Fall Guys PS4 Gameplay - Watch Us Win... Twice!

It's the Ultimate Knockout as the PlayStation Four (Rosie, Rob, Nath and Dave) take on the WORLD at PS Plus monthly game for August - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Get online and maybe you'll be up against us!

4 player matches start at 42:43

(Please let us win, thank you.)

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100+ comentarios:

Baptized In Fire
Baptized In Fire:
I wasn’t a bit interested in this game, mostly not a multiplayer fan, but after watching this I had to try it out.
Best line in the stream: “everyone is a noob, the game is only been out for three days!!”
Yes, this is a fun game to watch, but I think one of the big reasons why this was such a popular stream is that we've missed all four of you getting to interact and play a game together. I'm so glad the channel has been able to have videos and streams even during the pandemic, and each of you is entertaining on your own, but your dynamic as "colleagues" is so much fun to watch! I've missed all of you being together in a video, so this was absolutely delightful!
That honestly felt like a win for the entire PlayStation Access team. Not just Nath. Well done all!! Great stream!
Playing this with my friends

and rob
Mayhem McFly
Mayhem McFly:
1:37:33 Rob - "Look after your own balls first before messing with other peoples".
Never mind 'game tips', that's sound LIFE advice.
Katie Partridge
Katie Partridge:
Haven't laughed that much all week😂 cheers guys
Troy Green
Troy Green:
I heard Rob reaching an octave I've never heard from him before. Hilarious!
Hanzel Jay de Castro
Hanzel Jay de Castro:
Rosie's dive for the crown was so exciting. I was on my feet. I wish she won that one.
Jack Boddington
Jack Boddington:
Legitimately about two mins before I said don’t dive rob Dave also asks him not to dive 😂 yet I will forever be the don’t dive fallguys man 😂 I didn’t mean never dive I just meant in that final round when you had open ground as you were ahead then when you dived everyone overtook you 😂 I shouldn’t have poked the bear 😂 the bear was hungry 😂 love access! I take your rob rage at me as the highest compliment 😂 amazing stream.
Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson:
I'll invite my friend dave, my friend nath.. And Rosie Caddick hahaha
The perfect person to play this game..
I get some Takeshi's Castle vibes with this game. 😅
Awesome stream. ☺️👍🏻
"after this round I'll fix the HDMI" said Rob after what felt like 25 rounds 😂
Essentially Takashi's Castle as video game nice!!
1:35:10 he stole his own egg lol
Theo White
Theo White:

That was beautiful, Rob 😂
Austin Cureton
Austin Cureton:
This was great. I always enjoy the streams, whether it's a single person stream, or group, but it was great seeing you all together in this record breaking stream. Would definitely love to see this again. Stay well Access crew
Love these streams where everyone is having a blast! Makes me smile when they all have fun 😊
Nobody Important
Nobody Important:
By far the best Plus game this year. So funny.
Amazing stream! Please play again soon!
Troy Green
Troy Green:
I got the feeling that rob was 15% happy that ps access won 2 crowns in a row, and 85% pissed that it was not him who won them.
My and my crew play for the first time last night. Played from 10:30 pm to 4 in the morning. Spent half the time laughing and just having a blast. This game is amazing.
Troy Green
Troy Green:
What a stream ps access. Congratulations on your largest stream to date. 3000 + viewers at one point. Keep up your excellent work.
Cristhian Jaramillo
Cristhian Jaramillo:
"My friends and Rob"
Oh, man, I thought they'd worked out the server kinks. I was having trouble connecting and getting booted on Tuesday, but I wasn't having any trouble when I was playing last night. The game is so fun, though, that it's worth the server issues. Great choice for a PS Plus game!
Borko Borko
Borko Borko:
I think it would be easy to develop dlc content for this game. Invent different maps and games and expand
That was great - I’m gonna check this game out when I get home. Excited
Nathan Reade
Nathan Reade:
One of the first streams i managed to catch and watch the whole way through and I loved it!
Dominic Fernando
Dominic Fernando:
Nath: "You really can't account other people's stupidity"
Brilliant guys... Just brilliant! Best laugh I've had in ages :)
That screen flickering was driving me crazy. Other than that, great stream!
This has to be my favourite livestream.
Mr Mini
Mr Mini:
That stream was as entertaining as any Takeshi-like tv show has ever been to watch. Nath's first win was epic.
Brilliant stream as always guys, keep up the great work!
Bill Ly
Bill Ly:
I feel bad for laughing at Rob’s reaction...
The innuendos in this stream are hilarious!
Christopher Gordon
Christopher Gordon:
Brilliant show. I loved every minute.
The Doodler
The Doodler:
The guy who he is spectating first
I saw his video before coming here
Jessica Babin
Jessica Babin:
It’s my birthday today and i very much enjoyed watching this alone in lock down in Australia! (We are still in stage 4 lockdown we cannot go further than 5km away for another 5 weeks!) its a lonely birthday but your channel always gives me joy! I will also download this game and play it today! If anyone wants to play with me, you are welcome to add me: impidoo is my name!
Thanks for the stream guys!
So this is the game that gets me back on ps plus. Great stream, right up there with Nippon marathon and XCOM.
For anyone who wants to hear Rob's amazing voice, watch the Frantics vid. It even has something I never thought possible - Nath supporting Rob.
bodki malone
bodki malone:
I joined halfway to the stream...I'm just sad rob didn't win..at least rob won a few times so it's all cool :)...
I'm really enjoying this game, it reminds me of Pen Pen Trilcelon for the Sega Dreamcast!
Marcus Cox
Marcus Cox:
"Everyone is a noob! The game has been out three days!"

