost no one asked a question to Valteri haahhahaha.
Allan Sayers
Allan Sayers:
at least they have now cancelled the 2 points on his licence.
Emilia Camacho Camacho
Emilia Camacho Camacho:
the drivers prepare themselves mentally and physically for a race and the FIA ​​takes victory away from you to improve the show
Solus Lux Anima
Solus Lux Anima:
Question1: so lewis, the penalties...
Question2: so those penalties...
Question3: Lewis. Penalties. Talk.
Lewis: [visible fustration]
Lawrence Sonoiya
Lawrence Sonoiya:
I Like the way Max Stood out with Lewis Ideology , respect to Lewis .
and just as I hear Max saying it's not fair Lewis got penalty points F1 app says they are withdrawn
Rick Solis
Rick Solis:
Hell yea max thanks for sticking up
Rosilene Sousa
Rosilene Sousa:
Lewis, we saw what FIA is trying to do against you. Shame on them! Love you!
Lewis: Beast mode engaged
Bigfoot DAD
Bigfoot DAD:
Sack the stewards that have been making these recent decisions. Honestly, do they take the fans for idiots? As one of the journalists commented, they're trying to artificially close the gap at the top and deprive us all of witnessing history in the making. Sack 'em off!
Meme Raven
Meme Raven:
Lewis Hamilton looks Angry and Motivated to do it clean going Forward..

I have known him as a racing driver he is very clean... How many penalties we saw him getting.. The guy is very professional.

But now he has a big task as a race driver to fight not the Drivers on the track but those Clowns sitting in Stewards room who didn't even listened to Hamilton's radio during practice Starts and handed him 2 Penalty points on his License.

I am sure he will show this guys who he really is..
philip baker
philip baker:
F1 has lost its grip on fair play regarding racing driver incidents.

When a driver feels that race administrators are denying him points its time to REVIEW all the penalty decisions of 2020 and see the complete lack of consistency and irrelevance to safety.

As a follower and a viewer since 1977, I believe that there is an abuse of penalising of drivers on petty issues and not enough focus on what penalty points should be about - SAFETY.

Hamilton is penalised for the accepted practise of practise starts after the pit lane,
whilst cars are released out of garages, seconds in front of approaching cars up the pit lane
are totally ignored.

Closing the pits seconds after red flagging a race and preventing the cars from returning to the pits to have their cars checked is NEGLIGENT.
The car should have been reclaimed after ALL the cars had been required to returned to the pits.
Richard Nyak
Richard Nyak:
Thank you Max for sticking up to Lewis Hamilton, woow Bottas really show his true colours.
Chetan Bhalerao
Chetan Bhalerao:
Respect for Max ..you been true to your heart .feel sorry for Lewis ...FIA you guys have lost the race
Andy L
Andy L:
LATEST TWIST: stewards have *rescinded* Hamilton's 2 penalty points.
Ian Edmonds (EdShift)
Ian Edmonds (EdShift):
Lewis is the consummate professional.
He's not grinding the axe he's just pushing it down the road.
He must be fizzing but he does not let it out.
Fucking legend.
Luv and Peace.
Michael Siebs
Michael Siebs:
Max is one of my favorites in f1, i appreciate his support for Lewis over the harsh penalties given to Lewis. Val was also good and fair with his judgment. Lewis is still the best in the business but Val and Max are also world class. Thanks again Max for your impartial voice.
I think the 7th championship for Lewis will feel extra special especially against his closest rival FIA....Oh and bottas😂
Auto Man 21
Auto Man 21:
Looks to me that they don't want him to get to 7 this season,So based on that he could be jailed if he has a crash.
👁👁 Lewis cold emotionless psycho look
Today should have been a historic day, was looking forward for that ,but stewards don't want that
Ebuka Obi
Ebuka Obi:
Damn all these questions to just Lewis
Of course they try to slow down Lewis especially when they had Mika Salo as judge!
Stewards doing everything to stop Hamilton now
Just heard Lewis’s points have been rescinded, he has 8 points on his super car licence....still doesn’t give him the win though does it 😡😡
Marsorry Ickua
Marsorry Ickua:
Someone in FIA land’s likely received instructions to “create drama” - target Mercedes where possible.
Khanya “Yeezy”
Khanya “Yeezy”:
Role reversal lol Valterri bringing inspirational words , Lewis has short answers
Why aren't the press conference videos uploaded officially by formula 1 channel by the way?
Mal T
Mal T:
Total respect to Max for such a young person he has a very head.
Well Lewis you didn’t loose this race today the FIA took it away from you.
The FIA need accept that Lewis is going to break all records and get on with it.
Elena-Sophie Gräser
Elena-Sophie Gräser:
My heart just broke into pieces when Lewis said that all he wants is to go home... I am so sorry that he still has to confront adversity. I would like to give him a big warm hug, that's all.
Sonia Jordan
Sonia Jordan:
My heart ❤ goes out to lewis that 2 penaltys were not warranted at all and I agree with Lewis he is being picked out and given them to stop him i really hope lewis does appose these penaltys and no disrespect to bottas but if lewis had not of got there 10 second penaltys he would of won hands down steward's need glasses or have they been paid to do it cus every1 has a price lewis is still the best driver jealousy is not a good look steward's u need sacking lewis is in a class of his own bottle you have a very long road b4 your as good as lewis
gianni campitelli
gianni campitelli:
I feel for you Lewis so let's move on you are a rock star in F1
Mahesh kumaar
Mahesh kumaar:
It all started for Lewis with the T-shirt
"Lewis, if we can come onto you..."

