Fast & Furious 7 Official ending scene Paul Walker tribute HD

The Official ending scene from Furious 7 Movie - See you again
Watch In HD
song by Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa - See you again
CopyRights For Universal Studios And Charlie Puth And Wiz Khalifa

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Dude I almost had u🤙❤️
He isn't dead he is just waiting at the finish line

Edit: I just found this out now that 3 years later that I got over 3k likes and pinned. Thank you all <3 and keep living life one quarter of a mile at a time
Michael Teo
Michael Teo:
It is very painful to see the 2 cars going separate ways at the end, that was heart wrenching to watch...
Downward 7
Downward 7:
During the narration you can tell he's not just speaking as Dom he's also speaking as vin
Tronald Dump again great America make
Tronald Dump again great America make:
I'm not the biggest Fast & Furious fan, but goddamn the feels here....
Gavin Planas
Gavin Planas:
This is the first time a movie ever made me cry
Svetlin Nikolov
Svetlin Nikolov:
i like how after vin says it's never goodbuy the acting stops and this becomes real life...just people missing their friend
I can tell making this scene was not easy in the slightest bit
Jenna Crowell
Jenna Crowell:
3 years after his death... Still crying. Man I miss this guy 😭 fast and furious will never be the same.
Charles Dolling
Charles Dolling:
If one day speed kills me don’t cry because I was smiling
-Paul walker
Chris Costello
Chris Costello:
That was Paul’s brother in the white Supra. They looked so much alike. The Supra actually belonged to Paul.
Paul isn’t dead he’s one lap ahead of us ❤️
That moment when you realize that between this speech, the ending of Iron Giant and "We are Groot" Vin Diesel has literally made you cry more than any other single actor.
Tomer Tzimerman
Tomer Tzimerman:
Fast & Furious will never be the same :(
Icabe _
Icabe _:
Paul's driving to heaven in the end there.
BMW M Fans
BMW M Fans:
When Paul turns left... I cry during that 😔😓😭
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes:

Brien McWilliams II
Brien McWilliams II:
Who put these onions here?
Apex Ace
Apex Ace:
We bikers have a saying. "Respect to the fallen ones."
Maybe Paul didn't actually fall in his crash, but the sentiment remains the same.
Paul's life, his memory, his life's work and future aspirations will never be forgotten.
They resonate in the rest of us all, far too much to let go.
This is the saddest movie ending ever
"Fast & Furious" died with Paul
God I cried so much in the theater and every time since then whenever I see this scene
about to be 2020 and i still cry so hard when i see this.... so unfair
Ronnie Gainey
Ronnie Gainey:
fast and furious will never be the same without Paul walker
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams:
*Rip Paul Walker...*
I bet everyone had such a hard time filming this...
Meg Park
Meg Park:
The cars stopping at the crosse road and then going off two different directions. Man so much meaning, I loved how they honoured Paul Walker
B Silkwood
B Silkwood:
Who's cutting onions?
Anuel Aa
Anuel Aa:
Paul walker, he will always be apart of us, especially for those who love cars. Because of him he impacted it alot. He made me want to be just like him in some way. Just a happy genuinely man you cant describe. Paul is someone that will light the room up. Ive watched fast and the furious 1 the very beginning threw the last one. But the first one I've watched over literally a good 2000 times. Brian O'Connor Spillner aka Paul Walker. You'll always be apart of me. Thank you for your movies & for who you were. Thank you. 🙏🏽 may God be with you & see you again , friend.
Real men cried here ❤️
Paul walker is good inside and outside and it breaks my heart until to this day that someone like him die i know it's a cliche that that's part of life but at the end of the day we all know that without paul walker in the car industry and his charity works around the world will never be the same
Stan Smith
Stan Smith:
three years and i still tear up. great tribute shows how much his friends loved him, its nice they were there for the walker family thru the loss too.
oofer gang
oofer gang:
When this movie came out the end of it made me ball my eyes out cuz Paul walker was a loved actor and was k own for his movies but he's in a good place we're the race never ends and the car jumping never stops R.I.P Paul walker 😭
Over Bucks
Over Bucks:
"Dont cry because its over, be happy that it happened." -Dr Seuss

