FC Bayern München - 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 5-2 | Highlights | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2020/21

#FCBM05 | Highlights from Matchday 14!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of FC Bayern München vs. 1. FSV Mainz 05 from Matchday 14 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 0-1 Burkardt (32'), 0-2 Hack (44'), 1-2 Kimmich (50'), 2-2 Sané (55'), 3-2 Süle (70'), 4-2 Lewandowski (76' Penalty), 5-2 Lewandowski (83')

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Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Bayern in the 1st half: Let the kids play
-scores two times and lead 2:0 in first half
-sooo u chose death
Pissed Off Great One
Pissed Off Great One:
Bayern this season: Call an ambulance... but not for me!
Kratos Leonidas
Kratos Leonidas:
Bayern scorers:
A defender
A midfield
A winger
A deadly striker
Only Neuer is remaining I hope he does that too..man I love this team.
Lewandowski has 19 goals in 13 bundesliga games so far this season. He's a monster. Maybe he can beat Gerd Muller's 40 goals record?
G G:
Man who switched the difficulty at halftime?
Marcus is Too High
Marcus is Too High:
Bayern: Uno reverse card
GamerLusi TV
GamerLusi TV:
I would Pay just to listen The speech that Flick had to say to make Bayern score 5 goals in 45 minutes
Luca Wills
Luca Wills:
I have a feeling this commentator’s a Lewandowski fan...
Flick before 1st half: ok, its tough season so lets play on 25%
Flick on HT break: we need increase our pace. Lets play on 35%
Naufal Rasya
Naufal Rasya:
Mainz: We're going to win the game
Bayern : You now the rules, and so do i 😂
Emirhan Ozgur
Emirhan Ozgur:
Bayern: our turn
RJ Gomez
RJ Gomez:
Fun fact:All 7 goals were scored on one goalpost💯
Muhammad Saidi
Muhammad Saidi:
Müller : you know Robert LewanGoalski ?
France Football : hmm i don't know
Müller : open your eyes, you know Robbed LeBallond'Orski ?
France Football : hehe sorry, maybe this year
Marek W.
Marek W.:
Brawo Robert !!!
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu:
After second half *haters*: Well it is an easy league anyway.
Hei Chan
Hei Chan:
Bayern when they see alexander HACK score:
Hacker spotted, kick him out of the server
Kevin Jazy
Kevin Jazy:
Robbed Ballondo'rski !!! :-/
Daniel Codd
Daniel Codd:
Bayern really said call an ambulance but not for me
Thiago Pedrosa
Thiago Pedrosa:
Robert Lewangoalkski🔥🔥
Martino Harry
Martino Harry:
Kimmich back
Samuel Nesina
Samuel Nesina:
They thought they had won the war but no it was only a battle
Mohd Herwizan Putera Wahab
Mohd Herwizan Putera Wahab:
2:43 commentator: HAHAH! 😂😂🤣
🌟 💪🏼 LewanGOATski 🇵🇱 👑
Jason Hiwes
Jason Hiwes:
Bayern in the first half: let they think they've won

2half finish them☠
Azazel Sama
Azazel Sama:
Daaangg, how cruel bayern...
U give them big hope
rotten pes
rotten pes:
And Josh Is Still the World's Best Right Back! He Is An Anytime Anyehere Functioning Player
That is why they are the champions never right them off. Bayern❤💯
Finally somebody kicks me in a stylish way!
Zakariah Warwar
Zakariah Warwar:
“This is astonishing stuff, who saw this coming” isn’t that from fifa? 😂