I remember playing a Star Wars RTS gamr at 11 am the day it came out and some guy chewed me out in the chat about being such a noob.
Geoff Baumgartner
Geoff Baumgartner:
This was my very 1st "Battle Royale" the other morning. It crashed after 4 games, thankfully, cuz I might not have stopped.
Nath* and I picked the same outfit.
"Snowflake ❄ " Trophy Achieved!

Glad to see you all back together finally.
And, yes, Hell is often other people, Nath nailed it... it's like shopping.
Always someone in my way.
First Stikbold, Gangbeasts, Nippon Marathon and now Fall Guys! I hope Access Team will do the olympics with all of these wonderful games! The best live stream out of 2020 by far! 😍
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Congratulations Nathan D. For being the most glorious fall guys player on the entire access team. Way to carry them to multiple victories in a row. You deserve all the glory bestowed upon you. You are masterful at playing keep away with a tail. Wonderful, glorious Nathan D.
Jim G
Jim G:
Theres too many cheats in this game. People grab you when your running uphill. Also Slime Climb is officially the worst!
Jessica Babin
Jessica Babin:
Can you please upload more streams of this game? So much fun!
18:23 proper start.
I definitely heard rob do the start to the halo music xD
Vice Family Gaming
Vice Family Gaming:
What an amazing game Nath! It's so much fun watching all you play. I'm definitely getting this game
Nauman Rasheed
Nauman Rasheed:
Every multiplayer party game stream you have done has been insane fun. Would love to see a playlist of all of them :)
Aoife Hart
Aoife Hart:
Great to see Rob back streaming, I've missed his antics :) Such a hilarious stream! Anyone know if this can be played as couch co-op or is it only online co-op?
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Just hit me that Robs on screen character looks like a video game version of himself dressed in the onesie from one on onesie.
It's Jackieboi
It's Jackieboi:
Rob: 40:46 he hits the spinning hammers once