Paul was a wonderful man, there was a quote that said
'When someone beloved dies, you have to move on but always remember they were someone who existed,that was alive and beloved.'
R.I.P Paul
Jason Love
Jason Love:
mannn this scene always get me every time family isnt always blood
Danny Prado
Danny Prado:
All of us on earth will be reunited with Paul walker someday. Love and miss you Paul. Your a legend that changed the racing industry this decade
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz:
man when this scene came on, everybody in the movie theater started balling tears. hell even to this day it's still hard
Anonymous User
Anonymous User:
When it said for Paul in the movies everyone clapped
Kaitlynn Riggs
Kaitlynn Riggs:
2:57 I cried more than I ever thought possible...
The Soccer Guy
The Soccer Guy:
Fast and Furious will never be the same...Paul Walker we all are missing you..May his soul rest in peace.Love Paul Walker. 😘😘😥😥
SouthAfrica HIRO
SouthAfrica HIRO:
The last line of Paul still makes me cry.
Kylie Tokaji
Kylie Tokaji:
makes me cry still today.. Such a loss.. RIP
Jurassic Gamer
Jurassic Gamer:
.paul walker is this generations elvis presley. paul's not dead he is just gone home
Murtaza Bhutta
Murtaza Bhutta:
This hurts different now that kobe is gone
Y. Sasuke
Y. Sasuke:
Really I stopped liking the fast and the furious series after the second movie, but I sill watched because the first 2 changed my life... they made me who I am R.I.P. The GOAT PaulWalker
Jamon Groves
Jamon Groves:
Is anyone still here in 2019
Genesis Rojas
Genesis Rojas:
i cry every time i see them go to different lanes
Dylan Stevenson
Dylan Stevenson:
Makes me cry every time I see this
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson:
Damn this really hits home for me my best friend died in a crash RIP Hayden the rad never die
Frantisek Piskor
Frantisek Piskor:
ITs never time to say good bye to paul r.i.p
A'ishah Hoddinott
A'ishah Hoddinott:
I cry every time
The roller Skate critic
The roller Skate critic:
:( still miss him and think its gonna change a lot in the future for fast and furious
Gavin Vanrell
Gavin Vanrell:
Who cries every time they watch this
An amazing scene from an amazing ride,, rip mr. Walker
marco garza
marco garza:
forever Paul 🚘 keep riding
Eminem Awol27
Eminem Awol27:
Anyone notice Brian’s Supra sounds exactly like his 95 Eclipse from the first movie and the first time he is introduced
Austin Cook
Austin Cook:
2019 we still love you paul walker
He dies in 2013 and it hit me like WOW.....2001 I remember watching a literally bootleg movie out the theater of fast n furious ..... I graduated in 1999.
Then in 2017 my dad passes on his motorcycle,,,, and I still can't breathe.....
hello nice to meet u
hello nice to meet u:
rip to a legend that will and is missed by lots
The49ers 2000
The49ers 2000:
Hard to believe its been 7 years to this day I still get Emotionally choked up 😞😢 😇 seeing this RIP Paul Walker he was one of the very best 😎👍🏽 !!!!!!!! I was in the Navy at the time when he passed I served 7 years Medical Disabeld Retired name is Paul age 38 from Texas !!!!!!
Marissa Ruber
Marissa Ruber:
Paul Walker was amazing actor!!!! Still can't believe he's really goes
Dave Dava
Dave Dava:
I am Groot,I am Groot,I am Groot,I am Groot,I am Groot

It means:
Man It So Sad To See The Brothers Being Seperated
In Each Time

Welp Paul Walker's In A Better Place Now

Edit: I like my own comment because nobody will :(
When the cars went separate ways broke me up.😫
God bless him. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Almost Intelligent
Almost Intelligent:
Don't even like or have ever watched the franchise but in that last part i tried so hard not to cry cause im on a subway and btw I NEVER CRY. This was very sad though.
sports perfect
sports perfect:
r.i.p paul walker you would always be my favourite characte in fast and furious
malenium fox
malenium fox:
man the scene where they split roads that soo sad
Frantisek Piskor
Frantisek Piskor:
i will always remmember you in my life i will always smile and not cry i know will smile back R.I.P always remmember you so much well maybe in future i will know if your alive thank jehova or not its never time to say good bye to paul walker R.I.P but it is an very sad time R.I.P
Paddy Mcginty
Paddy Mcginty:
Whenever I need a good cry I watch this..breaks my heart every time
hope he is happy in Haven and I bet he will be happy to see all his friends in Haven one day
Eliot Rees
Eliot Rees:
It’s 2020, Someone’s chopping onions like the time I watched it years ago
Hamlet Hobbs
Hamlet Hobbs:
This and iron mans death is the only films I’ve cried too😪
Peter Jordan
Peter Jordan:
rip mr walker
Deck Panganiban
Deck Panganiban:
This should've been the last film of the franchise. The perfect ending for this series. A beautiful tribute to Paul Walker.
Now we're en route to Fast & Furious 15 where Dom & the crew were hired by the government to stop a terrorist movement in Mars led by his half-brother on his mother side who's also a friend of Jessie from Fast 1 who's revealed to be still alive.
Jaysee Gee
Jaysee Gee:
It's 2019 but I'm still crying everytime I watch this scene..
Emma Ramirez
Emma Ramirez:
It’s 2019 and I still ugly cry every time I see this
1:32 always makes me break out in tears. I know Paul was CGI in this scene, but his smile..
Dylan Clampit
Dylan Clampit:
When Paul died I was actually the living room watching fast and furious 6 and 7 with my brother
Fuck Yhs
Fuck Yhs:
This is where men cry 😭 never will be forgotten see you at the finish line Paul
Aaron Mograine
Aaron Mograine:
i was watching this movie before i want to go live & playing games & i know the news from pauls death, i thought i could take it.
my god this end scene made me so emotional that i dont wanna go live right after this movie, i made a huge delay before i did...
i see this stuff in real life sometimes, friends that i lost standing on the opposite of the street watching me, or sometimes when i do races im imagine a White Fort Mustang Racing next to me till the finish in video games...
i miss my friends & Paul Walker at the same time... life will never be the same...
Arnold Luvai
Arnold Luvai:
Whether you're 1/4mile away you will always be in our hearts R.I.P Paul
Ashleigh Dean
Ashleigh Dean:
It’s beyond both beautiful and amazing that both Paul’s brothers stepped in to film the final scenes and this. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for them to do. It’s beyond heartbreaking how Paul’s life was ripped away so quickly. It’s like one minute he was alive and he had the whole world in his hands, and it seemed as if he was only beginning to scratch the surface with his work and then.. he’s gone. Just like that. It’s beyond cruel.