Omg “in it goes... and comes up with a goal” as well wth 😂
Damian Guzek
Damian Guzek:
Bayern likes to give the opponents a bit of hope this season. Cruel, that.
Raha Rahovsky
Raha Rahovsky:
Best Footballer on the planet playing in the best team on the planet.
Ràin 2k
Ràin 2k:
Lewy God
Mobile Gaming Express
Mobile Gaming Express:
LewanGOATski gonna win a second the best award
22-Mitul Aadithya
22-Mitul Aadithya:
*Mainz scores two goals in first half*
Hansi Flick: And i took that personally
Itz Abz
Itz Abz:
I wish chealse was like this 😔
baibaswata nath
baibaswata nath:
Hansi flick be like: it was a trailer, you haven't seen my full power.
Phelelani Leroy Ndlovu
Phelelani Leroy Ndlovu:
1st half was semi-pro difficulty. 2nd half was Legendary difficulty 😂😂
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
😅😅sula has slimmed down...Hans flick won't put up with any fat guy in his team. That sanction really worked
BF bigfoot
BF bigfoot:
when you set fifa bot on ez mode first half-
and then change the bot to pro in second half
Soccer Hass & Huss
Soccer Hass & Huss:
I got 5 0 in my soccer hass Huss YouTube ch
Pradyumna Erankar
Pradyumna Erankar:
Bayern's win
It was always coming, the only question was when!?
XxgamerdudexX LewanGOALski
XxgamerdudexX LewanGOALski:
Bayern be like: ngl, you had me in the first half mainz!
when you lose the first half on fifa and give the controller to your big brother
Angga Krisniadi
Angga Krisniadi:
Bayern be like: " They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"
Rasak Namthang
Rasak Namthang:
feel saaaaaad for my boy, Gnabry. get well soon.
Kylian G.O.A.T
Kylian G.O.A.T:
Watching these highlights was like playing FIFA because of the commentary
Ankit Sati
Ankit Sati:
Score one goal against us, jokes on us.
Score two, and jokes on you XD
Tanav Prasad
Tanav Prasad:
Mainz will be having ptsd after hearing Bayern’s goal song 5 times #miasanmia
Aleksander Suchy
Aleksander Suchy:
,,The best footballer in the planet"
I'm Polish and I feel really good hearing it.
prabin Rai
prabin Rai:
Congratulations my team's I really proud of you .
Nation of Masturbation
Nation of Masturbation:
LewanGOALski. Get it? Because he keeps scoring
Mohamed Plays
Mohamed Plays:
Beyren you my fevorite club making break record let’s make dubole agin
Did I lose the war in Berlin?
Did I lose the war in Berlin?:
Apparently, *Alexander* couldn't *hack* well at that match.
Can u see neuer smiling after he conceded? Loll 😂
Deric Jose
Deric Jose:
2nd half was an incredible game changer
Joshua ogunsola
Joshua ogunsola:
Bayern: they had us in the first half, not gonna lie 😅
Richard Ferdian
Richard Ferdian:
Finally, more than 2 minutes highlights😂😂
How to destroy your enemy?
Let your opponent win in the beginning to make him more confident, then beat him, and drink all his tears 🏆
Sané with that cut inside, remind me to what robben did XD
Shikhar Nautiyal
Shikhar Nautiyal:
Mainz lost the match at that moment, when they scored 2 goals on the mighty bayern😆😆
safari africa999
safari africa999:
Bayern: do it faster
Bayern after first half:ok I will show you how to do it faster.
Wesley Vega
Wesley Vega:
Bayern: why are you smiling?
Mainz: I almost defeat you!..
Anybody else noticing the background music? Love it! 👌😂
The best game in this season 🔥
L E W A N D O W S K I !
Hammad Hassan
Hammad Hassan:
2:44 Well this laugh is evil 😂😂
Ahnaf Tahmid Noor Nasir
Ahnaf Tahmid Noor Nasir:
When Alexander Hack scored...
Flick: He can't hack into my Brain
Malusi Thayi
Malusi Thayi:
0:58 little did he know death was coming 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Epure Razvan
Epure Razvan:
0:59 This man has no idea what's coming for him
Maximilian Vegas
Maximilian Vegas:
During the break, Mainz forgot that Bayern is a tank going through everything xd
Nicola Gray
Nicola Gray:
I love this team! you can never count them out. #CHAMPIONS#
Mohamuni Chakma 0127
Mohamuni Chakma 0127:
LewanGoalski in every match score
Naim Firdaus
Naim Firdaus:
mainz : *scored 2 goals
bayern : okay i think that's enough
Jimmy Fawwaz
Jimmy Fawwaz:
Bayern: They got us in the first half
keynal putra
keynal putra:
2:27 "the best footballer on the planet"
Luvkush Tripathi
Luvkush Tripathi:
Laliga also should produce 3 min highlights of matches just like bundesliga and serie a do.
S Saiya
S Saiya:
Oriola Odutoye
Oriola Odutoye:
wow, the background music is so dramatic
Pradyumna Erankar
Pradyumna Erankar:
That goal post is cursed!! Everyone scores only at that post!!
Sane is the best..!!❤️❤️ what a goal that was🔥
Love from manchester city❤️
Lewangoalski 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sabir Mayyeri
Sabir Mayyeri:
You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life that he had just left.
1:29 Gol como Arjen Robeen
Hafizuddin Ghazali
Hafizuddin Ghazali:
The best channel for football highlight ever!
Shohanur Rahman
Shohanur Rahman:
Lewandowski should score 40+ this season to confirm golden boot
Devon Marauder
Devon Marauder:
Soccer Hass & Huss
Soccer Hass & Huss:
Yeah my favorite player 9 go you got this
2:28 he is the best footballer of the year
LUCAS 123:
2:27 did he really say that?
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
Always l Loved you Robert Lewandowski good quality performance
Dhanizi Aldriyan
Dhanizi Aldriyan:
Mainz be like after 2nd half,, We Just Awake A Lions..
tsepal tsepal
tsepal tsepal:
Hubert Zadrożny
Hubert Zadrożny:
Leroy Robeen score A goal🔥
abhishek yadav
abhishek yadav:
Best footballer on the planet 😂😂
Messi , am a joke to you🙄🙄
There is always a comeback win for Bayern . This is impressive
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
I needed this in my life right now! ????
Casper Guo
Casper Guo:
Mainz in the first half: second place
Mainz in the second half: second last place