Me: ok he can still win this

Rob: Proceed to head butt the same one 3 more times

Good job
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi:
The guy in the beginning tho 😂🤣
The joint play streams are my favourites to watch. You can't beat the banter between friends ... and Rosie ... during these kind of games.
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid:
This looks like my kind of game I love takeshis castle, total wipeout and it’s a knockout I also love platformers may have to download this soon......
1:16:30 To see them win.
The door dash just screams MXC. All they are missing are the over the top commentators.
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay:
This game needs couch co-op and offline mode
Desmond Whoa
Desmond Whoa:
I am the same as nath, can play dark soul, sekiro, all that. But just get so mad at this kind of game.
hani hussain
hani hussain:
This has to be there best stream so far
Jam Dev
Jam Dev:
Rob's colleagues almost always remember his birthday!
Celtic Fox
Celtic Fox:
Most fun stream so far! Just a treat to watch! Please do more of this game!
Jonathan Walmsley
Jonathan Walmsley:
I've been watching Playstation Access videos for several years now, always enjoyed the party game videos especially, but Rob the crying manbaby is getting too much for me. He so much catches a whiff of failure and he's whining like a stroppy toddler. This guy needs therapy.
Januario Pinto
Januario Pinto:
It really brought back memories with my friends, thanks guys!
Really fun video.
Hoopsie Lazy
Hoopsie Lazy:
This game is amazing!
Alex Adams
Alex Adams:
I don't usually watch Access streams and I am just amazed at how competitive Rob gets. lol
I voted for you Nath! I believed in you 😂
Michael Casey
Michael Casey:
Watched this stream later sadly. Just really love u all playing and liking eachother that much😊
nick harrison
nick harrison:
Ok so based upon all the chat from early 2000s shows i want a new robot wars game XD
Bruno Yabu
Bruno Yabu:
That Nath win after discovering there's no inverted camera option on the game was just perfect! Good one Nath!
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Rewatching and catching for the first time that Rosie used
a horse racing phrase to describe the football-ish gameplay is really funny. Rob calling her out for doing so is hilarious.
Musical Gacha Bricks
Musical Gacha Bricks:
I was watching this with my parents and I was keep calling u a noob but when u said everyone's a noob I was like

I didn't call u a noob
Jarvis Sensei
Jarvis Sensei:
Guys I legit thought it was Wednesday! I am so gutted I missed this live. The moment I saw it at E3 I wanted to see you guys play this. ARGH Curse YOU COVID the Thief of My Ability To Tell Time!
Even the part that the game wasn't working was fun to watch!😂
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
I couldn’t catch the live stream but have loved watching this! Thanks guys
Harley Johnson
Harley Johnson:
Rosie “colleague zone” Caddick
John Klein III
John Klein III:
I played on release night, got disconnected from the servers twice, and earned level 6.
I had a blast!
Paul Bayram
Paul Bayram:
Thank you guys this made my week ❤
Center Coast Video
Center Coast Video:
Yall were killing me..Rosie rocks Fall Guys, not like the noobs :)
Andy Jones
Andy Jones:
Love it, laughing so much watching you lot
Why is he running he's gonna win he doesn't deserve it!

Bruh, its the best strategy to win that game lol why the feck would you hop 😂😂😂

Gutted Nath didn't get that third win tho! Two in a row is still pure sorcery in this chaos game 😄
Simon Hartstone
Simon Hartstone:
I wonder if the rest of the gang can setup personal channels just for streaming games like this so we can see other perspectives from the rest of the gang
Dean Hannah
Dean Hannah:
82 thousand views now (as of 8/8/2020), another record smashed for the Access team.
Double Click
Double Click:
robs anger and contempt for "other people" is the main selling point of these streams (and you can tell its 100% genuine). i think if he thought he'd get away with it he'd MURDER any opponent who wronged him (in that moment)
Towlson Gaming
Towlson Gaming:
In my last game, I had to grab the tail from another person to win the game ... I literally grabbed it last second! Haha luckily I recorded it 😂😂 because it was hilarious for me!, not so much the other ‘guy’ haha
Emir Yilmaz
Emir Yilmaz:
We have the exact same Fall Guy, including colors!
45:30 snowballs
Joshua Singleton
Joshua Singleton:
Watch "us" win twice 😂 you mean nath
Tr3Duub Ent.
Tr3Duub Ent.:
@PlayStationAccess I'm pretty sure i was the blue guy with lightning trying to get u at the last second 😂😂
Notice you didn't see me for most of the game.. My Strategy is usually to try & stay hidden until the last 20 seconds😂😂💯

I swore i recognized Naths name but didn't register til i saw the dive at the last 3 seconds 1:28:22 & 1:28:31
Jelly Baby
Jelly Baby:
Congrats Nath!
Smoke One
Smoke One:
Awww cool! Servers down the game.
Silent Peaches
Silent Peaches:
Revolving Hellscape is my favourite band
Rob choking in three man race. OOF!
Matthew - san
Matthew - san:
I think this stream needs a sequel!
instead of having console wars between Xbox PlayStation and Switch can we all just unite and bully stadia
1:37:48 think Rob takes his own advice there