He was such a good guy and I truly feel as if he had more to give. He was so humble too.

Honestly, to me his death is a tragedy. He died in the worst way possible. In a car, with burns and trauma. Though, you can at least say it was quick and that he most likely didn’t feel anything.

My heart still goes out to his family, especially his daughter Meadow. She was only 14 when Paul died. Can you imagine that? Being 14 years old and loosing your dad. Especially so young.

Miss you Paul! 💔❤️
I'm A Dude
I'm A Dude:
In my opinion I think Fast And Furious became so trash after Paul Walker died
Joey K
Joey K:
When I seen this scene in theatres I couldn't stop bust bust out tears
Aiden Yuri
Aiden Yuri:
"If one day speed kills me, Do not cry because I was smiling" - Paul Walker - R.I.P 1973-2013

We all miss you Paul Walker!
Leevi Puusaari
Leevi Puusaari:
still here (2019) watching these clips from paul... tear comes to my eye, rest in peace Paul Walker 1973-2013
shellana russell
shellana russell:
I so love the end of fast and furious 7, it breaks my heart so much when they met at the parting of ways. Always love paul. RIP Paul, even though you are gone, you are forever missed and always love.
SHENICE shresta
SHENICE shresta:
*How is this possible I haven't watched a single part of fast and furious still it brings tears in my eyes hearing he died through what he loved [ cars ] and the last scene I could actually feel him what a person he must be 😥*
tushar bharti
tushar bharti:
Last words of Paul---"I will be back in 5 min."
Devon Desjarlais
Devon Desjarlais:
Damm still crying over this we never loose a loved one he always be in every one heart ❤️ love u miss u so much man I still wish u wee here walking over the earth 🌎 brother love you 😘 after six years we still miss you 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
Epic! Rest in Piece, Brother!😢😢
Shaniqua Jones
Shaniqua Jones:
My favorite fast and furious EVER❤️😪...LonglivePaul❤️🥺
branson craig
branson craig:
i dont got friends i got family i said i live my life a quarter mile at a time a think thats why we were brothers because you did to RIP PAUL
Andrei Daguio
Andrei Daguio:
I know he's alive because legend never dies
Niko Omilana
Niko Omilana:
RIP Paul Walker
Not dead just waiting at the finish for the rest of us 😭😭😭
Jay Gonzalez
Jay Gonzalez:
“A walk to remember”
“Titanic”(when I was younger)
“Pokémon The First Movie”( when Pikachu cries for Ash)
“Marley and Me”(the one with the dog that dies,
Oh and “Pearl Harbor”
Those movies made me cry,I can’t remember any others..
And of course this movie
Tavyn Quest
Tavyn Quest:
2020 and this still breaks my new decade heart :(
Just sayin right there at the end when they split they should have had the Supra drift that whole corner full speed and then full throttle over the horizon. Would a been an epic tribute send off. Still good tho I guess.
m a 4 k 9 9 9 0
m a 4 k 9 9 9 0:
"what makes us laugh, also makes us cry"
-big smoke
Hedgehogs Unleashed
Hedgehogs Unleashed: is the anniversary of his death..November 30th, 5 years ago today..May he Rest In Peace and live on in our hearts.❤️❤️❤️
Idk why this scene makes me tear up a lot 😭😭😭