As if he hasnt been treated bad enough this weekend already
Honestly these questions are so freaking dumb,i mean,what do you want him to say? Ohhh, i would love to have a race ban,come on....
I love Bottas gets his second win of the season and all the reporters can do is ask Lewis stupid questions that they know Lewis is not going to answer fully
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris:
What would Schuey do if it happened to him ??? punch the stewards!! Oops he has done in the past.
At least Lewis can handle the shyte that gets given to him, that alone makes him a true LEGEND !! He will ALWAYS Rise, fair play to Max for supporting Lewis as already mentioned on here.
malcolm young
malcolm young:
I think Lewis is right they are definitely trying their best to get him! Mercedes,man they are not helping him!
The fact that Bottas’s friend Mika Salo was one of the FIA making the penalty decision makes it even worse!
Goes to show F1's retribution aimed at Lewis for standing up and drawing attention to what's wrong in the world (especially the US). One of the 5 second penalty points might stand but the second was
obviously a slap at a minority in a leading position in F1.Thanks Max for saying the obvious.
Greatest Of All Time
Greatest Of All Time:
Congrats to Valtteri & Merc AMG F1 on the win, he had good pace out front.
Respect to Max for getting everything from the RB16 and for speaking up for Lewis re the penalty points.
Merc AMG F1 made some mistakes but will learn from it.
As Lewis says, it is what it is and he has to be even squeakier clean, however since we lost Charlie Whiting [who had a great rapport with the drivers] the stewarding seems to have taken on a more vindictive attitude under Masi which is not good for the sport.
King Cecil
King Cecil:
I am a little confused here by some of the comments. Am I to understand that Hamilton should not be mad because he got penalties never given before and got approval from his team that ultimately caused him to lose the race. Some commentators here feel he should be alright with the outcome of the race. They are either haters, or have no sense of competitiveness. If Hamilton was driving for me and didn't get mad I would fire him.
Madlezibabayo Mfokasitshela
Madlezibabayo Mfokasitshela:
I empathize with LH. Still you rise
Alfa Won
Alfa Won:
Thats nice how Max defends Lewis
Hoonigan JZX110
Hoonigan JZX110:
FIA board needs a revamp!!!!!!!!!!!
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria:
Lewis still you are the one best driver in my heart. FIA make drama penalty to Lewis.
Stephen Sloan
Stephen Sloan:
Hamilton getting screwed by the race stewards as usual.
Hamza Farid
Hamza Farid:
I think lewis is being targeted let's take the first race for instance lewis got penalised for the albon incident but there was no penalty for charles for the incident with stroll
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese:
Max reminding us that there’s still a bit of honor amongst drivers. and as for Bottas, Lewis’ teammate not saying a word to back him in this says a lot about him as a person.
Richard Page
Richard Page:
Have to agree with Lewis and comments shared below. However this might make Lewis show the world ... there’s more hammer time , I think we have not heard the last in this penalty dispute ......
Anthony Reid
Anthony Reid:
Respect to max. Keep your head down Lewis
Moze jaguar
Moze jaguar:
Lewis is clearly angry experience is the only thing holding him back from bursting out the FIA are targeting Mercedes and Lewis
Robson Macedo
Robson Macedo:
3:36 Bottas: That is why a gave you a tow in qualifying. Off course Valtteri... 😂
When the infringement is heavily influenced by a driver's acting on misleading instructions from the team, penalty points should not be part of the sanction. Docking the team WCC points instead, whilst sparing the driver from the penalty points and not touching the WDC points, feels more equitable. Just as the sanction for an _unsafe release_ in the pit lane is no longer imposed on the driver, he shouldn't incur the full penalty when led astray by the team.
Християн Митев
Християн Митев:
The podium trio is back on course
Alanybl Yeo
Alanybl Yeo:
Stewards penalties on Lewis is fishy. These judges are applying penalties are bias and something i cannot believe because not even warning given. I been watching this sport for 30 years. This is the worst judgement I have seen seen.
dean clarke
dean clarke:
Well done max as usual speaks his mind 👍
Coulda Beena Contenda
Coulda Beena Contenda:
“We go to Ben hunt from the sun”.......double tap, double tap.
Joseph Patrick
Joseph Patrick:
never seen an interview where they question the man in 3rd place more than the winner and runner-up. Ridic!
Sheila Milne
Sheila Milne:
HOW can Lewis have 8 points on his licence when Grosjean has zero for god sake !!
Rick Solis
Rick Solis:
I have a quick question? Well maybe not quick but here goes. So I know there are rules I get that, and there are rules for for the the team as whole for when the engineers who are not allowed to say certain things to the drivers right? So if Lewis asked the team, and the team said it was ok. Why not fine the team or give them a Minus points In the constructors championship. That’s why I feel the FIA is gunning for Lewis. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Timothy TM
Timothy TM:
Stupid rules, LH didn't deserve that. hope FIA remove the points, while race already been damaged just move on to next race..
Gabas #8
Gabas #8:
Bottas won the race.
These guys: question for lewis.. another one for lewis...

Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D:
Like come on how would they directly penalise him at least give him a warning if he is a six time world champ on route to a 7th one doesn’t mean he should be treated differently by the stewards.
I honestly think they are out to get him i mean they are keeping a close eye on him looking for any silly reasons to penalise him.
I mean it looks bad the FIA should consider how it looks to the public and the F1 Fans.
Keep the videos coming, good one mate
Gijs M
Gijs M:
Max is a legend
Ofcourse stewards penalized Lewis he was going to equal Michael's record otherwise. They were probably keeping keen eyes on Lewis this weekend and every weekend henceforth any chance and they'll jump on it.
K N:
Well done, Max!
daaaamn he’s pissed, can’t wait for Nürburgring !
Brian Noel
Brian Noel:
Young boy with wise words💪🏼🙏🏼
Walter Hunter
Walter Hunter:
You can see Lewis is very pissed. Because he knows what is going on
Andy (PC5408)
Andy (PC5408):
I love the 'turd" timestamps xD
Love the turds :P xD
Shami Destin
Shami Destin:
That's fair Max,you are the next champ!
In his way Lewis Hamilton was super pissed, the way he left the stage spoke volumes. Regarding the penalty points questions, Senna or Schumacher would have unloaded on the Stewards. During the last question, watch MV's feet. I hate the masks.
Lol @ Max talking about having a poor start on the right side of the track, and Valtteri goes "That's why I gave you the tow in qualifying" 300 IQ move right there!
Emilia Camacho Camacho
Emilia Camacho Camacho:
a person prepares himself mentally and physically for a race and the FIA ​​takes victory away from you that way to improve the show.
DickSquad !
DickSquad !:
ppl who blame hamilton for this penalty and monza should quit watching. Its the teams fault 100%
Bottass didn’t even back up his own team mate,, what a looser ! ,,, thanks Max You have the golden balls good for you ...
Ian Weston
Ian Weston:
Outrageous that an out of race soft mistake turns into the biggest discussion of the weekend. Masi should be ashamed of himself and be replaced in my opinion.