Fans Pay Tribute To COVID-19 Key Workers And Fundraisers | Wimbledon 2021

Wimbledon thanks those who played an important role in the response to COVID-19 before Novak Djokovic and Jack Draper take to Centre Court on the opening day of The Championships 2021.

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Standing ovation - reserved for the best of humankind.
Debra Herbert
Debra Herbert:
My husband not had a day off since last June delivering parcels people like him kept our country going
I watched this on TV earlier, a real goosebump moment and a very fitting response to those who have helped us get through the pandemic.
"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." Mahatma Gandhi
Jinzo The Red-eyes
Jinzo The Red-eyes:
I love this so much. It really makes me really glad to be a part of the human race
Katy Franklin
Katy Franklin:
Very moving scenes 👏👏👏
That daughter will be so much proud of her father
Maximilian Riedel
Maximilian Riedel:
A great message of solidarity
Joseph Greenwall-Cohen
Joseph Greenwall-Cohen:
Well deserved respect
Noni Noni
Noni Noni:
God bless.!! 🙏🏻
Alex Wong
Alex Wong:
Such an emotional moment
Paulo TC Soares
Paulo TC Soares:
vamsi direct
vamsi direct:
Hats off. Really deserve..
M. Franca Serrau
M. Franca Serrau:
Not only was it amazing but hearing the voice of @Andrew Cotter was so reassuring💖
J Z.
J Z.:
If it were in Brazil it would be booed, we are lost.
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7:
ATP - Уимблдон, 1/64:
Ставка №2: Макдональд - Хачанов, П1: К2.27 (Проход: 70-75%)
- в лайве: в случае брейка - удваиваемся и доливаем Макдональда с (+) форой!
Ahmed Alsuleimani
Ahmed Alsuleimani:
Rudy Wijaya
Rudy Wijaya:
Adrian Shaw
Adrian Shaw:
Cheaper than paying them a decent wage. The majority of those clapping and standing keep voting to ensure that keeps happening.
job oyarzo
job oyarzo:
Excelente ...una gran mujer ...bendiciones para ella y su equipo
The soy flu didn't require any extra intervention
為真正的英雄起立鼓掌 !
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Show the highlights of Tiafoe match because Tsitsipas didn't play 😂
Vivaan Kokra
Vivaan Kokra:
It will be a interesting match
They already gathered in big groups without mask, we are here still in the highest level of the pandemic
Fantástico!_{1}!_{2}!_{3}!_{4}!_{5}!_{6} :-)
#somuchrespect #Godblessthem
it's not like they did it for free just remember that
Julio De Angeli
Julio De Angeli:
Grant Quinn
Grant Quinn:
Once the TV commentator started talking, I expected Olive & Mabel to appear! 🐕‍🦺🦮
this look like movie, so not used to the crowd anymore
Agus Handoko
Agus Handoko:
i dont follow tennis much but this appreciation is needed not just in sport, but every aspect in this hard time
Bob Holness
Bob Holness:
Lock up ravers but allow the strawberry and champagne 🤣🤣🤣
henry willoughby
henry willoughby:
At long last sensible people
Luke Manhattan
Luke Manhattan:
I don’t watch Wimbledon now Henman and Murray don’t play…
Débora Balsemão Oss
Débora Balsemão Oss:
Beautiful! And I pay my respect to all of them, but... Why were there people outside protesting to stop lockdowns. I don't get it. Anyone?!?
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya:
Catherin itu siapa?
Ernesto González
Ernesto González:
Behold the real heroes of Mankind. A very deserved curtain call.
Carlos Alberto Rodriguez
Carlos Alberto Rodriguez:
Next Nobal Prize
Barry Smith
Barry Smith:
I thought Masks are required until the 19th July? This is like the Hungar Games.
This is truly a reality show lol
john metrac
john metrac:
Toffe nosed sport it can disappear for ever never mind 2 years 👍
Prithvi Sindhar
Prithvi Sindhar:
How about a payrise for us? I didn't think so 🙄
lorna low
lorna low:
Done with class
james jade lasquites
james jade lasquites:
My standing ovation to the people who made billions out of this plandemic. “The secret is swept under the rug” Black Eyed Peas
Wellington Alam
Wellington Alam:
People dislike this video, I want know why?
Martin Best
Martin Best:
Absolutely wonderful! World Saviors!......And not a mask in sight!
Asep Saepulloh
Asep Saepulloh:
Chinese can not do it
Hatt Mancock
Hatt Mancock:
Such a weird thing to watch, people have been well and truly brainwashed
Vansh Agarwal
Vansh Agarwal:
Is this a new thing for Wimbledon where the announcer announces the players names as they enter?
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
A touching moment of recognition for the real heroes of corporate capitalism and celebrity culture.
Burt Rand
Burt Rand:
Parth Singh Tomer
Parth Singh Tomer:
Ek bhapa toh sau syappa
Telpher De'Costa-Murraine
Telpher De'Costa-Murraine:
No one wearing their mask
Maximilian Riedel
Maximilian Riedel:
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse:
No one else see the hypocrisy of honouring the front line workers whilst they all pack together, shoulder to shoulder and mask free?
You'd be forgiven for thinking it's all BS.
Cult like and disturbing
Kenneth Green
Kenneth Green:
How can anyone give a thumbs down to this video - those people have saved countless lives.
Huw T Griffiths
Huw T Griffiths:
Why is it full? And yet the euros empty? 🤯 just seems they pick and choose what rules apply.
Augustya Sing
Augustya Sing:
by noT wearing Mask
Josh Weeks
Josh Weeks:
How about also thanking the general public
steev smith
steev smith:
Perhaps the applause is well deserved, particulary the NHS, TFL Folks.....but, there's more social distancing out on Henman Hill than in the wealthy Wimbledon seats!!

Shouldn't think J.Conta would be much impressed?!

Covid superspreader? Time will tell!
Mart W
Mart W:
This is what makes me proud to be British. The fact we can all come together and appreciate the hard work and dedication and pure sacrifice made by so few people, for the good of not just the country but no doubt the world too.
Be Free
Be Free:
Vaccine Aparthid this reminds me of Aparthid South Africa....
Holodoboumor 68
Holodoboumor 68:
Well poisoners are congratulated.
S. Adam Bernstein
S. Adam Bernstein:
I bet no one who was vaxxed with AZ and had side effects and/or blood clots was clapping.