🚨FC Barcelona v Manchester City: 3 KEY Battles To Look Out For

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▶️ Barcelona will face Manchester city tomorrow night. The main purpose of this match is to give the funds to the ALS. In other words this is a charity match and this is what the beautiful game is all about. But with these two teams facing each other what would be the top three key battles that we could expect to see on the field?

In this video we will be discussing the following:

00:00 - Intro

02:23 - Key Battle 1

03:40 - Key Battle 2

05:08 - Key Battle 3

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63 comentarios:

🚨⭐️Barça hope to seal Aubameyang's departure in the next few hours and then be able to register Koundé. (Alfredo Martinez)
This should be a rotational match, we have another, official match in 4 days. I believe this is the best time for Xavi to experiment with the midfield we all want to see "Pedri, De Jong, Kessie." Also, It is a great time to give Kounde and Ferran a time on the pitch to get their match fitness. Dembele and Fati shouldn't start, can't risk injury. But rather they should come on the 2nd half.
Kamaldeen Yusuff
Kamaldeen Yusuff:
Win, draw or lose I believe this will be one exciting match for both sides. I just pray for no injuries 😭😭
I don't think ansu fati can beat Kyle walker I only think dembele or raphina can
Frankee Kambleh
Frankee Kambleh:
As a Barca fan Pep will forever be the best manager in Barca history and l hope he get the welcome back home he deserve
Love ❤️ U PEP
RealTalk with Phil
RealTalk with Phil:
Man City is my favorite EPL team.
I'm not expecting Barca to beat an in-prime Man City side just yet, but it should be a good game. I hope there are no injuries.
Henry Kojo
Henry Kojo:
I'm excited to see Pep Guardiola back in Barcelona. Bienvenido a casa Pep Guardiola.
Sonson Jack
Sonson Jack:
Pep said most of players who played on Sunday won't be playing on the charity game.
Getting a win would be great, but no injuries would be greater
Im looking forward to this game hopefully we get the win!
S A:
i favour swap memphis with martial
: a natural threat in tight spaces
Journey with Elie
Journey with Elie:
Really excited to see what good Xavi’s Barcelona are hopefully Lewandowski plays.
Karl M Tinsley
Karl M Tinsley:
Thanks Pep for making it happen 🙏🏻
Even though it's friendly match we need to win Barcelona for us to show that we are ready for this Champions League if Real Madrid can beat them we supposed to be there too Manchester City
funk frank
funk frank:
Dembélé will be on whatever side Kyle Walker is on ...I'm sure Xavi already has that match up ready to go in his get plan dembélé and Raphinha on the wings with switching and interplay between both ....Fati does not have the pace to deal with Kyle Walker maybe he will feature with a plan to unleash him more centrally where he can be more dangerous than trying to cut in from the wing against walker
Arthur Andrew 🎃
Arthur Andrew 🎃:
Key battle 1: Frenkie pocketed Silva 😅
Key Battle 2: Araujo ain't playing, neither is Garcia.
Only Kounde is in the starting eleven.
Key battle 3: Ansu Fati ain't playing either, Ferran plays on the left wing and Raphinha on the right wing with Auba as our 9.
Auba scored! 😃🎉🎊
BEELZEBUB(My pronouns are reactionary / plastic)
BEELZEBUB(My pronouns are reactionary / plastic):
Eric Garcia ain't starting over Christiansen.
Filip Kurleto
Filip Kurleto:
Let’s get this win Visca Barca y visca catalunya ❤️💙❤️💙
Ibrahim Tholley
Ibrahim Tholley:
Start the non-starters n mix later... no hard challenges.. this isn't a big game
Ibrahim Tholley
Ibrahim Tholley:
As I keep saying our starting mid should be pedri Busquets Kessie
I think Barcelona will win. Only because I’m confident that Real Madrid can beat Manchester city. Barcelona have so far handle Madrid with ease so it is going to be a interesting match. Not to mention premier a lot of premier league players are overrated.
S A:

*expect another three SPOTS soon enough to be free in the squad*

• aubemeyang and memphis
are expected to leave this club
• dest isn’t in the plans it feels
• pique is a guarantee it seems that he leaves

0 RB‘s we welcome _foyth_
…if that’s a real thing-target
_we need an extra there_ ❕

Javi Galan and Bernardo Silva
are spoken about
if both arrive in this time
: how do they even fit into the match-list
gotta have the third keeper not make it
Abubacarr Camara
Abubacarr Camara:
Lewandowski vs Haaland, Xavi vs Pep and Barcelona vs Man city =special match
Thanks for update Kevin💙❤️
Jeffrey N
Jeffrey N:
Dembele vs Kyle walker part 2
Jean Duval
Jean Duval:
No injuries please.
Dude Bernardo isn’t an attacking player he doesn’t sit back in the CDM position that’s a Rodri lol he plays cm cam and rw
Boruto Shippuden
Boruto Shippuden:
our best CB partnership is Christensen, Kounde and Araujo. Garcia is our worst CB
A N I M E T U B E:
I don’t just understand you sometimes bro I’m a big fan of your channel but any sane person can see that Christensen > Garcia fact
The hype around ansu should chill
I just wanna see dembele vs walker rematch
Dyew Pathduop
Dyew Pathduop:
What I know is Dembele will eat jeo cancelo alive no dots about that.
The rest is just and assuming.
Ok question,
Eric Garcia Vs. Christiensen
Who should we play over the other?
My Biggest Dreams Fulfilled
My Biggest Dreams Fulfilled:
I just pray our defense doesn't flop
Mbulelo Dlamini
Mbulelo Dlamini:
Kounde would have helped us
Jeff Tessier
Jeff Tessier:
There is no biggest barca fan then me but Fati vs Walker? Come on🤦🏽‍♂️
Xavier Duran
Xavier Duran:
Araujo will be fine……. Why are you doubting him dude…….
leo prince
leo prince:
Welcome home master pep.

🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲 Zambia kuchalo
Thushara Lakshan
Thushara Lakshan:
Seriously man? we can't go with the best starting 11 for this one. we have a game on Sunday!
Who is going to televise this match in the US?
Pablo Deograsiasi
Pablo Deograsiasi:
What momentum 😂 we suck men we haven’t found our rhythm and xavi sucks at picking his lineup
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez:
Wanna see my boy Alvarez tomorrow vs Barcita
Jayy Rosas
Jayy Rosas:
Aurajo Will Pocket Haaland 🔴🔵
U forget "pep vs xavi"
Mr conga Master
Mr conga Master:
I can wait for the match pep and xavi father and son
Ive been so busy i didnt even know barca playing against man cityy wtf
Don Givani
Don Givani:
Really dumbest time to play this charity match....play your second team, more important match in 4 days
Jody Smith
Jody Smith:
🤣🤣🤣 Eric Garcia is costing us
BEELZEBUB(My pronouns are reactionary / plastic)
BEELZEBUB(My pronouns are reactionary / plastic):
We are going to get battered today.
Chibundu Hanetu
Chibundu Hanetu:
It’s not just a Friendly
momo chan
momo chan:
U forgot about kounde
Pedri and silva is not a key battle lol
Green phaze
Green phaze:
Low-key guardiola helping Barcelona
Mahamadou Hydara
Mahamadou Hydara:
We gavi to cover KDB
Alex Cover
Alex Cover:
Omar Sawtari
Omar Sawtari:
As always barca will destroy city
Marlon Tracey
Marlon Tracey:
Yes...the 13th comment 😅
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic:
First Kevin
ranbert lorenzo
ranbert lorenzo:
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine verwohn.online Brünette und eine anderea Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Inessa Zueva
Inessa Zueva:
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine anderek Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Aint no way fati can out pace kyle walker. Im not a fan of ansu and i think he is overrated and shouldn't be wearing the #10. That number should of been retired.